Vertical Groove Driver Review

The Vertical Groove Driver is one the most powerful drivers on the market today, and it is made by a company that you may have never of before. The Vertical Groove is a new driver being manufactured by a small startup company that has a totally different thought as to what players need to hit the ball straight and far, a vertical groove pattern instead of a horizontal one. Since it was first released in late 2016, the Vertical Groove Driver has become a top choice of many golf professionals on the tour. Including driving champion John Daly and Rocco Mediate who was crowned the 2016 Sr. PGA Tour Champion. So, do vertical grooves really work, yes absolutely, and is why the Vertical Groove Driver is the perfect club for the mid to high handicap player looking for greater accuracy and distance when on the tee.

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Vertical Groove Golf Driver, Right Handed


Key Features

  • The Vertical Groove Driver is designed to help players who tend to hook or slice the ball when shooting off the tee. The vertical grooves of the Vertical Groove Driver are designed to grab the ball at impact, which in turn helps to neutralize the side spin on the ball.

  • The Vertical Groove Driver has 17 rows of groves from toe to heel. It is the combination of the geometry of the head, the center of gravity, the bulge and roll, and its patented vertical groove configuration that helps to generate the perfect launch condition.

  • The Vertical Groove Driver is designed to reduce spin by forcing a tighter dispersion at impact, leading to 40% straighter flight and up to 10 yards further in distance.


  • Patented VGG Technology boosts accuracy by tightening the dispersion of the golf ball and driving more distance vs. horizontal groove clubs.
  • John Daly and Rocco Mediate are currently using the VG Driver on the PGA Tour of Champions and many other professionals and amateurs are playing the new VG driver.
  • Increased carry distance off center hits on average by 10 yards and up to 40% better accuracy on average over leading drivers on the market in an independent test from Golf Laboratories, Inc.

Vertical Groove Driver Detailed Review

Design and Technology

The Vertical Groove Driver is an impressive club that incorporates the very best in technology and design, and it is the vertical grooves that are the signature element to the club. Now traditionally the primary function of the grooves on a club face it to channel away debris and moisture from ball to club face impact zone. However, the purpose behind the vertical grooves in the Vertical Groove Driver is to help reduce the side spin exerted on the ball at club impact. See, many golfers have an outside-in-swing. It is this type of swing that can cause a side spin to occur when the head of the club passes across the ball. This side spin can create a slice or hook once the ball is airborne. The vertical grooves of the Vertical Groove Driver are designed to grab the ball at impact, which in turn helps to mitigate the side spin on the ball. It is the combination of the vertical grooves, the geometry of the head, the center of gravity, and the bulge and roll that helps to generate the perfect launch condition with the Vertical Groove Driver.

Vertical Groove Driver

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  • Very accurate and forgiving club with a modern design
  • A solid performing club that will turn a lot of heads
  • Excellent weight balance that helps to make it easier to swing


  • May look unusual at address for some players
  • No adjustability unlike many other drivers on the market
  • Some players may find it too light to control the club
Build Quality
Control and Performance
Design and Appearance

Vertical Groove Driver Review


There is quite a variety of lofts you can get choose from with the Vertical Groove Driver. These lofts include the 9.5 degree, 10.5 degree, and 12 degree. The Vertical Groove Driver also sports a 450cc titanium club head that measures out to 45.75 inches in length.
The Vertical Groove Driver paired with the lightweight Aldila NV2K graphite shaft. The Vertical Groove Drivers also comes in a variety of flexes including Light, Ladies, Regular, Stiff and Extra Stiff.


The Vertical Groove Driver is an outstanding club that is all about forgiveness, distance, swing speed, and accuracy. But what makes the Vertical Groove Driver a real game changer is its innovative vertical groove design than can help reduce side spin by forcing a tighter dispersion at impact. It is true, sometimes the simplest solutions are usually the best, and that is why they often overlooked. The Vertical Groove Driver is a great club for a mid to high handicap players looking for more accuracy, forgiveness, and distance, that are wanting to take their game to the next level.

Vertical Groove Driver Video Review


How Does the Vertical Groove Driver Compare?

Ping G20 Driver

With a classic Ping design, the Ping G20 Driver is one of the most forgiving drivers on the market. With a large aerodynamic Titanium face and external weight placement in the sole, the Ping G20 Driver is specially designed for the average golfer looking to improve their shots from the tee box. The Ping G20 design is simple, it has external weighting which helps to launch the ball high with a very low amount of spin. Furthermore, the 460cc club head is designed to cut through the air with very little resistance which helps to increase the swing speed significantly. The Ping G20 is the perfect club for mid to high handicap player with a tight budget but are looking for the power and forgiveness you need to better your golf game.

  • Ping G20
  • A large variable thickness face produces higher ball speeds and has increased MOI for greater forgiveness.


Taylormade AeroBurner Driver

The Taylormade AeroBurner Driver was one of the most successful drivers of 2015, and it is easy to see why it’s still a top choice for players today. Designed with an advanced aerodynamic shape, a raised center crown and hosel fin, and a new and improved Speed Pocket, the Taylormade AeroBurner Driver is truly one of the fastest and most aerodynamic drivers on the market today. TaylorMade has proven that performance can be achieved by having a super lightweight club without any adjustability that is designed to increase swing speed and ball speed. The Taylormade AeroBurner Driver is offers incredible distance and forgiveness regardless of a player’s handicap or skill level.

  • Advanced 460cc aerodynamic shape designed with a rounder toe raised center crown reduced drop from crown to skirt and new hosel
  • New Speed Pocket increases size of the sweet spot and reduces spin
  • New matte white finish on head and black PVD face and linear AeroBurner crown graphic make alignment easy


GX7 Golf Club

The GX7 Golf Club is amazing little club, even though it is “As Seen on TV”. We all know that the hardest part of golf is being consistent, especially when we are hitting off of the tee box. That is why the pros are the pros, and we are amateurs. But have you ever wondered if the reason why you are not consistent when hitting off the tee box is because you are using the same golf club that the pros use, and not a golf club made for amateurs. Well this is the exact theory behind the GX7 Golf Club. A golf club made for amateurs that provides the hitting consistency of a pro. So if you can get over the fact that the GX7 is a “As Seen on TV” Golf Club, you might be amazed by what this little club can do. The GX7 Golf Club is a great driver for a high handicap golfer looking to improve their game both on and off the tee box.
Vertical Grove Driver

Should You Buy the Vertical Groove Driver

The Vertical Groove Driver’s innovative design can help players not only reduce the potential for a spin or hook, but also allow for greater accuracy and distance. If you are looking for a great moderately priced club without any gadgetry that will allow you to hit the ball straight and far, then this “game improvement driver” is the club for you.


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