Best Golf Bags

A golf bag is an important piece of any player’s equipment and game. Competitive golfers, that must walk when they play, need to be getting setup with a bag that is light enough it isn’t tiring to carry but spacious enough it holds everything they will need for 18 holes and beyond. Casual golfers will be able to opt for bags designed for convenience and can select cart bags if they know they will not be walking the course while they play or golf stand bag which they can use it as a cart bag. Either way, it is important to understand what makes a great bag and what types are available for you to choose from.

The two most common types of bags include stand bags and cart bags and will remain the focus of this guide. Staff, or tour, bags exist but are not as commonly used by amateur golfers. Many bags differ in their space for example some will have only one or two water resistant valuables pocket and some can have up to nine pockets or ample storage. Since most professional players choose their bags based on sponsorships, we focus our discussion here on the stand bag and cart style bags you will be most likely to buy. Most golf stand bags have carbon fiber legs with ample storage.

Most of them will have velour lined pockets with rangefinder pocket with easy access. Some will have three handles for better moving around the course. Most of them start from five way seam sealed top with full length divider and above. You can find hybrid bag combination of golf cart bag and carry bag great for golf gear. Most of them will have rain hood. Some stand bags would offer fully waterproof model. Many of them offer different color schemes, tpe insert and apparel pocket. This guide will take you through the different types of bags and outline the most outstanding features of each type and each model.

Ping Hoofer Stand Bag

Ping Hoofer Stand Bag

It's a well-designed bag that can offer 12 pockets filled with your belongings yet never weigh you down. The Hoofer ...
Sun Mountain 4.5 Ls 14-Way Stand Bag

Sun Mountain 4.5 Ls 14-Way Stand Bag

Nine storage pockets, including a full-length clothing pocket, hydration pouch, numerous accessory pockets, a cooler ...
Titleist Players 4 Stand Bag

Titleist Players 4 Stand Bag

The Players 4 Stand Bag features a lightweight, premium-material construction, a premium double strap and high-grade ...
Cobra Ultralight Stand Bag

Cobra Ultralight Stand Bag

The ULTRALIGHT Stand Bag is built for carrying at 4.5 lbs. Featuring 8 pockets and a COOLFlow hip pad providing ...
Ogio Shadow Fuse 304 Golf Bag

Ogio Shadow Fuse 304 Golf Bag

The Shadow Fuse 304 Stand Bag is a performance-focused lightweight golf bag with extreme attention to mobility and ...

Top 10 Best Golf Bags of 2022

Ping Hoofer Stand Bag

This Hoofer bag line is one of the most celebrated bag ranges ever. The Hoofer bags all offer golfers a balanced, fully functional tour bag that can be used in any scenario. This is lightweight bag but has 12 pockets with quick access that can easily carry anything and everything you need and also comes with rain hood. Similar with ping hoofer lite model with six pockets. Ping Hoofer lite and this model offer more storage and ample space. This model has optional 14 way top with full length dividers or 6-way divider which is perfect for golfers of either style, cart strap channel, cart strap pass-through secures the bag to your cart and the Sensor Cool system helps you carry ping hoofer bag comfortably to and from the course or for 18 holes and beyond. Hoofer Lite and Hoofer model offer great strap for golf cart. This bag have water resistant ability.

The new strap connector makes it easy to swing the bag on. The Ping Hoofer lite has individual full length dividers. So if you want to choose the right bag the ping hoofer is the one.

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You will get: Innovative top isolates every club, making organizing and finding clubs much easier (14 way). SensorCool technology is integrated into the shoulder straps to keep you cool. Shoulder straps are padded for walking comfort and offer front adjusting.

Sun Mountain 4.5 Ls Stand Bag

Sun Mountain is a bag company to its core. Many of the most highly touted have come from the engineering teams as SM Sports. Sun Mountain bags are high quality with many innovations. Most of them are double strap stand bag models. The sun mountain 4.5 Ls Stand bag is a versatile bag that offers golfers the ability to walk, push their club on a push or pull cart, or comfortably ride in a cart with complete access to all of their belongings and clubs. The Sun mountain 4.5 Ls Bag is available in a 14 way length divider that keep your clubs protected and improves the life of your expensive golf clubs around the course. Great bag for push cart so some can use it as premium cart bag. It differ with Sun Mountain c 130 with the size and their collapsible base system. They innovate the smart strap system.

Fourteen individual club dividers run the full-length of the bag to protect clubs. This bag keep your clubs divided and easily accessible. Available in a wide range of color options, the Sun Mountain 4.5 Ls is a great choice for all styles of golfers in the market for a new bag this season. Sun Mountain the best stand-style bag.

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You will get: To safeguard clubs and stop club shaft migration, fourteen separate club dividers run the length of the bag. There are nine pockets total, including a full-length clothing pocket, a hydration pouch, numerous accessory pockets, and a valuables pocket with velour lining and water resistance. The leg-lock system, a cart-friendly bottom, and a pass-through for the cart strap are all cart-friendly features.

Titleist Players 4 Bag

The Players range of bags from Titleist are some of the easiest bags to carry and are built to offer serious golfers lightweight comfort and maneuverability. Surprisingly, the Players 4 bag also features enough pocket space and storage for golfers that prefer to ride while at the course as well. Lined valuables pocket and multiple pockets to expand all the storage space for golf equipment and all the accessories. It have additional umbrella sleeve beside their easily accessible pockets. A full-length dividers means all your belongings will be conveniently within reach and the self-balancing convertible shoulder strap will help you carry your bag comfortably and have best golf experience no matter how many hours you play to spend at the course. Some use this model as a golf cart bag with easy access. The strap with grab handle is perfect for comfortable carry. You have glove attachment on the bag. So the Lightweight, low profile top cuff with full-length dividers makes this bag the best for you.

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You will get: Legs made of premium aluminum and a cutting-edge hinged bottom provide the best stability possible. Dual-density foam for lasting comfort, a self-balancing, convertible strap system, and a soft-to-the-touch valuables pocket. Dedicated water bottle and range finder pockets, as well as a full-length clothing pocket.

Cobra 2019 Ultralight Stand Bag

One of the best value options in bags this year is the 2019 Cobra Ultralight. The Cobra Ultralight bag is designed to be light enough to carry yet robust plenty of storage to hold all of your golf clubs and everything you need. The Ultralight is stable thanks to the EasyFlex base and helps keep you cool during your walk with cool flow cushioned hip pad and has fleece lined valuables pocket . The Ultralight bag can hold rain gear and extra gloves in the oversized apparel lined pocket while keeping your drinks cool in the insulated beverage compartment.Putter well designed to fit oversized grips padded backpack. Some use this bag as a premium cart bag.

There’s also an oversized putter well for putters with extra-large grips. Although best suited for players that walk frequently, the Ultralight bag from Cobra has enough room for any style of golfer and it is high quality bag.

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You will get: Five-way top with top grab handle and designated full-length club dividers. Large clothing pocket with key clip, fleece-lined pockets for accessories, and an insulated beverage pocket that can fit a large water bottle. Hip pad and shoulder straps with quick releases feature Coolflow foam.

Ogio Shadow Fuse 304 Stand Bag

Ogio is one of the largest bag, best stand bag and luggage companies in the world of golf and use advanced materials to help bring golfers an all-in-one bag with the Shadow Fuse 304. This bag has 4 way divider with putter well and double strap. Ogio Shadow Fuse four way is designed with the user in mind to help make mobility and comfort a priority. The Fuse 304 golf bag features lightweight anti-abrasion fabric and redesigned shoulder strap for improved weight distribution and prolonged durability during your golf game. You can use your strap to make this bag like a golf cart bag or as a tour bag.

Golfers that want a bag to last and like the idea of having a warranty to back that up will need to take a serious look at the Ogio range of products and especially the Fuse 304 lite stand bag.

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You will get: This golf bag is a performance focused and lightweight stand bag with extreme attention to mobility and comfort so you won’t ever want to take it off your back. Delivers efficiency in weight and durability while maximizing performance. Ogio is serious about materials we use and the way we manufacture to make the very best products in the world.

TaylorMade Flextech Crossover Stand Bag

Although most prominent in the Tour and Staff stand bag space, TaylorMade has created a great option for players that want to match their cart bags to their new clubs but do not enjoy sacrificing their carrying experience. The TaylorMade Flextech stand system cart bag is created with full-length dividers to eliminate clanking and crowding. It have space for large putter. Each tour bag contains a large internal cooler pocket as well as an insulated water bottles compartment for extra weather protection on the course. If you want to make a statement on the first tee with your playing partners this is the model of premium cart bag you should have. This water resistant bag designed for different weather is great for true golf lovers. Self adjusting grab handles. Very similar to TaylorMade Flextech lite stand bag and eco lite cart bag. The lite stand bag come with retractable legs and self adjusting strap to use it like a lightweight cart bag.

This bag pocket is water resistant and ideal for keeping your phone and wallet. All larger pockets and storage space should be easily accessible and with smooth release to better store your golf equipment. Perhaps best for players that spend the bulk of their time riding a cart, the Flextech Golf Crossover is light enough to allow players to walk when needed.

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Bag Boy Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag

Bag Boy is giving golfers that enjoy their time on the links more freedom and accessibility. Although we know that bringing your own beverages or water bottles are strictly prohibited by most courses, the Chiller Hybrid cart bag features a removable cooler pocket that holds up to 4 12-oz cans at a time for anything you may want to bring along. This bag also features an ergonomic shoulder (single of double strap) for easier carrying and a 14-way top for less bag chatter during your ride.

Players that walk will likely be better suited to other options as this lightweight cart bag prioritizes convenience, storage space and usability over lightweight tech. If you’ll go back to the top of the bag, notice how the opening is lined. This everyday golf cart bags are the best bags on the market and is one of the best stand bag.

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Wilson NFL Carry Bag

Your bag can be a great way to support your favorite golf team and the Wilson NFL Carry cart bag is the best way to do so. This cart bag is made with 8 pockets seam sealed including cooler pocket and securely carries all of your clubs and accessories you need. The Wilson Carry bag features each NFL team and proudly reps the logos of your favorite football cities. Lots of accessible pockets so the equipment will not fall off the golf cart. Better styling than other brands.

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Callaway Fairway Golf Bag

Another great value golf bag option, the Callaway Fairway cart bag maximizes your performance for your money. You will impress your playing partners on the first tee with this fully waterproof simple bag. The Fairway cart bag holds your clubs in a 5 way divider and uses a lightweight mount system for easy ride-along setups it has a single strap. Lightweight allows simple lifting into the golf cart. Forward facing pockets with seam sealed zippers like in Callaway org 14and Callaway hyperlite zero stand bag models. Similar bag designed with Callaway org.14 and Callaway hyper x act fit strap system. They have self adjusting grab handles with more than enough room similar with optifit comfort strap. Optifit comfort strap have aero padded strap. Retractable legs like in other bags ideal for the golf course. Even though it is not as Callaway hyperlite zero stand bag this model is highly ranked on golf reviews.

The Fairway carry bag can also be carried easily thanks to the dual strap model and strategically placed pockets. Their quick release strap system differ with Callaway org 14 and x act fit strap model. Golfers looking for a great golf cart bag without paying too much can find the best of both with the Callaway Fairway bag.

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Izzo Lite Bag

Izzo is a lesser known brand that helps golfers get to the course quickly with their Lite Golf bag option. This lightweight cart bag uses a lightweight design and heavy duty nylon for added comfort without a reduction in durability also has insulated cooler. Velour -lined pockets help keep your drinks cold on the course and the dual strap makes walking a breeze. The storage pockets are great and with retractable legs different from other bags you got great help on the golf course.

Full length divider with integrated putter well and your clubs are safe and secure for the next 18 holes! Each bag also comes with free personalization on the ball pocket which can be great for golfers that want to feel like a tour or collegiate players.

9.4/10 Read review
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When Do You Use a Golf Bag?

Best Golf Bags

Bags are used during every round of golf. Players often bring their entire bags with them when they practice as well. They differ in their full length dividers their waterproof valuables pocket, golf gear space. Many courses require each player to have their own bag while on the course to speed up the pace of play. A bag can carry up to 14 clubs per the rules of golf. Next level golf bags must also accommodate extra golf balls, tees, ball markers, gloves, and other accessories. There are bags who can fit maximum number of clubs with putter wells. PGA Tour pros golfers use these mixed fabrics, premium materials bigger bags. Larger golf bags will also include specialized pockets for beverages with quick access like ventilated cooler pocket or water resistant pocket, more full length dividers, rain hood and rangefinders, they are extremely comfortable.

Finding the Best Golf Bag for Your Game

The best way to find your ideal match in a bag with less effort is to consider how you play golf most often. Do you play golf by walking the course or do you ride in a cart? Push carts have also become a popular option. If you are a player that walks most often, you will need a stand bag or cart bag that is light enough to carry on your back and that can stand by itself while you hit shots and putt on the greens. Stand bags offer enough space to carry everything you need. Stand bags and cart bags are designed with hip pads so they are comfortable to walk with. Most of them are seam sealed. and you can find double strap stand bag. They also have pockets oriented easy access so that players can reach things like their water bottle as they move between shots. Most of them have rain hood for protection and velour lined valuables pocket or water resistant pocket.

Golfers that ride in carts can use almost any type of bag as they can strap the bag to the back of their cart. Riders do not have to be as concerned with weight as they will not be responsible for lifting and holding the bag themselves. Cart bags offer riders more room and more customizable features compared to stand bags. These cart bags and carry bags often have pockets on both sides of the cart bag instead of just one and can hold many more items at one time.

Players that opt for push carts may like similar styles to riders as they do not need to concern themselves with overall weight profiles as much. These golfers tend to play uneven terrain. However, players should keep in mind that push carts are not self-driven so heavier golf bags will demand more from a player, especially if the course has large changes in elevation. Golfers that use push carts will be well suited with either stand bags or cart bags depending on their individual preferences. Also the weather is big factor if you are golf fanatic you should opt for fully waterproof model or just go with rain hood.

Travel Golf Bag Best Golf Bags
Travel Golf Bag. Source

What you really need to know about golf bags.

Golf bags are all capable of doing the same job. No matter what bag you have, you can head to the golf course and play great golf. Measurable metrics for golf bags includes weight, storage capacity, and the number of pockets.
Bags are usually listed with a weight measurement. This measurement is when the golf club is empty. What you load into the bag will ultimately determine how much weight you are carrying on your shoulders. Carrying extra golf balls can often be the largest weight addition to a bag.

The storage capacity and number of pockets are closely linked. Each bag will be listed with a number of pockets. Generally, the more pockets a bag has, the more things it can store. This can be misleading however as some lightweight bag will simply divide larger pockets into smaller ones and offer more pockets without providing any real increase in room. How the pockets of a bag are designed will also increase the convenience of the overall user experience. The best golf bags store all sorts of items simply and keep them in reach during play.

Frequently Asked Questions From Golfers About The Top Best Bags

Most golfers come into the bag buying process with questions about which bag is best and what the different types are. Other common questions include how to care for your bag and how much storage can be expect within a bag. Below, we outline these questions and provide answers that can help you find your next bag.

Q: How do I know which bag is best for me?

A: Your match in a bag will depend on if you walk or ride most often. In general, it will be best for most golfers to choose a bag with enough space for all your things. Stand bags will allow players to ride or walk at their choice. Cart bag or Staff bags should be reserved for players that know they will never be walking the course or will always have a caddy. Beyond the type of bag you choose, the brand and individual aspects of each bag should be evaluated on a personal basis.

Q: Best ways for a golfer on how do you clean a bag?

A: Over the course of a season, your bag is going to experience wear and tear. Whether it’s that Gatorade that spilled in the front pocket, or the Cliff Bar you forgot about until October, your bag is bound to get dirty. While you can’t exactly run your bag through the washing machine, taking the time to gently scrub down your bag with a washcloth, soap, and water does wonders to keep the colors looking sharp. Cleaning out your pockets and making sure moving parts like kickstands and zippered pocket are in good working condition goes a long way as well. Leather bags can be treated with leather cleaners and polish as well to keep them looking new. 

Q: How many clubs can a golfer fit in a bag?

A: All golf bags are designed to hold 14 clubs as that is the maximum limit allowed by the rules of golf. Most bags will also allow golfers to fit more clubs if they want to swap in different options depending on how a course is playing in different conditions or if players regularly play a variety of course.

What Best Golf Bag Should You Buy?

Most manufacturers offer bags that tailor themselves to different categories of golfers. Once you have matched your playing style to a tour bag type, it can be best to evaluate the price of each best golf bag that interests you to see if there is significant cost savings available in one model versus another. Remember that your best golf bag will likely last well beyond 5 or more season and should be something that can adapt to your game wherever it is headed. So you need to choose a quality bag with as many features as possible. Many of them have valuable pocket or magnetic rangefinder pocket. Some bag firmly stand like golf stand bag some will be premium cart bag or hybrid between stand and cart bag. Some of them will be fully waterproof.

Players often remain loyal to one brand or another when selecting a bag and may choose their cart bag to match their new driver or irons. While there is nothing wrong with that approach, often a great golf bag can be found at companies outside of the club equipment space and offer exceptional features or unique styles. Custom options are also available that can help make your bag truly yours, or support your favorite university, or professional sports team.


The right golf bag can make playing golf more fun and less stressful. Carrying around excess weight on your back can also be detrimental to your long term health. All of the bags listed here offer golfers something unique that can make the experience of golf richer depending on your playing style and priorities out on the course. Many of them have smart strap system, strap slider system, three point shoulder strap, self adjusting strap system or act fit strap system. Also they have valuables pockets, ball pouch, full length apparel pocket. Some models will be like smaller stand bag or smaller cart bag. If you want to play in different weather condition fully waterproof model is the right one. Enjoy the process of hunting for the best golf bag for your and make sure to check back here often as the list is constantly being updates. Also, be sure to check out our other reviews and guides to help fill out your all-new golf bag. Thanks so much for reading and we’ll see you next time.

What are some of the best qualities you look for in a bag? Would you suggest one of these best golf bags to a fellow golfer?

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