Top 8 Best Golf Grips To Buy So You Can Lower You Score

Remember when you found your grandfather’s old set of clubs buried in the attic? They piqued your interest so you decided to take them down to the local driving range for a few whacks. Do you remember how slick those old leather grips were? You probably couldn’t even hold on to the club. Your grips are the most important part of your club. Without the right grips your game suffers and you aren’t able to consistently hit the shots you want.

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Top 5 Best Golf Grips To Buy


Lamkin Sonar Midsize Golf Grips
  • Made with a proprietary hybrid compound that is slightly softer than traditional rubbers, but with exceptional durability and torsion control.
  • Tacky and responsive feel.
  • Unique, eye-catching design with a variety of functional surface textures.
Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Standard 13 Count Set of Golf Club Grips
  • Golf Pride Golf Club Grips Tour Wrap 2G Black Standard 60R (Set of 13)
  • 13 Grips
  • CORE SIZE: .600 Inches, GRIP TYPE:Round Noncord, GRIP SIZE:Standard
Set of 9 BRAND NEW Winn DriTac Midsize AVS Black Blue Golf Grip - Dri-Tac!
  • Winn DriTac Midsize Grip (+1/16), Black/Blue (Set of 9)
NEW Iomic Sticky 2.3 White/Black Standard Grips (Set of 13)
Set of 13 NEW Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Grips, Gray, Midsize
  • Brand New
  • Gray
  • Midsize
Golf Pride VDR Undersize Black 13 Piece Golf Grip Bundle
  • Bundle contains 13 grips (NOTE: does not include grip tape or grip solvent)
  • Weighs 45 grams in weight
  • Grip Shape Round


Types of Golf Grips To Pick From

There are many types and styles to golf grips, and there really is not one size fit all. Here are the different types and styles of golf grips.
Best Golf Grips

Leather Gloves

Rubber grips are the most popular grips for pros and amateurs alike. Nearly all grips today are made out of rubber, though many contain other materials as well. Rubber grips are preferred for their soft, tacky feel. Golf Pride leads the way in rubber grips and there are plenty of options within the line.

Corded Golf Grips

Corded grips are made primarily of rubber but are infused with brushed cotton to create a coarse texture. Cord grips are available in either full cord or half cord (cotton is only found in the back half of the grip). Cord grips are either loved or hated. Some players find the rough texture to be too hard on their hands causing calluses and blisters while other players tout the moisture wicking characteristics that allow them to secure the club in wet conditions. If you prefer cord grips, make sure you’re ready to replace them frequently as they are the fastest to wear out.

Wrapped Golf Grips

Wrapped grips were originally made of thin strips of leather wrapped around the top of the shaft. Modern wrapped grips however, are made of a single piece of rubber emulates the leather wraps of old. The main advantage of wrap grips is that you can rotate them in your hands and they will feel the same as the texture is the same around the entire grip.

Lightweight Golf Grips

Lightweight golf grips weigh less than other traditional grips. Lightweight grips are designed for players looking to fully maximize clubhead speed. Though their weight may seem awkward for some players, lightweight grips are suitable for players with slower swing speeds.

Putter Grips

In recent years, putter grip design has exploded and now includes oversize grips, non-taper grips and counterbalance grips. Though SuperStroke led the way in innovative putter grip design, most other grip manufacturers have followed suit and the options available are countless. When choosing a putter grip, consult a PGA Professional to help you find a grip that is best for you.
The majority of golf gloves are made from leather. The ideal material for golf, leather is soft and acts like a second skin allowing you to feel connected to the club. Leather is also water-resistant meaning small amounts of rain or sweat will not allow the club to slip in your hands.


Grip Size Reviews

Golf Grips
It is estimated that up to 75% of golfers play the wrong size grip. This leads to unnecessary compensations in your swing and inconsistency. Understanding the different sizes of grips available will help you make a more informed decision.

Standard grips are 0.580” to 0.600” in diameter. Junior grips are meant for kids or ladies with smaller hands and are shorter in diameter than standard grips. Undersize grips are 1/64” smaller than standard, midsize grips are 1/16” larger than standard and oversize or jumbo grips are 1/8” larger than standard.

Some players prefer to customize their grip size beyond normal sizes. This is done by adding extra layers of tape under the grip. Adding one extra wrap of tape will increase the grip size by 1/64”, three wraps adds 1/32”, and six wraps adds 1/8”.

Round vs. Ribbed Grips Reviews

Round grips and ribbed grips look exactly the same. The difference is noticed when the grips are installed on a club. While a round grip will feel the same the entire way around, ribbed grips have a built-in spine on the back that can be felt in the fingers. Though choosing between round or ribbed grips is personal preference, some players like ribbed grips as they have a consistent reference point of where to put their hands on the club.

Firm Grips vs. Soft Grips To Pick

Though choosing firm or soft grips is up to the individual, you may want to consider your swing speed and the conditions you most often play in. Firm grips are preferred by players with higher swing speeds as they feel they have more control. Firm grips also tend to be less slippery in wet or humid conditions. Soft grips are great for players with sensitive hands or lower swing speeds as they allow a for a firmer grip and absorb more shock at impact. The only downside with soft grips is they tend to become slippery in wet conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions to Help Players

It is not uncommon to have questions when trying to select a good golf grip. Below, we have outlined the questions golfers have most often.

Q: How long do golf grips last?

A: The life expectancy of golf grips depends how often you practice and play, how firmly you grip the club and how your store your clubs. We recommend replacing your grips every 40 rounds or once a year.

Q: When should you replace your golf grips?

A: You’ll know it’s time to replace your grips when you start having trouble controlling the club during your swing. If your grips become slippery and hard or begin to crack, it’s time to replace them.

Q: Is it better to buy one grip or a set of grips?

A: Buying grips as a set is highly recommended. By purchasing a set, you ensure that you have the same grip on every club. If you buy individual grips separately, they will likely be different sizes and made of different materials creating inconsistencies throughout your bag.

Q: How do you maintain your golf grips?

A: Water is the leading cause of grip wear. If your clubs get wet, it is imperative that you dry them off immediately after your round. After you have wiped the surface water off, wrap each grip in newspaper and place it next to a heat source. The fibrous properties in newspaper are great for absorbing moisture.

Cold weather also causes grips to become hard and rot. When you put your clubs away for the winter, the garage is the worst place to store them. Instead, store them in a dry space at room temperature.

Q: How do you replace your golf grips?

A: If you insist on replacing grips yourself, you’re going to need a grip knife, vice, double-sided grip tape and grip solvent. To begin, insert the grip knife at the bottom of the grip and cut all the way to the top. After tearing off the old grip, remove the grip tape so that only metal is left. Place a fresh piece of tape over the shaft so that the butt end of the club is covered. Pour a healthy does of grip solvent into the new grip and drain it over the grip tape. Quickly slide the new grip on and let it set for four hours before making any swings.

Reviews of the Best Golf Grips To Buy

Below we have described and reviewed five of the best grips on the market today.

1. Lamkin Sonar Grips

One of the best golf grips on the market, the Lamkin Sonar line is our personal favorite. Made out of the all-new ground-breaking GENESIS material, the new SONAR provides outstanding comfort and unmatched performance in all conditions. Rain or shine your hands will not slip, thus giving you better accuracy and control. Slightly softer feel and super-tacky surface makes SONAR the ideal grip for a wide variety of players.
  • Made with a proprietary hybrid compound that is slightly softer than traditional rubbers, but with exceptional durability and torsion control.
  • Tacky and responsive feel.
  • Unique, eye-catching design with a variety of functional surface textures.


2. Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grips

This grip is one of the tackiest on the market. Keeping the classic look of a wrap grip, the Tour Wrap 2G is made of rubber and comes in a variety of different colors. Though the grip lacks any alignment aids, players are able to place their hands on the club in different ways either closing or opening the face to hit different shots. The Tour Warp 2G tends to become slippery in wet conditions so be sure to have an extra towel handy.

  • Golf Pride Golf Club Grips Tour Wrap 2G Black Standard 60R (Set of 13)
  • 13 Grips
  • CORE SIZE: .600 Inches, GRIP TYPE:Round Noncord, GRIP SIZE:Standard


3. Winn DriTac Golf Grips

The Winn DriTac grip is one of the softest on the market. If you tend to hit shots thin, the polymer material greatly dampens the reverberation you feel at impact. Available in different colors, this grip also performs well in the rain. In excessively hot conditions however, some players feel the grip becomes overly mushy.

  • Winn DriTac Midsize Grip (+1/16), Black/Blue (Set of 9)


4. Iomic Sticky 2.3 Golf Grips

IOMAX Elastomer in this grip provides players the best of both worlds with a firm feel and excellent tackiness. The most noticeable feature of the Sticky 2.3 grip is that it is 100% water and UV resistant. You’ll never have to worry about the club slipping in your hands making rounds in wet or humid conditions more enjoyable. Available in many different colors, this grip is a stylish and functional choice for any player.


5. Golf Pride Multi Compound Golf Grips

The Multicompound is one of the most popular grips available. Black velvet cord in the upper hand allows for ultimate control and performance rubber in the bottom hand provides a firm yet tacky feel desired by players of all levels. The Multicompound performs well in all weather conditions and if properly cared for, can last longer than other grips.


6. Golf Pride VDR Golf Grips

Three depths of surface grip texture are designed for excellent traction making this a great grip for golfers that play in adverse conditions. A rubber compound provides great cushion reducing the shock felt on mishits. If you’re a player looking for a durable grip that is sure not to slip in your hand, the VDR is a great option.

  • Bundle contains 13 grips (NOTE: does not include grip tape or grip solvent)
  • Weighs 45 grams in weight
  • Grip Shape Round


7. Winn Excel Golf Grips

The Winn Excel is perfect for players that suffer from arthritis or otherwise dislike the shock felt at impact. Made of a non-rubber polymer, these grips are extremely tacky affording both excellent feel and control. If playing in wet weather however, these grips tend to become quite slippery making control difficult. A great option for people with sensitive hands that play in dry conditions.


8. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Golf Grips

The Tour Velvet has long been a staple for players of all abilities. Seen as the standard by which other grips are measured, this grip is right in the middle in terms of softness and tackiness. Made of rubber, this grip is the best in all weather conditions. While some grips are softer or firmer, less tacky and more tacky, the Tour Velvet is a solid all-around choice for any player.

Having the right golf grips is imperative for playing your best. Though some grips are better for certain players than others, playing the grips that are best for you instills confidence and provides consistency on every shot. If you are considering new grips, taking the time to do some research will go a long way in helping you have more fun and shoot lower scores.

  • Bundle contains 13 grips (NOTE: does not include grip tape or grip solvent)
  • Weighs 50g
  • Grip Shape Round



It’s estimated that up to 50% of golfers play with worn out grips for their set. With so many options in size, materials, and designs it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Choosing the right grip is something that should not be overlooked though. Armed with the right knowledge, finding the right golf grips will protect your hands from wear and tear, give you enhanced feel, and help you shoot lower scores.


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