Snell MTB Golf Balls Review

Snell Golf has made one of the largest impacts in the golf ball industry in recent memory. Dean Snell has pioneered work on some of the most famous golf ball including previous ProV models. His knowledge and intuition within golf has given rise to both the Snell MTB X and MTB Black and provided golfers a higher performing golf ball without the premium price tag. Snell golf balls have been thoughted by almost every test they have been a part of, and this review will reflect roughly the same. For players looking to save money but not sacrifice performance, the MTB line from Snell is a no-brainer.

Snell MTB Black My Tour Golf Balls, White

Key Features

  • MTB Black is a 3-piece design that offers players great distance and a soft feel.  
  • MTB X is a 3-piece design with more distance and a firm feel.  
  • Both offerings have been reengineered for improved aerodynamics, consistent short game spin and optimized ball flights.
  • New smaller core offers low driver spin & faster speeds.
  • A thicker, firmer mantle layer for increased mid and short iron approach shots.
  • Low lift, low drag for controlled ball flight to reduce "ballooning" and offer great performance in the wind Firmer Feel

Snell MTB Golf Balls Detailed Review

Design and Technology

MTB Black is a 3-piece construction featuring a compression rating of around 75-80. Importantly, this reduction in compression is not coupled with a substantial distance loss and still provides players with a feel they love. MTB Black is encapsulated by a urethane cover and provides optimal short game spin.

MTB X is my personal favorite in the Snell lineup and offers players a higher compression rating (85-90) and a slightly firmer feel. Similarly cast in a urethane cover, the MTB X provides quick stopping greenside control and exceptional distances throughout the bag.

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Our Experience

Although my expectations for the Snell golf balls were high, they were still very remarkable. Both the MTB Black and MTB X outperformed and outlasted golf balls that cost almost 100% more than them. I saw no distance diminishes in any club in the bag and even saw my middle and long iron flying about a half-club longer with the MTB X. I prefer the slightly firmer feel of the MTB X golf ball as well as I have been playing either the ProV1x or the TaylorMade TP5x for the past several seasons. Even compared with those industry leading golf balls, the MTB X was impressive.



MTB Black and MTB X are offered in both white and optic yellow. Golf balls can be purchased by the dozen and bulk pricing is available so players can save even more money. At their lowest price category, MTB Black and MTB X cost $27.99 per dozen and I do not think I will be alone in saying that at those prices, the MTB Black and MTB X offer the best performance per dollar in the golf industry. A test pack is also available where players can receive two dozen of each the MTB Black and MTB X and see for themselves which golf ball is best suited for their game.

Snell MTB Golf Balls

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  • Tour-level performances of the MTB Black and MTB X make them as good or better than anything else tested.
  • Better, softer feel without the sacrifice of distance or consistency will be pleasing to some golfers.
  • Trial packs allow golfers to find their best golf ball and optimize their setup throughout their bag.


  • Snell golf balls may be difficult to find in local demoing and may require players to purchase the trial pack to test.
  • Lower compression ratings, below 100, may not be ideal for golfers that prefer very firm feeling golf balls.
  • Lack of customization options may limit golfers to choosing stock numbers and logos.
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Echoing the example of many other golf industry professionals, Snell Golf unmistakably provide some of the highest performing golf balls in the industry. Their pricing models allow golfers to play golf balls that perform at tour-inspired levels without premium price tags. The trial pack is one of the best options for golfers truly interested in optimizing their equipment for their game. Somehow, the team at Snell has found a way to match lower compression, better feel, and explosive distance in a creative and unique fashion. Golfers will be missing out if they do not add the Snell MTB X and MTB Black to their testing matrix this year.

Snell MTB Golf Ball Video Review

How Do the Snell Golf Balls?


The ELIXR is OnCore Golf’s highest performing golf ball. Recently awarded by Golf Digest, the ELIXR does well in almost all testing scenarios. ELIXR is also available to players in bulk and make an excellent choice for your entire year.

  • AWARD-WINNING: ELIXR won gold in the Golf Digest 2019 Hot List awards
  • PLAYER PROFILE: Built for the demands of tour players and delivers peak performance for all golfers
  • DRIVERSPIN: Low driver spin and optimal launch angle yield extreme distance and control off the tee

Cut Dual Core

The Dual Core is one of the most impressive golf balls dollar-for-dollar on the market. With a sub-$30 price tag, it is hard to argue that golfers could find more value anywhere else. Cut Golf is new into the tour-inspired golf ball category, but the Dual Core is positioned to stay and compete with industry leaders, especially in the golf bags of amateurs and weekend players.

  • 4-Piece Construction
  • Engineered with a Dual Core to maximize initial velocityMantle designed for high precision spin control
  • Urethane cover enhances spin and greenside control

Titleist ProV1

The ProV1 is the most recognized golf ball around the world. The name has become synonymous with performance and consistency and we will not argue either. Players know that dropping a ProV1 into play allows them to perform at their highest level and that is reflected as Titleist continues to dominate worldwide tour ball counts.

  • Extraordinary Distance with Consistent Flight
  • Very Low Long Game Spin and Penetrating Trajectory
  • Drop-and-Stop Short Game Control

Should You Buy Snell Golf Balls?

Golfers who need to keep the cost of playing low should not overlook the importance of playing the same golf ball every single swing. Snell can offer both exceptional performance and a better price for players that have to balance many things in their golfing lives and beyond. The option of the firmer MTB X contrasted to the softer MTB Black allows golfers to dial in their feel preference without sacrificing price or performance. Getting your best fit in a golf ball is the most important but Snell is absolutely providing new options for players that demand the best but do not want to pay for the endorsement deals seen on the PGA Tour.


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