How to Hit a Golf Driver Farther: Add 35 Yards (Seriously)

Interested in finding out how far you could/should hit your driver?  This article is for you.

Recently I posted an article in a blog that reviewed the three components of distance, which are:

  • Ball Speed
  • Launch Angle
  • Spin Rate

You can view this blog post Here.

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This all brings the question; if everything is optimized, how far could I hit the golf ball with my driver?

Are We Really Limited In How Much Swing Speed We Can Produce?

While details such as launch angle, spin rate and strike can be optimized for anyone (through technique and club-fitting), we are somewhat limited to how much speed we can produce.

A player with 90mph of clubhead speed mathematically cannot carry a golf ball 300 yards under normal conditions.  

This brings the question, just how far could you be hitting the golf ball if everything is near optimal, based on your swing speed?  For this, see the table below.

optimal table

Be sure to keep in mind the table above is based on rough carry distance at sea level.  Factors such as ground conditions, launch and spin can impact the total distances. These are considered the optimal carry yardages.

So Are You Really Optimal?

Don’t take it personally, but no.

Well, let me rephrase that, it’s very likely that you are not.  The only people in my experience that I’ve seen hit optimal launch drives are myself and a few others – this is only because I have worked intelligently at improving my launch conditions.

max aoa

This data was taken using Trackman.

The general population of golfers, including professionals, are hitting sub-optimal shots (regarding maximizing distance).  While most professionals are able to get away with this since they have such a high swing speed, the average golfer needs every bit of help they can get.

drive distance

This is a great example, explained by the swings of McIlroy and Garcia.

As you can see, Garcia is losing a significant amount of distance with his low launch and high spin rate.  Meanwhile, McIlroy is getting much closure to optimal distance. This photo was taken back in 2013 – and I’m certain since that time, McIlroy is even closer to optimal now.

The Key Is to Get Measured

Go and find yourself a golf coach that has a launch monitor, such as Trackman.


These pieces of technology measure the club and ball interaction and can provide you details about how optimal you are and most importantly, where you are losing distance.

As an example, the Trackman has the ability to advise you of your swing speed as well as how you are launching and what details are contributing to the launch conditions.  Information like this allows you to quickly rectify them with the help of a coach.

So The Real Question Becomes – How Do You Become Optimal

Educating yourself with programs such as The Strike Plan, provides you with techniques and drills where you will understand how to:

  • Increase your launch and ball speed
  • Reduce your spin

The goal of such a program is focused on getting you closer to optimal.  In addition, your accuracy and consistency with improve with less lateral gear effect caused by off-center hits.  

Click Hereto find out more about The Strike Plan.

Improving your swing speed is also a route you could go.

I have found one of the best ways in order to increase your swing speed effectively by training with the Superspeed golf training system (link).  Utilizing over-weighted and under-weighted clubs, you’ll start to pick up a good amount of swing speed through neuromuscular conditioning, helping you reach the next level.

superspeed golf

Combing this with improved techniques leads to a powerful combination.  Click the above image, or click Here to find out more about their system.  


At this point, I hope you have some knowledge of your swing speed and the potential to hit X yards.  If you strive to hit farther, we have to get closer to these optimal numbers while trying to increase your swing speed.

As I mentioned earlier if you want to become more optimal in distance and improve your iron play, be sure to check out The Strike Plan (link) by clicking the link below.

Adam Young

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