Best Golf Rangefinders with Slope

The invention of golf rangefinders has forever changed the way we play golf.  Unless you’re playing in competition where they’re prohibited, there’s no longer room for any excuses about bad yardages.  The quality rangefinders of today are so accurate, they measure distances to within a ...

Best Golf GPS Watch for 2020

We are in the age where a one-time purchase of the best golf watch gives you all the information you need when it comes to yardage. If you don’t have one of our best golf watches, you’re making the game a lot harder than it needs to be, so check out our list of the best golf watches. Top 10 ...

Best Rangefinders for the Money

If there’s one piece of golf equipment that every golfer has to have, it’s a rangefinder.  It shouldn’t come as any surprise.  Never before have golfers been so easily able to find accurate distances to the flag, doglegs, and penalty areas. There’s no question that rangefinders have ...

Best Golf Simulators for 2020

For many golfers, playing the game they love 12 months a year isn’t always an option.  For those that live in northern parts of the country, the golf season can be as short as four months.  Such begs the question, what are you supposed to do during the cold winter months? The answer is ...

Best Golf Rangefinders for 2020

Getting the proper distance to green, pins, or hazards is vital to knowing which club to select and what type of best golf shot you should be preparing for. There are many different accessories that can help you navigate your way around the course. This guide will take you through some of the ...

Best Golf GPS Apps for 2020

We’re in the age of technology.  Today, it’s conceivable to run your life, or even an entire business from a phone in the palm of your hand.  Baby Boomers frown upon the ease with which we can obtain information but, even they’re starting to catch on. Golf hasn’t exactly been left ...

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Best Golf GPS for 2020

Distance is everything in the game of golf.  Sure, we could be talking about bombing it off that tee – that’s certainly part of the equation.  If you’re going to score well though, you need to know how far away the target is. Can you carry that fairway bunker with your driver?  How ...

Best Golf Swing Analyzer and Launch Monitors for 2020

Simulators, digital golf ball tracking systems and personal launch monitors continue to grow in the golf accessories market. The largest questions facing any kind of golf related tech is how much does it cost, and will it really help MY game? In this buyer’s guide, we break down the different ...

Over 45 of the Best Golf Gifts for this Holiday Season

Golfers Authority Christmas Golf Gift Hot List! Looking for the best golf gifts, special offers? Then look no further to our shortlist of the Best Golf Christmas Gift Ideas for 2019 Enter the $4,000+ Giveaway Golf Gifts With the holidays quickly approaching, it's time to start thinking about ...

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