10 Best Driver Shafts for the Players Looking to Crush the Ball Down the Fairway

The shaft on a golf driver is the heart and soul of the club. A well-designed shaft can help with swing speed, accuracy, and distance; just as a poorly customized shaft can negatively impact your swing and sabotage your overall game. First, the importance and technical design specifics associated with driver shafts is discussed in detail below, then we include several reviews on the most popular and best-selling driver shafts.

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Top 6 Best Driver Shafts


Best Feel
Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Pro Orange 60 Ready to Play w/Grip & Tip Choice Shaft
  • New materials like carbon fiber/DuPont Kevlar weave in the butt section of the shaft
  • Mitsubishi Chemical’s strongest carbon fiber to date
  • Enhanced level of stability and maximum feel
Best Overall
Project X New HZRDUS Black 6.0 75g Driver/Fairway Shaft
  • Increased stiffness along the full length of the golf shaft
  • Stability is also a major selling point with this shaft, doesn't kick too hard
  • A low spinning and low launching shaft
Best Control
Graphite Design Tour AD BB 6 Shaft
  • Material Stiffness Intergration (MSI) Technology for enhanced feel and performance
  • Integrated with Advanced Toray Nanomaterial Technology
  • PGA and European Tour Validated
Most Accurate
Project X HZRDUS T1100 65 Driver Shaft
  • Custom Built by Tour Shop Fresno
  • Low Spin and Low Launch Shaft
  • Choose Your Club Head Adapter
Best Value
Graphite Design Tour AD IZ-6 - Driver Shafts
  • Graphite Design Tour AD IZ-6 - "Ready To Play Shaft"
  • Choose Your Club Head Adapter
  • Comes With Golf Pride MCC New Decade Black/Black Grip
Great Starter
Mitsubishi Kuro Kage TiNi
  • Custom Manufactured by and sold exclusively by Tour Shop Fresno
  • "Ready to Play" out of the box; just add your head and go play
  • Tour Shop Fresno is an Authorized Dealer Offering full Manufacturer's Shaft Warranty


The Different Types of Driver Shafts

There are many different types of driver shafts these days, but two of the most widely used types are the graphite shaft and the multi-material shaft. It’s important to understand these two types of shafts.
Best Driver Shafts

Graphite Shafts

Graphite shafts are the industry standard. These high quality shafts are very lightweight; a high quality which has enabled manufacturers to lengthen them without adding a lot of extra weight. Consequently, these lighter graphite shafts are great for increasing swing speeds for amateur players. Also, since they are longer and lighter than traditional steel shafts, they can also generate longer drives.

On the flip side, graphite shafts tend to be less accurate, more expensive, and slightly less durable than steel shafts. Regardless, they are still very popular among a wide range of players , particularly beginner, intermediate, and senior players.

Whats a Good Multi-Material Shafts

Multi-material shafts essentially combine both graphite and steel in an effort to exploit the advantages of both materials. Most multi-material shafts boast a lightweight graphite tip with a firm steel shaft. The result is a clubhead that can add distance to your swing thanks to the lightweight graphite, while also controlling accuracy due to the firmness of the steel shaft.

The Different Types of Driver Shaft Flexes

  • Extra Stiff. As the name suggests, an extra stiff shaft has very little flex. It is more appropriate for advanced players who have a swing speed over 110 miles per hour and a carry distance of over 275 yards. Many Tour players use extra stiff shafts.

  • Stiff. A step away from extra stiff in terms of the amount of flex is the stiff shaft. The stiff shaft is ideal for those with a swing speed of around 95 to 110 miles per hour.

  • Regular. Considered perfect for amateur and weekend players, the regular shaft is generally the recommended stiffness for players who swing their drivers at about 85 to 95 miles per hour. This type of stiffness, or flex, is usually associated with carry distances of about 200 to 240 yards.

  • Seniors. Usually marked “M” for “medium” or “mature,” this shaft stiffness is perfect for older players with slower clubhead speeds (75 to 85 miles per hour). With this stiffness the carry distance typically ranges from 180 to 200 yards.

  • Ladies. Those who typically drive the golf ball fewer than 180 yards, such as many female players, are better suited to clubs with this level of flex. It is ideal for anyone with a swing speed under 75 miles per hour.


Shaft Technology

Best Driver Shafts

What Is A Good Shaft Torque?

Torque is the force that produces or tends to produce rotation or torsion. If you look at the shaft of the golf club as an axis, where the heel of the head of the club is centered on that axis, then the toe and most of the clubhead weight would be off-center. When swinging the club, the head rotates around the shaft. The toe of the clubhead essentially lags behind as you start your downswing, then it later catches up and returns to its normal position at impact. The shaft resists that twisting motion, allowing only a certain amount. This twisting—the twisting permitted by the shaft—is the shaft’s torque, which is measured in degrees.

What Is the Generally the Best Shaft Kick Point (Flex Point)?

On a club like a driver, the flex of the shaft is perhaps the most important factor, one that can be customized to the speed and accuracy of the swing. Within this formula is the “kick point.” This point, which is also known as the “flex point,” signifies the height at which the shaft bends, and thus dictates the ball’s trajectory on each shot.

What is Generally the Best Weight of a Shaft?

Graphite and multi-material shafts are available in a wide range of weights, ranging from 50-gram ultra-light shafts to heavy 100-plus gram shafts. The correct weight of the shaft can be matched to the strength of the players. This is an important decision to make because a shaft that is too heavy can leave you exhausted by the 9th hole, while a shaft that is too light might cause you to lose feel in your shots.

What is Generally the Best Alignment of Shaft?

Every driver shaft has a spine, and that spine is the stiffest and largest part of the club’s shaft. Experts say that aligning the spine with the clubhead —and therefore aligning the shaft with the spine—will make the shaft perform better and lead to purer more assured shots.

What is Generally the Best Parallel/Tapered Tip?

Tips of the golf driver shaft can be parallel or tapered where the end of the shaft fits into the hosel.

With a parallel-tip shaft, the entire tip section—the part of the shaft below the last step—is a constant diameter. Conversely, with tapered-tip shafts, the shaft gets smaller where it meets the hosel.

Parallel-tip shafts are cut the same throughout the model of the clubhead. For each clubhead they are generally the same yet trimmed to match the appropriate length. Tapered-tip shafts, on the other hand, are made to the proper length for each clubhead, which means they are very clubhead specific.

What is Generally the Best Pureing of a Shaft?

Golf shafts are NEVER perfectly straight, nor are they perfectly round. These slight irregularities can create problems when the shaft of the driver twists and bends during the swing. To clean up these irregularities many players elect to “pure” their shafts—a process in which the most stable bending plane (or neutral axis) of the shaft is determined and corrected.

How to Find the Perfect Shaft Flex For Your Game


Reviews of the Best Driver Shafts

Below we have reviewed several of the most popular and hottest-selling driver shafts on the market today; highlighting the performance and feel you can expect to experience with each one.

1. Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange

The Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange golf driver shaft features a qualiyty designed counter balanced, low-launch, tip with a stiff profile to provide added versatility for stronger players with the fastest clubhead speeds.

This high quality shaft boasts a multi-material design that incorporates more performance-oriented materials than the company has ever used. This includes a carbon fiber/DuPont Kevlar weave in the butt section of the shaft.

The tip-section of the shaft is a high quality reinforced with MR70—Mitsubishi Chemical’s strongest carbon fiber to date—which promises to deliver lower torque, and Tour-level control and stability all while creating the fastest speed.

Collectively, the high quality materials used to make the Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange shaft provide an enhanced level of stability and maximum feel, all incorporated into a one-of-a-kind value design.

  • Custom Manufactured by and sold exclusively by Tour Shop Fresno
  • "Ready to Play" out of the box; just add your head and go play
  • Tour Shop Fresno is an Authorized Dealer Offering full Manufacturer's Shaft Warranty


2. Project X HZRDUS Black

The Project X HZRDUS Black shaft is made with the stronger and more aggressive players in mind. This high quality shaft delivers incredible distance and value without sacrificing control, and boasts a feel that has to be experienced to believe.

The shaft features increased stiffness along the full length of the golf shaft—a level of stiffness that allows players to put more power behind the ball on every shot type.

Stability and high quality is also a major selling point with this shaft, as it has just enough kick to keep the shaft from feeling too stiff. This is important to players, because when a shaft is too firm, they may tend to over-swing and lose control. The Project X HZRDUS Black gives you just enough high quality action to keep your swing smooth and let the shaft do its job.

The Project X HZRDUS Black is a low spinning and low launching shaft that is available in for both woods and hybrids and provides.

  • Project X Hzrdus Black
  • HZRDUS Black is a low spinning and low launching shaft that is available in models for both woods and hybrids.


3. Graphite Design Tour AD-BB

The Graphite Design Tour AD-BB (Blue Bullet) shaft model is specially designed to promote a low- to mid-launch angle and a lower degree of ball spin for straighter, longer shots.

The shaft takes advantage of premium, aerospace high quality 50t carbon-fiber materials, as well as the company’s DI Technology in the tip section, all of which combine to provide the best performing shaft available.

The Tour AD BB design features an increase in stiffness from the tip to the mid-section of the shaft, which produces a higher kick point for lower launch angles. The end result is a tighter shot pattern and an overall increase in ball speed.

You can always expect a high quality experience with the Graphite Design Tour AD-BB, as all shafts are designed and manufactured exclusively at the Graphite Design factory headquarters in Japan.

  • Superior Accuracy and Distance, Proprietary Material Stiffness Intergration (MSI) Technology For Enhanced Feel and Performance, Integrated With Advanced Toray Nanomaterial Technology, PGA and European Tour Validated


4. Project X HZRDUS T1100

The Project X HZRDUS T1100 shaft is the high quality lowest spinning and lowest launching shaft in the Project X HZRDUS family; and with a bend profile that is stiff throughout, the shaft is the ultimate spin killer for the game’s most aggressive tempo players.

The makers of this performance-rich shaft utilize the tough T1100G carbon fiber—the strongest high quality carbon fiber available—to create a shaft with an extra stiff tip section that is also counter-balanced.

The latest in the Project X HZRDUS family, the T1100 uses the highly-sought-after Toray composite material. This high quality strength yet high modulus material improves the strength of the shaft to resist ovaling during the swing and offers a level of impact resistance that provides less movement on off-center hits.

In addition to its high quality performance, the Project X HZRDUS T1100 is also very aesthetically pleasing, thanks to its deluxe metallic chrome paint and uniquely designed logo.

  • Custom Manufactured by and sold exclusively by Tour Shop Fresno
  • "Ready to Play" out of the box; just add your head and go play
  • Tour Shop Fresno is an Authorized Dealer Offering full Manufacturer's Shaft Warrenty


5. Graphite Design Tour AD-IZ

The latest in the Tour AD premium line of golf shafts, the Graphite Design Tour AD IZ (Into the Zone) shaft is made with the expert golfer in mind.

The new Tour AD IZ shaft has a high quality a firm stiffness, beginning at the handle to the medium center section, and a firm-plus tip profile to promote a high launch angle and super low spin.

This high quality shaft is designed with TORAYCA T1100G carbon-fiber with NANOALLOY technology, giving it increased stability in the mid to tip region of the shaft and unsurpassed feel that makes swinging your driver a real treat.

The new Tour AD IZ wood shaft also looks very good, designed in black and white colors with orange accents and a new, sleek matte finish.

  • Custom Manufactured by and sold exclusively by Tour Shop Fresno
  • "Ready to Play" out of the box; just add your head and go play
  • Tour Shop Fresno is an Authorized Dealer Offering full Manufacturer's Shaft Warranty


6. Mitsubishi Kuro Kage

The Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Series is Mitsubishi Chemical’s latest design innovation, a shaft that features a carbon fiber, elastic titanium nickel wire blend in the tip section for high quality performance.

The body of the Mitsubishi Kuro Kage, coupled with twice the amount of tin-nickel wire in the tip-section of previous models, is sure to deliver the utmost in high quality, stability, power, and control.

The Mitsubishi Kuro Kage has a very smooth profile, a shaft that is softest in the tip, regular in the mid section, and stiffest in the butt, making it ideal for those players with smooth swing tempos.

Although modest looking at first glance, with a predominantly black color scheme, a closer look reveals a lot of cool detail and character, such as the noticeable rainbow foil look throughout the shaft.

  • Custom Manufactured by and sold exclusively by Tour Shop Fresno
  • "Ready to Play" out of the box; just add your head and go play
  • Tour Shop Fresno is an Authorized Dealer Offering full Manufacturer's Shaft Warranty


7. Aldila NV 2KXV Green

A shaft that offers a low launch angle and less ball spin, the Aldila NV 2KXV Green is made from thin high-performance carbon fiber combined with the latest in advanced fiber resin technology.

The result of this technology is a shaft with even more layers of carbon fiber, which ultimately offers players maximum high quality, consistency and performance.

Aldila’s next generation micro laminate technology (MLT) uses super-thin layers of premium aerospace-grade materials to create solid, stable shafts that are void of “dead zones.”

This unique high quality design revolution, present in all Aldila NV 2KXV Green shafts, eliminates inconsistent shots caused by shaft variability, while enhancing the overall feel.

  • Aldila 2KXV NV Green 65
  • Shaft Flex: Extra Stiff
  • Shaft Material: Graphite


8. Fujikura Atmos Black Tour Spec

The Fujikura Atmos Black Tour Spec line of golf shafts is geared toward the performance-hungry golfer seeking a high quality lower launch angle with less ball spin.

This quality shaft produces a solid kick upon impact for longer and more consistent drives and the low launch angle lends itself to greater roll-out on the fairway.

The colors of the Fujikura Atmos Black Tour Spec shafts actually represent a code, with red producing a higher launch angle, blue offering a mid launch path, and black offering the lowest of the three launch angles.

Although flighted series of shafts is not a new concept, what the Fujikura Company has done with its ATMOS line is produce a greater degree of high quality and reliability. That’s because the handle of each shaft is the same, despite the color, offering players a consistent feel throughout their line of clubs.

  • Featuring Proprietary High Inertia Tip Technology, Phantium Paint Finish, Generate More Power and Speed, Guaranteed to Increase Distance



As you can see, high quality golf shafts come in an abundance of shapes, sizes, and designs, each with its own special purpose. Finding the right value golf shaft can really help you obtain the extra distance and accuracy you are looking for to help take your golf game to the next level.

What do you think is the best driver shaft for you?


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