Project X LZ Shaft Review

The Project X standard shaft is one of the most popular shafts on Tour and in high swing speed player’s bags. The introduction of the LZ, or Loading Zone Technology, helps bring the precision and advantages of Project X to a broader player profile. The Project X LZ shaft is built for players looking to get a slightly higher ball flight and more responsive feel from their iron shaft. The Project X LZ has been redesigned with a reinforced tip and butt end with a more flexible midsection. The result is an incredibly stable shaft with excellent feel and forgiveness at any swing speed.

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Project X LZ Golf Shafts - 8 Shaft Set 3 - PW - Tour Shop Fresno

Key Features

  • Reinforced tip and butt sections give players ultimate stability while the thinner midsection helps player launch the ball more easily and gives a signature smooth feel.

  • The less demanding profile of LZ makes it more player friendly and gives a tour-level performance to golfers at a variety of swing speeds.

  • Loading Zone Technology delivers high launch and low spin for iron and wedges that go further and land softly.


Project X LZ Shaft Detailed Review

Design and Technology

Project X has been incredibly successful in making iron shafts for the game’s best players and very strong swingers. To their own admission, however, the standard Project X iron and wedge shaft does not fit the need of most amateur golfers. Enter Project X LZ. The Project X LZ maintains all the playing benefits of the standard shaft but gives players easier launch and an improved feel, especially at slower swing speeds. Players that have always loved the performance of Project X but felt they had to work too hard to play them consistently have a great new option in the Project X LZ. Loading Zone Technology redistributes the weight of the shaft for ultimate stability and a signature smooth feel.

I play Project X shafts in my irons and love the performance benefits of Project X’s design. The LZ shaft is perfect for players that want similar performance but do not have tour-level swing speeds. Overall, I felt immediately comfortable with the LZ shafts and loved the feeling I was receiving with my 7 iron. Through age or diminishing swing speeds, I will have no problem transitioning into this incredible engineering accomplishment.

LZ combines the benefits of premium materials into a brand new design that gave Project X the ability to couple responsiveness and feel into an ultra-stable iron shaft. Players that are looking for the performance advantages of Project X with a smooth feel will love the Project X LZ. LZ also makes a great option for players looking to transition their wedge shafts into something slightly softer, especially if they are playing Project X standard shafts in their irons.

Project X LZ Shaft

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  • Loading Zone Technology gives players 7% more energy transfer for longer shots.
  • The thinner midsection allows LZ shafts to feel smooth without a decrease in performance.
  • The reinforced tip section and butt section retains the control and precision of the standard Project X shafts.


  • For high swing speed players, the Project X LZ shaft may launch the golf ball too high.
  • Players looking to get an ultra-light iron shafts cannot find a model below 110-grams with LZ.
  • Project X LZ is one of the most expensive iron and wedge shafts available and typically carries an upcharge.
Build Quality
Control and Performance
Design and Appearance

Project X Lz Shaft Chart


Project X LZ shafts are available in four different models. Each model is unique in its weight and flex profile. The Project X flex system uses number that represent increasing stiffness. The lightest and softest flex LZ shafts come standard in 110-grams and 5.0 or regular flex. Moving into stiff flex, the 5.5 LZ shafts weigh 115-grams. Stiff+ and extra-stiff models are offered in weights of 120- and 125-grams respectively with 6.0 and 6.5 flexes.


The Project X LZ offers players a compliment to the existing Project X design with increased feel and responsiveness. Project X LZ is perfect for the player looking for maximum stability and a smooth feel. The one discomfort golfers have with the standard Project X shaft is the rigid feel that is associated with these high-performance shafts, the new LZ eliminates that disgruntlement and delivers a golf shaft that fits almost any type of golfer.

Project X LZ Shaft Video Review


How Does the Project X LZ Shaft Compare?

Project X Standard Shaft

The Project X is a familiar name for the world’s best players. Project X is known for delivering a low penetrating ball flight that is ideal for high swing speed players. The standard model Project X iron and wedge shafts is crated using a stepless design that give players precision accuracy and distance control. Serious golfers should consider making the switch to Project X to help dial in their best iron performance.

  • .355" tip diameter, Individual Club Shaft
  • Features a long taper rate that actually achieves a more dynamic transfer of shaft energy to the ball
  • Available in individual lengths #1 iron through #W


KBS Tour Shaft

The KBS Tour is the signature shaft from the KBS brand. KBS Tour is a golf shaft designed for the masses and players looking for shot versatility and a middle trajectory. KBS Tour is made to be one of the smoothest iron and wedge shafts to deliver a signature soft feel and increased responsiveness. Players looking to gain more control and feedback from their iron shafts may benefit from the increase reaction of the KBS Tour.

  • KBS TOUR Iron shafts - .355 Taper Tip
  • Choose From Irons 1 Thru 9 + PW, SW
  • KBS TOUR is Kim Braly's signature shaft and is ideal for players desiring shot versatility and mid trajectory.


N.S. Modus 3 Shaft

The Modus 3 is Nippon’s most complete golf shaft lineup. Modus 3 uses weight and bend profiles to deliver three ranges of golf shafts made for each style of golf swing. Named after the three areas of key performance advancements, the Modus 3 gives players more control over trajectory, distance, and direction. Players struggling to match their swing to iron or wedge shafts can find more tools in the Modus 3 range by Nippon.


Should You Buy the Project X LZ Shaft?

Choosing the correct iron shaft is more complicated than matching your swing speed to a specific weight or flex. Swing dynamics, desired shot shape, and versatility all play a role in which shaft is best for you. The Project X LZ is a perfect shaft for players looking to get the maximum performance of Project X without a harsh or overwhelming feel. Smooth swingers and slower swing speed players can finally get the performance of Project X in a profile that is a pleasure to hit. LZ also makes a great option for the wedges of players used to using Project X standard shafts in their irons.

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