Best Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands that Will Help You Grip the Club

Having a glove that feels soft but allows your hands to breath is a goal for all golfers. If you are like many players and your hand sweat profusely during those hot summer rounds, then you know the struggle of keeping your hands dry and comfortable. Long sessions on the range and playing 18 holes in high humidity and hot summer days puts stress on your golf glove and we want to help.

We are golfers that have the same problem. When I am practicing my game, I am going through 2-3 gloves per month. In order to help save you time and money, we have selected the following gloves based on their comfort, durability, and nonslip grip. These gloves are perfect for golfers looking to get more longevity out of their gloves and improve their performance through a better grip.

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Best Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Best Quality
Mokom Touch & Grip Golf Glove
  • Made of genuine leather
  • Prevents fatigue and increased grip with its patented anatomical pad
  • Finger design follows the natural curvature of hand
Ping Tour Solite Golf Glove
  • Long lasting and not easily worn out
  • Very little to no slippage when being used
  • Extremely comfortable
Titleist Players Golf Glove
  • Ultra-thin, giving you maximum feel
  • Seamless connection to your club
  • Breathable fabric for comfort and support
Srixon Men's Z Golf Glove
  • Lycra insert positioned across the knuckles
  • Cabretta leather for ideal fit and feel
  • Provides flexibility and added comfort
Nike Dura Feel Golf Glove
  • Genuine leather on palm and thumb
  • Prevents fatigue and increased grip
  • Strategically placed stretch fabric in fingers
MG Golf DynaGrip Golf Glove
  • Made of a soft Cabretta leather
  • Most sensitive feel in a golf glove
  • More comfortable grip without tugging


Why Do You Need a Golf Glove for Wet and Rainy Weather?

Golf gloves offer improved performance and feel during your golf swing. During your golf rounds you will make over 100 swings from your range session, practice swings, and hitting golf shots. 100+ swings, multiple times a month is a lot to ask of your hands. Gloves offer protection from blistering and a better interaction between you and the golf club. Comfortable, dry hands produce better golf shots and clubs that remain in place through the entire swing.

Finding the Right Size of Glove to Help You Gain Control

Golf gloves come in a range of sizes and two distinct finger types. Regular gloves offer fuller fingers and fit larger hands. Cadet style gloves offer golfers with squat fingers a better fitting golf glove. Junior golfers or women may benefit from finding their ideal fit in cadet gloves.

Your golf glove should fit snuggly but without restriction. If when you remove the glove you are seeing a branded logo on your skin, your glove is too small. If excess glove length is protruding beyond your fingertips, then your gloves are too big and could have a negative impact on your scores. Many retail stores and pro shops offer a golf glove fitting guide that can help you find the perfect glove size.

Golf Materials

Best Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Leather Gloves

Most golf gloves are composed of tanned leather and held together by a network of seams. The quality of leather can differ among models with higher quality gloves holding a higher price. High-quality Cabretta leather is often the choice for premium glove offerings. The seam placement within each glove with determines how it fits the golfer’s hands and how it stretches in the hot summer heat and when you sweat. Finding your preferred fit can be a process of trial and error.

Synthetic Gloves

Synthetic golf gloves are created using a blend of leather and synthetic fabric such as satin nets or spandex. Sport or flex model gloves usually have a higher quantity of these fabrics and can offer unique cooling technologies. Excessive sweaters, and golfers that play in climates with higher temperatures may want to swap their leather gloves for these synthetic models to help their hands stay cool and dry. Due to their multi-material construction, these synthetic gloves can also offer improved durability overall leather designs.

All-Weather Textured Gloves

All-weather golf gloves offer more traction in conditions that can make hanging onto the golf club more difficult. Usually only played in the rain or snowy conditions, these gloves offer improved feel when the weather is not perfect. Many players will have a pair of all-weather gloves in their golf bags in case the weather turns rainy during their rounds.

Winter Gloves

Thermal gloves are a continuation of all-weather gloves that feature insulation and dense cotton for a warming effect. These gloves cover both the golfer’s hands and are typically sold in pairs. These grips are created using a blend of synthetic leathers and insulated cotton filaments. Opting for these gloves in cold temperatures can lead to improved feel and performance when your hands suffer from chilling.

Golf Mitts

Golf mitts are often employed on very cold days or during winter rounds. These mitts often fit over other golf gloves and are worn between shots and when riding in the golf cart. By warming your hand in between shots, you maintain more control over your golf club and can improve your scores. If you are preparing for winter golf, these mitts are an absolute must-have in your golf bags.

Reviews of the Best Golf Gloves

Creating a glove that gives golfers exceptional feel and durability is a challenge. As the leather softens if increases in its propensity to rip and tear. These gloves have been chosen based on their unique performance characteristics and longevity.

1. Ping Tour Glove

The Ping Tour golf glove is often touted as the most premium glove on the market. Ping crafts their Tour glove with Solite soft premium Cabretta leather and integrated micro-pur technology. This combination creates a glove that is ultra-soft with maximum ventilation. Players with trouble staying dry will love the moisture wicking SensorCool wristband and finger vents. The Ping Tour may be the best golf glove for the serious player looking to wear the ultimate in natural feel during long practice session and competitive rounds.
  • Solite Premium Cabretta leather construction
  • Micro-Pur technology provides the ultimate in feel, softness and performance
  • Pre-curved fingers engineered for a natural fit


2. Titleist Players Glove

The most premium offering from Titleist, the Players glove combines Cabretta leather with precisely placed seams for industry-leading comfort and flexibility. This durable premium glove is great for players looking to wear a soft feel glove that lasts for several rounds. Satin reinforced thumbs and wrist cuffs make this glove greater longevity than comparable premium offerings. The Titelist Player may be the best golf glove for you.
  • Ultra-thin, giving you maximum feel and lasting performance
  • Premium, quality fit means a seamless connection to your club
  • Utilizes proprietary breathable fabric for comfort and support


3. Bionic Glove

Bionic gloves are designed alongside hand specialists to give golfers a high-quality glove that is great for players struggling with their hands. Senior players or golfers looking to do extensive practice can benefit from the advanced network of pads used by Bionic Gloves. Ten pads are placed within this grip to help gives golfers a padded swing without sacrificing their grip. Check out the Bionic Glove to see if it is the best golf glove for you.
  • DURABILITY - This premium golf glove, made of genuine leather, boasts an additional pad on the palm for extra support and lifespan. This pad offers twice the amount of strength in one of the most common places where other golf gloves break down.
  • DON'T STRANGLE THAT CLUB-Prevent fatigue and increase grip with our patented anatomical pad relief system evening out the surface of your hand, displacing your grip pressure evenly on the club. Get a lighter grip and stay in full control the whole round.
  • SECOND SKIN - Say goodbye to baggy fingers and constantly re-adjusting your wrist strap. This glove's pre-rotated finger design follows the natural curvature of your hand allowing it to fit like a second skin. Refer to sizing guide for perfect fit!


4. Vice Pure Glove

The Vice Pure glove is one of the most affordable premium gloves in our lineup. With quality similar to the ultra-premium offerings from Titleist and Ping, Vice gives golfers an option to get a great glove at a better price. Featured in Golf Digest, GolfWRX, and on NBC, the Pure glove is well validated and boasts a “butter-soft” feel and 100% pure leather. Golfers can find great value by ordering the Pure glove three at a time for just over the price of one Ping Tour Glove. The Pure may be the best golf glove for you.
  • Butter soft, pure lamb leather
  • Pure feel, pure control, pure performance
  • Classic, clean and cool at the same time


5. Nike Dura Feel VIII All-Weather Glove

The Nike Dura Feel VIII glove is a glove that performs in all weather conditions and is great to have in your bag when the conditions are wet. By combining several synthetic materials and premium leather, Nike has created a glove that holds tight when wet yet is breathable on your hand. Golfers looking for an all-weather glove that is not too bulky will love the responsiveness they get from the Dura Feel VII from Nike. Check out the Nike Dura Feel to see if it is the best golf glove for you.
  • Genuine leather on palm and thumb
  • Perforated synthetic leather panel on back of hand
  • Strategically placed stretch fabric in fingers and back of hand


5. MG DynaGrip Elite Glove

The MG DynaGrip Elite glove is a budget option for golfers looking for a Cabretta leather option. By utilizing a softer Cabretta leather, MG is able to produce a glove that feels great at a lower price point. At only $7, the DynaGrip Elite glove is perfect for golfers looking to save money and get a trusted performer. The MG DynaGrip may just be the best golf glove for you.
  • A thinner (but stronger) and softer Cabretta leather (our most expensive Cabretta leather). Best glove anywhere.
  • Noticeably lighter with the most sensitive feel in a golf glove.
  • Elastic knuckle hinge for a more comfortable grip without tugging.


6. Srixon Z-Star Glove

The Srixon Z-Star Glove is the premium Cabretta leather glove offering from Cleveland and Srixon Golf. By using a Cabra-Esx tanning process, Srixon is able to create a hybrid resin that helps this leather glove maintain its soft feel yet increase durability and prevent hardening. This unique blend of materials gives the Z-Star glove performance moisture-wicking and a snug fit for greater control of your golf club. Check out the Srixon Z-Start to see if it is the best golf glove for you.
  • Lycra insert positioned across the knuckles
  • Cabretta leather for ideal fit and feel
  • Provides flexibility and added comfort


7. Taylormade All-Weather Glove

The TaylorMade All-Weather Glove is great for serious golfers looking to practice and play year-round. TaylorMade offers golfers premium leather palms with a Stretch Lycra panel for an improved fit. Synthetic blends offer improved durability and breathability for playing in any conditions. Available for both left and right hands, the All-Weather Glove from TaylorMade is a great backup for your bag in intermittent weather. The TaylorMade All-Weather Glove may be the best golf glove just for you.
  • Ergonomic pull Tab
  • Stretch fit wrist lining
  • Stretch Lycra panels


8. Callaway Opti-Color Glove

The Callaway Opti-Color glove is for the golfer looking to make a statement in their games. The Opticolor glove comes in bright greens and reds to help golfers distinguish themselves from the crowd. Full leather construction gives golfers premium feel and perforated fingers provide excellent breathability for golfers looking to keep their hands cool. Fashion forward golfers looking to wear a new glove will love the color options in the Opticolor glove. Check out the Callaway Optic-Color golf glove may be the best golf glove for you.
  • Opti feel+ leather - premium feel, fit and comfort
  • Perforations on palm, fingers and thumb - moisture reduction and increased breathability
  • Opti fit adjustable closure - thin, light and secure fit


9. Grip Boost Hypertouch Glove

The Grip Boost Hypertouch Glove features AAA rated Cabretta leather for a high-quality feel and grip. Perforated leather expels heat and helps keep golfer’s hands dry in high temperatures. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, the Grip Boost Hypertouch Glove is perfect for golfers looking to wear a premium golf glove with no risk.


10. Mokom Touch & Grip Golf Glove

Mokom Gloves is introducing golfers to a radical design in their new golf glove. Breaking away from tradition, Mokom has created a glove that offers more breathability, more feel, more feedback, and more control. Laser-etched, precision cut holes have been positioned to give golfers more natural touch combined with a hi-tech grip. Proven more durable than other premium golf gloves in unbiased tests, the Mokom Glove is superior in terms of comfort and performance during very hot temperatures. Made from premium Cabretta leather, black polyurethane knit fabric, and durable stitching, the Mokom golf glove is a unique combination of luxury and performance. If you are looking for a glove to relieve your sweating hands, the increased ventilation of the Mokom glove make it the obvious choice.

  • Purchase 2 & Save $9.99, Soft White Cabretta Leather, Black Textured Polyurethane Coating on Stretchable Knit Fabric, Precision Laser Cut Hole Pattern for Strategically Exposed Skin, Strong Double Stitch Construction, Adjustable Velcro Closure, Narrow Elastic Wrist Band, Large Knuckle Openings, Numerous Ventilation Holes, Extra Durable Leather Palm Pad


Almost one-half of every golfer today is playing the wrong size of glove. Improper glove fit can lead to significant reductions in performance and swing consistency. Do not overlook the importance of getting the right glove for your hand size.

Choosing between leather and synthetic gloves can be a difference in feel and performance during high heat rounds. Golfers who prefer the softest gloves available will enjoy thin Cabretta options that provide ultimate feel and response. Golfers looking to buy new gloves less often will enjoy the life of their synthetic gloves. As the weather changes your needs will too, stocking your bag with a set of all-weather gloves and mitts is the best way to ensure that you are playing your best golf year-round.

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