Best Golf Putters for 2019

Choosing the right putter is essential to shooting lower scores. Half of your shots come from on the green or around it, making the putter the most used club in the bag. Ask any Tour pro what separates the best from the rest and they are sure to say putting. With so many options available, making the right choice for your stroke requires proper fitting and the right knowledge.

Below is a list of the best putters on the market. We evaluated each putter based on a number of factors including design, feel, technology, performance, and price. Not all the putters on the list are perfect for every player, so we recommend trying a few of them for yourself.

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Top 6 Best Putters of 2019


Best Overall
Scotty Cameron Newport Putter
  • Four-Way Balance Sole Design perfectly balances the putter at address ensuring proper alignment
  • Mutli-material face construction reduces vibration without compromising feel
  • Seven different head designs with customizable features
Best Blade
Bettinardi Golf BB1 Putter
  • 100% milled from one block of soft carbon steel
  • Heel-toe weighted design for consistent feel and perfect balance
  • Durable and classic looking stealth black finish
Best Control
TaylorMade Spider Tour Red Putter
  • Multi materials for high MOI, stability and better pure roll
  • Lightweight 6061 aluminun core paired with heavy 304 stainless steel frame for high MOI
  • Pure roll insert for increased forward roll and distance control
Most Accurate
Odyssey Men's Toe Up #9 Putter
  • Technology to reduce torque during the stroke for minimal twisting
  • Metal-X makes the face perfectly flat and a chemical etching to add the oval roll
  • Grip design that allows for even pressure in both hands to eliminate tension
Best Value
Rife Golf- Switchback #1 Putter
  • Roll Groove Technology gets putts started on-line and rolling more quickly than other traditional putters
  • Five different head styles allow golfers to choose a head that best fits their eye and stroke
  • Interchangeable weights allow players optimal customization
Best Feel
Odyssey Toulon Long Island Putter
  • Deep Diamond face milling affords optimal feel and sound for increased stability and control
  • Grooves in the face get the ball rolling quickly and straight reducing the skid effect
  • Nine different head designs with custom options available in length, weight, and hosel


When Do You Use A Putter?

Putters are designed to get the ball rolling quickly toward the hole on the green. Putters can be used off the green too, as rolling the ball is often a safer choice than trying to loft the ball to the green with a wedge.

Finding the Best Putter Your Golf Game

Choosing the putter for your game involves many factors. How many putts do you average in a round? Do you have a stroke that arcs or is straight back and straight through? Do you play on slower greens that allow you to be aggressive, or fast greens where speed control is important? Do you prefer a larger putter that is more forgiving or a smaller head that provides more feedback? These are all questions that this guide will help you consider.


Putters range widely in price from less than $100 to several hundred. Some brands are typically more expensive than others, so determining what you can afford will help narrow down your search. Thankfully as new putters are continually introduced, the price on models that are just a few months old tends to drop significantly.

Top Putter Features

The factors that differentiate putters from each other are grip, head shape, shaft length, faces and inserts, shaft flex, and hosel designs. In this section we will take a look at each of these variables to help you make the most educated choice when choosing a putter.

Best Putters
Golf putter features. Source



There a variety of putter grips; each with specific design features tailored to different player preferences and tendencies.

Traditional putter grips are thicker at the top and gradually taper toward the bottom. If you’re a player that has excellent feel and steady hands, then the traditional grip will allow you to feel the putter head throughout the stroke for precise distance control and responsiveness.

Many grips on modern putters are thicker than traditional grips and do not taper. These oversize grips are designed for players looking for increased stability in their stroke. If your hands become twitchy or you struggle starting the ball on line, then these grips will alleviate those problems for more consistency.

Counterbalance grips take on the same characteristics as the modern no-taper grips with one added feature, they have added weight in the end of the grip. By counteracting the weight in the putter head, these grips help players repeat a stable stroke by neutralizing movement in the hands and wrists. Counterbalance grips help players strike putts solidly and get the ball started on line.

Putter Head Shape

There are three basic putter head shapes—blade, mallet, and perimeter weighted. Each head design is built with a specific type of stroke in mind, so knowing your stroke type is key when buying a new putter.

Blade putters have historically been the most popular head design and remain so today. Long and narrow heads tend to be on the lighter side and are perfect for players with an arcing stroke. Blade putters provide excellent feel and are preferred by players that play on fast greens.

Mallet putters are much larger with a head design that is close to equal length from heel to toe as front to back. These putters are heavier and more forgiving providing increased stability and limiting hand movement through impact. Mallet putters are great for players with straighter strokes that play on slower greens.

Perimeter weighted putters tend to have a similar shape to mallet putters. These putters are designed with the weight concentrated on the outer edges of the club head. This limits face rotation and increases forgiveness on mishits. Perimeter weighted putters are great for players looking for greater consistency.

Face VS Mallet Putters
Golf putter heads. Source


Putter Shaft Length

Choosing the right shaft length is important and depends on body type, set-up position, and stroke. Traditional putter lengths range from 32” to 36”. The ideal shaft length is one that allows you to comfortably make a pendulum motion with your arms and shoulders while minimizing wrist movement.

Counterbalance shaft lengths are typically 35” to 38” though some manufacturers have options for longer lengths as well. Just like traditional putter lengths, choosing the right one means you’re able to set up comfortably and make a consistent pendulum motion without excess movement.
The factors that differentiate putters from each other are grip, head shape, shaft length, faces and inserts, shaft flex, and hosel designs. In this section we will take a look at each of these variables to help you make the most educated choice when choosing a putter.

Putter Length
Golf putter length. Source


Putter Faces and Inserts

Putter faces are either milled from a solid block of metal or feature an insert made of a composite material for a specific feel and sound. Milled putter faces are found in many high-end putters and are designed for players who prefer audible feedback in addition to a precise feel that lets them know if a putt was struck solidly or not. Milled faces may not be as forgiving, but are an excellent choice for seasoned players seeking precise feel and feedback.

Insert faces have become increasingly popular for good reason. The use of a variety of materials and design features have proven to help players of all levels become better putters. The materials used in most insert faces are a composite that are softer than steel. These materials create a soft feel that helps players hone in feel and distance control. Many insert putters are designed with groove patterns that help get the ball rolling more quickly off the face for better accuracy and distance control.

Putter Shafts and Hosels

Putters come with either a heel shaft, center shaft, or heel offset shaft. Knowing your putting stroke is essential in choosing the right putter shaft design. Heel-shafted putters encourage the putter to rotate open on the back stroke and closed on the through stroke. Heel shafts are preferred for players with arcing strokes. Center-shafted putters minimize face rotation throughout the stroke and are suitable for players whose strokes have little to no arc. Heel offset shafts aid in alignment by creating a consistent setup position that allows a player to set his eyes directly over the golf ball every time.

Types of Putters

Types of Putters

Putters are either face balance or toe balance. Face balance putters have a face that points directly upward when balancing the shaft on your finger. These putters minimize the amount of face rotation during the stroke and are great for players with a straight stroke.

When your finger is balanced on the shaft of a toe balance putter, the toe will point toward the ground. Toe balance putters help the face open and close during the stroke and are best for players with arcing strokes.

Most putters are neither 100% face or toe balance. Some degree of toe hang will be evident when balancing the shaft on your finger. Determining the right amount of toe hang will depend on personal preference and how much face rotation you have in your stroke.


Frequently Asked Questions

There are many things to take into consideration when deciding which putter to buy. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked putter questions to help you through the process.


Q: How do I know which putter is best for me?

A: With so much information to take into account and so many options on the market, making the right choice can seem overwhelming. We recommend setting an appointment with your local PGA Professional to do a putter fitting. PGA Professionals are experts in club fitting and will be able to recommend specs, head shapes, and lengths best for you. Knowing what type of putter is best for you will help you narrow down your options.


Q: What is the most important factor to consider when buying a putter?

A: Putting is the most individual part of the game. While having a properly fitted putter is important, the most important factors for the individual are that a putter looks good, feels good, and instills confidence. The right putter for you will have you feeling excited when you step on the green.

Q: When should I use a putter from off the green?

A: Anytime your lie is questionable or chipping makes you nervous, choosing the putter is always your best option. Your worst putt is always going to end up better than your worst chip.

Q: Should I switch putters if I’m not putting well?

A: This is entirely up to the individual. The adage “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” holds true but sometimes our putters let us down. Most experts agree that a new look can build confidence in the short term but warn against switching putters too often and ignoring what might be technical problems with your stroke.


Top 10 Best Putters of 2019


1. Ping Vault 2.0 Putter


The Ping Vault 2.0 Putter is one of the best putters available today. Over all the past 60 years , Ping has consistently been at the forefront of putter design and technology. That certainly remains the case with the new Ping Vault 2.0 line of putters. Building on the success of the original Vault Series of putters, the Vault 2.0 features several design improvements that make the latest model more versatile while still maintaining all the features that made the original Vault series so successful. If you’re a player looking for forgiveness and consistency from a solid milled-face putter, then you can’t go wrong with the Ping Vault 2.0 lineup.
  • B60 Model features a clean, compact profile with geometric figures designed to help capture the ball at address
  • Tour-caliber feel, touch achieved through face technology, machined craftsmanship and quality refinements
  • Precision-Milled True Roll Face Technology ensures full-face forgiveness and soft feel for consistent ball speed


2. Odyssey Toulon Putter


The Odyssey Toulon Putter is one of the coolest and most popular putters available. In 2018, the Odyssey Toulon line of putters expanded to nine distinct head designs with multiple variations of each model. Golf Digest gave both the blade and mallet head designs a Gold Rating in their 2018 Hot List. Utilizing the very best materials, technology and design, Toulon putters have been touted as the best on the market with comparisons made to the likes of Scotty Cameron. If you’re a player of any ability looking for a customizable putter with cutting-edge technology and design, you won’t find anything better than a putter from the Odyssey Toulon line.


3. Seemore Nashville Putter


The Seemore Nashville Putter has been one of the most popular putters used on the tour, ever since since Zach Johnson won the 2015 British Open Championship. Seemore Putters have always been on the cutting edge of technology, design and performance. Their new Nashville Studio line incorporates tried and true alignment technology with the finest materials and milling techniques to produce a putter that is sure to make players of all levels more consistent on the green. Having received a Silver Rating on the 2018 Golf Digest Hot List, the Nashville Studio line features improved design features that make it one of the most reliable putters available. If you’re a player that struggles with alignment or simply loves the feel and feedback of a milled face, there is a Seemore Nashville Studio putter for you.


4. Envroll ER7 Putter


The Envroll ER7 Putter is unquestionably one of the most technologically advanced putters around. Featuring Sweet Face Technology, the head design is unlike anything else on the market and is proven to perform consistently on both solid putts and mishits. Introduced in 2017, the Envroll ER7 received a Silver Rating on the Golf Digest Hot List. The technology in the Envroll ER7 makes it one of the most forgiving putters on the market allowing players to make more putts and shoot lower scores. If you are a player looking for increased forgiveness and a more consistent roll off the face, the Envroll ER7 should be in your bag.
  • Evnroll ER7 Mallet
  • New


5. Scotty Cameron Select Newport Putter


The Scotty Cameron Select Newport Putter has been one of the most popular putters of the year. Scotty Cameron has unquestionably been the most revered name in putter design for decades. His reputation for producing the most carefully crafted putters in the world continues with the 2018 line of Scotty Cameron Select Newport putters. Having raced drag cars in his youth, Cameron imparted much of what he learned to the design of his newest line of putters that are more aerodynamic and evenly balanced than previous models. It comes as little surprise that each of the putters in the 2018 line received a Gold Rating on the 2018 Golf Digest Hot List. If you’re a player looking the very best in craftsmanship, design, and feel, then there is nothing that compares to the 2018 Scotty Cameron Select Newport lineup.


6. Bettinardi BB1 Putter


The Bettinardi BB1 Putter is unsurpassed in both design and materials. Super-Fly face milling affords players tremendous feel and feedback and the muted sound does not sound clicky or hard at all. Having received the Gold Rating on the 2018 Golf Digest Hot List, the BB1 is one of the most carefully crafted putters on the market today. Taking on a classic Anser-style look, the BB1 definitely falls in the high-end category of putters. If you’re an average to advanced player looking for optimal feel and feedback, the Bettinardi BB1 is the putter for you.
  • 100% milled from one block of soft carbon steel, producing a memorable and distinct feel at impact with super-fly mill face milling
  • PGA Tour Proven, heel-toe weighted design for consistent feel and perfect balance
  • Durable and classic looking stealth black finish for a more glare-resistant appearance out in the Sun


7. Ping Sigma G Putter


The Ping Sigma G Putter is one of the best and and most popular putters on the market. Boasting 18 different models in 2018, the new Ping Sigma G line of putters offers golfers tremendous variety in choosing a putter that is best for them. Having received the Gold Rating for both mallet and blade putters on the 2018 Golf Digest Hot List, it is little wonder that the Sigma G line of putters are in such high demand. Utilizing modern technology and materials, the Sigma G family of putters features a mix of traditional and modern head designs. If you’re a player looking for a high-performing insert that provides ultimate feel and forgiveness, the Ping Sigma G line of putters is sure to satisfy your needs.
  • Precision Milled Full Face Insert Technology ensures full face forgiveness, soft feel and performance
  • Varying depths and widths within the face pattern normalize ball speed and consistency across face
  • High energy Pebax elastomer compound behind face provide a soft feel without slowing ball speed


8. TaylorMade Spider Putter


The TaylorMade Spider Putter is one of the most interesting and popular putters used on the Tourt today. Inspired by the likes of Jason Day and Dustin Johnson, Spider putters were coveted overnight by the best players in the world and weekend warriors alike. It comes as little surprise that the Spider received a Gold Rating on the 2018 Golf Digest Hot List. If you’re a player of any ability that is looking for more consistency on the greens from one of the most forgiving putters around, the Taylormade Spider is an investment you need to make.
  • Modern Mallet putters designed with multi materials for high MOI, stability and better pure roll
  • Lightweight 6061 aluminun core paired with heavy 304 stainless steel frame for high MOI to ensure that the face stays square to the path
  • Pure roll insert for increased forward roll and distance control


9. Odyssey Toe Up Putter


The Odyssey Toe Up Putter is by far one of the most versatile putters available today. When Odyssey first introduced the Toe Up putter in 2016, no one knew anything about it until it showed up unannounced in the Odyssey merchandise booth at the PGA Merchandise Show. Meant to be a sidebar release with the White Hot Rx, the Toe Up putter was anything but. Designed with an emphasis on making the head easier to control throughout the stroke, the Top Up putter has received rave reviews. Available in two of Odyssey’s classic blade head designs (#1 and #9), the Toe Up putter is a great option for any player looking to reduce torque and strike putts more consistently.
  • Stroke balanced for more consistency: we've engineered our stroke balanced Technology to reduce torque during the stroke for minimal twisting, so you can keep the putter on line
  • Precision crafted Metal-X face for a pure roll: with our tour-proven Metal-X face, we've used a fly cut to make the face perfectly flat and a chemical etching to add the oval roll Technology, which leads to a pure roll. Perfect, down to the last detail
  • Superstroke flat so grip with counter core Technology: the toe up comes Standard with the SuperStroke flat so 1.0 grip design that allows for even pressure in both hands to eliminate tension in the wrists and forearms


10. Rife Switchback Putter


The Rife Switchback Putter is by far one of the most popular putters of 2018 and it is easy to see why. When Rife Golf was founded in 2004, the founders set out with a simple mission to create putters that helped golfers of all levels putt better and become more consistent. That mission has continued through to today with the latest release of the Rife Switchback line of putters. With patented Roll Groove Technology, the 2018 Switchback series of putters incorporate all the technology that has made Rife putters great with a number of innovative improvements. If you’re a golfer of any level looking for more consistency on the greens, then the Rife Switchback is right for you.
  • Blue 5 Grams each
  • Silver 20 Grams each


What Putter Should You Buy?

Choosing a putter can be difficult; however, an educated decision can leave lasting impacts on your game. Finding out when you use your putter and what you want from the club makes all the difference in which model is best for you. A properly fit putter can make your bad shots obsolete and your good shots great.

Ping Vault, Odyssey Toulon, Taylormade Spider, and the Scotty Cameron Select Newport provide the ultimate marriage of technology and beauty for golfers looking for the best in the world. While the Rife Switchback and the Odyssey Toe Up putters provide golfers with a top of the line product at reduced prices to make affording your next putter easy.

With any club buying it is best to test each model to see what fits your swing style and preferences. Testing outside or indoors can illuminate your new putters true value. Better putters don’t just look nice in the bag, they provide confidence that helps you shoot your lowest rounds ever. Happy testing, and thanks for sharing in this game we all love!


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