Bubba Whips Golf Alignment Sticks Review

Bubba Whips has created unique golf alignment sticks that adds elegance to any golf bag. Bubba Whips are handmade, hickory alignment rods that can be custom made in colors and engravement options. Appearing on tour in the golf bag of Rory McIlroy and others, Bubba Whips is making an impression. Each hickory rod is a nod to the timeless tradition of golf with a modern flare.

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Key Features

  • The diversity of color options help Bubba Whip owners commemorate their favorite teams, moments, or golfing events.  
  • Bubba Whips provide both a hickory aesthetic and a practice performance boost for your golf bag.  
  • Each rod is hand painted golf alignment sticks are created with the highest attention to detail.  

Bubba Whips Detailed Review

Design and Technology

Golf alignment sticks are a staple in golf bags around the world. Whether used for practice or simply to store your headcovers, alignment rods often reflect golfer’s dedication to the sport or act as a reference to some of their favorite personal memories. Bubba Whips are truly unique in their look and add instant class to your golf bag.

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Our Experience

GolfersAuthority green Bubba Whips have been an outstanding addition to my golf bag. I use golf alignment sticks when I am working on my game often. Truthfully, Bubba Whips are almost too good to use. My headcovers and gloves have a new place to rest and these rods are often the talk of my bag. Distinguished from top to bottom, Bubba Whips are one of the most unique pieces in my golf bag and a welcome addition to golf memorabilia.

Bubba Whips Golf Alignment Sticks

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  • Bubba Whips alignment rods provide a illustrious look and functionality on the practice range and in golf bags.
  • Colors and logos can be custom ordered to create a Bubba Whip that is uniquely yours.
  • Bubba Whips have been used by professional golfers including Rory McIlroy.


  • Bubba Whips provide little to no performance benefits beyond traditional alignment aids during practice sessions.
  • Budget-conscious players will find difficulty affording Bubba Whips over cheaper options.
  • The hickory rods can less symmetric and stable than fiberglass options.


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Bubba Whips can be custom order in many color and paint combinations. Bubba Whips are available online and in select pro shops include Pinehurst Golf Club. Bubba Whips have also begun partnering with many companies to provide limited edition alignment sticks.


Alignment sticks are a great addition to golf bags for both functionality and practice. Bubba Whips separate themselves as a novelty alignment rod company that creates pieces that add flare to your golf bag. Bubba Whips have been seen on the PGA Tour and we suspect they will become a mainstay soon. The affinity for golfer to collect moments of this great game now have a new option with the added benefit of functionality.

Bubba Whips Video Review

How Does Bubba Whips Compare?

OnPoint Ball Markers

The OnPoint build custom three dimensional golf ball markers that can aid player alignment. Endorsed by Jim Furyk, OnPoint markers are growing quickly and make a great gift option for yourself or a golfer you know.

On Point Golf Ball Marker Review

Alignment Pro

The Alignment Pro is a golf training aid that helps players build a more solid swing through better alignment and posture. This hinged training aid allows for rapid setup and an easy visual reference for your putting, chipping, and full swing.

  • LIKE A REGULAR ALIGNMENT ROD BUT BETTER… Alignment Pro is a unique, patent-pending design already used by Tour pros; it can rotate both ends through 90° (in 1° increments); this increased versatility rapidly improves key aspects of your game…
  • DEVELOPS 3 KEY AREAS OF YOUR GAME … this golf training aid naturally makes your putting straighter, improves your approach game, and develops your swing to boost your course confidence; make more pressure shots, and surpass your best scorecard record
  • IMPROVE YOUR HANDICAP FAST… this pack includes the Alignment Pro and a regular golf alignment stick, which when used together can help improve your swing gate by retraining your body’s muscle memory and making those core muscles stronger, to hit longer

Tour Sticks

The Tour Sticks are functional alignment rods. Tour Sticks are robust practice aids used to help golfers align their swing paths and address position angles. An inexpensive alternative to novelty alignment aids, Tour Sticks are perfect for rapid swing improvements.

  • Two smooth fiberglass rods measuring 5/16" x 46"
  • Rubber cap on one end; pointed on the other end to easily stick into the ground
  • Instructional flyer with multiple drills

Should You Buy Bubba Whips Alignment Rods?

Choosing to purchase golf accessories can be highly variable between golfers. Bubba Whips are unique in their ability to deliver handmade masterpieces that can be tailored to your favorite memories or sports team colors. Bubba Whips are dedicated to product tolerances and tailored designs to fit the needs of golf enthusiasts at every level.


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