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Creating a complete wedge setup that allow golfers to hit every shot that is required of them from golf courses is a challenging task. Golfers may find that maximizing their number of wedges and buying strategic, versatile models that their short game has more options. Selecting a pitching wedge is more than simply matching it with you iron sets. If you are a golfer struggling with your short game, choosing a more specialized pitching wedge can give you more weapons around the greens.

Below, we examine each part of the wedge category of golf clubs. Pitching wedges, gap wedges, sand wedges, and lob wedges all fill specific roles in a golfer’s bag. While most golfers accept the pitching wedge option that comes with their iron sets, that is not the only option. Continue reading to find out how a new pitching wedge may lead to lower scores.

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Top 5 Best Pitching Wedges


Best Overall
Callaway Golf Men's Chrome Mack Daddy 4 Wedge
  • More Spin from Groove-In-Groove Technology
  • Four Sole Grinds to Suit a Variety of Playing Styles, Attack Angles and Course Conditions
  • Broad Range of Lofts and Bounce Combinations
Most Accurate
Mizuno S18 Wedge
  • Head geometry delivers ideal impact feel and feedback
  • Milled narrow/deep grooves optimized for stronger lofts
  • Patented forging process ensures long, continuous grains to deliver soft, solid, consistent feel
Best Feel
Cleveland Golf Men's RTX 4 Wedge
  • Rotex 4 generates more spin
  • Muscle shaping on the back of each loft progressively adjusts the center of gravity
  • Aggressive face milling for more precise control
Best Control
Cleveland Golf 2018 Men's CBX Wedge
  • Cavity-back design inspires confidence when at address
  • Incredible feel and forgiveness on off-center-hits
  • Great from a wide variety of lies, including sand and the rough
Best Value
Cobra King Black Wedge
  • DBM provides extreme resistance to wear for longer lasting, better looking wedges
  • CNC milled faces & grooves-cnc milling creates highly accurate grooves
  • CNC milling technique delivers optimized surface roughness across the face


When Do You Use A Wedge?

Golf Wedge
When to use a wedges is as simple as when you are approaching the green from distances within your 9-iron carry and as complicated as choosing the wedge with the right sole grind for a 50 yard bunker shot. Ensuring that every wedge in your bag is built for maximum playability is your best chance to make you are never caught without an option to attack a pin.

Finding the Right Wedge for Your Golf Game

Finding the right wedge for your bag involves choosing a loft that goes the appropriate distance when struck with full shots, making sure that you are comfortable hitting every yardage inside 100 yards, and having enough options to take advantage of the diverse lies found among different golf courses. Wedge lofts, sole grinds, and clubhead engineering help make these clubs unique. Below, we explain all of these in detail to help you understand what is best for your game.


Buying four wedges at full retail price can become expensive. Golfers looking to save money can find older model wedges or wedge made by less prominent brands at a fraction of the maximum retail prices. When completing your bag, make sure to maximize value but do not overlook the importance of finding your ideal wedges.

Categories of Wedges

Wedges are subdivided into categories based on their lofts. Pitching wedges are the strongest lofted wedges, followed by gap wedges, sand wedges, and lob wedges in ascending lofts. These four categories help golfer distinguish when to use each wedge from a variety of distances and lies.

Pitching Wedges (PW)

Pitching Wedge
Pitching Wedges are most commonly sold alongside golf iron sets. These wedges will have lofts that match the gaps between a player’s irons. Marked by a “P” or “PW,” the exact loft of pitching wedges can be found on manufacturers websites. Once a year, golfers should have all of their clubs checked for both loft and lie to ensure that they have not been altered by casual play.

Gap Wedges (GW)

Gap Wedges can also be purchased as part of an iron set. While it is very common for golfers to buy their gap wedges alongside their sand and lob wedges, choosing the set gap wedge ensures that the lofts match you irons. Typically between 50 and 52 degrees, the gap wedge is vital for golfers with stronger lofted pitching wedges and conventionally lofted sand wedges.

Sand Wedges (SW)

Sand Wedge
Sand Wedges are often the most used wedge in a golfer’s bag. The sand wedge is often used for full swings approaching the green and for various chip shots and pitches from the fringe and bunkers. Versatile soles are carved in modern sand wedges to help golfers navigate these different lies with precision. The loft of your sand wedge should match the lofts of the next closest gap or pitching wedge and your highest loft wedge if you include one.

Lob Wedges (LW)

Lob Wedges are the highest lofted wedges. Used by a fraction of golfers, these clubs are useful tools for hitting difficult shots around the greens. Due to their lofts, 58 degrees and above, these clubs can be difficult to strike during full swings and may only be used for pitching and chipping. Golfers should test their own comfort levels with these wedges before automatically including them in their set.


Wedge Components

Wedge Components
Making a buying decision with any club in your golf bag should boil down to one of two questions: Does this new club perform significantly better than the club it is replacing or does this new club fill a hole in my current bag? Picking wedges can be difficult because of the many components that make them unique. Immediately following we illustrate the different parts of these clubs and what you should be looking for to help you answer those two important questions.

The Loft

Wedges are classified by their lofts and as such, the loft dictates the majority of the clubs performance. However, even within similar lofted clubheads, other aspects of the design can have a massive impact on its playability and performance between golfers.

The clubhead of a Wedge is made up of:


    Face and Grooves =Designed to help increase spin and control distances from the tall grass and rough, the face and grooves of a wedge help stop the ball quickly on greens. These laser etched crevasses have become an important part of wedge technology and each manufacturer cuts their grooves in slightly different fashions.

    Bounce =Wedges do not sit flush with the turf when in their playing positions. This angle formed by the intersection of the leading edge and the ground is called the club’s bounce. Different bounces will suit different style of swings and understanding how this angle affects the clubs performance is critical in finding your ideal wedge.

    Grind =Beyond just the angle created by the clubface when it is square behind the golf ball, wedge grinds help to offer golfers more angles within one clubhead. The grind shape helps a wedge’s effective bounce angle change as it is rotated around the axis of the shaft opening and closing the clubface.


Types of Wedge Bounces:

    Low Bounce Wedges = Measured between 4 and 6 degrees, low bounce wedges are great for players who pick the ball cleanly from the turf or play in tight conditions.

    Mid Bounce Wedges =Measured between 8 and 10 degrees, mid bounce wedges are great for a wide range of players and are the most common bounces available. These bounces help golfers play from various conditions including dry and wet courses.

    High Bounce Wedges =Measured 12 degrees and above, high bounce wedges are designed for players who strike the ball with a heavy descending blow. For players that generally take large divots with their wedge, high bounce options can provide forgiveness. Players who generally play in wet conditions should also consider high bounce wedges.


Type of Grinds

The shape of your wedge’s grind will add or subtract from its bounce angle as you manipulate the clubface. Crescent shapes help to provide golfers with heel and toe relief when they are opening or closing the face to hit shots around the greens. These crescent soles are great choices for sand and lob wedge options as they are more versatile and can help players from lies in the fairways, rough, and bunkers.

Choosing a Shaft

Pitching Wedge Shaft
Types of Golf Shafts. Source callawaygolf

Most wedges are purchased with stock shafts that range between regular and stiff flex and weight around 100 grams. Many golfers do not think to test different shafts in their wedges. Club fitters often find that using the same shaft that is in a golfer’s iron set or selecting new shafts that are heavier in weight but lighter in flex help golfers improve consistency. Be sure that if you are going to spend the money for a new wedge you do not overlook the accompanying shaft.


Many wedges are available in a wide array of color options. Darker finishes are used to reduce glare caused by sunlight and can be valuable in higher lofted sand and lob wedges. Golfers can rest easily knowing that their wedge’s performance is largely unaltered by its finish and should be chosen based off its visual appeal. When buying any club, find something that looks great and inspires you with confidence behind the golf ball.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions surround the buying process for new golf clubs, especially for wedges. We have addressed some common confusions that golfers express when looking to improve their short games.

Q: What Degree is a Pitching Wedge?

A: Pitching Wedges range in loft from 46-50 degrees.

Q: What Degree is a Sand Wedge?

A: Sand Wedges are usually 56 degrees, but can also be found in 54 and 58 degrees depending on the bounce angle.

Q: What Is a Gap Wedge?

A: Gap Wedges fill the gap between a sand wedge and a pitching wedge, making it easier to hit full shots when a pitching wedge is too much club and a sand wedge isn’t enough club.

Top 10 Best Pitching Wedges


1. Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedge


The Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedge will be many golfer’s number one choice for specialized pitching wedges. Bob Vokey places a specific emphasis on the design of Vokey wedges in 46 and 48 degree lofts. Urging tour professionals to incorporate these wedges into their bags, Bob Vokey truly believes in his product. Given a Gold medal by Golf Digest, it is difficult to go wrong with the SM7 from Titleist.


2. Callaway Mack Daddy MD4 Wedge


The Callaway Mack Daddy MD4 Wedge is another wedge designed by a storied craftsman. Roger Cleveland has meticulously created the MD4 in collaboration with Callaway in hopes of creating the perfect blend of beauty and function. Available in various finishes, lofts, bounces, and grinds, the MD4 wedge covers the vast majority of golfers. A perfect compliment to any Callaway iron set and recipient of Golf Digest’s Gold medal, the MD4 wedge is the best performing wedge Callaway has ever produced.
  • More Spin from Groove-In-Groove Technology
  • Four Sole Grinds to Suit a Variety of Playing Styles, Attack Angles and Course Conditions
  • Broad Range of Lofts and Bounce Combinations


3. Mizuno S18 Wedge


Since it was first released in late 2017, the Mizuno S18 Wedge is perfect for golfers looking to maintain a forged feel from their iron sets. The Mizuno S18 wedge blends perfectly into iron sets due to its Boron Grain Flow forging manufacturing process. The best feeling wedge on the market is a true continuation for any golfer with a Mizuno set of irons looking for a pitching wedge replacement.
  • Harmonic impact technology: fine tuned head geometry delivers ideal impact feel and feedback
  • Quad cut grooves: milled narrow/deep grooves optimized for stronger lofts and wide/shallow grooves optimized for higher lofts
  • Grain flow forged: patented forging process ensures long, continuous grains to deliver soft, solid, consistent Fee


4. Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge


The Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge is a tour inspired wedge from Cleveland Golf. RTX 4 was made to fit the eyes of the World’s best players. Zip Groove technology allows the RTX 4 wedge to offer premium performance in a stunning package. Better players and golf purists will love the way RTX 4 looks and be surprised with its’ forgiveness in such a compact shape. RTX 4 was given a Gold medal by Golf Digest and we agree.
  • TOUR SATIN Less glare and premium finishing provides the look and performance avid golfers demand
  • 4th GENERATION ROTEX FACE TECHNOLGYWith our sharpest Tour Zip Grooves yet, the most aggressive face milling we've developed, and even more precise laser milling, Rotex 4 generates more spin
  • PROGRESSIVE FEEL BALANCING TECHNOLOGYNew Muscle shaping on the back of each loft progressively adjusts the center of gravity on both the X and Y-axes, enhancing feel and distance control


5. Cleveland CBX Wedge


The Cleveland CBX Wedge is a fantastic option for golfers looking to add forgivness to their short games. A cavity back wedge, the CBX fits perfectly alongside modern irons. The CBX shines as a pitching wedge replacement and gap wedge options. Golfers looking to add versatility to their pitching wedge without sacrificing the forgiveness and playability of their cavity back irons with find the best of both world in the Cleveland CBX wedge.
  • Wide dual-v sole
  • Cavity back design
  • Feel balancing technology


6. Cobra King Black Wedge


The Cobra King Black Wedge was designed with performance and durability in mind. Since pitching wedges are used mostly for full shots, the grooves on these clubs do not have to remain as sharp as sand and lob wedge grooves. Cobra’s Diamondized Black Metal finish ensures that your wedge will last round after round. The KING Black wedge is perfect for golfers looking to purchase a wedge they know will last.
  • Demonized Black Metal (Plated 8620 Carbon Steel)-Cobra's most durable satin black finish ever. DBM provides extreme resistance to wear for longer lasting, better looking wedges
  • 100% CNC milled faces & grooves-cnc milling creates highly accurate grooves for consistent spin across the entire spin across the entire face
  • Variable face roughness-cobra patented CNC milling technique delivers optimized surface roughness across the face to maximize spin and control for more precise shots around the green


7. Ping Glide Wedge 2.0 Wedge


The Ping Glide 2.0 Wedge is regarded by many clubfitters as the best wedge of 2018. The Ping Glide 2.0 wedge is great for high handicap golfers down to scratch players. The cavity back design of the Glide 2.0 wedge makes it ultra forgiving. In pitching wedge and gap wedge lofts, the Glide 2.0 really shines. The Ping Glide 2.0 wedge is another product created by Ping that simply just works.
  • Ping Glide
  • Available in three versatile sole designs with added bounce and loft-optimized Gorge grooves, the Glide wedges are PING's most versatile and consistent wedge line ever
  • Chrome plating gives the 431 stainless steel head a moisture-repelling finish, which creates more friction for improved spin and consistency in wet conditions and lies in the rough. 431 SS also helps soften the feel


8. TaylorMade ATV Wedge


The TaylorMade ATV Wedge is perfect for the better player looking to use their pitching wedge from several different lies. If you find yourself chipping and pitching with your pitching wedge, the ATV sole will offer you more shots from more places. Golfers can find the ATV wedge at prices well below the MSRP since newer model wedges have become available from TaylorMade. Budget conscious golfers looking for enhanced playability will fawn over the ATV wedge.
  • Soft 1025 carbon steel body
  • Glare reducing dark smoke PVD finish
  • Kbs Tour wedge shaft


9. Mizuno T7 Wedge


The Mizuno T7 Wedge continues the trend of outstanding feel at a great price. The T7 wedge uses the same Boron Grain Flow forging to create a soft feel. The T7 wedge is a golfers best option in a pitching wedge replacement that maintains the forged feel of their irons at a great price. Available for less than $100 the T7 wedge is great for players looking to experiment without making too large a financial commitment.
  • 1025 boron infused steel lengthens the durability of Mizuno's quad cut groove while maintaining Mizuno's renowned grain flow forged feel
  • Graduated loft specific teardrop shape
  • Quad cut loft specific grooves


10. Xe1 Wedge


The Xe1 Wedge is the only wedge available price below $100 at full retail price. The Xe1 wedge could be your answer to suring up inconsistent short game shots. Golfers looking for help in their wedges but unsure about spending hundreds of dollars should consider the Xe1 wedge from Xe1 Golf. Not your typical infomercial “as seen on tv” golf product, the Xe1 is a true performer.
  • You'll shave strokes off your score and dramatically improve your short game - the very first time you use it!
  • You'll hit higher, softer, more consistent shots!
  • You'll glide through the sand and never leave it in the bunker again!


What Golf Pitching Wedge Should You Buy?

Most golfers will play the pitching wedge that comes from their iron sets. However, you may find that choosing specialized options help you gain feel and hit more shots with your pitching wedge. Understanding what to look for in your pitching wedge can help you decide which option is best for you. Don’t be afraid to test different pitching wedges in different loft, bounce, and grind options to see if you can shave some strokes from your game. Thank you, and happy testing!

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