Fujikura Ventus Shaft Review

The newest premium shaft line from Fujikura is the Ventus shaft. Ventus is made using Tour-inspired performance and strenuously tested components using Fujikura’s patented ENSO system. Ventus features the first ever shaft with VeloCore technology and is designed to give players mid-launch and low-spin. This all-new material weave boosts the driver and metal wood clubhead performance by increasing energy transfer and stabilizing off-center hits. Ventus is designed to deliver the tightest dispersion of any Fujikura shaft ever, especially at Tour-level swing speeds. Players swinging their driver above 105 miles per hour who are in the market for a tip-stable shaft without a harsh feel will love the all-new Ventus with Velocore.

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Fujikura Ventus 5 Senior Shaft + Callaway XR/Epic/Rogue Tip + Grip

Key Features

  • VeloCore infuses a full length pitch of 70 Ton carbon fiber with high-modulus 40 Ton carbon fiber to minimize shaft twisting at impact.

  • Maximum Carbon Fiber Content is made throughout the shaft and prepreg to ensure the best performance through high-quality material matrixes.

  • Straight taper design enhances the energy transfer during the swing by improving loading and player feel.


  • Fujikura Ventus 5
  • Shaft Flex: Senior
  • Shaft Material: Graphite

Fujikura Ventus Shaft Detailed Review

Design and Technology

Fujikura established themselves as the leader in worldwide golf shaft research in design by installing their ENSO system. This 3D motion capture system allows engineers to precisely build shafts that complement elite players’ swings in real time. Using this data, they have designed Ventus to be the ultimate tool for the better player. At high driver swing speeds, the impact generates more energy and the golf shaft must be stable enough to perform optimally. The 70 Ton carbon fiber used in the Ventus shaft is 150% stronger than the next leading T1100g material used by other shaft models. More stability in the shaft means more stability in the clubhead. Ventus is promising better MOI for improved forgiveness, more ball speed from better energy transfer, and an extremely stable tip section without a boardy or harsh feel.

I tested the Ventus shaft in my Ping G400 Max driver at 45 inches in the 70g X-stiff model. During testing, Ventus was an outstanding performer. As a player who believes in the shaft’s influence over strike point and player comfort, I am always happy to see a product that delivers on its promises. I could feel the smoothness of Ventus even though I was playing an extra-stiff shaft. The firm tip section delivered on its promise to make my driver longer and I recorded faster ball speeds with the Ventus than I have with my gamer, the Tensei CK Pro Orange 70TX. Ventus also delivered on increasing dispersion. I saw my miss tolerance rise on poor swings.

Ventus has been engineered for the highest swinging players. Players that need a more stable shaft but do not enjoy the feeling of rigid or harsh extra-stiff offerings will love the feedback and feel of Ventus. Already gaining traction on Tour with some of the game’s best players, Ventus is a must try for any player looking to get the most performance from his or her golf swing.

Fujikura Ventus

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  • Full-length pitch 70 Ton carbon fiber in Ventus gives golfers more forgiveness with their driver at high speeds.
  • The weave of lighter, 40 Ton, fibers retains the smooth feel of softer shafts without sacrificing performance.
  • The mid-launch, low-spin design complements modern drivers and delivers more distance and accuracy.


  • Players used to a firmer feeling driver shaft may not enjoy the softer feedback of the Fujikura Ventus shaft.
  • The $350 price range may be difficult to justify without enough performance benefits over stock offerings.
  • Golfers seeking an ultra-low launch and spin combination will likely prefer a higher bend point shaft.
Build Quality
Control and Performance
Design and Appearance




Ventus is available in four weight categories. The 50-gram versions come in R2 or amateur flex, regular, and stiff flexes. 60-gram options include regular, stiff, and extra-stiff versions. The 70- and 80-gram weights are available in only stiff and extra-stiff models. Each Ventus model is designed with a bend-kick point and delivers a mid-launch, low-spin ball flight. Ventus will be available for testing and purchase at club fitting retailers and online purchase shops.


The Fujikura Ventus offers players a great balance of stability and feel. VeloCore technology helps deliver an ultra-stable shaft for players who do not enjoy the harsh feel of super firm conventional designs. By hiding the strongest fibers throughout the shaft, the golfer is left to swing freely without a sense of losing control of the driver’s head, even at exceptionally high speeds. Ventus is promising more stability on off-center hits and better shot dispersion for elite level players and is a must try for golfers in the market for high performing driver shafts.

Fujikura Ventus Shaft Video Review


How Does the Fujikura Ventus Shaft Compare?

Graphite Design Tour AD-IZ

The Tour AD-IZ uses aerospace grade materials to deliver a golf shaft that great feel and outstanding performance. The AD-IZ is built with 50 Ton carbon fiber and TORAYCA T1100G Nanoalloy technology to give players a higher launch and mid to low spin rates. Players looking to increase launch, especially in fairway woods from the turf can find an excellent golf shaft in the Tour AD-IZ from Graphite Design. Graphite Designs proprietary Material Stiffness Integration combines layers of material at various angles that deliver exceptional feel without extreme harshness. Players that need control and performance of premium golf shafts but do not want to sacrifice with a boardy feel will fit nicely into the Tour AD-IZ line of shafts.

  • Custom Manufactured by and sold exclusively by Tour Shop Fresno
  • "Ready to Play" out of the box; just add your head and go play
  • Tour Shop Fresno is an Authorized Dealer Offering full Manufacturer's Shaft Warranty


Fujikura PRO 2.0

The Fujikura PRO 2.0 uses similar design principles as the Ventus shaft to give golfers of all swing speeds more options. Two models combine to give players a standard and Tour Spec model. A variety of weights, flexes, and bend points make the Pro 2.0 shaft lineup great for almost any golfer. The standard model Pro 2.0 makes a great option for drivers and fairway woods especially for slower swinging players. Higher swing speed golfers will love the response and performance associated with the Tour Spec 2.0 offering.

  • Featuring Proprietary High Inertia Tip Technology, Phantium Paint Finish, Generate More Power and Speed, Guaranteed to Increase Distance


Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange

The Tensei Pro Orange expands the Tensei line of shafts from Mitsubishi. The Tensei Pro Orange uses a combination of carbon fiber DuPont Kevlar, MR70, low resin content, and tungsten power to deliver a higher balance point, ultra-tip stiff design made for golfers looking for the best performance possible in their driver. Tungsten powder allows Mitsubishi to relocate the balance point higher in the shaft and increase swing speeds of elite players. The Tensei CK Pro Orange shaft is a low-launch, low-spin shaft built for players looking for a high balance point feel for improved timing and better performance off the tee.

  • Custom Manufactured by and sold exclusively by Tour Shop Fresno
  • "Ready to Play" out of the box; just add your head and go play
  • Tour Shop Fresno is an Authorized Dealer Offering full Manufacturer's Shaft Warranty


Should You Buy the Ventus Shaft for your Driver?

Finding the right shaft depends on much more than just your swing speed. Elite players and low-handicap golfers know that the difference in a shaft that fits their swing and one that does not can mean large misses as they lose control of their golf club. Players who have traditionally sacrificed feel to gain control with their driver will love the Ventus shaft. Players who are looking to find more fairways when they are not striking the golf ball well may benefit from the added stability of this shaft. Anytime you are considering upgrading your driver, a formal fitting is the best way to know which shaft gives you the greatest combination of distance and accuracy. Fujikura has meticulously created the Ventus shaft to complement golfers who are looking to dial in their misses and fully optimize their driving performance.

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