Accra TZ6 Shaft Review

High-performance golf shafts must come with balance. Not every one that swings a golf club swing well beyond 100 miles per hour with their driver and even the fastest swingers do not always need the lowest launching and lowest spinning golf shaft. Accra knows these things and has built a tour-level golf shaft that accommodates the needs of the widest net of golfers. The TZ6 golf shaft is a mid to high launching golf shaft that works to limit spin for higher launching, lower spinning driver. TZ6 is also supremely effective in many fairway wood models as it improves the versatility of your club coming from either the tee or the turf. Golfers swinging below 100 miles per hour especially, can benefit from the active tip section of this incredibly stable golf shaft. Many weekend and handicap golfers can find performance benefits tee-to-green thanks to the proprietary TZ6 technology of the Accra Golf shaft brand.

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accra tz6 golf shaft

Key Features

  • TZ6’s active tip section appeals to the needs of average golfers and high-speed players that prefer mid to high launches.

  • Extremely high modulus materials help reduce the torque of the TZ6 shaft for more stability while retaining a smooth feel.

  • TZ6 outperforms every other Accra golf shaft in recovery speed leading to better energy transfer at impact and more distance.


Accra TZ6 Shaft Detailed Review

Design and Technology

One of the difficult challenges of manufacturing elite golf shafts is the balance of creating a design that can complement a vast array of club head choice and loft. Drivers and fairway woods are outfitted with the same golf shafts far too often and the performance differences of each can become overlooked. TZ6 is an excellent golf shaft in a number of club head shapes, sizes, and lofts. Accra has found a way to engineer distance and accuracy advantages across a wide range of golfers and swing types thanks to higher quality materials and a dedication to improved performance.

Like many players, my fairway woods must be versatile enough to hit from the tee box and the fairways and rough. TZ6 is the perfect compliment to my Epic 3-wood. During my testing, the 85 M5 TZ6 shaft provided me more accuracy from a tee and slightly higher launches from the turf. Higher launches mean holding more greens and more par-5s in two. I also tested the 75 M5 TZ6 in my driver. While this shaft was incredibly smooth and easy to hit, the launch and spin profile of the related TZ5 shaft from Accra improved my performance the most.

Accra TZ6
I believe that the TZ6 shaft will appeal to a wide variety of golfers. Players looking to get the most out of their swing can find effortless distance thanks to the active tip section of this shaft. Presenting more dynamic loft at impact means higher launch, more carry distance, and a higher ball flight. While a majority of the premium shaft market is focused solely on the low launch, low spin golfer, TZ6 can be a valuable weapon for players looking to outperform their foursome or win medals in league play.

TZ6 is one of only a few shafts that I have ever tested that gave me complete confidence immediately with my fairway wood. Fairway woods are often one of the hardest clubs to fit golfers into and thus they tend to remain in the golf bag for many years. It is not uncommon to find golfers on Tour playing fairway wood models 3 and 4 years old so finding a shaft that immediately fits is rare. TZ6 is the exception and is an absolute must-try for players that are putting the utmost thought into building their entire golf bag.

Accra TZ6 Shaft

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  • The active tip of the TZ6 shaft helps crate versatility in a number of club head configurations and across many skill levels of golfers.
  • All-new high-modulus composite materials allow for less torque, more stability, and a smooth feel.
  • The fastest recovery speeds in the Accra family, TZ6 is more efficient at turning your club head speed into more distance regardless of how fast you swing.


  • Golfers will likely be unable to demo or test this shaft without booking a fitting through an advanced club fitting center or by purchasing first.
  • High-speed golfers may find TZ6 to be too high launching as a driver shaft depending on their delivery conditions.
  • TZ6 hybrid shafts are only available in 85-gram weights so players want hybrid shafts in either the 70 or 90-gram ranges will have to choose a different model.
Build Quality
Control and Performance
Design and Appearance




TZ6 can be built to order in 11 different models for your driver or fairway woods. TZ6 is also available in 3 different hybrid offerings. Accra’s flex system uses numbers to rate each club. M3 is used to denote regular flex golf shafts, M4 is stiff, and M5 is extra-stiff. TZ6 is perfect for many average golfers in the 45, 55, and 65 M3 (regular) and M4 (stiff) flexes. Stronger golfers will love the 65, 75, and 85 M4 and M5 options. The hybrid shaft comes in only 85-gram weights but is available in M3, M4, and M5 flexes.


With so much of the focus of ultra-high performance golf shafts placed on a specific demographic of golfers, it is refreshing to see Accra use all of their resources to build a versatile shaft. TZ6 is well-suited for a larger net of golfers and should be a part of most fitting matrixes and demo options. Golfers regardless of swing speed should be testing TZ6 is a variety of weights and flexes as the expansive range almost surely has something that can help their game. Players that have always played a more tip stiff profile may consider testing the TZ6 or opting for it as a more versatile option for their fairway metals.

TZ6 Shaft Video Review


How Does the TZ6 Shaft Compare?

Accra TZ5 Shaft

The TZ5 is a tip stiff profile that gives players low launch, low spin without a rigid feel. Accra has improved its Tour Z line to include TZ5 to provide accomplished golfers with more stability, more control, and more distance off the tee. TZ5 features a uniquely low balance point that gives a smoother feel while still decreasing torque and providing more forgiveness with your driver club heads. TZ5 is quickly becoming a staple among the highest swing speed players and for anyone that needs to knock backspin off their drives.
Tz5 Rotated

Fujikura Ventus Shaft

The Ventus is Fujikura’s newest golf shaft. Ventus uses an all-new construction featuring VeloCore technology. This precision core allows Ventus to be more stable and ultra-stiff in the tip section without creating a harsh feel. Improved energy transfer thanks to the integration of multiple materials leads to more forgiveness at impact especially on off-center hits. Ventus delivers better results on your worse swings and can be a great option for players looking to hit more fairway while gaining some additional yards.

  • Fujikura Ventus 5
  • Shaft Flex: Senior
  • Shaft Material: Graphite


Fujikura Pro 2.0 Shaft

The Pro 2.0 is an updated version of the Fujikura’s most popular shaft. The Pro 2.0 shaft leverages technologies like HIT and CAGE to create a more explosive impact. The Pro 2.0 is designed to be easier to launch without dramatically changing the performance of the already award-winning composition of the Pro lineup. More efficient loading zone and additional torsional stiffness are the hallmarks of the Pro 2.0 shafts. The Pro 2.0 is available in standard and Tour Spec models to fit golfers of many different swing types and feel preferences. While the differences in the Pro 2.0 and original Pro may not warrant an upgrade, if you have never tested a Pro shaft, you do not know what you are missing.

  • Featuring Proprietary High Inertia Tip Technology, Phantium Paint Finish, Generate More Power and Speed, Guaranteed to Increase Distance


Should You Buy the Accra TZ6 Shaft?

While it is never best to assume that a shaft will fit you without testing each model in your hands, the versatility of the TZ6 shaft makes it a great performer in almost any golfers hands. Matching the proper weight and flex to your deliver can improve your consistency off the tee and lead to lower scores during your rounds. TZ6 is outstanding as a fairway option for even the fastest swingers in golf. Players looking for slightly more launch from an active tip design but do not want to give up the stability of low torque golf shafts can find their ideal blend with the TZ6 from Accra. TZ6 is one of the most well-balanced golf shafts we have ever tested and we cannot recommend it enough for your fitting and demo list.

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