Best Golf Shoes for 2022

This is the year you’re going to shatter your goals. A new set of irons, custom fit golf club to your swing, new wedges to stop the ball on a dime, and of course, that $350 putter your spouse hasn’t heard about. There won’t be any stopping you. You can already see yourself on the tee for your first round of the year, filled with anticipation. The last thing you need to have happen now is the golf shoes you are wearing let you down. The right equipment won’t mean much if you are constantly slipping all over the course or are thinking about blisters and foot pain. Comfortable and well designed lightweight golf shoes with arch support will improve your performance and allow you to play your best golf game. It is important to have quality shoes with great traction and fell like running shoes when walking. If you prefer to walk around the golf course rather to use a golf cart quality golf shoes with excellent fit and added comfort are important for your game. You should avoid snug fit. Whether you are major champion, tour pros player or amateur you will need to feel extremely comfortable throughout the swing.

Today golf shoe market provide great options for quality new golf shoes. Many manufacturers put a lot of emphasis on technology, innovation, just to improve the performance, energy return, feel, stability and comfort in their shoe features. Playing a regular 18 holes golf game will require a lot of walking and you don’t want to feel uncomfortable or to slip around the course. You will need great pick with all day comfort. The best golf shoes will be made from high quality full grain leather, will have fully waterproof warranty, gore tex membrane, will have great grip and stability, added comfort in the top of the foot and will be lightweight and very comfortable. Today style of shoes for golf is not limited only to classic traditional golf style of shoes. You have plenty of distinctive designs of spiked shoes, spikeless model or athletic style golf shoes with color options to choose. Now more and more leather shoes for golf look like running shoes and are extremely lightweight. This guide with independently selected models helps take you through the best golf shoes this season to help you get the most from your swing regardless of your style or playing abilities.

Top 10 Best Golf Shoes

FootJoy Men’s Flex Golf Shoes

The FootJoy Flex golf shoes are one of the most complete shoes this season. Made to fit the demands of the most serious golfer, the FootJoy Flex shoes are low profile, lightweight and comfortable. These spikeless golf shoes are made to be worn on and off the golf course. The FootJoy Flex uses a molded sole to provide more traction to players looking for an athletic fit. They introduce the Versa-Trax traction system for great on course performance in key areas. The mesh upper is breathable and makes practicing and playing more enjoyable. This spikeless shoe have molded EVA FitBed for more comfort with enhanced cushioning. Many professionals love to use this low profile shoes.

The Flex golf shoe is an excellent choice for players or coaches that prioritize comfort over waterproof ability. Another great stylish model is their carbon version of ProSl model with carbon fibre inlay and premium chromoskin leather. Even though this is spikeless shoe it offers stability and support during swing. These are high quality lightweight shoes look like sport shoes for running. However overall this spikeless golf shoes may earn high spot on the best golf shoes list.

Adidas Men’s Tour 360 Boost 2.0 Golf Shoe

The Adidas Tour 360 Boost 2.0 spiked golf shoes are one of the most comfortable shoes with waterproof protection on the market. It is a cleated shoe for golfers who prefer traditional style shoe with excellent grip and stability. Beside designing great shoes in other sports they offer great models for golf. Another great golf model is their Adidas codechaos. Players looking for more protection without sacrificing the athletic fit of sleek shoes will love the look and fit of the specially designed Tour 360 2.0s. Made with full plastic spikes for additional traction, the Adidas Tour 360 Boost 2.0 spiked golf shoes provide comfort and stability walking the course or practicing on the range. Great pick golf shoes for morning rounds while there is still morning dew on the course.

This shoe has great flexibility between the foot and heel similar with Adidas codechaos model. The leather upper have climaproof treatment to provide great waterproof protection. It is similar to gore tex material. These shoes have two year waterproof warranty. With tpu outsole, roomy toe box and boost cushioning for great comfort even for golfers with wide feet. It has no weakness on course performance and it is one of the main reason these are one of the best golf shoes. The great grip and stability provide you with ability to improve your swing and feel comfortable while you are playing or walking on the course. Great shoe for any weather conditions with stylish design and color options to choose.

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Nike Men’s Roshe G Tour Golf Shoes

The Nike Roshe G Tour is one of the most popular spiked golf shoes of the season. The specially designed Roshe G Tour shoe is fully waterproof and made more stable ground contact thanks to the plastic removable spike system. So they act like spiked shoes with metal spikes. Nike is well known in the footwear industry in other sports and they bring decades of making sport sneakers like Nike Air Max to their comfortable shoes for golf. People familiar with Nike will love the Roshe G Tour shoe for a few rounds. It has plush midsole with and soft synthetic leather upper. Similar to Nike running shoes.

Even though it does not have cushioning like the Nike Air Max still this next pair offer great lasting comfort from tee box to the final green on the golf courses. Great looks, excellent comfort, stability and grip at high level and water resistant ability for any type of weather put this shoe hing on the list best golf shoes. Another great thing about these spiked golf shoes is that they have great price and maybe are the best shoes for the value. They are available in many color options like the Nike Air series.

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Skechers Men’s Go Golf Elite 3 Shoe

Possibly the largest surprise to many readers, the Skechers Go Golf E 3 shoes are extremely comfortable and one of the best golf shoes in our tests. These are athletic style golf shoes. Skechers’ molded traction systems help keep your feet on the ground and provides more comfort than larger spike systems. Skechers have good shoe technology their spikeless shoes with cushioned sole are perfect athletic style shoes. Not particularly known for their sport shoe offerings or other golfing outfits, Skechers has a complete winner in the athletic golf shoe category. These Skechers Go Golf E3 shoes have brand new spikeless design. Golf pro Dustin Johnson love to use this bouncy comfort shoes.

This skechers go golf best spikeless golf shoes will provide you with nice traction and grip to be able to concentrate on your swing and game. The Skechers Go Golf Elite 3 come with premium leather upper and clean look. It has air mesh lining that act like breathable membrane. It also has great cushioning around the ankle. These are one of the most comfortable golf shoes on the market. Great modern golf shoes from Skechers that offer maximum performance and comfort.

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Under Armour Men’s Spieth 3

Designed with direct input from Jordan Spieth, the Under Armour Spieth 3 golf shoes are waterproof shoes made for players that prioritize performance above all else. UA are known for their athletic style shoes with cushioned sole. They offer more golfing outfits than other brands. One of the lightest and technologically advanced shoes. Very comfortable to play in and practice for long hours, the low profile Under Armour Spieth 3 shoes are durable and waterproof. They repels water so you can wear them on any weather you will walk through the morning dew with ease. Competitive golf demands that players adapt to varying conditions and the Armour Spieth 3 shoes allow you to play your best, no matter what the weather is doing. They offer more athletic golf shoe models for golfers with different personal style.

Under Armor have worked with several engineers and biomechanics experts to improve the rotational resistance and traction system during swing. With these shoes golfer will use the ground as his leverage during his swing. These shoes have also re-designed upper with clarino microfiber. One year guarantee with the water resistant ability. The full contact tpu outsole with silver tornado soft spikes creates great traction and grip for extra stability. Overall the Under Armor Spieth 3 one of the best shoes with great look and technology that provide extra performance on the course. All these top picks are independently selected.

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Adidas Men’s Tour 360 Knit Golf Shoe

The Tour 360 Knit golf shoes from Adidas work to combine comfort and performance with a full mesh upper and plastic spike traction systems. Adidas is known for their athletic style models. They offer variety of models for golfers with different personal style. These shoes excel in being lightweight on your feet but providing maximum traction like other bulkier models. Super lightweight shoes with secure fit and bouncy comfort.

Players that have active foot motions during their golf swing may be best suited for going with a light golf shoe that retains the full plastic spike model. The Tour 360 Knit shoes are great in the summer months, especially on undulating golf courses with extreme elevational changes. Good news these shoes have good price.

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Nike Men’s Roshe G Golf Shoes

The Roshe G shoe from Nike is the more casual version of the Roshe G Tour and similar to Nike Air models. This golf shoe features an upper mesh layer that is extremely breathable and lightweight. Great comfort similar to air zoom infinity tour. This combined with a fully molded sole for traction and comfort, the Roshe G Tour is an ideal choice for players that love to play golf but avoid rainy and wet weather. Many golf pro players use Nike models.

If you are a golfer that enjoys playing golf or who spends long hours on the range, the Roshe G shoes can save your feet and help you get back out there day-after-day. This shoe has more of a sporty shoe for running look. Similar to running shoes you can wear them out of the golf courses. These are spikeless golf shoes that offer great traction and comfort on the course. The performance of the shoe is great and provide great stability during your swings. These casual shoes have great value for the price. One of the best spikeless golf shoes.

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TRUE Linkswear True Original Golf Shoe

One of the lesser-known brands in the golf shoe industry is TRUE Linkswear. The TRUE Linkswear True Original is a golf shoe with great water resistant ability with gore tex made for versatility. Even this company is new on the market they made one of the best comfortable shoes. Designed with course to casual aesthetics, all of the offerings from TRUE Linkswear look as good off the course as they do on it. The Original features a molded sole that provides players more comfort as they walk. This spikeless shoes rank high on the best golf shoes list. Not often used by golf pro players.

Players that regularly opt to carry their clubs or use a pushcart may want to consider making the switch to this lightweight, waterproof option. The look of these spikeless golf shoe is exceptional and you can wear it on and off the course.

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ECCO Golf Men’s Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-tex Golf Shoe

Another molded bottom waterproof golf shoe offering is the ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 golf shoe. GORE-TEX waterproof lining ensures that your feet stay warm and dry without the added bulk of full plastic spikes. The ECCO Biom Hybrid golf shoe is a must-have for players looking for protection from the environment without carrying excess weight on their feet.

The Ecco golf sector made an exceptional work with these full grain leather with gore tex that provide durability and breath ability. It has BOA closure system for optimum fit. Ecco golf spikeless models with lace system can be seen out of the golf course. The Ecco golf shoe also have new outsole design that provide stability, durability and rotational support. Available in an expansive array of color options, the ECCO Biom Hybrid will match your unique style and help you get around the course with less stress. There are golf pro players who want to use Ecco golf models.

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PUMA Men’s Ignite Nxt Lace

Puma can be often overlooked when players are evaluating their footwear options. The Puma Ignite Nxt Lace golf shoes hope to change that narrative. These shoes are lightweight and breathable and use molded organic traction to help keep you in place. This Puma Ignite Nxt shoe has made great improvement in stability. Another area of improvement is their comfort and their ignite foam cushioning. One of the best spikeless golf shoes model with stretchy skin and durable rubber outsole. These modern golf shoes differ in many things with traditional style spiked shoe.

The ignite foam provide maximum comfort and you will feel like you are walking bare foot on the course. Puma Ignite Nxt has great options for lacing system and you can choose and match your stability with that. Without question one of the best golf shoes on the market. Players that are looking for a casual, comfortable pair of golf shoes should consider trying the Ignite Nxt Lace from Puma and Cobra Golf. Best golf shoe for many golfers.

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Why Do You Need Golf Shoes?

Golf shoes are specifically designed to help you navigate the changing terrains of specific areas of golf course with nice arch support. Hitting shots from a variety of lies when the golf ball is constantly uphill or downhill from your feet require additional traction, better fit, all day comfort and all-weather performance. Not all of the models are fully waterproof some have lightweight waterproof membrane. You will not see competitive athletes in any sport take on the challenges of their tasks without the proper equipment and in golf, this very much means having the right shoes.

Several types of golf shoes exist that can help golfers play well while remaining comfortable on the golf course. Having the best golf shoes for you will improve your performance and allow you to have better concentration on the game.

Golf Shoes
Golf Shoes. Source

Finding the Right Golf Shoes for Your Game

Ultimately, the best golf shoes for you will come down to a few things. Do they look great with the variety of outfits you will likely take to the course? Do they fit? Are they comfortable enough with arch support and cushioned insole to spend hours practicing, warming up, and playing golf? For players that frequently walk 18 holes or more, durability and comfort are a must, not a luxury.

Waterproofing can be a determining factor for golfers that live in an area that experiences rain for most of the year or they are golf fanatic that want to play golf in wet and rainy conditions. So there are many fully waterproof shoes.

Golf Cleats
Golf Shoes. Source

Types of Golf Shoes

Traditional or sneaker style shoes are the most popular types of golf shoes. Lifestyle, or casual, golf shoes are also available for golfers that want to stay light on their feet while playing. Each style has its advantages. Lifestyle shoes are the lightest and might be the most comfortable to wear. Often these types of shoes are spikeless model shoes with memory foam but still with enough traction and grip to have good swing and not to slip on the course. These types offer extremely lightweight models that keep your feet cool but still offer nice spikeless grip.

Traditional shoes often have the most traction with outstanding grip and for most will allow them to make their most powerful swing. Usually this shoes have leather upper and most of them have water resistant ability with gore tex membrane. Sneaker styles fall somewhere in the middle and will likely be a happy medium for most players.  

Spikes or Spikeless

Why do some shoes for golf have spikes and other do not? Spikes are built to help golfer stay locked down to the turf as they swing. Recently molded spikes have largely replaced traditional screw-in spikes, however, as companies have learned to make tread patterns that can give golfers the benefits of plastic spikes without the discomfort. Spikes you can find more in classic look shoes. While spikeless outsole can be often find in more sporty multi layer mesh models.

There is no correct answer in which type is best. It is personal preference which will you choose the spiked golf shoes or best spikeless golf shoes. You will have to determine for yourself if you prioritize comfort, stability, or a blend both.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are countless options when it comes to choosing the best golf shoes. While one pair might look the part, you may find them uncomfortable or prohibitively expensive. Below are some questions to consider when finding the best golf shoes for your game.

Be open to brands that you may have never heard of or that only make shoes for golf as their specialized expertise can be valuable for your scores and your feet.

Q: How do you put golf spikes on your golf shoes?

A: Though likely included with the purchase of new pair of golf shoes, some players may prefer to install fresh spikes themselves or may need to replace plastic spike rings if they fall out during use. This simple process requires a spike wrench.

Before you go purchase the first spike wrench you find, make sure it fits the spikes you’re trying to replace as different spikes and manufacturers require different wrenches. If you wait too long to replace your spikes, getting them out can become difficult since dirt can cause clogs making spikes nearly impossible to remove.

Q: How do you clean golf shoes?

A: If you want your shoes for golf to last a long time, it’s important to clean them on a regular basis. Doing so requires only a bucket of hot water, soap, a bristle brush and a clean towel. To begin, wet the towel and thoroughly wipe down the exterior of your shoes. If there is still grime in the creases, dip your brush in water and gently scrub these areas clean.

If you want to keep your leather shoes looking pristine, a small investment in the appropriately colored shoe polish goes a long way. To shine your shoes, apply a liberal amount of polish to the surface and gently rub it in with a clean brush. In order to ensure the integrity of the shoe’s shape and fit, putting a shoe a shoe horn on the inside is an excellent idea.

Q: How do you waterproof golf shoes?

A: Waterproofing your shoes for golf is a necessity if you regularly play in wet conditions. First, make sure your shoes are clean and dry. Next, select a waterproof spray that is leather-friendly and apply a healthy coating to the entire exterior of the shoe.

Wipe off any excess liquid and let your shoes sit overnight in a warm space to dry. Once dried, run water over the exterior of the shoe to make sure they are waterproofed to your liking.

Golf Boots
Golf Boots. Source

What Golf Shoes Should You Buy?

Like choosing shoes for your work or casual attire, new golf shoes buying is highly specific to each golfer. Players that prefer a traditional appearance will likely gravitate toward traditional golf shoe all-leather designs that feature the highest forms of personal craftsmanship. Often they are spiked golf shoes. Golfers that place a premium on comfort or accessibility will likely opt for smaller profiles and molded spikes. Make sure that you consider where you play most often and the typical terrain you will be moving across with your new shoes.

Regularly updating your casual shoe inventory is a great way to make subtle improvements in your game and keep your feet in great health. Because of the force of the golf swing is it important that you are replacing your lightweight golf shoes each year if you play and practice frequently. Also, be sure that when you get a new pair of golf shoes you choose the best golf shoes and wear them a bit before turning up to the course. There is nothing worse than wearing a new pair of shoes that haven’t been broken in well enough and coming home with blisters on your feet. Vast majority of golfers will want great support for their ankles and feet to whatever surface area they play. Whatever style they choose spiked or spikeless they will need traction and comfort.

We recommend going to your local pro shop or checking out golf retail locations to try on different styles of golf shoes that you enjoy the look of. Use your shoes as a way to express yourself and improve your golf all without wrecking your entire golf budget. It is important to consider all golf shoe brands when buying as many smaller, specialty companies in golf shoes make excellent options that cater to golfers of all style and budget needs. Thanks for reading and be sure to let us know what you think! Good luck in choosing the best ones for you.


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