Cobra King Black Wedge Review

The Cobra King Black wedge was introduced in early 2018 and met with critical acclaim by golfers of all skill levels looking for the very best in craftsmanship and materials. While many brands tout the latest and greatest in design and technology, Cobra knows one thing—they have the design that works. The Cobra King Black is no exception as it has received a Gold Rating in Golf Digest’s 2018 Hot List. With plenty of loft, bounce and grind options, the Cobra King Black is perfect for any player looking for greater control and precision with their wedge game.

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2018 Cobra King Black Wedge


Key Features

  • The Cobra King Black wedge features a Diamondized Black Metal (DBM) Finish that is one of the most durable finishes ever made.

  • The face on the Cobra King Black wedge is one of the thickest on the market and therefore provides enhanced feel on both full and short shots for greater control.

  • Progressive Spin Technology provides optimal spin and trajectory control from all different yardages.


  • Demonized Black Metal (Plated 8620 Carbon Steel)-Cobra's most durable satin black finish ever. DBM provides extreme resistance to wear for longer lasting, better looking wedges
  • 100% CNC milled faces & grooves-cnc milling creates highly accurate grooves for consistent spin across the entire spin across the entire face
  • Variable face roughness-cobra patented CNC milling technique delivers optimized surface roughness across the face to maximize spin and control for more precise shots around the green

Cobra King Black Wedge Detailed Review

Design and Technology

The Cobra King Black wedge is designed for players looking for consistency, control and durability. While the basic design of the King Black wedge mirrors that of previous models, it’s new and enhanced finish materials and face design take its performance to the next level.

For players that prefer a black gunmetal finish, but are disappointed with how quickly the finish wears off, the Cobra King Black’s Diamondized Black Metal Finish is nothing short of amazing. Made of 8620 carbon steel, this finish may be the most durable black or gunmetal finish ever made. Instead of simply plating the finish of the wedge onto already existing metal (which leads to faster wear), the BDM is literally permeated into the steel creating a bond that not only looks great but stands the test of time.

While many manufacturers have touted thinner faces for increased distance, trajectory, and overall performance, Cobra has done the opposite. The Cobra King Black wedge features the thickest face of any wedge on the market. Though previous Cobra wedges have featured thicker faces for increased feel, the King Black has moved the thickest part of the face slightly higher on the face to reduce vibration on mishits and provide greater feedback on solid shots.

Additionally, the Progressive Spin Technology in the King Black wedge allows players to optimize spin and trajectory from all yardages for greater consistency and control. On wedges with stronger lofts of 50, 52, and 54 degrees, Cobra’s patented CNC milled grooves are slightly narrower and shallower to optimize consistency in ball flight and distance control on full shots from the fairway. Higher lofted wedges of 56, 58, and 60 degrees feature wider and deeper grooves that allow players to increase spin and control on short shots around the green.

Cobra King Black Review

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  • Diamondized Black Metal Finish is one of the most durable finishes on the market and does not wear off quickly
  • Progressive Spin Technology CNC Milled grooves provide consistent ball flight, spin, and distance control
  • The King Black’s thick face reduces vibration on mishits while also providing optimal feel and control on solid shots


  • Diamondized Black Metal Finish is the only finish available which may be difficult for players used to a chrome finish
  • The King Black has limited loft, bounce and grind options compared to other wedges on the market
  • There is little that is new with King Black wedge other than the finish compared to previous Cobra models available
Build Quality
Control and Performance
Design and Appearance

Cobra King Black Wedge Review


The Cobra King Black wedge comes in lofts of 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 degrees in both right and left-handed. Bounce options include Classic, Versatile and Wide Low. The finish is Diamondized Black Metal and the stock shaft is the Dynamic Gold True Temper S200 (130 grams) in stiff flex.


The Cobra King Black wedge is by far one of the best wedges available on the market. With a Black Diamondized Metal Finish, thicker face, Progressive Spin Technology, and CNC Milled grooves, the Cobra King Black wedge allows players to improve their control, precision, and consistency regardless of the lie.

Cobra King Black Wedge Video Review


How Does the Cobra King Black Wedge Compare?

Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge

The Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge is designed to make every shot, from around the greens all the way into short approach shots. No matter what shot you need to hit, the Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge has a sole shape just for you. Its traditional Full shape is stable through impact and works well in the sand when the clubface is opened, while its Mid shape features a V-shaped grind that assists golfers who have steep or neutral angles of attack. Its Low and XLOW sole shapes remove bounce from the heel, toe, and trail edge, allowing the leading edge to sit lower and slip under the golf ball. Lastly, if you want spin the Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge is the club for you. With its Progressive Feel Balancing, sharp deep grooves, and precision milled face, the Cleveland RTX4 allows players to hit shots with greater spin with little to no effort. So, if you are ready for a wedge that will help you from 100 yards and in to stop a ball on a dime, then the Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge is the club for you.

  • TOUR SATIN Less glare and premium finishing provides the look and performance avid golfers demand
  • 4th GENERATION ROTEX FACE TECHNOLGYWith our sharpest Tour Zip Grooves yet, the most aggressive face milling we've developed, and even more precise laser milling, Rotex 4 generates more spin
  • PROGRESSIVE FEEL BALANCING TECHNOLOGYNew Muscle shaping on the back of each loft progressively adjusts the center of gravity on both the X and Y-axes, enhancing feel and distance control


Callaway Mack Daddy MD4 Wedge

The Callaway Mack Daddy MD4 Wedge was at the beginning of 2018 and it soon became one of the hottest wedges of the year. So much so that the Mac Daddy 4 even received a Gold Rating in the 2018 Golf Digest’s Hot List. The Callaway Mac Daddy 4 wedge features revolutionary Groove-In-Groove technology that allows players of all levels the ability to increase spin rates and gain greater precision and control. The variety of loft, bounce and grind options gives golfers plenty of choices to customize a wedge makeup that is suitable for their ability and the conditions they play in. If you are a player looking to get the ball to stop on a dime or even spin back, then the Mac Daddy 4 is the club for you.

  • More Spin from Groove-In-Groove Technology
  • Four Sole Grinds to Suit a Variety of Playing Styles, Attack Angles and Course Conditions
  • Broad Range of Lofts and Bounce Combinations

Wilson Harmonized Wedge

The Wilson Harmonized Wedge is clearly priced in the budget club category, yet there is nothing budget-like about the Wilson Harmonized Wedge. From its sole grind and wide variety of lofts, to its classic design and optional black chrome finish, golfers of all skill levels who are looking for an extremely affordable and useful wedge will love the Wilson Harmonized Wedge. Made for mid to high handicap player who are not used to using a traditional wedge around the greens, the Wilson Harmonized Wedge is made has been designed to help you get a better feel for a true sand or lob wedge. At a price that won’t break the bank, the Wilson Harmonized Wedge is an incredible value for what it delivers in performance.

  • Classic, high polish finish and classic blade shape
  • Perfect club for getting your ball close to the pin
  • True Temper steel irons for high performance and reliability


Should You Buy the Cobra King Black Wedge?

When you want to lower your scores and take your game to another level, the quickest improvements often come inside of 125 yards. As a result, having the right wedges in the bag is paramount. With state-of-the-art design and finish features, the Cobra King Black wedge is an affordable option for all players looking to improve their game.


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