Best Golf Gloves Made for a Golfer Looking for the Right Fit, Feel and Comfort

Golf gloves are an essential piece of equipment for any golfer. Regardless of your playing ability, gloves are essential for protecting your hand and ensuring you can get through an entire round or practice session. Choosing the wrong golf glove can spell disaster for your hand and golf game. We’ve done the work to make sure you’ll never choose the wrong glove again.

Through extensive research and testing, we have compiled our list of the best golf gloves available. We have taken everything into account from materials, breathability and durability, to a variety of sizes and styles. In order to fully understand the different golf gloves available, it’s important to understand why gloves are an integral part of your golfing arsenal.

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Top 6 Best Golf Gloves

Best Quality
Mokom Touch & Grip Golf Glove
  • Made of genuine leather
  • Prevents fatigue and increased grip with its patented anatomical pad
  • Finger design follows the natural curvature of hand
Ping Tour Solite Golf Glove
  • Long lasting and not easily worn out
  • Very little to no slippage when being used
  • Extremely comfortable
Titleist Players Golf Glove
  • Ultra-thin, giving you maximum feel
  • Seamless connection to your club
  • Breathable fabric for comfort and support
Srixon Men's Z Golf Glove
  • Lycra insert positioned across the knuckles
  • Cabretta leather for ideal fit and feel
  • Provides flexibility and added comfort
Nike Dura Feel Golf Glove
  • Genuine leather on palm and thumb
  • Prevents fatigue and increased grip
  • Strategically placed stretch fabric in fingers
MG Golf DynaGrip Golf Glove
  • Made of a soft Cabretta leather
  • Most sensitive feel in a golf glove
  • More comfortable grip without tugging


Why Do Golfers Need a Quality Material Golf Glove?

Have you ever played golf on a hot day and had the golf clubs slip in your hand only to watch your ball sail out of bounds? Have you played 12 holes only to have a blister or callus split open leaving you unable to grip the golf clubs and make a swing the rest of the round? In order to prevent mishaps like these, golf gloves are the answer. Quality golf gloves can protect your hands, help you secure the grip, and also can even aid you in cold weather.

Finding the Right Size of Glove Made for Your Hand Grip

Golf gloves come in a multitude of material and sizes, and finding one that fits perfectly can be difficult. When choosing the glove that best fits you, there are a few things to look for. First, the glove should be snug like a second layer of skin. The glove should fit tightly across your palm and fingers with no loosely fitting material. Second, if you find excess material at the tips of your fingers you may want to look at a cadet option (shorter fingers) or move down a size. Lastly, the glove should allow enough room for the Velcro tab to close across the top of your hand.

Top Golf Glove Material made for the Best in Comfort, Fit, and Feel

Best Golf Gloves

Cabretta Leather Material Golf Gloves

The majority of golf gloves are made from leather. The ideal material for golf, leather is soft as terry cloth and acts like a second skin allowing you to feel connected to the club. Leather is also water-resistant meaning small amounts of rain or sweat will not allow the golf clubs to slip in your hands.

Synthetic Material Golf Gloves

Synthetic is also found in nearly all gloves, just in smaller amounts. Because of its elasticity and light weight, synthetic is found across the knuckles and in between the fingers allowing for full range of motion without compromising the snug fit. Gloves that are 100% synthetic will last longer but may not allow the same feel as leather gloves.

All-Weather Leather Type Material Golf Gloves

Made of out of 100% synthetic material, these gloves are perfect for players that play in wet or humid conditions. The material in these gloves is treated so that the gloves become tackier the wetter they get. Even if you only play in wet conditions occasionally, having a pair of all-weather gloves in your bag can save the day.

Thermal Material Golf Gloves

If you live in an area where it gets cold during the winter, thermal gloves can be a lifesaver. They are thicker than normal gloves and keep your hands insulated so that you don’t lose feel.

Golf Mitts

On those days when it’s exceptionally cold, no golf glove will keep your hands warm in between shots. This is where mitts come in handy. Many models are fleece-lined and have a thick synthetic outter layer to provide maximum insulation.

Reviews of the Best Golf Gloves Made for Comfort, Fit and Feel

Below we have described and reviewed five of the best golf gloves available today.

1. Ping Tour Cabretta Leather Golf Glove

The Ping Tour Golf Glove is made of Solite Premium Cabretta leather material. This quality golf glove comes with pre-curved fingers to help golfers grip the golf clubs naturally. The wristband features SensorCool Technology that aids in moisture wicking so that your hand won’t slip during the swing. This leather golf glove is one of the softest gloves available and is perfect for the player looking for maximum comfort, grip. feel and breathability.


2. Titleist Players Leather Golf Glove

The Titleist Players Golf Glove is one of the top thinnest Cabretta leather gloves on the market. Made of the finest material, high quality Ethiopian Leather, this glove is perfect for the better player that wants the ultimate in feel and breathability. The Titelist Players leather golf glove also has one of the quietest Velcro tabs so you’ll never have to worry about annoying your partner by taking off your glove in the middle of his swing. If feel is your main concern in a glove, the Titelist Players glove is a great choice.

  • Ultra-thin, giving you maximum feel and lasting performance
  • Premium, quality fit means a seamless connection to your club
  • Utilizes proprietary breathable fabric for comfort and support


3. Bionic Golf Leather Glove

Bionic leather golf gloves are the ultimate in moisture-resistant gloves. Lycra material between the fingers wicks away moisture, giving the ultimate in breathability. The overall quality design is centered around breathability and it shows. Bionic golf gloves are also machine-washable whereas most gloves are made of leather that is ruined by exposure to excess amounts of water or sweat. If you’re looking for a breathable golf glove you can use over and over, nothing beats the Bionic golf glove.

  • DURABILITY - This premium golf glove, made of genuine leather, boasts an additional pad on the palm for extra support and lifespan. This pad offers twice the amount of strength in one of the most common places where other golf gloves break down.
  • DON'T STRANGLE THAT CLUB-Prevent fatigue and increase grip with our patented anatomical pad relief system evening out the surface of your hand, displacing your grip pressure evenly on the club. Get a lighter grip and stay in full control the whole round.
  • SECOND SKIN - Say goodbye to baggy fingers and constantly re-adjusting your wrist strap. This glove's pre-rotated finger design follows the natural curvature of your hand allowing it to fit like a second skin. Refer to sizing guide for perfect fit!


4. Vice Pure Golf Glove

The Vice Pure glove is one of the only gloves available made out of high-quality lamb leather. This type of leather material retains its shape and soft like terry cloth even after substantial use. One of the lightest weight golf gloves available, the Pure glove maximizes sensitivity allowing golfers optimal feel and responsiveness. Just like the company’s balls, the Vice Pure golf glove is one of the most reasonably priced golf gloves available.
  • Butter soft, pure lamb leather
  • Pure feel, pure control, pure performance
  • Classic, clean and cool at the same time


5. Nike Dura Feel VIII All-Weather Golf Glove

The Nike Dura Feel VIII leather golf glove is truly an all-weather golf glove that performs just as well in wet or cold weather as on warm sunny days. Made from a combination of polyurethane, nylon, and goatskin this golf glove is one of the most durable available. Stretch fabric on the back of the glove allows for both flexibility and breathability. Moderately priced, this golf glove is a great choice for any player that plays in a variety of conditions.

  • Genuine leather on palm and thumb
  • Perforated synthetic leather panel on back of hand
  • Strategically placed stretch fabric in fingers and back of hand


5. MG Golf DynaGrip All Elite Golf Glove

The MG DynaGrip Elite leather glove is made of leather and is proven to last longer than the average golf glove. While there is nothing terribly remarkable about the MG glove, there’s nothing wrong with it either. Its most attractive quality might be its lower price. For a player looking for a top quality leather golf glove at a fair price, the MG DynaGrip Elite golf glove can’t be beat.

  • A thinner (but stronger) and softer Cabretta leather (our most expensive Cabretta leather). Best glove anywhere.
  • Noticeably lighter with the most sensitive feel in a golf glove.
  • Elastic knuckle hinge for a more comfortable grip without tugging.


6. Srixon Z-Star Glove

The leather in the Z-Star golf glove is put through a Cabra-ESX tanning process using hybrid resins that ensure it retains its original softness even after repeated use. The lycra insert across the knuckles makes the glove breathable and flexible. This leather glove is moderately priced and a good option for players looking for a combination of feel and durability.

  • Lycra insert positioned across the knuckles
  • Cabretta leather for ideal fit and feel
  • Provides flexibility and added comfort


7. Taylormade All-Weather Men’s Golf Glove

This leather golf glove is a great option for the most die-hard golfers that play in all kinds of cold weather. A combination of leather and synthetic material give the Taylormade All-Weather golf glove both outstanding feel and durability. Stretch lycra in the third and fourth fingers allow for breathability and comfort and is a top choice among many players.

  • Ergonomic pull Tab
  • Stretch fit wrist lining
  • Stretch Lycra panels


8. Callaway Opti-Color Cabretta Leather Golf Glove

The Callaway Opti-Color golf glove might be the most stylish glove we tested. Available in a wide variety of colors, this golf glove has all the performance characteristics players want as well. Made entirely of Cabretta leather, the glove is lightweight and has a soft feel. Perforations in the palm, thumb, and fingers make the Callaway Opti-Color golf glove breathable so your club won’t slip, which makes one of the best golf gloves for grip. A great option for players looking for both performance and style.

  • Opti feel+ leather - premium feel, fit and comfort
  • Perforations on palm, fingers and thumb - moisture reduction and increased breathability
  • Opti fit adjustable closure - thin, light and secure fit


9. Grip Boost Hypertouch Golf Glove

The Hypertouch golf glove is perfect for golfers with sweaty hands. Mesh backing on the top of the fingers and hands makes this golf glove one of the most breathable leather gloves around. The rest of the glove is made of AAA leather for enhanced feel and tackiness in all cold weather conditions, for the ultimate in golf grip.

  • GENUINE LEATHER: AAA Cabretta Leather is the highest quality leather golf glove material for providing enhanced grip, mobility, and durability in all weather conditions. When choosing the proper equipment, material is at the top of the list. Cabretta Leather golf gloves are the most supple material. This pliability allows a full range of motion for a natural, unhindered performance. Made from sheep skin, Cabretta leather stretches with movement and provides grip and protection when you need it.
  • BREATHABLE VENTILATION: The Hypertouch Grip Boost Golf Glove has a mesh backing which keeps hands dry and cool by reducing moisture build-up in the gloves and allowing for fresh air flow. Increased airflow allows hands to stay comfortable and dry in all weather conditions. Dry hands and a comfortable grip prevent blisters and chafing, reduce distraction, and increase performance. Webbing and mesh provide a natural fit.
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT: The Grip Boost Cabretta Leather Golf Glove has a closure strap that provides a custom fit. The hypertouch golfer's glove can be tightened specifically for your hand, reducing palm bunching and providing the most comfortable grip. Synthetic webbing at the back of the hand makes the glove less bulky and restrictive, providing a second skin. Innovative mesh panel creates a cool feel for the hand and allows moisture to wick off the hands in sweaty and humid environments.


10. Mokom Touch & Grip Golf Glove

Mokom Gloves is giving golfers a better connection to their golf clubs. Mokom is the first glove to combine natural touch and hi-tech grip. By manufacturing precision cut holes into each golf glove, Mokom has given golfers enhanced feedback without detriments in performance and protection. Each glove uses a black textured polyurethane coated, stretchable knit fabric, premium Cabretta leather, and reinforced stitching to ensure lasting durability without excess material. Mokom golf gloves are well ventilated and breathable for added comfort, especially during summer rounds. Golfers looking for improved feel and performance can find a new option with Mokom’s newest offering.

  • Purchase 2 & Save $9.99, Soft White Cabretta Leather, Black Textured Polyurethane Coating on Stretchable Knit Fabric, Precision Laser Cut Hole Pattern for Strategically Exposed Skin, Strong Double Stitch Construction, Adjustable Velcro Closure, Narrow Elastic Wrist Band, Large Knuckle Openings, Numerous Ventilation Holes, Extra Durable Leather Palm Pad


It’s estimated that up to 50% of golfers play with gloves that are the wrong fit for them. With so many options in size, materials, breathability and designs it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Choosing the best golf gloves for your game is something that should not be overlooked though. Armed with the right knowledge, finding the right glove will protect your hands from wear and tear, give you enhanced feel, and help you shoot lower scores.


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