One Putt Bullseye Review

Golfers are often looking for inexpensive ways to help make their practice more engaging. Putting practice especially can seem tedious and monotonous. One Putt Bullseye is offering a solution for players that want to mix up their practice. Junior players especially can enjoy their preparation more by taking this simple, yet effective practice tool to the course. One Putt Bullseye is an insertable ring that can be easily attached to the interior of the hole that can help narrow your focus and help you better manage your time on the putting green.

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Key Features

  • Changable stickers allow the users of One Putt Bullseye to customize their targets.

  • One Putt Bullseye provides a smaller target for golfers to aim at that can centralize their putts. When used consistently this helps to improve your short-range putts.

  • One Putt Bullseye can be placed directly in line with the slope entrance in the hole and give players a more direct visual read of sloping putts.

one putt bullseye

One Putt Bullseye Detailed Review

Design and Technology

Sloping putts can be difficult for junior golfers or beginners to visualize as they practice and play on undulating green complexes. The One Putt Bullseye gives players a direct target that allows them to better understand the angle at which their putt needs to enter the hole. One Putt Bullseye is also an easy way to make your practice more fun and creative. Customizable stickers help support important ideals such as Breast Cancer.

one putt bullseye1

I found putting with the One Putt Bullseye to be a pleasant experience and noticed that my focus became more narrow as I concentrated on the singular sticker rather than the entire golf hole. I used the One Putt Bullseye both indoors and out and found it easy to install and simple to use. The attraction to junior plays was evident as I asked some golfers to try hitting the stickers on the back of the lip. Overall, I think the One Putt Bullseye is an easy way to help make practice more inventive for a young demographic of golfers.

One Putt Bullseye

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  • A simple way to make your golf putting practice more enjoyable
  • This device make this a true training aid
  • One Putt Bullseye makes a great gift for any avid golf fan


  • A limited on the amount of stickers that you get
  • Cannot be used during match play
  • Stickers can become worn after multiple uses
Build Quality
Design and Appearance

one putt



The One Putt Bullseye comes stock with a ring and a set of four stickers. It is our impression that more stickers will be developed. They are even working on a “no-packaging option” to reduce the environmental footprint.


One Putt Bullseye is a simple way to make your golf putting practice more enjoyable. The One Putt Bullseye is economically friendly and junior golfers seem to immediately gravitate towards it. As simple as it seems, the enhanced focus from the more directed target and the ability to directly line up the break of your putts with this device make this a true training aid. One Putt Bullseye makes a great gift for any avid golf fan or junior golfer. They love to see the OPB in use, you can follow them @oneputtbullseye on Instagram & Facebook and tag #myoneputt.

How Does the One Putt Bullseye Compare?

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Should You Buy the One Putt Bullseye?

Training aids often work best to solve specific problems of individual golfers. The One Putt Bullseye can help golfers focus more on their target regardless of the break of their putts during practice. Junior golfers can help mix up the monotony of putting practice by integrating the One Putt Bullseye into their routine. The One Putt Bullseye is simple to use and can help make your putting practice more enjoyable.

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