Graphite Design AD TP Shaft Review

The Tour AD TP, “Tour Proven,” shaft is a subtler design from Graphite Design. This shaft is perfect for the golfer looking for a smooth feel, a mid to high launch and low spin. A company made famous by putting the orange AD DI shaft in the driver of Tiger Woods, Graphite Design makes a home in many elite golfer’s metal woods. Built with the same signature rings common of all Graphite Design shafts, the AD TP is distinguished by it’s gold and grey colorway. The AD TP can help any golfers game by complimenting fairway woods that need to be versatile from the tee box and the ground or giving them longer drives from higher launches and less spin.

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Graphite Design Tour AD TP 70g Driver Shaft - Ready to Play w/Grip & Tip Installed


Key Features

  • The Tour AD TP shaft is made in Japan from ultra-high-end materials. FTT, fast taper technology, aerospace grade 50-ton carbon-fiber, TORAYCA® T1100G pre-preg, and Material Stiffness Integration (MSI) offers golfers premium feel and tour validated performance.

  • Golfers looking for mid-high launch and low spin will love the AD TP shaft. Graphite Design uses shaft profiling strengths to help golfers choose shafts that match their swings. The AD TP shaft has a stiff Tip-section, firm Mid-section, and firm Butt-section.

  • Robot testing concluded that the Tour AD TP improves upon previous Graphite Design models and gives golfers over 3 yards of carrying distance.


  • "Ready To Play Shaft" Graphite Driver Shafts
  • Choose Your Club Head Adapter
  • Comes With Golf Pride MCC New Decade Black/Black Grip

Graphite Design Tour AD TP Detailed Review

Design and Technology

The Tour AD TP shaft is a standout shaft for lower lofted fairway metals and drivers. Graphite Design uses their Fast Taper Technology, FTT, to create a shaft that offers an overall feeling of total club head control and increased club head speeds. T1100 fiber is used among shaft manufacturers to help increase tip stability and give high swing speed players more control over their impacts. Graphite Design’s incorporation of their TORATCA® pre-preg with NANOALLOY® creates additional stability when striking the golf ball.

I have used the Graphite Design Tour AD TP in my 3 wood for the last two consecutive seasons, and have been playing Graphite Design shafts for over five years now. The AD TP has been an absolutely perfect fit for my 3 wood. This shaft has increased my ball speeds and made my 3 wood more versatile from the tee and from the turf. In my 3 wood, I prefer a shaft that is smooth to swing and helps me hit low spinning tee shots yet high launching shots from the fairways and rough. The AD TP shaft checks all of those boxes. It has made my 3 wood long off the tee, but capable of launching high approaches into greens that stop quickly. Playing for a position from the tee and taking advantage of par-5s is easier thanks to this shaft. I have never been more confident with a shaft that feels so good.

Graphite Design AD TP Shaft

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  • Mid to high launch and low spin can create long drive or perfect fairway ball flights
  • Fast Taper Technology gives golfers a one-of-a-kind feeling and clubhead control
  • Premium material ensure that every shaft created is built to the tightest tolerances


  • Premium material come at a price, the Tour AD TP shaft MSRP is around $380
  • Some players may feel distracted when looking down at a grey shaft in their woods
  • Lack of availability to test in demo clubs as local pro shops and retail golf stores
Build Quality
Control and Performance
Design and Appearance




The Tour AD TP shaft is made for all metal woods and is available in weights of 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80 grams. The 40 g and 50 g options are available in regular and stiff flexes, the 60 g and 70 g shafts are available in senior, stiff, extra stiff, and tour-extra-stiff options and the 80 g shaft is available in stiff and extra stiff options only.

After testing several drivers and fairway wood shafts, I put the Tour AD TP shaft in my bag. Currently, I play the Callaway Epic fairway wood in 15 degrees at the standard hosel settings. My shaft of choice is the Graphite Design Tour AD TP 80g X-flex played at 43 inches with a D4 swing weight. All of my clubs are gripped with the Golf Pride Tour Velvet standard.


The Graphite Design Tour AD TP shaft is the best fairway wood shaft I have ever played. My overall confidence and performance with my 3 wood have improved thanks to the performance of this shaft. Offered in a variety of weights and flexes, players looking for a mid to high launching, low spin driver or fairway shaft should consider the AD TP from Graphite Design.

Graphite Design AD TP Shaft Video Review


How Does the Graphite Design AD TP Shaft Compare?

Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange

The Tensei CK Pro Orange is another low launch, low spin shaft that offers stronger players more stability and control. One of the most popular shafts currently on golfing tours, the Tensei Pro Orange is a must try for players looking for high performance golf shafts. The CK Pro Orange uses carbon fiber DuPont Kevlar, MR70, low resin content, and tungsten power to deliver an ultra-tip stiff design made for golfers looking for maximum performance. Tungsten powder allows Mitsubishi to elevate the balance point of the shaft near the butt section to promote increased swing speeds with a counter-balanced feel. Tensei Pro Orange is a must try for players looking to add a high end shaft to their favorite driver.

  • Custom Manufactured by and sold exclusively by Tour Shop Fresno
  • "Ready to Play" out of the box; just add your head and go play
  • Tour Shop Fresno is an Authorized Dealer Offering full Manufacturer's Shaft Warranty


Aldila Rogue Silver 130 MSI

The Rogue Silver 130 MSI builds on Aldila’s massive success of the Limited Edition Rogue 125 MSI golf shaft. The Rogue 125 MSI shaft was a release that found its way into many elite golfer’s bags even at an unforeseen price tag. The all-new Rogue Silver 130 MSI combines DIALEAD pitch fiber and NexGen Micro Laminate Technology to give players a higher balance point in a shaft that promotes low launch and low spin. Higher balance points give golfers a chance to increase clubhead speeds and improve driving distance through better timing and club head delivery. Aldila integrates aerospace grade materials to deliver their most complete golf shaft ever in the Rogue Silver 130 MSI.

  • Aldila Rogue Silver 130 MSI 60
  • Shaft Flex: Stiff
  • Shaft Material: Graphite


Project X HZRDUS Yellow

The HZRDUS Yellow is the low launch, low spin shaft made to compliment the HZRDUS Black and HZRDUS Red golf shafts. HZRDUS Yellow is a backweighted golf shaft designed for the strong but smooth golfer. Players looking to reduce spin and launch with a smooth tempo will love the performance and feel of the HZRDUS Yellow shaft. High-performance materials and a tapered mid-section allow the HZRDUS Yellow to load effortlessly yet remain stable. High swing speed players with an even transition will love the HZRDUS Yellow shaft.

  • Project X Hzrdus Yellow
  • The new HZRDUS Yellow is a backweighted low spinning shaft featuring a straight tapered midsection. This profile is perfect for players with a smooth tempo who want to reduce launch and spin rates. The backweighting allows for additional mass to be added to the head for increased ballspeed.


Should You Buy the Tour AD TP Shaft

Players seeking the ultimate control to fine tune their fairway wood or drivers should consider the Tour AD TP shaft. Improving golfer’s ability to hit exact numbers from the tee box without sacrificing distance is the standout feature of the Graphite Design Tour AD TP shaft. This shaft offers the serious golfer a unique ability to enhance the versatility of your fairway metals or streamline your new low spin driver. Graphite Design supplies the ultimate luxury for golfers who demand to play the very best.

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