Project X Hzrdus Yellow Review

The HZRDUS family of golf shafts has been introduced by Project X for medium and high swing speed golfers. The HZRDUS Yellow shaft is built for players who have a fast swing speed but a smooth tempo. HZRDUS Yellow is backweighted to give players a higher balance point and promote more club head speed for longer drives. HZRDUS Yellow is a low-launch, low-spin shaft that gives players more control and ball speeds through better energy transfer and more mass at the golf club head. Players looking to get more out of their driver may be able to do so by building a unique setup with HZRDUS Yellow.

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Key Features

  • Backweighting gives players the option to add mass to their driver club head without changing their preferred swing weight.

  • The straight tapered midsection gives players more feel coupled with extremely low launch and low spin.

  • All HZRDUS shafts are made in Handcrafted version to ensure Tour-level weight and flex tolerances.


Project X HZRDUS Yellow Shaft Detailed Review

Design and Technology

HZRDUS Yellow is a visually stark shaft with performance to match. The backweighted profile can be a unique tool for golfers to pick additional club head speeds and longer drives. By adding stability and a new taper design, Project X has united control and feel to give golfer more precision from the tee box or fairway.

I played the HZRDUS Yellow in a TaylorMade M1 driver for a full season. I enjoyed the performance and feel of this golf shaft. I used the 76-gram 6.5 model. The HZRDUS Yellow was my first introduction to a golf shaft with a higher balance point and it is something that I found a great fit with. I added club head speed and ball speed by adding weight to my driver head without changing my preferred D4 swingweight. The HZRDUS Yellow was only replaced by another high balance point shaft in the Tensei Pro Orange when I moved to a higher spinning driver head and needed a bit more spin reduction.

The HZRDUS Yellow, in my opinion, is the best shaft in the HZRDUS line. This shaft delivers on its promise to give golfers a low-launch, low-spin design without a harsh feel. HZRDUS Yellow is everything high swing speed players are looking for with the distinctive advantage of backweighting for golf club customization.

Project X Hzrdus Yellow Shaft

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  • Backweighting makes it possible for many golfers to improve club head speeds and increase distance.
  • HZRDUS Yellow is a great feeling shaft that offers players low launch and low spin.
  • Less aggressive players who need a stable golf shaft do not have to feel overwhelmed swinging the HZRDUS Yellow.


  • The vibrant yellow colorway of the Tour-level handcrafted model can be unappealing for some players.
  • Players not looking to utilize the high balance point will likely not fit into this shaft.
  • Only available in 60- and 70-gram ranges may be a problem for players who need lighter or heavier golf shafts.
Build Quality
Control and Performance
Design and Appearance



HZRDUS Yellow is available in 60-gram and 70-gram weight ranges. Project X uses numbers to represent shaft flex and HZRDUS Yellow comes in 5.5, 6.0, and 6.5 flexes. These flexes denote stiff, stiff+, and extra-stiff models. Each HZRDUS Yellow model is designed with a high kick point and a high balance point for low launch and low spin.


Project X gives players many options within the HZRDUS family of golf shafts. HZRDUS is designed for the high swing speed player and Yellow is my favorite of the three. HZRDUS Yellow is great at giving player stability, increased swing speed, and low spin without sacrificing feel. A perfect complement for players who swing quickly but do not transition violently from their backswing to downswing, the HZRDUS Yellow is one of the most popular driver shafts for elite and low-handicap golfers.

Project X HZRDUS Yellow Shaft Video Review


How Does the HZRDUS Yellow Shaft Compare?

Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange

The Tensei CK Pro Orange is another high balance point shaft designed to give golfers more customization in their drivers and fairway woods. The Tensei Pro Orange is a low launch, the low spin shaft that offers stronger players more stability and control. It is one of the most popular shafts currently on golfing tours and is a must try for players looking for high-performance driver and fairway wood shafts. The CK Pro Orange uses carbon fiber DuPont Kevlar, MR70, a low resin content, and tungsten power to deliver an ultra-tip stiff design and great feel. Tungsten powder allows Mitsubishi to elevate the balance point of the shaft near closer to the butt section to give golfers increased swing speeds through a counter-balanced feel. Tensei Pro Orange is a must try for high swing speed players looking to add an aftermarket shaft to their favorite driver.

  • Custom Manufactured and sold exclusively by Tour Shop Fresno
  • Ready to Play out of the box; just add your head and go play
  • Authorized Dealer Offering full Manufacturer's Shaft Warrenty


Aldila Rogue Silver 130 MSI

The Rogue Silver 130 MSI is Aldila’s high balance point offering for the high swing speed golfer. The Rogue Silver 130 MSI builds on Aldila’s massive success of the Limited Edition Rogue 125 MSI golf shaft. The all-new Rogue Silver 130 MSI combines DIALEAD pitch fiber and NexGen Micro Laminate Technology to give players a shaft that encourages low launch and low spin. Higher balance points give golfers a chance to increase club head speeds and improve driving distance through more efficient timing and club head delivery. Aldila uses aerospace grade materials to engineer their most complete golf shaft ever in the Rogue Silver 130 MSI.

  • Aldila Rogue Silver 130 MSI 60
  • Shaft Flex: Stiff
  • Shaft Material: Graphite


Project X HZRDUS Black

The HZRDUS Black is the low launch, low spin shaft made to compliment the HZRDUS Yellow and HZRDUS Red golf shafts. HZRDUS Black is an ultra-stable design made with a reinforced midsection. The HZRDUS Black shaft is built for the golfers looking for extremely low spin and that moves quickly between backswing and downswing. Played by Dustin Johnson, the HRZDUS Black can stand up to all swing speeds and is one of the most stable golf shafts ever produced.

  • Project X Hzrdus Black
  • HZRDUS Black is a low spinning and low launching shaft that is available in models for both woods and hybrids.


Should You Buy the HZRDUS Yellow Shaft?

The HZRDUS Yellow shaft will fit the widest range of golfers in the HZRDUS family. HZRDUS Yellow is great for players looking to add club head speed and increase driving distance. Players with fast swing speeds, but a smooth transition will likely fit well into this shaft. HZRDUS Yellow is perfect for players looking to get lower launches, less spin, and great feel in a higher balance point design.


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