Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange Shaft Review

One of the most popular shafts of 2018 has been the Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Pro Orange. This shaft was put into play by some of the best players in the world including Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose, Rickie Fowler, Ian Poulter, and others. An addition to the popular TENSEI CK Series of shafts, the Pro Orange joins the CK Pro White, CK Pro Blue, and CK Pro Red models. The TENSEI Pro Orange is a high-end shaft designed to help players with high swings speeds get the most out of their club. The TENSEI Pro Orange is perfect for strong players looking to take their game to the next level.

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Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Pro Orange 60 Ready to Play w/Grip & Tip Choice


Key Features

  • TheTENSEI Pro Orange uses a counter-balanced approach alongside extreme tip-stiffness to give versatility to players with high swing speed. Indicative of all CK Pro series, the Pro Orange is engineered with Carbon Fiber and Kevlar® in the butt-section of the shaft.

  • This shaft also features a multi-material design utilizing intermittent High Modulus, 40-Ton prepreg and tungsten powder to deliver precise weight throughout. MR70 carbon fiber is infused into the tip section to deliver lower torque and improved stability.

  • TENSEI Pro Orange is billed as a top-of-the-line low launch, low spin, high kick point shaft that elite golfers will love. When compared to the rest of the TENSEI Series, the Pro Orange is stiffest in the tip-section and softest in the butt-section. This unique contradiction between the ends of the shaft give it a signature soft feel with precise club head delivery.


TENSEI Pro Orange Shaft Detailed Review

Design and Technology

Mitsubishi is known for making high-quality shafts that tour players love. High swing speed players tend to gravitate towards Mitsubishi offerings to enhance their control but remove the rigid feel that accompanies so many extra-stiff shafts. TENSEI Pro Orange’s true genius is in its counter-balanced design. Allowing high swing players to increase the clubhead weight while maintaining their preferred swing weight can result in massive ball speed increases.

Players with swing speeds above 110 mph will find that heavier driver and fairway wood heads can offer additional ball speeds by using more mass to create a larger impact. By positioning the weight of the golf shaft closer to the butt-section, the Pro Orange allows golfers to add clubhead mass and produce longer drives.

After testing this shaft I quickly adopted it as my gamer. I am fortunate enough to be able to test many aftermarket shafts and have found this to be the best one in my current driver. I have played the TENSEI Pro Orange for one season now and have seen my driver distance and accuracy increase. By utilizing the counter-balanced nature of this shaft, I was able to add additional head weight to my G400 Max driver while maintaining my standard D4 swing weight. This extra head mass allowed me to pick up 3 mph in ball speed.

This added carry distance coupled with the extreme forgiveness in the G400 Max club head design has given me the best all-around driver I have ever played. Without question, my confidence with the driver has never been higher and I achieved my furthest drive to date with a carry of 310 yards as recorded by the GCQuad launch monitor system.

Even though this shaft is built for the faster swing player, I find it to be incredibly smooth, it loads and unloads effortlessly and allows me to know exactly where my club is during all parts of my swing. I have allowed my regular foursome to test it with my driver to get their responses. Even golfers with swing speeds as low as 95 mph with their drivers have noticed how effortless it feels when hitting golf shots. I think that due to the softer butt-section of this shaft, many people beyond just the quickest swingers will be shocked at how great Pro Orange performs in their hands.

Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange Shaft

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  • Incredible clubhead stability at the highest swing speeds
  • The tip-stiff design gives ultimate control while the soft butt-section yields incredible feel
  • Ability to order in a variety of weights and flexes for all player preferences and swings


  • Limited availability to demo in retail stores and pro shops
  • The TENSEI Pro Orange is expensive, even among aftermarket shafts, with an MSRP of $450
  • The counter-balance feel can be odd for golfers used to traditionally weighted shafts
Build Quality
Control and Performance
Design and Appearance



The TENSEI Pro Orange is available in 60g regular, stiff, and tour-extra-stiff options, 70g stiff, and tour-extra-stiff options, 80g tour-extra-stiff, and 90g tour-extra-stiff options. The torque rating for these shafts ranges between 3.6 degrees in the softest flex and lightest 60g model and 2.5 degrees in the stiffest, heaviest 90g model. Every model of the TENSEI Orange comes with a high-kick point design that promotes low-launch and low-spin.

My current gamer is a Ping G400 Max 9-degree headset 1 degree open with a playing loft of 7.9 degrees. My shaft of choice is the TENSEI CK Pro Orange shaft playing at 45 inches in 72g, tour-X-flex. My grip on all my clubs is the Golf Pride Tour Velvet standard grip.


The Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Pro Orange shaft takes advantage of high-quality materials for ultimate performance and aesthetics. Offering golfers unparalleled tip stability with a feel that is smooth rather than firm, TENSEI Pro Orange really shines in the hands of players looking for added accuracy from their driver without wanting to swing a club that feels harsh. The addition of the counter-balanced Pro Orange option to the already impressive TENSEI lineup is why Mitsubishi continues to be the shaft of choice for hundreds of PGA professionals.

Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Pro Orange Shaft Video Review


How Does the Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Pro Orange Shaft Compare?

Fujikura Ventus

The Ventus uses Fujikura’s VeloCore technology to give players maximum stability and forgiveness without a harsh feel. Ventus is perfect for players looking to get the most out of their driver without sacrificing feel. VeloCore improves energy transfer throughout the entire golf shaft by blending 70 Ton and 40 Ton carbon fiber. 70 Ton carbon fiber is 150% stronger than the next leading, T1100g, fiber and makes the Ventus shaft the most forgiving shaft on the market. Players looking to dial in their misses form off-center strikes can benefit from the added stability and great feedback of the Fujikura Ventus shaft.

  • Fujikura Ventus 5
  • Shaft Flex: Senior
  • Shaft Material: Graphite


Aldila Rogue Silver 130 MSI

The Rogue Silver 130 MSI builds on Aldila’s massive success of the Limited Edition Rogue 125 MSI golf shaft. The Rogue 125 MSI shaft was a release that found its way into many elite golfer’s bags even at an unforeseen price tag. The all-new Rogue Silver 130 MSI combines DIALEAD pitch fiber and NexGen Micro Laminate Technology to give players a higher balance point in a shaft that promotes low launch and low spin. Higher balance points give golfers a chance to increase clubhead speeds and improve driving distance through better timing and club head delivery. Aldila integrates aerospace grade materials to deliver their most complete golf shaft ever in the Rogue Silver 130 MSI.

  • Aldila Rogue Silver 130 MSI 60
  • Shaft Flex: Stiff
  • Shaft Material: Graphite


Project X HZRDUS Yellow

The HZRDUS Yellow is the low launch, low spin shaft made to compliment the HZRDUS Black and HZRDUS Red golf shafts. HZRDUS Yellow is a backweighted golf shaft designed for the strong but smooth golfer. Players looking to reduce spin and launch with a smooth tempo will love the performance and feel of the HZRDUS Yellow shaft. High-performance materials and a tapered mid-section allow the HZRDUS Yellow to load effortlessly yet remain stable. High swing speed players with an even transition will love the HZRDUS Yellow shaft.

  • Project X Hzrdus Yellow
  • The new HZRDUS Yellow is a backweighted low spinning shaft featuring a straight tapered midsection. This profile is perfect for players with a smooth tempo who want to reduce launch and spin rates. The backweighting allows for additional mass to be added to the head for increased ballspeed.


Should You Buy the TENSEI CK Pro Orange shaft for your Driver?

Choosing a driver shaft is incredibly specific to each golfer. Golfers of all skills levels can see performance improvements from finding a golf shaft that helps them get the most of out of their golf swings. For stronger players, finding a shaft that feels great and delivers premium stability at high speeds is difficult. This shaft is for the serious golfer who wants to dial in his or her driver beyond what traditional shaft offerings allow. Using counter-balanced shafts can be a great way to get extra mass into the club head without affecting the overall swing weight of the club. At the right swing speeds, extra mass in the club head can mean faster ball speeds and longer, straighter drives. challenge. The TENSEI CK Pro Orange is great for any player looking to add weight to his or her driver to increase ball speeds without altering swing weight preferences.

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