Project X Shaft Review

The Project X standard shaft remains one of the most popular iron and wedge shafts on the market. Stronger players looking to increase control and stability in their irons gravitate toward the Project X offering. The Project X shaft is designed to give players a penetrating ball flight in a low launch profile. High swing speed players or aggressive golfers can benefit from switching into an iron shaft that helps them get the most from their entire set.

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Key Features

  • Project X features a stepless design that helps give players a seamless look and enhances stability and control.

  • The high kick point produces a lower launch that can help players get more distance and accuracy with their irons and wedges.

  • The variety of weights and flexes makes sure that all golfers have their ideal shaft.


  • .355" tip diameter, Individual Club Shaft
  • Features a long taper rate that actually achieves a more dynamic transfer of shaft energy to the ball
  • Available in individual lengths #1 iron through #W

Project X Standard Shaft Detailed Review

Design and Technology

The Project X standard steel shaft is a trusted design that many players love. The stepless design create a non-traditional steel shaft that gives golfers more stability and lower launches. Project X is great for players looking to dial in precise approach shots and tighten up their dispersion.

The Project X standard shafts are my shaft of choice for my irons and wedges. I have played several iron shafts but always return to the Project X offering. I see my dispersion shrink and feel that I have control to hit whatever shot I want to with these shafts. I feel comfortable timing this shaft and would recommend them to any golfer looking to get more accuracy and shot control in their irons and wedges.

To conclude, the standard Project X shafts deliver a stable impact and ultimate shot-shaping control. High swing speed golfers and steep swingers will likely benefit from the more tip-stiff design of Project X. Players that are not as aggressive will likely find better loading and feel in a slightly less rigid profile.

Project X Shaft

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  • Project X’s stepless design gives players more control and a seamless look.
  • The variety of weights and flexes makes sure that all golfers have their ideal shaft.
  • A high kick-point gives players lower launch and more control with their irons and wedges.


  • Project X shafts can feel harsh to players, especially at lower swing speeds.
  • The flex numbering system can be confusing to golfers that are unfamiliar with it.
  • This shaft can carry an upcharge for some iron and wedge models that make it more expensive.
Build Quality
Control and Performance
Design and Appearance

Project X Shaft Chart


Project X’s variety of weights and flexes make it very easy to dial in any type of golfer regardless of their swing style and preferences. The Project X flex scale uses a numeral system to denote increasing stiffness. The scale ranges from 5.0 to 7.0 in half number increments. Higher number represent a shaft that is stiffer in flex.

The lightest Project X shafts come in at 110-grams and 5.0 or regular flex. The 5.5 stiff shafts weight 115-grams. Stiff+, 6.0, shafts weight 120-grams and 6.5 or extra-stiff shafts weigh 125-grams. Project X also offers a tour-extra-stiff 7.0 shaft that weighs 130-grams for players looking for more weight in an iron shaft.


The Project X standard shaft is built for strong players looking to get the most out of their irons and wedges. Players looking to increase accuracy and tighten up dispersion can find more control in the stepless design of the Project X standard golf shafts. My iron shaft of choice, I feel comfortable recommending Project X to players that prioritize control and precision with their irons and shortest clubs. Players looking to decrease launch and get maximum performance from their player’s irons should test Project X.

Project X Shaft Video Review


How Does the Project X Shaft Compare?

Project X LZ Shaft

The Project X LZ packs the same performance benefits as the standard Project X shaft into a more playable profile. The Project X LZ is built using Loading Zone Technology that gives golfers more feel and response through a new taper design. LZ features a reinforced tip and butt section with a softer midsection to give players better performance without sacrificing feel. Aggressive golfers that do not want to swing harsh iron or wedge shafts get the best of both world with the Project X LZ.


KBS C-Taper

The KBS C-Taper is designed using Tour player feedback. The KBS C-Taper gives golfers low launch, less spin, and more control. C-Taper maximizes energy transfer to give more performance to the strongest swinging golfer. Testing shows that C-Taper is up to 5% longer than comparable iron shafts and ideal for players with a quick swing tempo. High swing speed players looking for better control and lower launches with the signature KBS feel will love the C-Taper shaft.

  • 8 Shaft Set - KBS C-TAPER Iron shafts - .355 Taper Tip
  • includes Irons 3 Thru 9 + PW
  • 5% more distance


N.S. Modus Pro 3

The Modus 3 is the most complete line of golf shafts Nippon has created. Designed and named for the optimized performance of three key areas, Modus 3 gives golfers more control over trajectory, distance, and direction. Engineered specifically for the serious golfer, Modus 3 delivers three different profiles and weight ranges to fit golfers of all styles and swing speeds. Modus 3 is great for dialing in iron and wedge shafts based on your swing and release pattern characteristics and is known for unparalleled consistency. Golfers looking to dial in their next set of irons or wedges should be testing they Modus 3 model made for them.


Should You Buy the Project X Shaft?

Fitting your irons and wedge shafts is much more complex than matching your swing speed to a flex or weight profile. Each golfer swings the club differently and creates stress for the golf shaft. Strong players create more force and need a more stable shaft to deliver their optimal performance. The right iron shaft can produce improved club lies at impact and a more accurate ball flight. Project X excels at creating golf shafts for high swing speed players looking to gain control without sacrificing feel and response. Next time you are buying irons or wedges, do not accept what the manufacturer is giving you, get fit and get the best for your game.

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