Best Sun Mountain Golf Bags for 2021

Your golf bag is one of the most important pieces of golf equipment you own.  Sure, it might not cure your slice like that new shaft you put in your driver.  But, it’s specific functionality makes the process of playing and enjoying the game that much easier.  The right bag for golf will help you planning your golf game trip and make it easy while you are on the golf course. Let’s face it, there are different types of bags for golf for different players. It wont improve your golfers abilities and performance but the right golf bag will make it easier your golf time and more enjoyable.

Sun Mountain bags have x strap system their unique design. This x strap system distribute the weight so you can carry your bag easily. If you’re someone that likes to walk and only carries a sleeve of balls and a handful of tees, a simple lightweight bag is all you need. You will need a simple high quality bag just for a few clubs. On the other hand, if riding is your preference, and you’ve got enough gear to outfit a small army, you need a golf bag that has plenty of room to store everything. Best are bigger bags like fifteen club dividers provide enough space for everything whatever golf bag need to have. Whatever terrain the sun mountain have a bag for you. Probably if you use a golf cart you will use a cart bag with a strap system for easier attach and loose on and of the cart. You will have storage space for many full length club models. The stand bags also provide good amount of storage space they come with legs so you can put to stand your back anywhere on the course. The bags get a lot of support in the event of golf where participants are many pro golfers. Whatever golf bag you decide to choose the main purpose will be the same know you’re getting your golf clubs and other equipment to safe from damaging and allow you to enjoy in your golf game.

Top 7 Best Sun Mountain Bags

Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag

Sun Mountain’s C-130 cart bag was created to work optimally on a cart. All of the features are designed with cart use ...
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Sun Mountain 2.5 + Stand Bag

Redefining the features that can be offered in an ultra-light golf bag, Sun Mountain presents the 2.5+. Adapted from ...
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Sun Mountain 4.5 Ls 14-Way Stand Bag

New for 2017 - For those who carry their bag and want individual club dividers, the 4.5 LS 14-way is ideal. It weighs ...
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Sun Mountain H2NO 14-Way Stand Bag

The H2NO Lite 14-way is a full-featured bag constructed with waterproof fabrics, high-quality YKK water-resistant ...
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Sun Mountain Women’s Scarlet Golf Bag

The Starlet is a mid-sized, full-featured, riding cart bag. For convenience, all pockets are forward-facing and ...
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Sun Mountain Leather Stand Bag

Combining tradition with technology, the Leather Stand Bag is sewn with the finest cow leather available. Additional ...
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Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian

ClubGlider has revolutionized how people travel with their golf clubs. The patented ClubGlider rolls effortlessly due ...
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Who is Sun Mountain?

Rick Reimers founded this company in 1984 in Missoula, Montana. Reimers pioneered the use of lightweight carry bags for golf. Over 30 years bag Sun Mountain golf company change the game of golf with inspiration and innovation. Over 30 years bags and outwear lives with high quality. They have durable bags for different players. Their dedication and proper usage of high quality materials always put them on the high lace in golf equipment manufacturers. Their bags were the first which created non-collapsible lightweight carry bags. Sun Mountain bags for golf were the first stand bags with legs. They revolutionize the golf game with that innovation. Every innovation so far make the golf game and carrying your bag more easier and comfortable. In the early 1990’s, the company expanded its production into outerwear with the introduction of Nimbus wind and rain gear, Golfleece and Headwind. Over the years bag Sun Mountain company were official suppliers of international golf cups with bags outerwear. In 2001, they revolutionized golf bag design again, with the creation of EZ-FIT dual strap system which allowed golfers that carried their bags for golf to adjust the straps to their liking. This top rated company produced and will continue to produce the best golf bags and equipment.

Why Buy a Sun Mountain Golf Bag?

Their reputation as the premier manufacturer of bags for golf and outwear lives on to this day. Their products are great for any type of golfers. Many players consider that best Sun Mountain bags can even improve their performance. They put a lot of effort and time on research and design. Their teams are made from professionals who love the game of golf. From day one, all these products have been designed by golfers, for golfers. Many professional players and amateur use their products. The quality of materials that are in golf bags Sun Mountain company uses continues to set the bar high for comfort and durability. Every Sun Mountain golf bag is designed to deliver the best functionality possible. The best Sun Mountain bags have full length dividers for maximum protection of the clubs.  The bottom line remains, Sun Mountain is the golf bag manufacturer that all of companies strive to be. 

Reviews of the Best Sun Mountain Bags for Golf

C-130 Cart Golf Bag

If you’re a golfer that likes to play out of cart, the Sun Mountain C-130 is a great option. Sun Mountain’s most popular golf cart bag has room to store everything you need while you’re on the course.  Fourteen club full-length dividers protect your clubs banging against each other and makes them easy to organize and find.  Ten forward-facing pockets give you plenty of room to store everything from clothes, to balls and tees, to your favorite cold beverage. Forward pockets allow you easy access to your equipment and do not interfere with the cart strap system. If there’s something you need on the golf course, there’s plenty of room for it in this Sun Mountain bag.  C 130 is also unique design. Another great thing about this golf bag Sun Mountain designed is that it is from quality lightweight material and is easy to carry.

The design of the Sun Mountain C-130 cart bag is also unique in that it’s oriented backward compared to most cart bags.  Three utility handles make loading and unloading of this best Sun Mountain C 130 golf bag a breeze. The strap system is with two Velcro straps and its keeping the bag from moving around while the cart is in motion. The front of the bag also sits lower than the back, making reaching for a club more convenient.  This Sun Mountain golf bag is best-selling golf cart bag. And if its not the best Sun Mountain bag for golf for sure will be ranked in the top three.

2.5 + Stand Carry Bag

Winner of the 2019 Hot List Golf Award, the Sun Mountain 2.5+ Carry Bag is one of the lightest stand bags around with easy access to the clubs.  Sun Mountain’s top-of-the-line high-density foam shoulder pads make this bag comfortable to carry. This bag has 14 club dividers for well storage of your clubs. The carbon fiber legs are both lightweight and durable allowing the golf bag to stand sturdy on any kind of terrain. They are designed so they don’t flap around. This Sun Mountain golf bag features the Sun Mountain unique X-strap system which distribute the weight of the bag in such a way that is easy to carry this stand bag around. X-strap system works well as a single strap for short caries. This system relive the stress of your muscles from your torso so you will have more energy and impact on your swing during your game. This carry bag Sun Mountain 2.5 is used also as a woman golf bag because is so easy to carry around the golf course. Great Sun Mountain golf bags that can be used by seniors and women players. Five pockets allow you store all the necessities and extra weather gear for those rounds in inclement weather. This is one of the best Sun Mountain golf bags.

4.5 Ls Stand Bag 14-Way

If you like the storage of a cart bag, but prefer to carry your clubs, look no further than the 4.5 Ls stand bag 14-Way Way Bag.  Just like the C-130, this Sun Mountain golf bag 4.5 ls 14 way club full-length divider. With this number of dividers the 4.5 ls offer great space for nice set of clubs. This Sun Mountain bag will offer storage space for nice set of clubs. The leg mechanism is easy to use and quickly extend the legs and make the bag sturdy preventing from tumbling down. even though it is a big bag with lot of storage space and can carry a lot of equipment the materials and design make it easy to carry this bag from the parking to the ground. With high-quality cart strap this stand bag will became golf cart bag if you want. This 4.5 ls stand bag features straps which are with high-density foam for more comfortable carry. Many tour level and regular golfers consider these are the best Sun Mountain golf bags. Nine pockets allow you to store anything you can imagine in this bag sun mountain. They are large enough for extra equipment and to keep your valuables. The lumbar support Air Flow adjustable hip pad keeps the golf bag from banging against your hip and provides extra support. This will prevent any injuries or uneasiness while carrying the bag.  In the event that you choose to ride in a golf cart, the legs of the kickstand lock in place so they don’t flap around. This is one of the top Sun Mountain bag for golf if not the best for some players but fore sure it is in the top three sun mountain golf bag.

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Sun Mountain golf H2NO 14-Way Golf Bag

Another innovation from Sun Mountain. If you are golf fanatic rain and cold weather will not stop you playing. That is why these Sun Mountain golf bags are perfect for these types of golfers. Some people love the rain and enjoy playing on rain. If you play a lot of golf in the rain, you know how miserable it can be trying to keep all your equipment dry.  Wouldn’t it be great if there were a fully waterproof golf bags? That’s exactly what this company created with the Sun Mountain H2NO 14-way full-length divider golf bag. This is a best of a waterproof golf bag Sun mountain designed. Best Sun Mountain bags with water resistant ability. Not only is the bag’s fabric waterproof, so are its zippers and seals. Many golfers the quality of this water resistant Sun Mountain golf bag can not match with nothing on the market. The contents inside your golf bag will remain dry in a downpour. Like all other Sun Mountain’s Golf Bag, six pockets allow for more storage for additional equipment or personal belongings. This stand bag will allow you to play your best golf even if it’s rain.

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Women’s Starlet Golf Bag

The saying goes that if you’re going to play well, you have to look the part.  Just like the rest cart bags made by Sun Mountain, this ladies golf 2020 Women’s Scarlet bag isn’t short on storage.  This bag comes with 10 pockets face forward for easy accessibility, two of them are velour-lined valuables pocket. This Sun Mountain golf bag for women golfers provide enough space for golf club set and additional equipment. Fifteen club full length dividers provide protection and make organization easy.  Best Sun Mountain golf bags for women. Cart bumpers on the bottom of the golf bag and the cart strap keep it secured on a cart. Their lightweight material made them ideal for women golfers. This is one of the best golf bags on the market for women.

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Leather Golf Bag

If you’re a traditionalist that prefers a classic, elegant look for your bag, the Sun Mountain Leather Golf Bag won’t disappoint.  This Sun Mountain golf bags are combination of modern design and traditional look. Made from the finest cow leather around, this stand bag comes in a variety of colors including a patriotic red, white and blue look. These bags have four way dividers enough for your most needed clubs. These leather bags Sun Mountain Golf company produce have perfect design and style. Tradition meets modern with carbon fiber stand legs, a hip pad for carrying comfort, and full-length dividers.  If you want the best in classic design and like to carry your clubs, it doesn’t get much better than the Sun Mountain Leather golf Bag. Best Sun Mountain leather bags.

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ClubGlider Meridian Golf Travel

Bringing your golf clubs with you on vacation can be a hassle.  Between lugging your clubs through airport terminals, hoping they survive being tossed around by TSA and storing them once you’ve arrived, sometimes it seems like it’s hardly worth the effort. Great bag if you like to travel and explore new golf courses. It is made from quality durable material to stand the test of time and carrying through different places.  These travel bags Sun Mountain Golf company design makes travelling with your clubs as easy as it gets. Having received the Golf Digest Hot List Award of Gold, you can rest assured this travel golf bag is best-in-class.  Dense foam padding protects your clubs throughout your journey. The extendable leg mechanism gives you an extra set of wheels providing easier maneuverability and stability. Industrial strength zippers will stand the test of time and keep all your valuables secure. Best Sun Mountain travel bags.

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If you’re in the market for a new golf bag, you’d be hard pressed to go wrong with Sun Mountain bags for golf.  The company’s products are manufactured by golfers, for golfers. When you buy a best Sun Mountain golf bag, you know you’re getting the best in terms of quality, design and functionality. You know you are getting the best types of golf bags. Many of Sun Mountain golf bags have won digest hot list golf award. They are also in the top in 2019 golf digest hot list. You can store anything you need while you’re playing golf. You are buying a product that is designed from golf specialist for golfers. Whether is golf cart bag, a stand bag, travel bag for golf they have bags for every occasion and for every golfer. Many years of innovations and experience made them favorable for any golfers. Whether you need space to store every golf gadget under the sun or, like to walk and prefer the minimalist approach, Sun Mountain has a bag to fit your needs. They even have smart strap system which which features rechargeable power pack two usb ports. So if you want the straps to charge your phone while you play now you can do it. For over thirty years golf bags Sun Mountain designed the best on the market. Their the first who started using carbon fiber legs in stand bags. Best Sun Mountain bags quality and features differs from other golf bags. Their consistent prices make you easier to choose their different types of golf bags over other. There are a lot of factors why you should try and own one of the best Sun Mountain golf bags.

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