Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood Review

Whether you’re looking to replace an old golf club, or on the hunt for something bigger, sleeker and capable of improving your performance when on the fairway, then the Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood may be the club for you.  With an integrated new and improved Hyper Speed Face Cup, the Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood provides players with even greater speed and distance than other conventional fairway woods. The Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood is perfect for the mid to high handicap player looking for the ultimate fairway wood on the market that can truly take their game to the next level. Ideal for golfers looking to achieve their need for speed, we have put together a comprehensive review on everything you need to know about this innovative golf club.

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Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood


Key Features

  • The Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood has been designed to allows for higher swing speed by utilizing an all new aerodynamic club head shape. This design helps to launch golf balls at a high rate of speed, giving players the ultimate in distance and accuracy.

  • Not only has Callaway changed the overall design of the club head, but also its shape. The Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood is significantly larger than previous models and has been designed to provide for both a higher moment of inertia (MOI) and a lower center of gravity. We are not exaggerating when we say that the Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood not only looks easy but is easy to hit. Moreover, there is a high versatility to factor in, since the cambered sole allows you to make the shots that you want to play.

  • The XR 16 Fairway Wood incorporates Callaway’s industry-leading Hyper Speed Face Cup that is designed to allow for higher speeds and a larger sweet spot.


  • Bigger, more forgiving and easier to hit: the head shape is bigger, and we've built in an awesome combination of our highest MOI, low center of Gravity, and highest COR in a fairway wood. Our lightest crown ever allows US to move weight where we want it
  • Higher ball speed from a hotter face cup: we've taken our industry-leading forged hyper speed face cup and made it hotter and thinner for even more speed and a large sweet spot. Is that something you might be interested in we thought so
  • An aerodynamic head shape for even more speed: we've improved the aerodynamics on this head to create even more head speed for you to go along with all that ball speed. By now you probably get that this fairway wood is made for ultimate ball speed

Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood Detailed Review

Design and Technology

When discussing the overall design of the Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood it is impossible not to mention its massive 175cc driver like club head. The Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood truly packs an oversized head, and its face is shallower than what we would find with the Big Bertha 816 line. Of course, this makes the club a bit more ‘friendly’ in appearance, inspiring confidence in players that they will be able to make the shot successfully.

One of the main statements by players is that due to the club head size, the Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood simply looks easy to hit, and in fact it’s true. With a combination of a shallow club head and a wide club face the Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood is truly a versatile club. However, the primary complaint is that golfers would like to see more visual effects on the matte crown. This is because if you are just looking at it, you have a plain and quite basic club.the Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood

In regards to the more intricate details of the Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood, just as in the Callaway XR 16 Pro Driver, the technology behind the club is simply amazing. For many players hitting a lower lofted fairway wood can pose a problem. To counter this issue, Callaway engineers were able to move the weight from the crown to the sole. This design allows for the impact zone to be located at the center of the ball, which in turn helps to launch the ball higher at impact.

Furthermore, the shallow club face design also gives players the option to use the Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood in various kinds of conditions. By adding more camber to the sole shape, the Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood is truly a versatile club. For example, with some toe relief, it makes playing shots easier than from the rough, since there is less surface area in those places for the grass to disturb. Additionally, the Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood incorporates the Hotter Face Cup Technology, a staple in most Callaway’s clubs. Quite honestly there is some amazing technology behind this design. Callaway’s Hotter Face Cup Technology helps to produce faster ball speeds and more forgiveness, especially when it comes to off center strikes.

In fact, compared to other brands on the market, off-center strikes aren’t as bad with the Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood. Thus, if you have a problem with mis-hits, then this golf club is ideal for you. Since the club head I so big, one would think that the Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood would be heavy. However, this is simply not true during the downswing, especially if you have a high rate of velocity. Lastly, at impact, players will hear the signature sound that Callaway golf clubs make – a resounding ‘ting’ that is quite pleasant to the ears. All in all, there is little denying that the Callaway XR 16 Fairway holds true to form, excelling in almost every aspect.

Callaway XR Fairway Wood

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  • Comfortable pear shape with a matte finish made to reduce glare
  • Shot dispersion is superb
  • Excellent value for money, you really get what you pay for


  • May be hard to get all airborne due to size of club head
  • Not very workable design
  • A rather plain design when compared to other similar models
Build Quality
Control and Performance
Design and Appearance

Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood


As previously mentioned, the Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood was simply built for two things, speed and versatility. The clubhead uses in-depth face features and a lower spin by contrast to other models, while a more penetrating flight is more possible due to the loft options -14, 16, or 18 degrees.


Featuring a modest yet sleek look, the Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood is a feature-packed golf club that seems to outperform many other brands available in today’s market. With an aerodynamic head shape, a lighter crown, and a Hyper Speed Face Cup the Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood is simply an amazing club. The Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood is the ideal club for players with mid to high handicaps or with slow to moderate swing speeds looking to improve their performance when on the fairway.

Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood Video Review


How Does the Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood Compare?

Callaway Big Bertha V Series 3 Wood

The Callaway Big Bertha V Series 3 Wood is all about power and velocity and is part of the new V series fairway wood line. Made with lightweight materials with an aerodynamic design, Callaway has made this all new line of Big Bertha fairway woods faster than ever before. The Callaway Big Bertha V Series Fairway Woods have been designed to include the Modern Warbird Soleplate. This Modern Soleplate design greatly increases the versatility of the club by carving out both sides of the sole, which helps to reduce drag when hitting on the grass. Callaway has also been able to increase the launch angle of the club, and now golfers can get the ball up in the air even easier than before. Especially in situations where the impact on the ball is low on the club face. The Callaway Big Bertha V Series Fairways is perfect for the mid to high handicap golfer looking to improve their performance when out on the course.

  • Speed Optimized Technology: An advanced, lightweight aerodynamic club head design to deliver maximum club head speed
  • Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup It increases ball speeds across the face for longer, more consistent distance
  • Modern Warbird Soleplate: Increases versatility from everywhere with an updated design


Ping G30 Fairway Wood

Good design never goes out of style, and since its release in 2015, the Ping G30 Fairway Wood is one of the best fairway woods in the Ping family. Recognized as one of the most technologically advanced clubs, it’s no surprise Golf Digest gave it a Gold rating on their 2015 Hot List. The Ping G30 Fairway Wood has been trusted my major champions including Louis Oosthuizen and Angel Cabrera. With its deeper face, loft adjustability and smoking-hot clubface, all golfers can find themselves hitting longer and straighter shots with this extraordinary golf club.

  • Five settings, you can add or subtract up to 1 degree of loft to optimize trajectory
  • A strong Carpenter 475 face maximizes deflection to increase ball speed and generate distance.
  • The face is also taller for additional face bending and forgiveness. Crown turbulators help with aim and confidence.


Ping G Fairway Wood

The Ping G Fairway Wood makes getting the ball airborne from all types of lies easier than ever, and one of the best golf clubs Ping has ever manufactured. It has received a rating of Gold in Golf Digest’s 2016 Hot List and is favored by recreational golfers and Tour professionals alike, including two-time Masters Champion Bubba Watson. From the lower center-of-gravity, more aerodynamic crown design, and scorching hot Carpenter 455 clubface, the Ping G Fairway Wood can quickly become your favorite club off the tee and into those long par-5s. The Ping G Fairway Wood packs a formidable punch and is great for golfers who value versatility and playability from tight lies, the rough, and off the tee.


Should You Buy the Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood?

The Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood is an outstanding club that all about forgiveness, distance, swing speed. The Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood is a great club for a mid to high handicap players looking for more forgiveness without sacrificing distance, and who are wanting to take their game to the next level.


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