Accra TZ5 Shaft Review

Accra Golf Shafts continue to create the highest quality golf shafts for the game most serious players. Advancing their successful Tour Z line, the TZ5 golf shaft is better feeling and more responsive while maintaining the superior low launch, low spin attributes often sought after by better players. TZ5 leverages advanced materials to elevate playability without compromising stability and control. Accra’s dedication to the custom fitting process should be celebrated and the TZ5 is an absolute must-try for players looking to compete or play golf at the highest levels.

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750x500 Tz5

Key Features

  • High modulus material creates a smoother feeling golf shaft that retains a low launch, low spin launch profile.

  • The balance point of TZ5 has been moved down to smooth the midsection and enhance feel while lowering torque and increasing stability.

  • The Accra TZ5 shafts can be custom ordered in multiple colors and engraving patterns that make each composition truly yours.


Accra TZ5 Shaft Detailed Review

Design and Technology

Accra golf shafts have been played by some of the fastest swingers on professional tours. Continuing the narrative of success, an Accra shaft was also in the driver of the most recent Major Champion. TZ5 builds on the success of these models to give players enhanced feel while maintaining the industry-leading performance tied to the Accra name. TZ5 is designed for the player looking for less lead deflection at impact giving them lower launch, less spin, and more distance.

Accra golf shafts continue to be one of my absolute favorite shafts in the industry. For my testing, I placed the TZ5 75 M5 in my Ping G400 Max driver, the TZ5 85 M5 in my Callaway Epic fairway wood, and the TZ5 95H M5 in my Cobra King Utility Iron. This complete set of shafts outperformed even my lofty expectations. TZ5 is a perfect match for the profile I enjoy playing in my driver and driving iron. During my testing, I saw an improvement in strike location just above the center of the club face giving me lower spins and more distance than I have ever found in a driver.

Tz5 Rotated
As a high swing speed player, around 118 miles per hour, it is important to me that my shaft helps stabilize my impact location and gives me the proper launch and spin. TZ5 not only did that but helped me pick up 2 miles per hour of club head speed and 8 total more carry yards thanks to slightly reduced spin. In the driving iron, the TZ5 is an absolute no brainer and will be replacing my current Graphite Design gamer immediately.

TZ5 was exceptional in my driver and hybrid/utility iron. Players looking for a low launch, low spin aftermarket shaft to upgrade their driving performance or insert into their new driver must try the TZ5. While no shaft is perfect for every golfer, Accra continues to deliver shafts that perform for a wide range of swing types and skill levels. TZ5 is the pinnacle of stability and distance performance in a tip stiff profile.

Accra TZ5 Shaft

9.5 Ga_logo_white_artboard-2-1


  • The low launch, low spin profile is ideal for high speed players looking to gain accuracy and distance.
  • The TZ5 shaft features a lower balance point that provides enhanced feedback without sacrificing stability.
  • The ability to customize and engrave the TZ5 golf shaft makes each club uniquely yours and is a standout feature of the Accra Golf Brand.


  • Players who prefer a softer tip profile may not find enough launch with the TZ5 shaft and should test TZ6.
  • TZ5 is only availble through advanced fitting centers and can be difficult to demo before purchasing.
  • Hybrid versions of the TZ5 shaft only come standard in a 95-gram option so players looking for 85-grams or below will have to choose another model.
Build Quality
Control and Performance
Design and Appearance

Tz5 Graph



TZ5 is available in 11 different models including the hybrid shaft offerings. Accra uses a flex system that more closely correlates shaft frequency with a number rating system. Within the Accra family of golf shafts, M3 most closely resembles regular flex shafts from other companies. M4 is comparable to stiff flexes and M5 is extra-stiff. TZ5 offers players models in the 50, 60, 70, and 80-gram ranges for their woods and 90-gram shafts for their hybrids. TZ5 is exceptional, but may be best suited for players that fit into the 60, 70, 80, and 90-gram ranges.


TZ5 is the absolute ideal shaft profile for my golf swing. Anytime you are testing a golf shaft or trying to pair a shaft fitting with your new club, it is important to understand that shafts have a huge influence in your overall delivery of the golf club. When a shaft matches your swing as well as the TZ5 matches mine, the results are more accuracy, more distance, and lower scores on the course. We always recommend getting fit to find the best tools for your game. Accra continues to dedicate higher build tolerances and advanced performing golf shafts for elite club fitters, elite club builders, and golfers of all skill levels. During your next fitting session, Accra has to be on your list of shafts to try.

TZ5 Shaft Video Review


How Does the TZ5 Shaft Compare?

Accra TZ6 Shaft

The TZ6 partners with TZ5 to give players more options in a slightly more tip active profile. For handicap golfers and players with lower swing speeds, the TZ6 may be your best bet for getting Accra performance and improved distance off the tee. TZ6 is also exceptional as a mid-launch option for better players and versatile in fairway metals. TZ6 utilized high modulus materials to reduce torque for added stability without creating a rigid feel. TZ6 is an energy producing machine thanks to the fastest recovery speed ever recorded in an Accra shaft. More recovery speed means better energy transfer at impact, longer carry distance, and shorter irons into greens.
Accra TZ6

Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro White Shaft

The Tensei Pro White has become a familiar sight among accomplished golfers. Players seeking more control and stability in a low launch, low spin profile have found incredible success with the Pro White shaft. Boron infusion in the tip section has given the Tensei Pro White more stability without creating a harsh response at impact. Carbon/DuPont Kevlar under the butt section of the grip maintains feel while providing strength and precision feedback. Tensei Pro White is a low launch, low spin golf shaft that has already been a part of multiple PGA Tour victories.

  • Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro White 60
  • Shaft Flex: Stiff
  • Shaft Material: Graphite


Fujikura Pro 2.0 Shaft

The Pro 2.0 is an updated version of the Fujikura’s most popular shaft. The Pro 2.0 shaft leverages technologies like HIT and CAGE to create a more explosive impact. The Pro 2.0 is designed to be easier to launch without dramatically changing the performance of the already award-winning composition of the Pro lineup. More efficient loading zone and additional torsional stiffness are the hallmarks of the Pro 2.0 shafts. The Pro 2.0 is available in standard and Tour Spec models to fit golfers of many different swing types and feel preferences. While the differences in the Pro 2.0 and original Pro may not warrant an upgrade, if you have never tested a Pro shaft, you do not know what you are missing.

  • Featuring Proprietary High Inertia Tip Technology, Phantium Paint Finish, Generate More Power and Speed, Guaranteed to Increase Distance


Should You Buy the Accra TZ5 Shaft?

Getting custom fit and matching your driver, fairway, or hybrid of choice with a golf shaft that helps you deliver the golf club more effectively is the best approach to improving your game the fastest. Accra continues to deliver tools that help players find more fairways, hit more greens, and add distance to their game. The TZ5 shaft is the most advanced golf shaft Accra has created and is ideal for players looking to shave spin off their tee shots and maximize their driving distance and accuracy. TZ5 is well suited for players with fast swing speeds looking to dial in their performance. If you are an accomplished golfer trying to fine-tune your tee-to-green execution, TZ5 is an absolute must try.

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