UST Mamiya Proforce V2 Shaft Review

The greatest deterrent to many golfers opting for a premium shaft in their drivers and metal woods is price. Better materials and higher strength-to-weight ratios mean that players must sometime pay upwards of $400 for their upgraded driver shaft alone. That is more than some brand new drivers including the stock shaft. Golf is already an expensive sport, so what do you do if you want premium performance that can take your driving to the next level but do not want to pay over $700 for your new driver, shaft combination? Enter the UST Mamiya PROFORCE V2 shaft. The PROFORCE V2 is a premium, aftermarket golf shaft that can be added to your driver for less than $100. Backed by the same scientific principals that help create shafts over 5 times as expensive, the PROFORCE V2 delivers more consistency, more control, and luxuriously smooth feel.

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UST Mamiya Proforce V2 Shaft

Key Features

  • A longer parallel butt design gives players more control through their hands in a variety of swing profiles.

  • The PROFORCE V2 features a tip stiff design to help tighten dispersion, enhance stability, and give a signature mid launch and low spin ball flights.

  • Tour-validated Recoil technology helps create more spring effect, better energy transfer, more velocity at impact, and increased driving distances..


UST Mamiya PROFORCE V2 Shaft Detailed Review

Design and Technology

UST Mamiya is dedicated to bringing tour-level performance to the average golfer in shaft profiles and price points that can help anyone play better golf regardless of swing speed and skill level. The PROFORCE V2 is an excellent shaft that excels at fitting a wide range of golfers and is budget-friendly. Its outstanding color pattern is head turning and its wide range of weight and flex options make it an ideal choice for players throughout their golf bag. The PROFORCE V2 can be paired with drivers and fairway metals of all lofts thanks to the expansive array of options created by UST.

During my testing of the PROFORCE V2, I hit both the 60-gram 6F5 and 70-gram 7F5 shafts. UST uses a flex system denoted by numbers to indicate a shafts frequency. As a general rule, F3 shafts are equivalent to regular flex shafts, F4 is stiff, and the F5 is extra-stiff. For my testing, I outfitted these shafts into my G400 Max gamer driver. My G400 Max has become my go-to club off the tee and I am always excited to see how different shafts will affect my performance with this already outstanding club.

UST Mamiya Proforce V2 Shaft
Having tested several aftermarket shafts and playing different iterations of $300+ shafts for many years I was reluctant to believe that a shaft that sells for a fraction of those prices would be able to keep up. I was completely wrong! Not only did the PROFORCE V2 keep up with my Tensei Pro Orange, it had me wondering why more amateur golfers did not have this shaft in their golf bag. All my major checkpoints for an ideal shaft fit were met by the PROFORCE V2. I could sense the club head during my entire golf swing, my strike location was consistent and my control of both club path and the club face was comparable to anything I have ever tried.

UST Mamiya delivers on their promise to give average golfers as well as elite players a high performing shaft option with the PROFORCE V2. If, like me, you are skeptical that a budget-friendly shaft option can give you the results of most of the models you see winning PGA Tour events, trust me when I say that the V2 is well worth your time and money to test. Having played golf for many years and being involved with hundreds of equipment tests, not often am I completely surprised by something. The PROFORCE V2 shaft wowed me and it is an absolute must try for players looking to upgrade their driving performance.

UST Mamiya ProForce V2 Shaft

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  • Proforce V2 offers premium performance at a fraction of the cost of other elite golf shafts.
  • A longer parallel butt section under the player’s hands helps them maintain more control through the entire golf swing.
  • Recoil technology transfers more energy at impact for higher ball speeds and more distance.


  • UST Mamiya shafts can be difficult to find and demo without purchasing.
  • The red and yellow color pattern of the PROFORCE V2 may be unappealing to golfers that prefer a traditional look.
  • Very high swing speed players may need a stiffer tip profile to find their ideal strike patterns.
Build Quality
Control and Performance
Design and Appearance

ST Mamiya Proforce V2 Shaft Chart 2



The UST Mamiya PROFROCE V2 shaft is available in twelve total options. This remarkable matrix helps players of all ability find weight and flexes ideal for their golf deliveries. UST uses a flex system that coorelates numbers to standard flexes such as regular and stiff. F2 denotes amatuer flex shafts. F3 stands for regular, F4 is stiff, and F5 is extra-stiff. Weight options range from 56-grams all the way to 96-grams.


The UST Mamiya PROFORCE V2 shaft is the best option for players that want to upgrade their driver but cannot explore golf shafts that cost upwards of $300. Too often consumers are asked to choose between value or top-of-the-line performance, but with V2 you can have both. While it is true that no one golf shaft is best for every player, the V2’s wide range of weight and flex options help it fit many different swing types and player profiles. If you are serious about your game and want to improve your performance off the tee or from the fairway be sure to make the PROFORCE V2 shaft a part of your next club fitting.

PROFORCE V2 Shaft Video Review


How Does the PROFORCE V2 Shaft Compare?

UST Mamiya Helium Shaft

The UST Helium is introducing golfers to a lighterweight, stable option in the premium golf shaft market. Helium is designed with low resin carbon fiber to help reduce weight but maintain strength. More carbon fiber specifically positioned in the golf shaft gives a higher balance point and more stability through the tip section. Higher balance point shafts can often lead to increased club head speed and ball speed by optimizing your driver fit. A true premium golf shaft designed for golfers that do not need tour-level weights, Helium is one of the most unique and easy to hit golf shafts in the industry.
UST Mamiya Helium

Accra TZ6 Shaft

The TZ6 partners with TZ5 to give players more options in a slightly more tip active profile. For handicap golfers and players with lower swing speeds, the TZ6 may be your best bet for getting Accra performance and improved distance off the tee. TZ6 is also exceptional as a mid-launch option for better players and versatile in fairway metals. TZ6 utilized high modulus materials to reduce torque for added stability without creating a rigid feel. TZ6 is an energy producing machine thanks to the fastest recovery speed ever recorded in an Accra shaft. More recovery speed means better energy transfer at impact, longer carry distance, and shorter irons into greens.
Accra TZ6

Fujikura Ventus Shaft

The Ventus is the newest shaft offering from Fujikura. One of the Global leaders on world golfing tours, Fujikura has engineered Ventus with an all-new VeloCore technology. VeloCore helps stabilize the golf shaft without adding a rigid feel for enhanced feedback and greater shot dispersion. Fujikura is delivering more forgiveness in your driver and fairway metals thanks to the moment of inertia, MOI, boosting properties of the Ventus golf shaft. An ultra-stiff tip section matched with a softer butt section is the ideal balance of control and feel for a variety of swing preferences.

  • Fujikura Ventus 5
  • Shaft Flex: Senior
  • Shaft Material: Graphite


Should You Buy the UST Mamiya PROFORCE V2 Shaft?

Before purchasing any new equipment for your golf bag, it is important to know how it will perform for you. Custom fitting helps give more players better results and can help you shoot lower scores immediately. The PROFORCE V2 shaft can offer you more stability at impact and a better experience as you swing the club back and around your body. Golfers looking for premium performance without the premium price tag can find their ideal balance with the V2 shaft. Everyone gets better when they are matched with their best performing equipment and thanks to the expansive list of options UST provides within the V2 shaft line, golfers can find a PROFORCE V2 shaft for them no matter what.

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