Cobra F9 Driver Review

Cobra has reinvented the shape of the F9 driver to stretch the aerodynamic and center of gravity relationship. Creating a driver that is less resistant during the swing while maintaining a low and rear center of gravity is a difficult balance. Better aerodynamics mean more club head speed and longer driver. Low and rear centers of gravity create a more forgiving driver. SPEEDBACK is the perfect combination of these two engineering advancements to deliver a tandem of fast and forgiving. The F9 is fast enough to keep up with golfers of all swing types and gives up nothing in forgiveness to even the largest headed drivers.

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Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Speedback Driver Black-Yellow


Key Features

  • SPEEDBACK aerodynamics delivers more club head speed, greater ball speeds, and more distance.

  • The CNC milled driver face ensures that each driver face is built to the thinnest and fastest tolerances.

  • Adjustable loft sleeves and weight configurations make sure that every golfer receives the ideal launch and spin characteristics at any speed.


  • Speedback Technology-King F9 Speedback driver is the first of its kind to achieve true optimization of aerodynamics and low CG, making it the fastest, and longest COBRA driver.
  • Speedback Aero Design-Speedback Technology delivers a highly aerodynamic clubhead design
  • Low CG Speedback Weighting-The addition of a low, multi-material tungsten weight structure creates a low, deep CG

Cobra F9 Driver Detailed Review

Design and Technology

Because the United States Golf Association set limits on how much ball speed can be produced by any club head speed, drivers are limited in how much distance they can provide to each golfer. Cobra has found a way to give players more club head speed and deliver more forgiveness so that every swing is maximized. SPEEDBACK, CNC milling, and Dual Roll Technology combine to give players a thin, fast face that sails effortlessly through the air and is forgiving across the entire hitting area.

The carbon wrap crown of the F9 driver allows engineers to save 10 grams of weight and add 12% more carbon to the surface area of the F9 driver. This weight saving design gives the F9 driver a unique ability to be exceedingly aerodynamic and higher in its moment of inertia. The changeable weight ports in the sole of F9 make sure that all that speed is not wasted by optimizing launch and spin for every type of golf swing. The F9 is Cobra’s most advanced driver ever and it is making a difference on the PGA Tour and in the hands of handicap golfers.

I really enjoyed the look of the yellow and red sole of the F9; however, in the playing position, I much preferred the matte crown of the Avalanche colorway. I was fit into the 10.5-degree lofted head with the hosel setting dialed down to 9.5 degrees. I found my best results with the Tensei CK Pro White Shaft in the 70TX model. I found that the weight that Cobra saved in the head allowed me to pick up an additional 4-5 miles per hour of clubhead speed and led to some of my longest drives ever. The carbon feel and sound have become familiar as more companies begin to save weight by using this lighter material. Overall, I cannot say enough good things about the F9 and I would not hesitate to recommend it to players of all abilities, but especially to high swing speed players.

Cobra F9 Driver

9.2 Ga_logo_white_artboard-2-1


  • The SPEEDBACK system uses a raised crown and tail for industry-leading club head speeds
  • CNC milling ensures that the maximum amount of ball speed is created as strikes vary across the face
  • The adjustable center of gravity ports allow for a larger matrix of launch and customizations


  • The F9 has several graphics on the crown that can be distracting in the playing position
  • Strikes very high in the face seem to underperform relative to other driver models and shape designs
  • Players unaccustomed to the muted sound of the F9 driver may lose feedback
Build Quality
Control and Performance
Design and Appearance

King F9 Image


The Cobra F9 gives players two options of colors. The black, grey, and white Avalanche color and the high contrast black, yellow, and red. Both models are available in right and left hand. The black/white model has two loft options, 9.0 and 10.5 degrees, and the black/yellow comes in three, 9.0, 10.5, and 12.0 degrees. Cobra’s SmartPad hosel system gives players eight easily adjustable loft and lie settings to make sure their launch, spin, and shot shape is perfect.

The stock shaft array from Cobra is expansive. The F9 comes in weights from 50 to 70 grams and is available in six different flexes. For slower-swinging players, the UST Helium is available in 50 grams and regular and senior flexes. The Project X HZRDUS Smoke is offered in 60-gram weights in 6.0 and 6.5 flexes. For the strongest players, the Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec Black is free of charge in the 70-gram stiff and Tour-extra-stiff options.


The F9 driver delivers on its promise to make players faster by producing better swing speed with advanced aerodynamics. SPEEDBACK and the low and back center of gravity are perfect complements to the thin CNC milled face to deliver faster ball speeds without sacrificing forgiveness. In high profile colorways, the F9 is sure to make a statement in more than just its performance. Players looking for help generating more club head speed or looking to maximize their already impressive driving distances may find additional performance in the new F9 from Cobra.

Cobra F9 Driver Video Review


How Does the F9 Driver Compare?

Callaway Epic Flash Driver

The Callaway Epic Flash Driver combines Jailbreak and artificial technology to give golfers more ball speeds across the face. Epic Flash was produced by simulating over 15,000 shots and building a wave patterned face to give the golfer more help off the tee. Players of all abilities and swing types can get longer, straighter golf shots from the new Epic Flash. The combination of classic Callaway aesthetics, a carbon crown, and the sliding weight appeals to golfers of any personal and performance preference.

  • The Callaway Epic Flash Driver employs a new technology called Flash Face to help golfers get more ball speed for more distance.
  • Flash Face's sophisticated architecture was created by Artificial Intelligence - the first known instance of using the golf industry - to create a radically different face.
  • Jailbreak Technology features two internal bars that stiffen and stabilize the crown and sole, placing more impact load on the face to promote faster ball speed.


TaylorMade M5 Driver

The TaylorMade M5 Driver makes everyone faster. The introduction of injectable resin helps ensure that every M5 driver produced is as close to the legal limits as possible. Tour-caliber tolerances are delivered to every golfer in a highly customizable driver. The M5 gives players the freedom to dial in loft, spin, and shot shape with over 1,000 possible weight and face configurations. Elite players and high handicap golfers can build their M5 to deliver longer shots and eliminate their biggest misses.

  • SPEED INJECTED: Every head is individually speed tested and injected with tuning resin to optimize COR across the entire face; The Speed Injection process is designed to maximize ball speed and distance in the M6 driver
  • TWIST FACE: Revolutionary new face curvature with a corrective face angle on off center hits, engineered to reduce side spin and deliver straighter shots
  • INVERSE T-TRACK: The new, more efficient Inverse T-Track enables two 10g weights to be maneuvered for optimal spin and trajectory


Titleist TS3 Driver

The Titleist TS3 Driver is the lower spinning option in Titleist’s new Speed Project. The TS3 is giving players more ball speed than any other Titleist driver ever. The all-new speed chassis and improved aerodynamics shed the stigma of “short and spinny” from the Titleist brand. TS3 offers players speed-tuned distance from the SureFit CG cartridge and one of the most precise hosel fitting systems in golf. Players that love the Titleist brand but have been underwhelmed by their recent driver offerings are not alone, the TS3 is a welcome, open invitation back.


Should You Buy the F9 Driver

The F9 driver excels in giving players more speed through better aerodynamics. Players that have already been well-fit for their current driver may see some significant improvement in their own performance due to the SPEEDBACK system of the F9. Juniors and senior players that are struggling for club head speed can find relief in this more forgiving, fast model. Already a winner on the PGA and Worldwide golfing Tours, the F9 is a standout performer in the 2019 driver class. In a landscape where every manufacturer is creating two or three models to match the swings of each category of golfer, Cobra has created a one-club-fits-all solution for improved distance and accuracy.

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