Pro Putt Training Aid Review

When thinking about your putting stroke, it can be easy to become caught up in your swing path, face rotation, and how long your stroke needs to be. The Pro Putt training aid is designed to help golfer look more internally, and more specifically at their lower half when creating their putting stroke. Invented by a professional golf coach, Brian Way, the Pro Putt training aid aims to help golfers create a stable lower body by synchronizing their set up and legs. Detachable alignment aids can also help you track your path and alignment as you set up to the golf ball. The Pro Putt is easy to use and can help you feel more comfortable on the greens.

Pro Putt

Key Features

  • The Pro Putt aid helps stabilize golfer’s lower bodies by linking their legs.  
  • Included, attachable alignment aids help players visualize their path as well as optimize their setup.  
  • By focusing on compressing the Pro Putt aid between your legs, your putting stroke can become freer and more natural.

Pro Putt Training Aid Detailed Review

Design and Technology

The Pro Putt Aid was designed to fill the need for aiding the golfer set up while putting rather than focusing on the arc of the putter. The Pro Putt aid uses an adjustable tandem of guides to help players connect their legs and maintain balance throughout their putting motion. The Pro Putt is simple to install and can be used indoors for year-round training as well as pre-round at the course.

Our Experience

Getting the Pro Putt out to the course is simple as it easily packs into your golf bag. I also loved the ability to use the Pro Putt at home as I regularly roll putts across my carpet to build consistency in my putting motion. Rain or snow, I’d like to be working on my game in some way and indoor putting is always my go-to.

I enjoyed the ability to swap in the alignment aids and promote visual ques as I rolled some putts or practiced my stroke. The alignment aids also allowed me to check the direction of my alignment and make sure that I was setting up in a consistent position as I practiced both speed and distance control. Overall, I thought the Pro Putt aid was non-intrusive and a breeze to use both indoors and at the course.

Pro Putt Putting Training Aid

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  • The Pro Putt aid is easy to use and can help improve your putting year-round at the course or anywhere.
  • The alignment rods create a two-in-one putting training aid that helps players stabilize their body and visualize their path.
  • Sub-conscious muscle engagement in a player’s legs can help create a more fluid and natural putting motion.


  • The Pro Putt aid may not be well suited to golfers that have very pronounced asymmetrical stances.
  • The Pro Putt aid is adjustable but has a limit as to how small it can be set up and very narrow stances may not be accommodated.
  • Similar to many of the newest golf training aids, the Pro Putt aid is very difficult to test or demo before purchasing.
Pro Putt 2


The Pro Putt training aid is available online and comes in one size. The Pro Putt is adjustable and features a rotation center that fits any size or style of golfing stance. Two 8-inch white alignment rods are also included for clip-in attachment.


The Pro Putt training aid puts the focus completely on golfers as they practice one of the most critical aspects of golf. Putting with a consistent setup can often lead to better strokes and improved performances on the greens. The adjustable fit of the Pro Putt helps accommodate a wide range of players and the attachable alignment rods help create a versatile training aid that can help players with their path and stroke as well. One of the hidden benefits of the Pro Putt aid very well may be the unconscious freedom it elicits by engaging golfer’s adductor muscles to hold the aid in place and freeing their putting stroke.

Pro Putt Aid Video Review

How Does the Putt Pro Aid Compare?

Eyeline Golf Putting Mirror

The Putting Mirror is one of the most well-established putting training aids in golf. Used on many of the professional golfing tours and by some of the most famous golfers in the world, the Eyeline putting mirror is a staple in most golf bags. Players can rapidly improve their putting set up placing their eyes in a great position above the golf ball and making a fluid, natural stroke.

  • Highly portable and great for checking your setup on the green
  • Poor alignment is the major cause of missed putts. Using the Putting Alignment Mirror will create confidence on the green
  • Has slots for the Gate Drill

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

The Pressure Putt Trainer has seen one of the most meteoric rises in the golfing industry. One of the most widely used training aids in recent years, the PuttOut Pressure trainer helps players work on both distance control and accuracy as they try to suspend their golf ball precisely in the target area.

  • This training aid is designed to simulate the exact conditions of putting into a real hole on the green by it's ground-breaking parabolic curved design
  • Each successful putt is returned the same distance it would have gone past the hole if it had missed - great feedback for getting the pace just right.
  • Designed to return good putts and reject bad ones.

The Putting Stick

The The Putting Stick helps players roll the golf ball along a more consistent path by proving a streamlined visual aid on the putting surface. The Putting Stick is easy to set up and helps players focus on their putting arc, strike point, and roll.

  • Putting Stick Pro is a patented putt practice system and golf swing trainer, training aid developed to help more advanced golfers improve their putting stroke. Perfect for home and office putting practice indoor ,outdoor on the green or backyard.
  • Made from the finest quality materials to exacting standards this ingenious tool will transform both your game and attitude forever. Aids with putter speed, target path and eyeline tracking to the hole. Grip, line up and put that birdie shot in the hole.
  • The Pro version is more portable and has the mirror built-in to the Stick and has a beveled end for more consistent roll of the ball. The mini level can now measure incline and decline as well as break to the side of the cup. Get the perfect putt.

Should You Buy the Pro Putt Training Aid?

Each golfer is different, and the needs of each player can often dictate how effective a particular training aid can be. The Pro Putt aid helps players that need an improvement on the greens by focusing on stabilizing their legs and lower half in the putting motion. The attachable alignment rods also help players review their aim and create a visual cue for a more efficient stroke. We always recommend trying equipment before you purchase if possible and remember that the largest determinant in improving your game is you.


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