Cleveland TFI 2135 Putter Review

When Cleveland introduced the latest version of the TFI 2135 in 2017 they knew they were on to something. Still touting the cutting-edge sightline found in previous models, the latest TFI 2135 Satin line incorporates new materials and technology making it one of the most well-built and functional putters on the market.

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Golf Digest gave the TFI 2135 Satin line a Silver Rating on their 2017 Hot List. With five different head designs, this latest line of putters gives players a multitude of options when choosing the best putter for them. Players of all abilities can benefit from design features and technology in the TFI 2135 putter line to make more putts.

Key Features

  • The sightline on the TFI 2135 is elevated 21.35 mm above the ground at the exact equator of the golf ball ensuring proper alignment at address.

  • Variable depth milled grooves across the entire face get the ball started on line and rolling quickly even on mishits.

  • A polymer insert that sits on a 17-4 stainless steel body provides a soft feel for optimal feedback and responsiveness at impact.


  • Optimized face milling
  • Polymer TPU insert
  • Optimal alignment

Cleveland TFI 2135 Satin Putter Detailed Review

Design and Technology

Cleveland first introduced the TFI 2135 in 2015 and the design and technology were met with rave reviews. Since then, improvements have been made and are evident in the latest line of TFI 2135 Satin putters.

One of the most significant ailments in poor putting is alignment. While traditional putters have a sightline at ground level on the base of the putter, the TFI 2135 putters feature a sight line that is level with the equator of the golf ball. Studies have found that roughly 80% of golfers have their eyes inside the golf ball at address meaning that their perceived view of proper alignment may be distorted. By raising the sightline, players are better able to get their eyes centered above the golf ball and achieve proper alignment every time.

Each putter in the TFI 2135 series features its own specific milled face with a customized size and shape of the head. The milled grooves on all the heads are three times deeper than the previous model. This increases friction and gets the ball rolling more quickly than the previous shallower grooves. The milling design also features fewer grooves on the heel and toe so putts that aren’t struck solidly will come off faster to make up for the speed lost from less mass positioned behind the ball at impact.

The body of the head is made of 17-4 stainless steel. An optimally milled TPU polymer insert creates a softer feel at impact for better feedback and distance control than the previous model.

Cleveland TFI 2135 Putter

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  • A sightline that is 21.35 mm above the ground set at the equator of the ball makes alignment easy
  • Variable depth milled grooves create increased friction at impact reducing the skid effect
  • Five different head designs allow for plenty of options when choosing the right putter


  • Some players have reported that the feel and sound are a little dead as the ball comes off the face
  • Some players say the head design is a little too busy and opt for a more simpler appearance
  • Lack of options in loft and lie may not be preferable for players looking for customization
Build Quality
Control and Performance
Design and Appearance

Cleveland TFI 2135 Putter


The TFI 2135 Satin line of putters comes in five distinct head designs: 1.0, 8.0, Cero, Rho, and Elevado. The 1.0 and 8.0 are blade style heads and the Cero, Rho, and Elevado are all mallet head designs. All Satin putters come in lengths of 33”, 34”, or 35” with a lie angle of 70 degrees and three degrees of loft. Grip options include midsize pistol, oversize, or counterbalance. All designs are available in both right- and left-handed.

The Satin 1.0 is a classic style Anser design with a slight toe hang and head weight of 345 grams.

The Satin 8.0 is a thicker blade that is face balanced and has a head weight of 405 grams. The 8.0 is also available in a counterbalance option, in lengths of 35” or 38”.

The Satin, Rho, and Elevado models are all face balanced mallet heads with a head weight of 370 grams. The Elvevado is also available in a 38” counterbalance option.


Cleveland has yet again proven to be at the forefront of design and technology with the TFI 2135 Satin line of putters. With design features that aid in alignment and provide consistent performance off the face, this line of putters is sure to improve results for players of all levels.

Cleveland FTi 2135 Satin Putter Video Review


How Does the Cleveland FTi 2135 Satin Putter Compare?

Cleveland Huntington Beach Putter

The Cleveland Huntington Beach Putter is one of the hottest putters on the market. The Cleveland Huntington Beach received the Gold Rating on the 2017 Golf Digest Hot List, because it truly brings together the very best in science and artistry to help golfers make more putts and shoot lower scores. With nine different head designs in the Huntington Beach Series allow players more options for customization than any other line of putters on the market. The Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach provides the absolute best in feel, forgiveness, and consistency. If you’re a player looking for the best in putter design, technology, and customization at a reasonable price, one of the putters in the Huntington Beach line of putters is surely right for you.

  • Precision Milled Face For Softer Feel And More Consistent Roll
  • Made From Soft 304 Stainless Steel
  • Tour-Proven Shapes


Odyssey EXO White Hot Putter

The Odyssey EXO White Hot Putter is by far one of the hottest putters of 2018 and it is easy to see why. Through marrying two proven technologies into a modern face design, golfers are afforded optimal feel and consistent roll even on mis-hits. The use of different materials strategically placed in the head allows for greater forgiveness and overall consistency allowing players to make putts with ease. Released in May 2018, the EXO putters received a Gold rating and 4.5 stars on the 2018 Golf Digest Hot List. In the EXO, Odyssey has implemented technologies from older putters to both optimize feel and create consistent roll off the face. If you’re a player looking for a mallet putter with maximum forgiveness and a soft face for consistent feel and control, the Odyssey EXO putter is the club for you.

  • Maximum forgiveness from multi-material construction
  • Legendary White hot feel and immediate roll
  • Face balanced and toe hang options


Bettinardi BB1 Putter

The Bettinardi BB1 Putter is unsurpassed in both design and materials. Super-Fly face milling affords players tremendous feel and feedback and the muted sound does not sound clicky or hard at all. Having received the Gold Rating on the 2018 Golf Digest Hot List, the BB1 is one of the most carefully crafted putters on the market today. Taking on a classic Anser-style look, the BB1 definitely falls in the high-end category of putters. If you’re an average to advanced player looking for optimal feel and feedback, the Bettinardi BB1 is the putter for you.

  • 100% milled from one block of soft carbon steel, producing a memorable and distinct feel at impact with super-fly mill face milling
  • PGA Tour Proven, heel-toe weighted design for consistent feel and perfect balance
  • Durable and classic looking stealth black finish for a more glare-resistant appearance out in the Sun


Should You Buy the Cleveland FTi 2135 Satin Putter?

Consistency is unquestionably the fastest way to see better putting results. The TFI 2135 Satin line of putters incorporate the very best in modern technology and design to help improve alignment and get the ball rolling on line quickly. Players of all levels that struggle with alignment or are simply looking to become more consistent will surely benefit from one of the putters in the TFI 2135 Satin line.

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