Best Winter Golf Gloves Made for Cold Weather

Golfers often find it difficult to shelve their sticks for three consecutive months during the cold weather season. Unless you are fortunate enough to be living in a region that gives you ideal weather for golf 365 days a year, you will need to have a pair of cold weather golf gloves in your bag.

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Top 6 Best Golf Gloves

Best Feeling
FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves
  • Unbeatable cool weather grip
  • Warm and windproof fleece
  • Weather shield stretch knit cuff
Best Warmth
Callaway Thermal Grip Winter Golf Gloves
  • Built for extreme conditions
  • Repels water and provides wind protection
  • Improved grip in wet conditions
Best Gripping
HJ Performance Winter Golf Glove
  • Fleece material provides extreme warmth
  • WeatherTan Cabretta leather palm provides greater insulation
  • Reinforced wind block and fully lined wrist cuff
Most Flexible
Mizuno ThermaGrip Winter Golf Glove
  • Breath thermo flexible upper for cold conditions
  • Enhanced grip in wet conditions
  • Fleece cuff for warmth and comfort
Best Value
Finger Ten Winter Golf Glove
  • Double-layer high quality fleece
  • Can be worn with your summer gloves on
  • Fleece cuff for warmth and comfort

The ideal set of winter gloves help golfers keep their hands warm but maintain enough feel to allow them to swing the club as they normally would. This balance between warmth and function is what makes the gloves in our list the best. Whether you are a golfer looking to get some rounds in when the course is open on chilly winter days or the grinder at the range working on your game every weekend, the right pair of gloves can make all the difference in your game.

Why Do You Need a Winter Golf Glove?

Winter golf gloves help golfers to comfortably play golf at temperatures near freezing. Winter gloves also excel at providing players a waterproof option when it is raining in higher temperatures. No matter when you intend to use these heavier gloves, understanding that they offer unique performance advantages is important.
Winter Golf Gloves

Finding the Right Size of Glove

Your winter gloves should be fit in much the same way that your typical gloves are. However, keep in mind that these gloves are usually sold as a pair and will go on both of your hands. Golfers should see their local pro shops to get fit for their gloves. If you do not have the option to try on these gloves before buying, ordering the same size winter glove as your standard glove is recommended.

Golf Materials

Leather Gloves

Standard leather gloves are made from tanned leather and molded by precisely placed seams. Premium gloves are often made from 100% leather and offer golfers an ultimate luxury feel. Trade-offs with all leather gloves can be durability if you plan to use these gloves often.

Synthetic Gloves

Synthetic gloves are made from a combination of leather and satin and spandex materials. Players often find these gloves to be superior in term of flexibility and softness to 100% leather options. These gloves can offer improved breathability and cooler hand temperatures during hot days. In cold weather, these gloves are not recommended.

All-Weather Gloves

These gloves provide golfers an option for their windstopper winter gloves that can also be used in warmer temperatures, especially in the rain. These gloves are often sold as pairs and provide added warmth and protection without the total bulk of traditional winter or thermal gloves. Many players will keep these gloves in their bags year-round, just in case they run into precipitation during their golf rounds.

Thermal Gloves

Thermal gloves can be your ticket to playing golf when the temperatures are at or below freezing. Thermal gloves provide the maximum amount of hand warmth by leveraging dense cotton lining and synthetic fabrics. Keeping your warm and dry can be a challenge when trying to play golf in December and January but these gloves make it possible to get out on the course.

Golf Mitts

Golf mitts add another layer of protection to your hands during cold weather winter days. These mitts slide on over the top of other gloves between shots and when traveling from hole to hole. By giving golfers a warm and dry place to keep their hands when they are not actively swinging a club, these mitts offer the most protection from the elements. Golf mittens are a staple in every hardcore golfers bag.


Reviews of the Best Golf Gloves

Taking their specific function into account, we have detailed the five best winter gloves in production today to help you decide which pair is best for your game and your geographic location.

1. FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves

The most recognized winter glove, the FootJoy is the choice for most golfers. Sold in pairs, these gloves provide a cool-weather grip and a weather-shield cuff to help keep the elements out and you warm. These gloves are windproof and use Autosuede to ensure that your connection to the club remains intact even in wet conditions. These gloves provide all-around versatility for all golfers looking to play in any cold weather conditions.

  • Foot Joy
  • Misc.


2. Callaway Thermal Grip Winter Golf Gloves

This Callaway glove pack is designed to help golfers play their best in any condition. Built with a micro fiber outer shell, synthetic leather palms, and fleece lining, this gloves gives golfers everything they need in a windstopper winter gloves pack. Winter golf is difficult but these gloves can help give you more traction and are one of the bes winter golf gloves.

  • The Thermal Grip 2-Pack Gloves Are Built For Peak Performance In Extreme Conditions
  • Opti Shield Microfiber Outer Shell: Repels Water and Provides Wind Protection
  • Digitized Synthetic Leather Palm: Improved Grip In Wet Conditions


3. HJ Glove Men’s Golf Glove

The HJ Winter Glove is a new product from a company many golfers may not know much about. This specialized windstopper winter glove uses leather for the palm and finger sections of the glove to help give golfers a feel similar to their typical gloves. The back of the gloves uses fleece to provide warmth and a signature softness. Sold as a pair, these gloves make a great option for players looking to maintain feel year-round but stay warm during winter rounds and are some of the best winter golf gloves avialble.

  • ThermoTex fleece material provides warmth yet retains flexibility for a secure and comfortable grip
  • WeatherTan Cabretta leather palm is specially tanned to provide insulation for colder climates
  • Reinforced wind block and fully lined wrist cuff provides additional warmth


4. Mizuno ThermaGrip Men’s Golf Gloves

Mizuno offers golfers enhanced grip with their ThermaGrip Golf Gloves. These gloves feature a unique 3D printing on the palm to help golfer hang on to their clubs in wet or rainy situations. The combination of suede and fleece helps give this glove a warming effect with additional traction. A Breath Thermo flexible upper gives golfers flexibility to ensure they maintain their club head speeds as the temperatures drop.

  • Breath thermo flexible upper for cold conditions
  • 3D printing on palm enhances grip in wet conditions
  • Fleece cuff for warmth and comfort


5. FINGER TEN Winter Golf Gloves

These are the most complete golf mittens available. These mittens are made to fit over other gloves and keep warm and fully protected during winter rounds. Premium thermal fleece and a 100% waterproof and windproof outer shell let you play golf in any condition. These gloves make perfect companions for your golf bag in case the cold weather declines when you are on the course.

  • Double-layer High Quality Fleece, Unbelievable Soft and Conmfortable;
  • Ideal for Any Outdoor Activity,Can Be Worn while Playing Your Shot with Your Summer Gloves;
  • SIZE: Medium is for Normally Golf Gloves in Size S/M; Large is for Normally Golf Gloves in Size M/L; XL is for Normally Golf Gloves in Size L/XL;Conveniently Slotted Fleece Mitts fit Comfortably Over Your Regular Golf Gloves;



Casual golfers and die-hard enthusiasts all get the urge to play golf when the cold weather is less than desirable. If you are like us and find yourself wishing for warmer days but taking your clubs to the course anyway, then you will need a great pair of winter gloves. The right gloves can help make these frigid rounds more comfortable and help you to enjoy your golf even more. By coupling winter gloves with a pair of mittens and some hand warmers, you can enjoy your golf and hopefully shoot some great scores. Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our glove reviews to see what gloves can help you year-round.


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