The 15 Best Kids Golf Clubs Sets (From Toddler to Teenager)

Being a father of two little boys, at the time of this writing I have a 5 year old and 8 year old, trying to find the right kids golf club set was hard. Long are the days where our parents cut down the shaft of a standard golf club and put on new grips. Honestly, choosing the right club set for your child or a young adult trying to pick up the game of golf can be intimidating. Choosing clubs one-by-one can create the burden of ensuring that each club compliments the two next to it and that his or her new golf bag is outfitted with everything they will need to practice and play. Buying golf club sets can be a great way to get kids started in the game of golf before making the larger financial investment of higher priced individual clubs. Here we will take you through the advantages of buying golf clubs as a singular item rather than one at a time.

To help simplify this process we have also created these three tables below, breaking down the Top 5 for each age group. A full review of each club is also provided in this article. As always, if you are still not sure please contact me, I would love to help you enjoy the game of golf with your child or grandchild. Nothing has brought me or my family more joy in this world the teaching and playing the game of golf with my children.

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Top 5 Best Junior Golf Club Sets (Age 9-15)

Junior golf clubs

Best Overall
Intech Lancer Junior Golf Club Set
  • Featuring a 4-way top with a double carry strap
  • 17.5-Degree Driver, 4/5 Hybrid Iron, Wide Sole 7 and 9 Irons, Junior Putter
  • Softer graphite shafts in all woods and irons
Best Quality
Wilson Profile Kid's Golf Club Set
  • Custom fit in a box System
  • Driver designed specifically for a junior length, weight and flex
  • Long and short cavity iron with a large sweet spot design
Most Complete
Winfield Junior Force Kids Golf Clubs Set
  • Featuring a stand bag with a double carry strap
  • 17.5-Degree Driver, 4/5 Hybrid Iron, Wide Sole 7 and 9 Irons, Junior Putte
  • Golf Club Head Covers and Towel included with set
Best Starter
Confidence Junior Golf Club Set
  • Includes driver/ fairway 3 wood (36") with extra loft for easy hitting
  • 7 iron (30"), 9 iron (29") with graphite shafts, soft wrap grips, forgiving sweet spots
  • Comes with a white ball putter; 27.5 inches
Best Value
Nitro Blaster Kid's Golf Club Set
  • Featuring a stand bag and head covers
  • 16-Degree Driver, 4/5 Hybrid Iron, Wide Sole 7 and 9 Irons, Junior Putte
  • Steel and Graphite shafts for extra durability and strength


Top 5 Best Kids Golf Club Sets (Age 4-8)

little kids playing golf

Best Overall
Callaway XJ Hot Junior Set
  • Lightweight Driver features a large, effective hitting area
  • Designed to help get the ball in the air quickly and easily
  • Extreme Weighting maximizes forgiveness and stability
Best Quality
Precise X7 Golf Club Set
  • High lofted club face make it easier to hit
  • Includes stand bag and golf club head covers
  • Softer graphite shafts in all woods and irons
Most Complete
The Littlest Golfer Golf Club Set
  • Grips teach proper way to grip the golf club
  • Increased club loft, balls get higher in the air
  • Includes video, alignment rod, and foam practice balls
Best Starter
PowerBilt Junior Golf Club Set
  • Featuring a double carry strap
  • 6 piece set perfect for the beginner golfer
  • Golf clubs designed to get the ball in the air
Best Value
Nitro Blaster Golf Club Set
  • Includes driver, 2 irons, and a putter
  • 6 piece set perfect for the beginner golfer
  • Golf clubs designed to get the ball in the air


Top 5 Best Toddler Golf Club Sets (Age 0-3)

toddler golf

Best Overall
Little Tikes TotSports Easy Hit Golf Club Set
  • Includes a golf pull cart with two wheels for easy mobility
  • 2 golf clubs, 1 Iron and 1 Putter
  • Comes with 3 Balls, and 1 Practice Holes for indoor or outdoor use
Best Quality
ToyVelt Kids Golf Club Set
  • Includes a practical golf cart with two wheels,
  • 4 golf clubs of different shapes and sizes
  • 4 golf balls, and 2 golf holes for easy practice
Most Complete
Exercise N Play Deluxe Toddler Golf Club Set
  • Includes a carry bag with comfortable strap
  • 3 golf clubs, 1 Driver, 1 Iron, 1 Wedge
  • 4 golf balls, 2 golf holes, and 2 golf Tees for fun
Best Starter
O.B Toys & Gift Deluxe Kid's Golf Set
  • Includes a golf pull cart with two wheels,and ball holder
  • 2 golf clubs, 1 Putter, and 1 Iron
  • 3 golf balls and 2 golf holes with flags for practice and fun
Best Value
Velocity Toys Golf Master Kids Golf Club Set
  • Includes a golf pull cart with two wheels,and ball holder for up to 3 balls
  • 3 golf clubs, 1 Driver, 1 Putter, and 1 Iron
  • Comes with 3 Balls, 2 Practice Holes, and 2 Flags


Why it is Better to Buy a Set of Kids Golf Clubs?

toddler golf 2
Children grow quickly and one of the problems with buying a full set of clubs is they can outgrow the lengths and weights of the club shafts. Without having to spend large amounts of money until your children are using full-length clubs is one major advantage to junior club sets. The cost savings advantage and the simplified buying experience make golf club sets a great option for parents, grandparents, or loved ones looking to give golf clubs as a gift.

How to Choose the Right Golf Club Set Within Your Budget

Golf club sets can vary in price and usually reflect the set compositions and amount of clubs included. For younger players, fewer clubs can be advantageous as it simplifies the game and can make club selection around the course easier. Older players who are learning the game can benefit from more complete sets that give golfers more options in club selection and the types of shots they can hit. Ultimately, the set that is best for you or your child can depend on how much you would like to spend and the golfer’s individual goals.

What are the Different Types of Golf Clubs?

kids golf
Common golf club terms are the driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters. Each category of a golf club is designed to help golfers achieve different shots and shoot better scores. As players begin to develop larger skill sets, they can demand the performance of more specialized clubs and more specific tools.


The golf driver is the longest club in your golf bag and is used primarily from the tee box. Drivers are designed with large club heads that help golfer produce longer shots and improve forgiveness when striking a golf ball from a tee. In general, larger headed drivers will offer more forgiveness and higher launches and are recommended for children and beginning golfers.

Fairway Woods

Fairway woods or metals are designed with club heads similar in style to drivers but are much smaller. These smaller heads help fairway woods be more versatile and allow players to hit the ball from a tee or the ground. Fairway woods come in a variety of lofts from 12 degrees to around 20 degrees. Multiple fairway woods can be used in a golf bag to help players achieve all their desired distances.


Hybrids are designed to replace difficult to hit irons and share characteristics of both irons and fairway woods. These clubs are often smaller in size to fairway woods but offer multi-material heads that help golfers hit the ball further and dissect different grasses and fairway bunkers for better golf shots. Players should blend fairway woods, hybrids, and irons into their golf bags so that they can hit any shot they need around their course.


Irons are sold as sets and usually range from the 3-iron to 9-irons. Pitching wedges are often included with iron sets and share commonalities with their club head design. As iron numbers get larger, their lofts increase and they will not hit the golf ball as far. For example, a 5-iron will hit the golf ball further than a 9-iron with similar swing speeds and golf ball impacts. Golfers should experiment with which irons they feel most comfortable hitting and move into more forgiving hybrids and fairway wood options in place of clubs they struggle to hit well.


Wedges have higher lofts than irons and are used for both full shots and partial, or chip, shots around the greens. Wedges are an important part of a golfer’s bag and can be difficult to get properly fit. By playing more-and-more golf, you will begin to understand how to use these clubs effectively and what best suits your swing style. The wedges that are included in golf club sets offer maximum forgiveness and are great for golfers who have not developed their personal preference yet.


Putters are used to roll the golf ball across the greens or over short grasses around the greens. Putters come in many different shapes, styles, and colors and can help golfers line themselves up over the golf ball. Blade or mallet style putters are the most common and one of these two will be included with your new set.

Golf Club Features You Should Consider When Purchasing a Kids Set of Golf Clubs

Golf Club Features
A new golf club set for children should allow them to make a comfortable golf swing without laboring too much. Buying children and young adults clubs that are too heavy for them can have a negative impact on their swings. Make sure that whichever club set you purchase is the proper length, weight, and has all the clubs they will need to learn and grow their game.


The loft of the golf club has a great deal of influence on how far the golf ball will fly when that club is used at impact. Depending on the speed of the golfer’s swing, the distance created by different lofts can change. Slower swing players and junior golfers will likely benefit from adding loft to most clubs, not by taking it away.


Golf club length should be fit first by your child’s height and arm length. After determining the longest club length the golfer is comfortable swinging, the rest of the clubs can be fit to fill the distances throughout their set. As they begin to develop their swing dynamics, each player will learn how different length clubs can help and hinder their performance.


The shaft of the golf club has a large influence on how the golf club head will be delivered to the golf ball. Shafts that are too long or too short can make it difficult for the golfer to contact the ball consistently. Heavy shafts can tire golfers out quickly and can make playing 18 holes burdensome. Shafts that are too light can be difficult to time and can make controlling the golf club difficult. Lighter and softer flex shafts are often given to golfers that are learning so they can grow their swings comfortably without working too hard.

What Type of Golf Bag Comes With the Set?

kids bag
Golf bags are essential for toting your clubs, golf balls and any other equipment you will need on the course. And as with golf clubs, there are many different types of golf bags from which to choose. Once you decide on the type of golfing you plan to do (walking, riding in a cart, etc.), you can then decide on a bag that best suits your purposes. Here is a quick look at four different types of golf bags:

Cart Bags

Cart bags, as you might guess from the title, are bags designed to be carried on a golf riding cart or golf push cart. Usually weighing about 6-7 pounds, they are much lighter than your average staff bag, while still boasting more than enough capacity for your clubs and gear. Cart bags are designed in such a way that they give golfers quick and easy access to all the bag’s pockets and compartments while it is strapped to the back of a cart.

Stand Bags

Stand bags are unique in that they have two retractable legs. These legs enable the bag to stand completely on its own, either upright or slightly tilted, in which its two legs extend out further to stabilize the bag while providing easy access to any club. When the bag is lifted, the legs retract and lay snug against the bag for easy carrying. A favorite among golfers who prefer to walk the course, stand bags are very easy on a golfer’s back—golfers who would otherwise have to lay the bag down each time he/she took a shot.

Carry Bags

Carry bags are like stand bags without the extra hardware. Nicknamed “Sunday Bags,” these types of bags are designed to be carried on the course. They have the advantage of being the lightest bags in the industry, weighing just 2-3 pounds when empty, and they are also the most affordable golf bags on the market, making them perfect for beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Seeing a local professional or searching the internet for golf club information and club fitting advise can be a great way to learn about golf clubs, technology, and the golf swing. Below, we have given some of the most frequently asked questions and answer to help you narrow your decisions.

Q: Driver vs Woods: What is the Difference?

A: Drivers and fairway woods are different in shape, size, and design. Drivers are made to hit balls from the tee and feature larger, deep faces that give golfers maximum distance and forgiveness. Fairway woods are smaller and have soles that are specifically curved to help golfers hit the ball from the ground as well as the tee box. The lofts of these clubs can be the same or different and will hit the ball different distances depending on the player and their swing characteristics.

Q: What is the Difference Between an Iron and a Wedge? (Iron vs Wedge)?

A: The difference between an iron and a wedge is ultimately dictated by the golf clubs loft. As lofts increase, the number of iron increases as well. Beyond a 9-iron, higher lofted clubs are called wedges. Cosmetically, wedges feature a more versatile sole that helps golfers manipulate the club face around the green and hit more specialized shots as their games improve.

Q: When Should I Start Introducing the Game of Golf to a Kid?

A: Golf can be a difficult game and it requires patience and a large time commitment. Children often find enjoyment on the driving range and the putting greens when they can play at their own pace and receive instant feedback. As soon as they can swing a club, they can start playing. Getting them set up with local club pros for lessons or playing games at the driving range is the best way to introduce your child to this great game.

Top 5 Best Junior Golf Club Sets (Age 9-15)


1. Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set


The Intech Lancer Junior Set is designed for golfers between the ages of 8 and 12 years of age. It is available in both left and right handed models. Lofts that help young golfers get the ball into the air and gives them more distance is the hallmark of the Lancer Set. This set is our top pick and makes a great gift for your child or loved one.
  • Set makeup - 17.5-Degree driver, 4/5 Hybrid iron, wide sole 7 and 9 irons, junior putter, 2 headcovers
  • Deluxe stand bag - featuring a 4-way top with a double carry strap
  • Flexed appropriate - softer graphite shafts in all Woods and irons


2. Wilson Profile Junor Golf Set


The Wilson Profile Junior Club Set is designed with kids in mind. Helping developing golfers hit the ball straighter and higher is a difficult challenge. Wilson has engineered the Profile set with more loft and forgiving club heads. This set is perfect for players between 9 and 14 years of age and will help them learn the game and have fun practicing and playing.
  • Custom fit in a box System
  • Driver designed specifically for a junior length, weight and flex
  • Long and short cavity iron with a large sweet spot design


3. Winfield Junior Force Kids Golf Clubs Set


The Winfield Junior Force Kids Golf Set is perfect for golfers looking for the most simple approach while learning the game. By limiting the golf club set to only 5 clubs, the Winfield Junior Set helps young players to choose clubs in a direct manner and gain confidence going around the course. A light and easy to carry bag help build golfer’s independence and makes playing golf with loved ones effortless.


4. Confidence Junior Golf Club Set


The junior club set offering from Confidence is available in both left and right-hand playing options. This set comes in sizes for golfers between the ages of 8 and 15. Perimeter weighted woods, irons, wedges, and a putter help improve club forgiveness and give slower swing speed players more launch and g=longer golf shots.
  • Includes driver/ fairway 3 wood (36") with extra loft for easy hitting
  • 7 iron (30"), 9 iron (29") with graphite shafts, soft wrap grips, forgiving sweet spots
  • Comes with a white ball putter; 27.5 inches


5. Nitro Blaster Junior Golf Set


The Nitro Blaster Junior Golf Club Set is designed for players between 9 and 12 years of age. One of the only sets that is certified by the PGA of America, the Nitro Blaster Set is an exceptional offering for beginning golfers. Made lighter by the incorporation of plastic, steel, and graphite, the Nitro Junior Set is perfect for aspiring young golfers.
  • 8 PIECE SET INCLUDES: 1 each 16 degree Driver Fairway Wood, 1 each 25 degree Hybrid, 2 each wide sole perimeter weighted Irons, 1 each two-ball-style Putter, stand/carry bag and 2 golf club covers. This set is right-handed.
  • GREAT STARTER SET Recommended for 9-12 years. The Nitro Blaster Kid's Golf Set is the perfect starter set for the young golfer.
  • PGA CERTIFIED QUALITY Steel and Graphite for extra durability and strength. Right-handed grips.


Top 5 Best Kids Golf Club Sets (Age 4-8)


1. Callaway XJ Hot Kids Golf Club Set


The Callaway XJ Hot Kids Golf Set is one of the most premium offerings available in children’s clubs. If you want your child preparing for a more serious dedication to the game of golf, the XJ set is modeled directly after the same clubs the PGA Professionals are using. The most advanced clubs packed into small form factors help children receive immediate success and feedback from their golf games.
  • DRIVER360cc Lightweight Driver features a large, effective hitting area for outstanding forgiveness and longer drives
  • FAIRWAY WOOD & HYBRIDDesigned to help get the ball in the air quickly and easily
  • 7 IRON, 9 IRON & SAND WEDGE Cavity Back Irons with Extreme Weighting for amazing forgiveness and stability, and a 54 degree Sand Wedge for impressive control


2. Precise X7 Kids Golf Club Set


The Precise X7 Golf Club Set is built for little guys and girls that want to learn the game of golf and have fun with their parents, grandparents, or mentors. The backpack style golf bag is easy to carry and each club is blended to compliment each other. Available in both hands, if you have a little one that is eager to get onto the course or the range the Precise X7 is perfect for him or her.


3. The Littlest Golfer Club Set


The Littlest Golfer Club Set is the only set made from a company completely devoted to the developing golfer. These clubs specialize is teaching proper grips and setup from an early age. A solid foundation can be the beginning of a growing golf game. The TLG is the best set for starting your children early.
  • PERFECT GOLF SWING: The Littlest Golfer's First golf club set with littlest grip technology, helps teach your little golfer the proper way to grip the golf club for the perfect swing every time.
  • PRACTICE GOLF BALLS: Designed for serious fun with increased club loft, balls get higher in the air. Foam practice balls make it safer for outdoor and indoor play
  • KIDS GOLF CLUBS: Driver 23.5" and 7 iron 22.5" with LGT grip and putter 18.5" with classic grip, alignment rod included which helps your little golfer to hit the ball straighter. Instructional DVD included


4. Powerbilt Kids Golf Club Set


Powerbilt has created a range of golf club sets to fit a wide range of children. Their junior set is perfect for young players between the ages of 4 and 8. Available for less than $100, the Powerbilt set is ideal for anyone who would like to get a loved one involved in a game they love.
  • Right handed
  • Ages 5-8 years old or between heights of 3'8"-4'4"
  • 6-Piece set including bag


5. Nitro Blaster Junior Golf Set


The Nitro Blaster Junior Golf Club Set is a unique offering for growing golf games. As one of the only sets certified by the PGA of America, the Nitro Blaster Set is an outstanding complete set for golfers just starting on their journeys. While the certification cannot guarantee results, parents or loved ones can rest easy knowing that these clubs have been checked out by the game’s best minds.
  • Right handed clubs
  • Includes; driver, 2 irons, and putter
  • All graphite shafts


Top 5 Best Toddler Golf Club Sets (Age 0-3)


1. Little Tikes TotSports Easy Hit Golf Set


Getting toys that look and feel like real golf clubs can be a great way to introduce your children to the game of golf. The Little Tykes Totsports Golf Club set is modeled to get kids swinging and learning their way around plastic golf equipment. The Totsports Club Set makes an exceptional gift for the children of golf enthusiasts.
  • Play putt-putt golf in your backyard
  • Role-play activity helps develop motor skills and coordination
  • Set includes all surface putting hole


2. ToyVelt Kids Golf Club Set


The ToyVelt Kids Golf Club Set makes playing golf fun. By giving children two holes to play into, this set helps them feel like they are on the course in the comfort of their homes. The pushcart design is perfect for young boys and girls looking to participate with older siblings or parents who love golf.
  • KIDS GOLF SET FOR ASPIRING YOUNG GOLFERS: Whether your kid already loves golf or you want to introduce them to this challenging and fun sport, this golf game set for kids is exactly what you need to help your kid practice their golfing skills.The 11 - pieceToyvelt golf club set includes a practical golf cart with two wheels, 3 colorful golf clubs of different shapes and sizes, 3 special balls, and 2 practice
  • A FUN WAY FOR YOUR KIDS TO WORK OUT: The kids golfing set is not simply a toy, but a great way for your kid to work out and love sports. Golf may not be an intense sport, however, it puts in motion multiple muscles of your entire body. In other words, the kids golf clubs set will exercise your kid’s upper limb muscles, back, and legs,and it will promote a healthy development of their joints and ligaments. Athletic kids are healthy and happy kids!
  • PROMOTES PHYSICAL AND MENTAL DEVELOPMENT: Apart from promoting your kid’s physical development, the golf cart toy will also promote your kid’s mental development. Golf takes a great deal of concentration, patience and manners, so playing with these golf clubs and balls will enhance your kid’s observation, imagination, and judgment skills, and it will help them adopt the culture of healthy competition. Any parent would want these things for their child!


3. Exercise N Play Toddler Golf Club Set


Exercise is vital to beginning your children on the path to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Mimicking the game of golf indoors can be a great way to grow their enthusiasm and curiosity for a game they can play forever. By starting children out in sports like golf, their self-confidence can blossom and the Exercise N Play Toddler Golf Set can be an excellent start.
  • Go the the nature and enjoy the fresh air!Carry the golf bag,call a few small partner,start a happy sport golf game!This is also a parent-child activities,which can exchange the emotional exchanges!
  • Promote children's physical and mental development.Sport golf game can promote children's upper limb muscles, joints, ligaments development,which can enhance the child's ability to observe, imagination, judgment, and patience at the same time.
  • Cultivate children's temperament.Golf sport can cultivate elegant manners, temperament,good physical and psychological quality, so that children grow up better in fierce competition community!


4. O.B Deluxe Kid’s Toy Golf Set


The O.B. Deluxe Kid’s Toy Golf Set is one of the best values in children’s toys and golf equipment. Available for less than $20, this golf set is perfect for toddlers or young children that find excitement in golf activities. Get your children up, moving, and engaging early with this ready to play set.
  • BEGINNER TOY GOLF SET FOR KIDS-Comes With Everything Your Child Needs to Play Golf ! Bright Vivid Colors!
  • INDOOR and OUTDOOR GOLF PLAYSET-May be used indoors or outdoors.Fun way to instill the love of golf to your little ones!


5. Velocity Toys Golf Club Set


$15 can be a small price for a lifetime of enjoyment in the game of golf. By starting children young, it can be possible for them to spark a larger interest in sports and competition. Toddlers can learn by playing without the stress and pressure of instruction or expectations. The Velocity Toys Golf Set is perfect for your child’s first toy introduction to golf.
  • Velocity Toys Golf Master Sport Children's Kid's Toy Golf Play Set
  • Comes with 3 Balls, 3 Clubs, 2 Practice Holes, 2 Flags
  • Golf Caddy Club Holder with Wheels for Easy Transport!


What Golf Club Set Should You Buy?

Matching your child’s height and size to the right set is the most important thing to consider when you are choosing their set. As they grow, they will need different clubs that help them play their best. Begin by choosing a set that gives them enough clubs to experiment with different shots but not too many to overwhelm their decision making during club selections on the course. Remember, this game is fun and it is most fun when they are playing stress free and with equipment that helps make the game easier.

Younger children are often encouraged to begin with less expensive sets as they will grow the most rapidly out of the shaft lengths and weights. Around middle and high school ages, it may be time to begin to move them into individual clubs if their interests have grown in the game. As they continue to learn, take a look through the rest of our articles and reviews to find new information on how equipment can help their games. Thanks for reading about the best kids golf clubs and for helping the next generation of golfers!


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