Best Golf Apps for the Apple Watch

Best Golf Apps for the Apple Watch

In the age of technology, there’s no excuse for having the wrong yardage when you’re out on the golf course.  No longer is it necessary to find a sprinkler head, pace it off to your ball, and calculate whether the pin is in the front, middle, or back of the green.

But rangefinders can be expensive.  More and more, we are seeing golfers turn to apps that use GPS technology to give them all the pertinent yardages during their round. 

And with the popularity of the Apple Watch, we have received a lot of questions about what the best golf apps are. 

So, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites below. 

Best Golf Apps for the Apple Watch 2022

18Birdies Golf App

18birdies App - Independent Golf Reviews

The best overall app for the Apple Watch just might be 18Birdies.  That’s due in large part to its vast array of different features. 

The feature that stands out the most is the virtual caddie that gives you accurate yardages and even gives you club recommendations. 

Along the same lines as the virtual caddie, the tee shot planner compiles data from other app users and shows you where the best place is to aim. 

And those pesky blind shots?  Not to worry anymore.  The app’s blind shot compass keeps you aimed in the right direction. 

18Birdies goes a lot further than just giving you accurate yardages and targets though.  It allows you to track important stats fairways hit, greens in regulation, penalty strokes, and putts.

Yet another extra, the app uses doppler radar to show you live weather patterns around the course. 

For the price you pay and what you get, this is our favorite golf app for the Apple Watch. 

V1 Game Golf App

It comes as little surprise that an app from V1 occupies a spot high up on our list.  For years, the game’s best instructors have used V1 software to help their students get better.

The Game App’s virtual caddie provides you detailed insight on everything from accurate yardages to shot tracking, and even post-round statistics. 

The App comes preloaded with more than 40,000 courses.  For each course, you get yardages to hazards, bunkers, and strategic landing areas.  To go a step further, range finder technology allows you to manually adjust the pin on your display for precise yardages on approach shots. 

Once you’re done with your round, your stats are automatically uploaded to the cloud where you can access them later and analyze your performance.

SwingU Golf App

Homepage - SwingU

There’s no better price than free, and that’s exactly what the SwingU App costs – nothing.

Having used this app myself, I’ll be the first to say the interface is incredibly easy to use and has everything you need. 

Is there a paid subscription for this app?  Yes.  But in our experience, the free version more than serves its purpose.

What I particularly like about the SwingU App is its aerial display.  It allows you to see the entire hole and manually pick your targets.  This is a feature that not all the other apps on our list have.

Free and functional, the SwingU App is hard to beat. 

The Grint Golf App

New App Release - TheGrint Golf

If you regularly play in a large group and are looking for an app that makes scoring easy, look no further than the Grint. 

What golfers love most about this app is that it tracks your score on every hole.  It also allows you to see where everyone else in your group is at too.

On top of the live scoring feature, the app functions as a GPS yardage guide, keeps track of your putts, drive accuracy, and even shanks if you’re so inclined. 

The Grint has all the functions of a golf GPS, with the added bonus of one-of-a-kind scoring features. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to golf technology and apps, there are always lots of questions.  Below we’ve done our best to answer some of the most common ones about golf apps for the Apple Watch.

What Do I Need to Know Before Downloading a Golf App?


Before you download any golf app, you need to have a clear idea of all the features it includes.  Every app is different so make sure you do some research before you buy.

Speaking of buying, most of the apps on our list require a subscription fee that allows you access all the app’s features.  Whatever app you choose, make you know what all the fees are, and make sure they fit into your budget. 

Are All Smartphones Compatible with an Apple Watch App?

The answer is no.  Apple Watch apps require an iPhone to set up.  Unfortunately, Android phones aren’t compatible. 

Are Apple Watch Apps Cheaper Than Range Finders or Launch Monitors?

With a few exceptions, Apple Watch golf apps are much more affordable than launch monitors or rangefinders. 

But keep in mind that subscription fees can add up.

What Are the Features of Apple Watch Golf Apps?

While ever app is a little different, you can count on most of them to have a GPS function that gives you accurate yardages to all the key points of interest out on the course. 

Most apps have additional features like scoring, stat keeping, and even weather updates.


Thanks to technology, there’s no excuse to be guessing at yardages out on the course. 

While rangefinders can be cost-prohibitive, Apple Watch apps normally cost a fraction.  And they give you all the information you need to play your best. 

While there are other apps out on the market, these are our favorites here at Golfer’s Authority.  If you’d tried these apps or others, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Best Golf Apps for the Apple Watch
Best Golf Apps for the Apple Watch

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