AcuAim Putter Review

AcuAim Golf is attempting to give golfers a better visual presentation of their putter on the greens. A common problem in many golfers putting setup is their reaction to what is known as the Parallax Effect. Because a golfer’s eyes are not aligned directly over the golf ball many players mistakenly place their golf ball toward the toe of their putter. The AcuAim putters help to resolve this issue by creating an illuminated projection on the golf ball that directs the player’s eyes onto the ball and gives them instant feedback when their putter is centered behind the sweet spot of the golf ball. Better positions at address can lead to more consistent impact locations and improve putting performance.

Acuaim Putter

Key Features

  • Luminous technology creates a projected halo onto the golf ball that provides instant feedback to line the golf ball up perfectly with your putter.

  • Performance weighting increases the forgiveness of each putter and improves its sound and feel.

  • Precision milled and hand-crafted shapes appeal to player’s unique visual preferences.


AcuAim Putter Detailed Review

Design and Technology

The luminous center line of every AcuAim putter places a halo onto the golf ball showing players exactly where the sweet spot of the putter is aligned. Each putter is crafted with perimeter weighted constructions to improve forgiveness on misstrikes and help you control the pace of your putts on and around the greens. Instant feedback between your golf ball and putter can allow you to set up with more confidence and know your putter is pointed exactly where you need your ball to roll.

The AcuAim putter has been created to provide real-time alignment feedback to golfers of all abilities. Beginners, high handicap players, and golfers that struggle with their putting stroke may benefit the most from the illuminated projection created by the sight line of this putter. Knowing that you have the golf ball in the right spot can set everything on the best line for better, more consistent putts.

Our Experience

The AcuAim putter is unlike anything I have ever tried. The halo projection onto the golf ball is surprisingly distinct and the instant feedback provided is invaluable. The AcuAim putter has both tremendous value as a gaming option but also as a training aid as well. The AcuAim putter instantly taught me that one of the reasons I have been leaving so many putts to the right of the cup is due to my improper ball position at address. Like many golfers, I aligned the golf ball more near the toe of my putter. This was causing variations in speed control and a diminished ability to start the golf ball rolling where I wanted it. All that information would not have been available if I had not been able to use the AcuAim putter.

Acuaim Putter
The merits of the luminous technology cannot be understated. However, as this sight line leverages the use of natural light, mainly sunlight, to produce its halo, at different times of the day or when in minimal light, this aid becomes less effective. That is not to diminish the immense value of the AcuAim putter as a training aid or when using the putter indoors. The AcuAim has become a staple of my practice routine as it allows me to set up to my gamer putter with more confidence and comfort.

As the AcuAim is currently created, the shape will appeal to golfers that prefer mallet designs. Enhanced stability from the friendly size of the AcuAim putter can help many golfers with their struggles on the greens. I also believe that the technology introduced by the AcuAim Golf brand would make an excellent addition to putter crafted by other manufacturers. If this luminous sight line technology were available in my favorite Ping Anser shapes, it would become my instant gamer.

AcuAim Putter

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  • Real-time alignment feedback from the luminous technology of the AcuAim putters allows players to position the sweet spot of the putter directly behind the center of the ball.
  • Perimeter weighted club heads give each putter more forgiveness as strikes vary across the face.
  • Face balanced and toe balanced options will appeal to golfers of many stroke types and feel preferences.


  • The aesthetics, sound, and feel of the AcuAim putters are not as elegant as other classic putter brand offerings such as Scotty Cameron or Odyssey’s Toulon designs.
  • The price of both models of the AcuAim putters may be too expensive for budget-conscious players.
  • Players interested in the AcuAim putter will likely find difficulty demoing them before making a purchase.

Acuaim Putter


Two models of the AcuAim putter are currently available and have been added to the USGA conforming list. The Camelback and M-1 Mallet shapes are available in lengths between 32 and 35-inches. Each shape can be custom ordered in a face balanced or toe balanced hosel setting to fit the arch types of various golfers. Pistol and tubular grips are available as well.


AcuAim Golf has created a feature that is truly innovative in the putter category of golf equipment. While the luminous technology of the AcuAim sight line will not directly help your putting stroke, the halo projection onto the golf ball gives you instant confidence in where you have placed your putter behind the golf ball. More consistent alignment often leads to improved performance on the green through more consistent start direction and distance control. Amateur players, beginners, and handicap golfer can especially benefit from the feedback provided by this one-of-a-kind golf club. The use of the AcuAim putter as a training aid cannot be overlooked as it gives players more insight into their putting positions than many training aids can provide.

How Does the AcuAim Putter Compare?

TaylorMade Spider

The Spider has been one of the most popular putter releases in TaylorMade’s histroy. The Spider putter features large perimeter weights for enhanced forgiveness and MOI. The Spider putter is currently used on tour by Jason Day and is one of the best putters available for handicap golfers and better players..

  • The X Philosophy: Spider X revolutionizes the way we achieve optimal stability and alignment by reengineering the mass properties of the head and introducing a new optically engineered True Path Alignment System
  • Increased Stability: Spider X features a redesigned head with a steel frame that is 30% heavier to minimize twisting
  • The X Design: New True Path Alignment System helps visualize the intended target line for improved putting accuracy; Spider X improves mass properties and stability by utilizing a heavy 320g frame with extreme perimeter weighting


Scotty Cameron Phantom X Line

The Phantom X is the full-mallet style offering from Scotty Cameron. The newest Phantom X line build on the success of the Futura line and gives players a higher contrast in appearance and more stable club faces through impact. The Phantom X line comes with 9 models tailored to fit golfers putting motions and look preferences in a milled, multi-material construction.


Odyssey Stroke Lab

The Stroke Lab incorporates the latest in putter shaft technology in classic Odyssey shapes. Optimized graphite weighted shafts help create a smoother swing from each of the Odyssey Stroke Lab putters in motion. These 18 different shapes and neck options allow golfers to truly customize their putting motion and hit more consistent putts with less effort.

  • Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters incorporate a unique new method of weight distribution, led by the innovative new Stroke Lab shaft to improve the physical dynamics of the stroke.
  • The tip-heavy graphite and steel shaft saves 40 grams* that's relocated into each end of the putter to change performance dynamics.
  • The Stroke Lab shaft is slightly stiffer and lower torque compared to standard putter shafts for to better control the slightly heavier head.


Should You Buy the AcuAim Putter?

If you are a golfer that constantly finds him or herself struggling on the greens then the AcuAim putter may be your ticket to lower scores. Understanding exactly where to align the putter behind your golf ball can be critical in creating a fluid putting motion that leads to more holed putts. Using the AcuAim in putting practice can make you a more efficient putter with any club you select to use and create value every time you head to the course. As with any golf club, it is best to try these designs for yourself before buying to be sure that the halo projection is something that gives you insight and the sound and feel of the putter is something you enjoy.

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