Tony Finau WITB? (What’s in the Bag)

Tony Finau is of Tongan and Samoan descent making him the first person of such ancestry to play on the PGA Tour. In 2006 he won the Utah State Amateur Championship, opening the door for his golf career. Tony was recognized for having won first place at the 2016 Puerto Rico Open and went on to qualify for the first three major tournaments in 2018, including his debut at The Masters.

In our “What’s in the bag?” series (or “WITB”) we highlight the best clubs and gear that professional players are currently using in their bags. So, if you are currently looking to take your golf game to the next level, then take a look at what’s in Tony Finau’s bag.

Tony Finau Career Highlights Video


Driver: Ping G400 Max (9 degrees)

Shaft: Accra Tour Zx 465 M5

The G400 Max is one of Ping’s most precise and stable drivers ever produced, making it a key piece in Tony’s lineup when paired with the Accra Tour Zx shaft. The Ping G400 Max features a T9S+ club face that produces a thinner impact area, which helps to elevate ball speed for consistently long, straight drives. Additionally, the T9S+ club face is heavily textured to increase friction and reduce spin. The textured, domed crown combined with bolder turbulators reduces drag to generate significant clubhead speed. Lastly, Dragonfly Technology applied to the G400 Max creates an ultra-thin crown and skirt which optimizes the CG location and increases MOI for maximum forgiveness and accuracy. This ingenious design helps the performance of the Ping G400 Max clubhead by enhancing both the feel and sound. The G400 Max is a great choice for players looking to drive consistently and aggressively down the fairway.

Key Features

  • Using high-strength titanium alloy allows for a thinner face, saving critical mass, and leading to a more optimized ball flight.  
  • The thin crown positions the CG low to maximize MOI for long straight drives. 
  • The turbulators reduce drag to generate higher clubhead speeds and ball velocity.  
  • A deeper, more muted sound with an enhanced feel.
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Fairway Wood

Fairway Wood: Ping G400 (14.5 degress)

Shaft: Accra Tour Zx 4100 M5

The Ping G400 is one of Ping’s thinnest and most flexible fairway woods produced in their lineup. The G400 flexible steel face generates faster ball speeds to launch shots farther, higher, and straighter. The G400 has an upgraded, ultra-thin crown which saves on weight to optimize the CG location increasing MOI. Meanwhile, the crown’s turbulators increase ball speed and provide a captured look. The machined back weight gives players the ability to customize their swing weight, allowing the loft to be fine turned up to +-1 degree. Lastly, the cascading sole and flexing textured face reduces spin allowing a higher launch. These key elements of the Ping G400 make it a forgiving yet powerful wood for any player looking to improve their game.

Key Features

  • Fine-tune abilities allow for adjustment of the loft up to +-1 degree.  
  • Increased face texture provides extra grip, reducing ball spin.  
  • Cascading head design increases face flexing for higher launch.  
  • Ultra-thin crown provides weight-saving to increase MOI for full-face forgiveness.
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Irons: Ping i200 (3 iron), Ping iBlade (4-PW)

Shaft: Nippon N.S. Pro Modus3 Tour 120X

While the Ping iBlade 2-iron is a tour only iron, the Ping i200 is complementary and even a more forgiving option for players. The soft, 431 stainless steel head has a hydropearl chrome finish that repels moisture for more control and helps minimize off-hits from wet conditions and lies in the rough. A muscle-stabilizing bar and deeper, longer tuning port paired with a thinner, faster face create a powerful feel and sound. This results from the soft elastomer insert activating at impact to enhance face flexing for faster ball speeds while damping vibrations. The insert nearly doubled in volume compared to previous Ping irons, allowing for more than three times the amount of face contact. The Ping i200 design of a relatively thin topline, narrow sole, and minimal offset to make it appealing to elite players.

Key Features

  • Precision milled stainless steel head with elastomer CTP dampens the vibration at impact for a soft but solid feel.  
  • A 30% thinner face boost ball speed for increased distance.  
  • Increased weight in hosel and toe increase MOI nearly 7%.  
  • Heightened turf interaction through a higher leading edge with a more playable sole.
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Wedge: Titleist Vokey SM7 (50-12 F Grind, 56-10 S Grind, 60-08 M Grind)

Shaft: Nippon N.S. Pro Modus3 Tour 120X (50, 56), Nippon N.S. Pro Modus3 125 Wedge

The Titleist SM7 wedge provides players a more confident short game through unmatched craftsmanship, technology, and performance. Improved trajectory, distance control, and better feel is accomplished through a finely tuned Progressive Center of Gravity location. The engineered Spin Milled grooves deliver up to 100 RPM more spin, on average, providing impeccable control approaching the green. A one-of-a-kind heat treatment is applied for longer-lasting spin throughout the life of the wedge despite consistent usage. A Tour chrome finish maintains its bright, clean look even after numerous rounds of play. This wedge is not just appealing to the eye, but also a key part to Tony’s arsenal of clubs.

Key Features

  • Spin Milled grooves help to improve distance and trajectory control.  
  • Classic clubhead design gives players the ability to open or close the face adjusting to any lie.  
  • Heat treatment helps maintain performance despite constant usage.  
  • Progressive Center of Gravity location provides distance control and improved trajectory.
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piretti elite putter

Putter: Piretti Elite

Piretti has always graced us with modern refined styling and details that enhance both look and performance. While there are numerous designs of the Elite series, Tony’s personal choice is the Matera. Milled from a solid billet of 303 Stainless steel, the Matera has an incredible feel, balance, and superior quality. The Matera Elite features a deep pocket in the flange of the putter head, 5:00 toe-hang and a satin finish for reduced glare. Meanwhile the head is configured to be heavy enough to stay in place behind the ball during alignment, preventing the putter from wandering off-line on short putts. The Matera is perfect for players that like a wider profile, but don’t like to look at the lines of a deep pocket in the flange of the putter head. 

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Tony Finau is a professional known for his tenacity and has proven himself amid his counterparts. From our WITB review, it’s apparent that in January 2018, when he signed an endorsement deal with Ping, he would be provided with some of the best clubs available. Despite this agreement, his choice in clubs is still relevant and greatly impacts his performance. So, if you are looking to maximize your golf abilities, take a look at what’s in Tony’s bag. You may find something that will help you take your game to the next level. 


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