Ping G30 Fairway Wood Review


Good design never goes out of style, and since its release in 2015, the Ping G30 Fairway Wood is one of the best fairway woods in the Ping family. Recognized as one of the most technologically advanced clubs, it’s no surprise Golf Digest gave it a Gold rating on their 2015 Hot List. The Ping G30 Fairway Wood has been trusted my major champions including Louis Oosthuizen and Angel Cabrera. The Ping G30 Fairway Wood is a great club for the player looking for the best in adjustability, distance, and forgiveness.

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PING G30 Fairway Wood 2016 Right 3 14.5 PING TR 80 Graphite Regular


Key Features

  • Instead of using 17-4 stainless steel, which is the medal used in the previous Ping model Fairway Wood (G25), the Ping G30 Fairway Wood uses Carpenter 475, an alloy that is 44% harder, providing you with more explosive distance.

  • Five different loft settings, allowing for one degree up or down, which provides you with options to optimize your launch angle based on your preferences. The adjustable lofts also engage the progressive Center-of-Gravity feature, moving the CG back in the lower lofts and more forward in the higher lofts.

  • Turbulators on the crown increase the aerodynamics of the clubhead, adding an extra mile-per-hour in clubhead speed without any extra effort.


  • Five settings, you can add or subtract up to 1 degree of loft to optimize trajectory
  • A strong Carpenter 475 face maximizes deflection to increase ball speed and generate distance.
  • The face is also taller for additional face bending and forgiveness. Crown turbulators help with aim and confidence.

Ping G30 Fairway Wood Detailed Review

Design and Technology

From top-to-bottom, the Ping G30 Fairway Wood offers some of the most technologically advanced features in golf. Aside from the face being constructed of a very strong Carpenter 475 alloy, the face is also uniform in thickness, which creates maximum deflection for extraordinary distance. The ball seems to pop off the face with incredible velocity, no matter if the contact is on the sweet spot, the heel, or the toe.

What makes the Ping G30 Fairway Wood so special is it’s the first in the Ping family to offer an adjustable hosel, with five different loft settings, each of which moves the effective loft up or down .5 degrees. These features help immensely because every day on the golf course is different, and instead of having a different club with different settings, you can simply adjust your Ping G30 Fairway Wood to whatever you need for the course the next, and each, round you play.

The Ping G30 Fairway Wood has the added benefit of varied centers of gravity within each club. For example, the 3-wood will have its center of gravity set low and back, which is optimal for launching the ball higher with less spin, as well as a higher moment-of-inertia, increasing the club’s accuracy. In the higher lofted 5- and 7-woods, the center of gravity moves forward, promoting a medium ball flight but with more spin.

The Ping G30 Fairway Wood utilizes turbulators on the crown. These turbulators help the clubhead knife through the air more efficiently, averaging an increase of one mile-per-hour in clubhead speed, which can increase your distance by up to seven yards. From a visual perspective, the turbulators all point towards the ball, and creates quite the confidence when you stand at address. The deeper face design of the Ping G30 Fairway Wood creates more surface area, performing great on off-center hits. It also helps avoid pop up out of fluffy lies in the rough. The flat sole helps the club sit flush on the ground, especially off the tee.

Ping G30 Fairway Wood

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  • The Flatter crown design helps to instill confidence for players at address
  • A taller face leads to a more forgiving surface, even on off-center hits
  • Neutral setup makes working the golf ball both ways easier than ever


  • Adjustability may be tedious for players who are used to a fixed setup
  • Turbulators may make alignment difficult if you’re used to a center-line
  • No adjustability in the weights, which limits the overall versatility of the club
Build Quality
Control and Performance
Design and Appearance

Ping G30 Fairway Wood Review


The Ping G30 Fairway Wood is available in 3-wood, 5-wood, and 7-wood, with respective stock lofts of 14.5, 18.0, and 21.0, and a head size of 167cc, 151cc, and 145cc.

The Ping G30 Fairway Wood also has three different shaft options: the TFC 419F, the Tour 65 and the Tour 80. The TFC 419 F is available in Soft Regular (63 grams), Regular (64 grams), Stiff (68 grams) and X-Stiff (69 grams) flexes. The Tour 65 is available in Regular (53 grams), Stiff (57 grams) and X-Stiff (62 grams), as is the Tour 80 (with weights of 64 grams, 70 grams, and 76 grams, respectively).


In 2015, the Ping G30 Fairway Wood was met with high praise, and with all the technological upgrades from its predecessor, the G25, you can see why. With its deeper face, loft adjustability and smoking-hot clubface, all golfers can find themselves hitting longer and straighter shots with this extraordinary golf club.

Ping G30 Fairway Wood Video Review


How Does the Ping G30 Fairway Wood Compare?

TaylorMade M2 Golf Fairway Wood

The TaylorMade M2 Golf Fairway Wood is one of the most forgiving and consistent fairway woods you will ever play. Golf Digest recognized its superior playability by giving it a Gold rating on their 2017 Hot List. TaylorMade woods are used by some of the world’s best players, including Dustin Johnson, Justin Rose, and Tiger Woods. If the TaylorMade M2 Fairway Wood can help them with their game, it can certainly help you. If you’re looking for an incredibly technologically advanced fairway wood that goes longer and straighter than almost every club available today, the TaylorMade M2 Fairway Wood could be the golf club for you.

  • MULTI-MATERIAL construction for low CG with 6-layer carbon crown, 450 stainless steel body, and 455 stainless face
  • Inverted cone technology in a fairway wood for the first time protects ball speed across the entire clubface to produce a bigger sweet spot for more forgiveness
  • Geocoustic technology that has advanced shaping with a two-tiered sole design provides added playability from all lies and sound ribs that have been externalized for exceptional sound and feel


Adams Tight Lies 2 Fairway Wood

The Adams Tight Lies 2 Fairway Wood d is one of the most consistent fairway woods ever created. In 2015, Golf Digest gave the Tight Lies 2 a Gold rating on its Hot List. Adams Golf equipment has been a household name for many years and the Adams Tight Lies 2 Fairway Wood is one of their best ever. There is so much to marvel over with the Adams Tight Lies 2 Fairway Wood: it has a great look at address, can be played from just about any lie you can find, and delivers ample distance from every lie as well. It is also an incredibly budget-friendly fairway wood, ideal for the value-seeking golfer who wants a great club that won’t cost a small fortune. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly fairway wood that delivers exceptional playability from a wide array of lies, keep reading to find out if the Adams Tight Lies 2 Fairway Wood is the right club for you.

  • Ghost Slot Technology hides crown slot but keeps benefits of higher balls speeds and increased forgiveness
  • Low profile upside down design creates large impact area low on face
  • Tri level sole reduces turf interaction for better performance out of any type of lie


Cobra King F7 Fairway Wood

The Cobra King F7 Fairway Wood is simply a spectacular club. The design of the Cobra King F7 Fairway Wood blends the latest technology with time-proven club manufacturing features to create a truly high-performing fairway wood. A progressive dual rail Baffler provides players with long, shallow rails in the 3-wood for sweeping the golf ball off the tee and from the fairway, while the 5- and 7-woods have shorter, deeper rails to help get the ball up in the air from the rough, sand, and divots. There isn’t a long approach shot you can’t hit with the Cobra King F7 Fairway Wood. So if you are looking for a versatile fairway wood that provides the very best in customization and adjustability then this is the club for you.

  • Baffler Dual Rail System with Progressive Rail Design-Progressive Rail
  • 2 Fairways in 1-Two different Cg settings in the front and back result in two very different ball flights to help you tune your optimum distance and trajectory under variable conditions
  • Forged 475 Stainless Steel Face Insert-High-Strength steel face maximizes face flexing for increased ball speeds and distance


Should You Buy the Ping G30 Fairway Wood

There’s so much to love about the Ping G30 Fairway Wood, you’d be doing yourself a favor by adding this golf club to your bag. It delivers the best bang for your buck in playability, distance, forgiveness, and adjustability. If you value a great golf club, add the Ping G30 Fairway Wood to your arsenal today.


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