Best Mallet Putters To Buy

Mallet putters provide golfers the ultimate in forgiveness and performance. With large club heads and centers of gravity that are far behind the putter face, these putters can help every golfer get better on the greens. Even if you are a golfer who has never tried a mallet putter, it may be time for you to make the switch.

To help you get started on your journey to finding your next great golf club we have curated a list of the best mallet putters on the market. To properly understand what makes these putters so great, it is important to understand what makes putters similar and what makes them unique. In addition to providing you with the best mallet putters, we break down the best components of these clubs to help you find the best models and shapes for your game.

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Top 4 Best Mallet Putters

Best Control
TaylorMade Spider Tour Red Putter
  • Multi materials for high MOI, stability and better pure roll
  • Lightweight 6061 aluminun core paired with heavy 304 stainless steel frame for high MOI
  • Pure roll insert for increased forward roll and distance control
Most Accurate
Odyssey Men's Toe Up #9 Putter
  • Technology to reduce torque during the stroke for minimal twisting
  • Metal-X makes the face perfectly flat and a chemical etching to add the oval roll
  • Grip design that allows for even pressure in both hands to eliminate tension
Best Feel
Odyssey Exo #7 S Putter
  • Maximum forgiveness from multi-material construction
  • Legendary White hot feel and immediate roll
  • Face balanced and toe hang options

When Do You Use A Putter?


Mallet putters are built to perform on the green and help the golf ball to begin rolling very early. Although it is not as common, many golfers can benefit from relying only their mallet putters from off the greens as well. When your golf ball is located on bare lies and short grass, using your putter could leave you closer to the hole.


Finding the Best Putter Your Golf Game

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a competition golfer looking to play golf at the top levels, there is a mallet putter that will help you perform your best. A properly fit mallet putter will allow you to make a natural stroke and help you feel comfortable when standing over putts.



Your perfect mallet putter can easily be built from models that date back even ten years. Golfers looking to save money for their new club purchases can find the best putter shapes and hosel designs that can be altered to fit their strokes. Utilizing older model clubs and paying a small fee to have a club builder change the shaft length or grip is a great way to save money and make your bag better.


Top Putter Features

In most ways, mallet putters are different. However, each putter will share some commonalities that help designate them into classes. The putter head shape, grip, and shaft length help separate putters into these three groups and are important when deciding which putter model is right for you. Below, we examine each of these to help you understand how they are the same and how they can differ.

Mallet Putters
Golf putter features. Source


Golf Grips

Traditional putter grips, midsize and oversized grips, and counterbalanced grips help give golfers an enormous amount of options when selecting their preferred putter holds. No matter what style you choose to hold the putter in, there is a grip that is your perfect compliment.

Traditional putter grips are the most common grip but have fallen out of favor recently. These grips offer golfers the greatest feel and responsiveness yet can put the entirety of the putt on the ability of the golfer. Even the best players in the world have opted more and more for grips that help them with their short games.

Midsized and oversized putter grips are quickly usurping the traditional putter grip as the most prominent grips in golf. Many putters are sold with these grips due to their appeal to a wide range of golfers. By increasing the size of the putter grip, the hands and wrists work less during the putting stroke. This simplification leads to improved consistency on the greens.

Counterbalance grips make use of the large mallet head putter designs. By adding weight the the club head and the butt end of the shaft, mallet putters are given an enhanced pendulum effect. This allows these putters to travel naturally on an arc that helps guide the ball directly onto the target. Players looking for the most help in their putting should consider installing a counterbalanced grip on their next putter.

Golf Putter Head Shape

Possibly the most important thing to discuss when analyzing putter is the club head shape. Different club head shapes will affect the performance of the putter in several ways. Most notably, the larger a putter’s head, the more forgiving it will tend to be. As weight is moved away from the club face, the moment of inertia, MOI, of the club is increased. This increased MOI gives golfers better performance from shots hit away from the sweet spot of the club face.

Blade putters leverage straight lines to help golfers align the putter behind the golf ball. These putters offer elite golfers enhanced feedback and ultimate control. Many players have begun to move away from bladed designs however as mallet and perimeter weighted models offer more forgiveness and have become less distracting to look at.

Mallet putters are best for any golfer looking for the most help on the greens. It cannot be overstated how much forgiveness can play a role in your putting performance. By engineering these club heads with bold alignment aides and maximum forgiveness, club builders have made the mallet shape the go-to shape for beginning and weekend golfers.

Perimeter weighted putters can look similar to mallet models but usually have the interior portion of their cavity removed. This leaves the putter with fang-like protrusion coming from a top line that can be similar to a blade. Perimeter weighted options can be great for golfers looking to improve their performance but do not like the looks of traditional mallet shapes.

Face VS Mallet Putters
Golf putter heads. Source


Golf Putter Shaft Length

The shaft length of your putter should allow you to stand comfortably over the golf ball for many putts. Once you have found a posture that helps you create a natural putting motion, the shaft length should be adjusted to align your eyes directly over the golf ball.

Most putters are sold in lengths of 33, 34, or 35-inches. Counterbalance putter shaft lengths are typically 35” to 38” though some manufacturers have options for longer lengths. No matter what putter model you choose, the shaft length should be fit based on your position at the address of the golf ball.

Mallet Putter Length
Golf putter length. Source


Golf Putter Faces and Inserts

The response a putter creates when it contacts the golf ball is highly dependent on the face and groove composition of each putter. Some putters are milled from a solid block of steel and have a more firm presence. Other putter utilized multi-material designs to give precise weighting and a softer club face.

In addition to altering the way a putter can feel, these difference in face materials can affect the putting groove patterns. By using different size and shapes of grooves, manufacturers can help give golfers more forgiveness by steering the golf ball back online. Both Evnroll and Callaway have devoted advanced technology in their grooves to help improve golfer’s putting. As companies continue to push the envelope of putter technology, it is important to understand how this can benefit your game.


Golf Putter Shafts and Hosels

Getting the shaft length of your putter correct will place you in the best position to hit the golf ball on the line you have chosen. By aligning your eyes directly over the golf ball or just slightly inside it, you can be assured that your vision will help you direct the putt onto the proper path.

Beyond shaft length, the way the shaft enters the club head is important in determining the dynamic characteristics of the putter. Putters with the same club head but different hosel configurations can have drastically different effects as they travel around the putting arc. Matching your swing to the type of hosel that coincides with your arc leads to optimal putting results.


Types of Golf Putters

Types of Putters

Putters are graded based on their toe hang levels. Putter with more toe hang will allow more face motion during the golf swing. Facebalanced putters offer golfers more stability and allow less face rotation. Depending on what putting style you use, which model is best for you can differ.

For golfers with strong or slight arcing putting strokes, more toe flow is required. Golfers who have a relatively straight path with their putter will favor facebalanced, minimal toe hang models. Understanding which stroke type you have and what toe hang your current or next putter is built with can help you make your club fitting decisions.

While holding your putter in suspension, the club face will come to rest at an angle. This angle is the best way to understand the toe flow without precise measurement. Putters that point more upwards have less toe hang. Facebalanced models will point directly towards the sky while suspended. Maximum toe flow designs will hang at almost 90 degrees from the ground when perfectly at rest. Each putter will have a toe flow angle between these two extremes.


Frequently Asked Questions

If at this point you feel overwhelmed with questions about your putter, you are not alone. We have provided some frequently asked questions and answer for your reference.


Q: How do I know which golf putter is best for me?

A: The best putter for you will share similar characteristics. The club head shape will help you align your putter toward your intended line. The shaft length will place your eyes directly over the golf ball. Your grip should fit comfortably within whichever putter hold you choose to use. Ensuring that these three things are properly fit is the best way to improve you putting long-term.


Q: What is the most important factor to consider when buying a golf putter?

A: Price, looks, feel, and fit are the most important things to consider when choosing your next putter. The putter has to make financial sense for your situation, a putter should look great and inspire you with confidence, you should enjoy the feedback and feel when you are practice and playing on the greens, and the fit should be as described in the previous Q and A set.

Q: When should I use a golf putter from off the green?

A: Using a putter from off the green is player specific, however advanced statistics tell us that golfers should be opting for their putters, not their wedges, when hitting short chip shots and balls resting on the fringe. Practicing hitting your putter from a variety of lies is the best way to discover when it makes sense for you.

Q: Should I switch golf putters if I’m not putting well?

A: The psychology of a golfer is very important to his or her overall performance. This is most important when putting. Making a putter change can help you gain confidence and inspire excitement.

Top 6 Best Mallet Putters


1. Odyssey Toulon Putter

The Odyssey Toulon Putter is a top-of-the-line putter offering from the #1 putter comapny in the world. Odyseey and Sean Toulon combine to give players superior craftsmanship and unrivaled performance. For golfers looking for a premium putter, one of the best in the buisness is the Toulon line from Odyssey. Each club is crafted with a Deep Diamond Milling that helps the golf ball create exceptional roll on the greens. Several shapes are availbe that can suit golfers eyes and stroke types. Sean Toulon gives something for everyone and leaves nothing to spare.


2. Scotty Cameron Select Newport Putter

The Scotty Cameron Futura Putter is a complete lineup of mallet style shapes from Scotty Cameron and Titleist. By combining a multi-material design, the Futura putters offer golfers improved alignment tools, industry leading MOI, and responsive feedback. Known for making the games’ most sought after putters, Scotty Cameron crafted the Futura line with tour-inspired shapes with forgiveness for the everyday golfer.


3. TaylorMade Spider Putter

The TaylorMade Spider Putter was one of the most popular putters ever. TaylorMade gives golfers ultimate forgiveness in a compact package. The Spider putter offers periemeter weighting and a tour-caliber sole plate to help golfers create a pendulum inspired stroke. Available for complete color, weight, length, and shaft type custimazation, the Spider putter will fit into the bag of any golfer.
  • Modern Mallet putters designed with multi materials for high MOI, stability and better pure roll
  • Lightweight 6061 aluminun core paired with heavy 304 stainless steel frame for high MOI to ensure that the face stays square to the path
  • Pure roll insert for increased forward roll and distance control


4. Odyssey Toe Up Putter

The Odyssey Toe Up Putter is the most unique putter of the last few years. By redesigning the weight distrobution of the putter, Callaway was able to give the Toe Up putters additional closure rates. This increased face closure helps golfer to square the face and hit better putts over the lines they have chosen. If you can get beyond the eyebrow raising appearance of this design, it has performance benefits to offer.
  • Stroke balanced for more consistency: we've engineered our stroke balanced Technology to reduce torque during the stroke for minimal twisting, so you can keep the putter on line
  • Precision crafted Metal-X face for a pure roll: with our tour-proven Metal-X face, we've used a fly cut to make the face perfectly flat and a chemical etching to add the oval roll Technology, which leads to a pure roll. Perfect, down to the last detail
  • Superstroke flat so grip with counter core Technology: the toe up comes Standard with the SuperStroke flat so 1.0 grip design that allows for even pressure in both hands to eliminate tension in the wrists and forearms


5. Odyssey EXO White Hot Putter

The Odyssey EXO White Hot Putter is Odyssey’s most technologically advanced putter ever. The combination of the most materials ever packed into a putter allows Odyssey to put the weight exactly where it needs to be. By precisely placing the weight of the putter, the EXO line feature retained ball speeds on mishits and stability through the entire putting motion.

  • Maximum forgiveness from multi-material construction
  • Legendary White hot feel and immediate roll
  • Face balanced and toe hang options


6. Envroll ER7 Putter

The Envroll ER7 Putter is the full mallet offering from the Evnroll brand. A less established brand, the Evnroll putter lineup is gaining traction. Evnroll’s groove technology act to offer golfers the same ball speeds across the face and helps sure-up distance control on the greens. While it may be hard to get your hands on an Evnroll putter without buying it first, this line of putters will continue to make noise across the international golfing industry.
  • Evnroll ER7 Mallet
  • New


What Putter Should You Buy?

When choosing a putter to purchase, keep in mind that it should include some fit or performance varaitions from the model you currently game. If you are going to make the change, make sure you are getting a club that is going to be better than what it is replacing in your bag.

Brands such as Ping, Callaway, TaylorMade, and Titleist offer a wide range of head shapes, hosel configurations, and putter prices for every golfer. The Odyssey #7, TaylorMade Spider, and Evnroll ER7 offer players looking for mallet designs complete forgiveness with great looks and feel.

Knowing what to look for in a club head and then matching that with a grip and shaft built for your swing can pay lasting dividends to your golf game. Many players change putters frequently but play one model for years when they find one they feel comfortable with. Putter club fitting can be an art but some characteristics should be tested before you purchase your next club. For more information, please see our Putters Buying Guide and individual club reviews to learn more about this unique club. Thanks for reading and happy testing!

Review: Would you preview some of these new, hot and best golf clubs? With the right grip, head and shaft; you could buy a new putter for your set of clubs that could save you a stroke or two!


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