Kbs C Taper Shaft Review

KBS created the C-Taper shaft for the most aggressive and strongest golfers. The C-Taper shaft is packed with all of the technology of the KBS Tour shaft but with added stability and control. The C-Taper is lower launching, lower spinning, and crisper in feel. Perfect for golfers looking to gain accuracy in their irons and wedges. Quick tempo players looking to add more precision to their game can find lower trajectories, less spin, and more distance with the C-Taper shaft.

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Key Features

  • C-Taper gives strong players 5% lower trajectory, 5% less spin, and 5% more distance versus the nearest market leading shaft model.

  • Optimized taper rates ensure that the C-Taper shaft gives players ultimate energy transfer and more spin control.

  • Aggressive golfers with quick tempos may find more comfort in this optimized design.


  • 8 Shaft Set - KBS C-TAPER Iron shafts - .355 Taper Tip
  • includes Irons 3 Thru 9 + PW
  • 5% more distance

KBS C-Taper Shaft Detailed Review

Design and Technology

The KBS C-Taper golf shaft is crafted directly with Tour player feedback. Players that need a lower trajectory iron and wedge shaft can get their preferred ball flight by switching into the C-Taper. KBS optimized the taper rates in tip area specifically to give golfers more spin control and accuracy. Independent testing confirmed that C-Taper shafts gave players more distance than a premium market leader. Available in a range of weights and flexes, the C-Taper can be fit for a wide net of swing tempos and release patterns.

The KBS C-Taper is one of my favorite iron shafts. The 125-gram stiff+ shaft is spot on with the weight I prefer in my irons. During my testing with this shaft, I was quickly comfortable with how easy it was to flight the ball through any window I saw due to the added stability of the tip section taper. While I love the feel of the KBS Tour line, the C-Taper is my shaft of choice in the KBS steel shaft lineup.

KBS gives stronger golfers a new option with the introduction of the C-Taper steel shaft. C-Taper combines a new physical design with the same high-quality material used in every KBS steel shaft offering. The result in an iron and wedge shaft that can withstand any swing speed and gives confidence to aggressive swingers. Players that feel reluctant swinging their current irons due to their discomfort with their shafts need to be trying the C-Taper to see if it can make a difference in their game.

KBS C Taper Shaft

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  • Improved taper rates ensure that players get maximum control and stability even at extreme speeds.
  • Tour player feedback helps ensure the C-Taper produces lower trajectories, less spin, and more distance.
  • Aggressive golfers with quick tempos may find more comfort in this optimized design.


  • Slower swing speed players may feel this shaft is too cumbersome to play for long periods of time.
  • The low trajectory design may take carry distance away from players that do not fit this shaft properly.
  • The KBS C-Taper shaft is one of the most expensive steel shafts models available.
Build Quality
Control and Performance
Design and Appearance

Kbs C Taper


The KBS C-Taper steel shaft is available in five weight and flex categories. Weights range between 110- and 130-grams and increase in flex as they become heavier. Regular, regular+, stiff, stiff+, and extra-stiff options are available each with their own weight matched design. Each weight and flex range is built to produce a penetrating ball flight with less spin and more control.


The KBS C-Taper steel shaft model is one of the most stable and well-built iron and wedge shafts available. Designed from the constant input of golf professionals, C-Taper is a tour-level golf shaft that gives more control to aggressive swingers. Players with quick tempos or that enjoy feeling a more stable golf shaft will love the C-Taper from KBS. I would recommend the C-Taper to any player looking to gain more precision and shot control with their irons and wedges at high club head speeds.

C-Taper Shaft Video Review


How Does the C-Taper Shaft Compare?

Project X Shaft

The Project X is a reliable steel shaft option for some of the game’s best players. High swing speed players often prefer the added stability and feel of Project X’s stepless design. A balance of accuracy and distance through stability garners Project X favor among player that prioritize iron and wedge accuracy and control. The Project X standard shaft is a low launch, low spin design that gives good golfer more options for shooting their best scores.

  • .355" tip diameter, Individual Club Shaft
  • Features a long taper rate that actually achieves a more dynamic transfer of shaft energy to the ball
  • Available in individual lengths #1 iron through #W


KBS Tour

The KBS Tour is a premium golf shaft fit to the masses. Many golfers can find versatile performance improvements with the signature Tour shaft from KBS. A smooth feel and middle trajectory make the KBS Tour shaft one of the most popular tour-level shafts with amateur golfers. Players of all swing speeds can take advantage of KBS Technology in a golf shaft that does not require tour-level swing speeds to maximize. Players looking to get the most out of their iron games without sacrificing great feel will love the complete package of the KBS Tour.

  • KBS TOUR Iron shafts - .355 Taper Tip
  • Choose From Irons 1 Thru 9 + PW, SW
  • KBS TOUR is Kim Braly's signature shaft and is ideal for players desiring shot versatility and mid trajectory.


N.S. Pro Modus 3

The Modus 3 uses an advanced matrix to give specialized performance to every golfer. No matter what your swing speed, release pattern, or feel preference Nippon has created a Modus 3 for you. Available in weights lower than 105-grams, Modus 3 is an excellent choice for golfers that struggle to find extra swing speed. Tour-caliber materials in sixteen total models make Modus a club fitter and serious golfer’s dream. Players looking for the ultimate blend of customization, feel, and performance should look to Nippon’s Modus 3 for more control over trajectory, distance, and direction.


Should You Buy the KBS C-Taper Shaft?

The KBS C-Taper golf shaft is not built for every golfer nor every swing type. The C-Taper is designed to give players more control at high swings speeds. If that sounds like you then the C-Taper may be a better fit than whatever you currently are playing in your irons or wedges. Getting properly fit is about how the golf club feels during your swing and playing what makes you the most comfortable. Stronger players or players with a quick tempo may enjoy the response of the crisp feel in the C-Taper shaft and gain confidence even on their worst swings.

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