UST Mamiya Helium Shaft Review

Most golfers do not swing the driver beyond 110 miles per hour like professional players. The plethora of premium golf shafts available for players that swing above 110 or 115 miles per hour is expansive. UST Mamiya has realized that average golfers and handicap players that do not need 60, 70, or even 80-gram driver shaft weights have been overlooked. The Helium golf shaft is the answer for players that need more stability and higher performance in a lightweight design. This all-new design features premium carbon fiber materials, low resin content, and a counterbalanced design for increased stability, more ball speed, and longer distance off the tee.

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UST Mamiya Helium

Key Features

  • Low resin content means more weight savings without compromising stability or strength.

  • The counterbalanced design can help players get more club head speeds, more mass behind the golf ball at impact without changing their preferred swing weight, and ultimately longer, straighter drives.

  • Lightweight profiles help players to potentially lengthen their golf clubs for even more club head speed without making their golf clubs too heavy.


UST Mamiya Helium Shaft Detailed Review

Design and Technology

Helium is truly an aftermarket golf shaft made for the amateur golfer. Juniors, seniors, and golfers with slower swing speeds can benefit greatly from the lightweight composition of the Helium golf shaft. Helium is also one of the smoothest feeling golf shafts on the market thanks to higher torque ratings without a large detriment in stability. By using less resin to hold the graphite components together, UST was able to deliver a precision-built golf shaft that gives unmatched performance in the lowest weight categories.

I have played both 60-gram and 70-gram driver shafts during most of my golfing career. The idea of swinging a lighter weight shaft without sacrificing my feel or control intrigued me. For my tests, I used the 5F5 version of the Helium shaft. I have played counterbalanced shafts before and currently game one in my Ping G400 Max driver. The response I got from Helium was unique but pleasing. I definitely felt more uncomfortable at first with the lighter shaft but I quickly saw the club head speed and distance benefits.

UST Mamiya Helium
As a high swing speed player, I often opt for stability and control over the potential for 3-5 more yards off the tee box. However, the idea that I could be gaining club head speed in a high-performance design excited me. The true benefit of Helium, in my opinion, is for the golfer that needs help gaining distance off the tee to hit smaller clubs into greens. Metrics like Strokes Gained have highlighted how much increasing driving distance to affect scores and Helium seems to be the premier option for players searching for improved performance in the 40 or 50-gram weight ranges.

UST Mamiya’s introduction of the Helium golf shafts has given fitters and players more options for the swings the club below tour-level swing speeds. For golfers that swings below 100 miles per hour, Helium is a must-try and can lead to some immediate performance improvement in your game. Make sure when demoing your next driver you ask about the Helium shaft.

UST Mamiya Helium

UST Mamiya Helium Shaft

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  • Low resin content means more useful material throughout the shaft and higher performance.
  • Lightweight materials and the counterbalance attribute make Helium a standout shaft for golfers will low club head speeds.
  • Focused engineering for players that swing below 110 miles per hour brings tour-level performance to average golfers.


  • The Helium golf shaft is unavailable in weights beyond 59-grams even in the stiffest profiles.
  • The counterbalanced design may feel odd to players used to traditional weighted golf shafts and may require an adjustment.
  • 5.3-degrees and beyond is higher torque than most other aftermarket golf shafts and may feel too soft for aggressive swingers.
Build Quality
Control and Performance
Design and Appearance

UST Mamiya Helium



Heliium is availble in five different version. The 40-gram shafts are availble in both ladies and amateur flexes, denoted F1 and F2 in the UST system. In the 50-gram range F3, regular, F4, stiff, and F5, extra-stiff are availble. Each shaft design is billed as high launch except for the 5F5 version which falls under the mid-high category.


The UST Mamiya Helium shaft is a standout lightweight shaft option for golfers that do not need tour-level weights. Players that do not swing above 100 miles per hour can pick up valuable club head speed and distance by moving to a lighter golf shaft. The counterbalance design can also help players control the club face and improve feel. Packing high-quality materials into a golf shaft that weighs less than 60-grams is difficult. By driving resin content down and strategically placing graphite into key areas UST has managed to produce a stable, explosive golf shaft for the average golfer.

Helium Shaft Video Review


How Does the Helium Shaft Compare?

UST Mamiya PROFORCE V2 Shaft

The UST PROFORCE V2 is one of the most popular shafts in the UST lineup. The PROFORCE V2 is one of the best buys in golf shafts for performance for your dollar. Budget-conscious golfers can improve their performance without spending too much money with the V2 shaft. V2 holds us when tested against shafts almost 5-times more expensive. Its long parallel butt design and stiff tip section help make it a higher launching, low spin shaft that produces powerful distance and superior control.
UST Mamiya Proforce V2 Shaft

Accra TZ6 Shaft

The TZ6 partners with TZ5 to give players more options in a slightly more tip active profile. For handicap golfers and players with lower swing speeds, the TZ6 may be your best bet for getting Accra performance and improved distance off the tee. TZ6 is also exceptional as a mid-launch option for better players and versatile in fairway metals. TZ6 utilized high modulus materials to reduce torque for added stability without creating a rigid feel. TZ6 is an energy producing machine thanks to the fastest recovery speed ever recorded in an Accra shaft. More recovery speed means better energy transfer at impact, longer carry distance, and shorter irons into greens.
Accra TZ6

Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange Shaft

The Tensei Pro Orange one of the most popular golf shaft models on professional tours, the Tensei CK Pro Orange golf shaft is built for performance. Tensei Pro Oragne features a multi-material design in a counterbalanced profile. High-density tungsten is used to move the mass of the golf club shaft towards the player’s hands for improved feel and more club head speed. The potential for more distance in a low torque design means more fairways hit and shorter irons into greens. Serious players will want to test Tensei Pro Orange before making their next shaft buying decision.

  • Custom Manufactured by and sold exclusively by Tour Shop Fresno
  • "Ready to Play" out of the box; just add your head and go play
  • Tour Shop Fresno is an Authorized Dealer Offering full Manufacturer's Shaft Warranty


Should You Buy the UST Mamiya Helium Shaft?

Most of the highest quality, premium golf shafts on the market are designed for players that swing beyond 110 miles per hour with their driver. Helium is a departure from that and is strongest when in the hands of players swinging below 100 miles per hour. Helium feature low resin contents for better feedback and response and is incredibly easy to time into impact. More potential for ball speed and distance thanks to a strategic counterbalance design, players that struggle to gain driving distance may have an answer with the Helium shaft. Junior players and seniors, especially, may find large performance benefits in this impressive lightweight construction.

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