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If you’ve tuned into any golf since the PGA Tour resumed play a few weeks ago, you’ve surely noticed the Mad Scientist, also known as Bryson DeChambeau. Not only has he been at or near the top of the leaderboard in every event, he’s taken on the look of a middle linebacker.

His decision to radically transform his body was rooted in science. That same mentality is evident in the way he goes about playing the game as well. In fact, all the best players who play in the world golf tour are relying more and more on stats and information to improve their games than they ever have before.

A large part of that equation is the use of professional launch monitors. The information the golf launch monitors can provide is staggering. Such begs the question, if the best players in the world are using personal golf launch monitors, shouldn’t you use to play golf?

Too many golfers guess as to the problems they are having during a round of golf, and they wind up with the wrong ‘solutions’ or make incorrect adjustments as a result. There is no need to guess anymore due to the abundant amount of technology we have available.  It’s all to easy to waste a lot of time trying to fix swing problems that simply don’t exist or aren’t really the root cause of your golf issues. By working with personal golf launch monitors, you’ll have the ability to get an accurate evaluation of your current swing, vertical launch angle and horizontal launch angle, plus angle of attack, before making any changes that could negatively impact your golf swing and club head speed.

Below on our golf launch monitor guide is just a few details that most launch monitors can advise you of before visiting our local golf shop make sure to read it:

Some of the important data points that can be taken by a golf launch monitor include the following –

•        Club head speed: The speed that the club is traveling when it makes contact with the ball.

•        Ball speed: The speed of the ball just as it leaves the face of the club after impact.

•        Spin rate: There is spin on every golf shot, and a golf launch monitor can measure that spin which will help it depict what launch direction it will be projecting.

•        Swing path: The launch direction that the club is traveling through the hitting area – for example the club might cross from outer to inner area and change the club head speed.

•        Face angle: This is the angle of which the club face is at when the ball is hit.  Certain monitors have the ability to determine this which can help with slices and draws.

•        Attack angle: The vertical angle in which club head as moving at impact.

Some people haven’t been around other launch monitors or some time.  Most players utilize the stats and details at the beginning of their golf journey when they are in the process of purchasing their first set of golf clubs.  A retailer will use a golf launch monitor options to assess the players swing speed, rate and other details that help them narrow down what set of clubs and what adjustments would be best. 

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Review of the Best Golf Launch Monitors

Below we have described and reviewed 6 of the top Golf Launch Monitors

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

The Rapsodo mobile launch monitor leads the way when it comes to launch monitors that pair with your iOS smartphone. Unfortunatelly, it’s not for Android users. Endorsed as the official launch monitor of Golf Digest, this indoor launch monitor gives you real time feedback on golf balls data numbers like carry distance, ball flight, ball speed, ball spin, smash factor, shot shape, shot tracer, video playback, automated video capture, and launch angle to name a few. 

Setup is easy as it only involves opening the app on your phone and connecting the device via Bluetooth. Great for practice sessions.  In total, this process takes less than a minute. Shot trace technology and the ability to store shot history data, make dialing in your yardages and tendencies with each club easier than ever before. If you’re looking for an affordable launch monitor that gives you all the necessary information and is easy to use, we can’t recommend the Rapsodo mobile launch monitor enough. Using this monitor and golf simulator you can improve your swing speed, vertical launch angle, ball speed launch angle and ball speed smash factor and have ultimate indoor golf simulation experience.

FLightScope Mevo Launch Monitor

We mentioned in the opening that Bryson the Bulk is a data and statistics savant. In every one of his practice sessions, the FlightScope Mevo is by his side. This pocket-size portable launch monitor uses Doppler radar to track shot path, club path, and measure key numbers like spin rate and carry distance. The FlightScope Mevo indoor launch monitor will help you with your swing speed and launch angle. In combination with golf simulator you can improve your performance. Many club fitters use this model. Great for outdoor use with data overlay, target line and target mode, nice spin axis with spin loft, distance ball speed, ball speed launch angle, and it tracks clubhead speed. Beside all the features, FlightScope Mevo offer free app. It offer so much data like capture data, roll distance smash factor launch angle and all the other metrics. It doesn’t have carry distance voice output and can work on other deices beside ios device.

The tracking database on FlightScope Mevo allows you to easily measure your progress with every club in your bag over time. With its ease of use and exacting accuracy, it’s tough to argue against the Mevo best portable launch monitor, which will help your distance control and guide golf shot dispersion. It is less expensive and maybe the best golf launch monitor on the golf launch monitor market.

Ernest Sports ESB1 Golf Launch Monitor

If you’re in the market for a mobile portable launch monitor you can use out on the golf courses, check out the ESB1 portable launch monitor from Ernest Sports. Just like premium units with both indoors and outdoors use. It offer in depth analysis of distance measurements, with lcd display. Significant breakthrough in indoor golf simulator models. The upgraded model have high speed cameras and also great data parameters, key metrics and accurate distances. These models have incredible value which offer great data parameters on outdoor practice session. Simulation features on this radar based system. This monitor reviews are high on many sites. It can help you with club data fitting for shine golf game, and it can have companion app installed. Great key features for swing tempo, lateral landing, target distance, outdoor setting and simulation capabilities.
Easily integrated with most smartphones, this best portable launch monitor can be used on the driving range or out of the course and even play simulated courses for indoor use. The rechargeable lithium battery life guarantees several hours of use and the portable design means the launch monitor can go anywhere. Featured measurements include swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, smash factor, club path, spin rate and shot distance. Moderately priced and highly functional, this portable launch monitor certainly deserves a look and will certainly help you improve your golf game. It’s the right launch monitor for every golf lover and definitely one of the most affordable launch monitors.

Swing Caddie Golf Launch Monitor SC200 Plus

The SC200 plus is the perfect portable launch monitor with voice caddie for golfers that want a device they can fit in their pocket similar to voice swing caddie sc300. Even though this portable monitor voice caddie is simpler in function than others on our list, it’s ease of use is hard to beat. While resting in your pocket, the swing caddie SC200 measures the high speed of your practice swings with swing speed radar to anticipate the swing speed, club path, golf ball speed clubhead, side spin and total distance control of the upcoming shot just like voice caddie sc300i. Nice outdoor functionality for better flight time tracking. Great for serious golfers and recreational golfers who want accurate readings without limited metrics machine learning. Provide data for improvements of your game, for swing speed training. Good visibility even on direct sunlight. Voice output and mounted overhead ability if you want. Golf ball speed carry total distance of every shot it measure extremely accurate. It has also barometric pressure sensor. The Swing caddie SC200 Plus and Swing caddie sc300 output features tells you the distance of each shot you hit on the driving range. Measurements of smash factor, swing speed, spin rate, and ball speed can be read on the portable screen. The SC200 Plus and swing caddie sc300i are great portable launch monitors for short game improvement performance with great battery life. They use the latest in Doppler radar technology, and atmospheric pressure sensors for added accuracy for better results. It can fit in your golf bag without problem. And will help you improve your golf game.

Skytrak Golf Launch Monitor

If you want to keep working on your game when the weather doesn’t allow you to get outside, you need to look into the Skytrak personal golf launch monitor and golf simulators. The unit employs cameras that take hundreds of pictures during your swing to accurately calculate all the important statistics and necessary data like ball travel, smash factor and carry distance of your golf game. It is great for mini games too with its photometric technology. This mobile device is great for indoor practice and will measure golf club swing data, golf ball launch angle spin rate and angle of attack. If you want to see ball data precise and accurate measurement Skytrak have launch monitors you can connect with mobile app. If you combine this one of the best golf launch monitor Skytrak design with a golf net you get great simulator. Distance launch angle data and carry distance will be collected with easy and also it can fit in your golf bag. It offer accurate launch monitor and simulator.

A separate screen connects to your WiFi and displays all your numbers along with a tracer line of your golf ball flight and spin rate. The beauty of this Skytrak monitor is that you only need enough space to make a full swing. Golfers of all levels praise the excellent accuracy and multitude of statistics the Skytrak 2020 best Golf launch monitor provides. Make sure to try it. One of top picks monitors on the market today with accurate information and more features.

TrackMan 4 Launch Monitor

trackman 4

If you’re looking for the most premium launch monitor available and cost isn’t a prohibiting factor, the TrackMan 4 won’t disappoint. The use of two separate radar systems ensures absolute accuracy with this launch monitor. Total distance numbers, apex height, ball and golf club data and other info and more information about your swing. For the most part it track your swing and provide more information about it so you can improve on next level. It offer launch monitor and simulator. The two systems combine to deliver an astounding 27 different numbers and measurements like apex height swing speed, carry distance, club head speed, long drive etc. The addition of a putting performance tracking system builds upon the success of previous models and allows golfers of all levels to develop a sound, repeatable stroke. It doesn’t have any deal breaker feature. Affordable launch monitor for many pro and recreational golfers. If you want to employ the technology that the game’s best players and instructors use, the TrackMan 4 is it. It will improve your game, like no other launch monitor for sure. One of the most professional launch monitors and better monitors and best in affordable options who don’t cost thousands to help you with club gapping and improve your back spin on the golf club.

What to Consider When Buying a Launch Monitor?


Just like any kind of equipment, launch monitors are a serious investment.  They can range widely in price depending on what you buy.  Before you pull the trigger, make sure that this budget launch monitor fits within your golf budget. And if you want to use them on the golf course only or home golf also.

Many people tend to jump at the opportunity of purchasing the most expensive golf launch monitor thinking that this will benefit them even more.  While higher priced products usually do have some extra bells and whistles, its always good to really look at the details of product and what they each offer and how they will improve your game. Sometimes just simple ball speed smash factor, club speed, carry distances and total distance data is all you need.


The technology used in launch monitors varies from Doppler radar to in-club technologies that provide immediate feedback to your smartphone.

Each of these technologies have advantages and disadvantages in terms of what they measure.  Some golf launch monitor technologies are also more accurate than others. 

Technology can be a blessing and a burden at the same time, it depends on how comfortable you are with it.  Someone who looks for the least complicated might be more interested in a golf launch monitor that covers basic swing and golf balls data needs and is easy to setup through their personal cell phone.  Other players who are more highly adapted to technology might take interest in the more complex systems.  Allowing them to benefit from a more detailed and precise system. 

Before you buy a great launch monitor, be sure to thoroughly research the technology it employs and check consumer reviews for feedback.


Some launch monitors are akin to Central Command in their operational complexity.  If you have the time and ability to understand some of the more complex systems, go for it.  Most golfers, however, will benefit from something that’s easy to set up and use whether is on the golf courses or for home golf practice sessions. 

If you fall into the latter category, make sure you fully understand how your portable golf launch monitor works and can benefit your game before you buy it. 


It’s a launch monitor’s job to give you accurate feedback in every aspect it measures and data points.  After all, what good is a portable golf launch monitor that says you hit your driver 310 yards when you only hit it 250.  Sure, your ego will get a boost but, is that really what’s best for your game and ball flight?

Along with doing preliminary research, we also suggest testing a launch monitor out in real time before you buy it to ensure its accuracy.


There’s no doubt that the way golf is played and taught is changing. Gone are the days of simple swing thoughts and guessing distances.
Thanks to advances in technology, golfers are now able to get data that was never possible before. A large part of that is thanks to best launch monitors. Golf launch monitors have advanced algorithms, simulated courses, video clips to improve your flight time and wedge game. If you’re serious about improving your game in as little time as possible, having all the vital information such as club head data, club speed smash factor ball flight, apex height at your fingertips is paramount. Launch monitor is the holy grail for gathering info all you need is enough room. It have indoors and outdoors usage. You can use it with home golf simulator which is extremely popular for accurate results. If you have more money to spend feel free to test expensive models. Some have cart mount. With some models extra features have additional cost. Pretty awesome technology which can be camera based and some will need more room. Good golfer have this piece of equipment. They let you know if you hit a worm burner and help you with different clubs. You don’t have to spend incredible amount of thousand dollars to get the best one. Most of them have excellent value. Some models will use metallic stickers for the balls. Whatever your needs and budget may be, there’s a budget launch monitors out there for you to improve your game. Even the lower price are pretty accurate. Make sure to do a little research and understanding on the front end, a best launch monitor is an investment you won’t regret. Hope you like this complete guide to get low price or high end model best for you.

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Paul Liberatore

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