Rapsodo Golf Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) Review

One of the fastest growing sectors in the sport of golf is launch monitor technology. Being able to hit golf shots while gaining valuable insights of your swing and what your golf ball is doing can be extremely valuable to golfers looking to improve their game. Rapsodo Golf believes they have created one of the best tools to analyze your golf shots on the go with convenience and affordability with the Mobile Launch Monitor, or MLM. Reliable data and integrated shot tracking software lets you know exactly what your golf ball is doing on the range and on the course.

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Key Features

  • The Mobile Launch Monitor leverages the power of your iPhone or iPad to track each shot in real-time to give players instant distance, launch angle, and ball speed data.

  • Shot tracer features also allow golfers to turn each of their shots into a video for their review or social sharing.

  • The MLM is extremely portable and takes only seconds to set up either on the range or on the course.


Rapsodo MLM Detailed Review

Design and Technology

Rapsodo’s Mobile Launch Monitor provides golfers an easy way to record and track their progress on the range and course or compete with their friends in closest to the pin or long drive challenges. Each shot recorded provides golfers with data that includes ball speeds, carry distances, smash factor, launch angle, and launch direction. Each shot is also recorded with a shot tracer to allow golfer to analyze the curve of their shots and share their performances on social media platforms.

One of the most cost-effective personal launch monitors available, the MLM fits securely in its carry case and clips on your bag much like a laser rangefinder. One of the most exciting parts of the MLM is its ability to leverage the processing power of Apple’s iOS technology to expand its capabilities and give golfer ongoing performance improvements even after they have bought their device. For the money, it will be hard to argue that the majority of golfers will not improve their game quickly by using this unique launch monitor.

Our Experience

Being able to get data in real-time that can be used for club comparisons or performance tracking is becoming an essential component to playing golf at the highest level. During testing, not only did the MLM provide useful data for my club and shaft options, but the shot tracer features allow me to measure significantly more parameters than other comparable launch monitors. The MLM is easy to clip on my golf bag and take with me during all of my testing and practice sessions and even capture some on-course shots as I evaluate equipment or catch a round with my friends. Without question, the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is the best launch monitor we have tested in its price range and is uniquely positioned to continue to improve with the ability to upgrade its performance via software innovation and updates.

  • The MLM is the first launch monitor to utilize your phone's camera to give you all of the data on your hits.
  • Choose the video option during a session to get instant video replays of your shot delivered with your stats.
  • See your game like the pros with an active tracer on your video replays, allowing you to analyze your ball flight like never before.

The MLM is perfect for golfers that want to know exactly how far each of their clubs travels during practice and play. The shot trace feature is excellent for players that want to learn their shot shape patterns with various clubs or test clubs they are thinking about putting in their bag. The social sharing component of the MLM allows you to challenge your friends to games across different courses and even when you cannot get to the course together. I personally see the MLM as being a great tool for aspiring golfers or competitive players to analyze their own game, build a complete golf club set, and create more efficient practice routines.

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

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  • Uses smart device cameras and operating systems to give players ball speeds, carry distances, launch angles, shot direction, and smash factors.
  • Easily attaches to your golf bag in its carry case and can be used on the range or during play to track shots.
  • The cost of the MLM is cheaper than comparable options and can outpace the competition as software improvements become available due to its smart device integration.


  • The Mobile Launch Monitor does not currently provide enough shot and club information to make it a viable club fitting launch monitor.
  • The MLM cannot be used indoors because it needs to be able to read the first few seconds of the ball's flight.
  • Because your phone or tablet is linked to run the MLM, your device’s battery will diminish and the device may become hot during use, especially in the summer months.



The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor retails for $499.99 and comes with a protective carry case, USB-C quick-charge cable, and quick start guide. The MLM works wirelessly with your iPhone or iPad through the MLM application that is free to download from the App Store. All of the data and club tracking information is housed in an easy to find system directly on the app. Your shot tracers can also be saved directly on your phone or tablet for easy social sharing or analysis later. Rapsodo also plans to release apps for Android users soon.


While personal launch monitors still have some ground to make up on the TrackMan systems you will see lining the range at Tour events, the Rapsodo MLM is the best positioned portable launch monitor to do so. By positioning the processing capability of iPhones and tablets, the MLM is evolutionary and can become even more powerful without costing the user additional money. As more data is made available within the MLM operating system, I believe that this will become the go-to personal launch monitor for the avid golfer. Social players or content creators may also gain a unique advantage by using the Rapsodo MLM to acquire information about their game and share their ideas and posts seamlessly from all their favorite devices.

Rapsodo MLM Video


How Does the MLM Compare?

FlightScope MEVO

The MEVO is the affordable launch monitor from the FlightScope brand. MEVO provides user with club head speed, ball speed, launch angle, carry distance, smash factor, and spin rate information. MEVO is paired to your phone or tablet with an app and can be used indoors or out to help improve your game year-round. MEVO uses doppler radar to give you precise measurements about your golf shots and can even talk to your to relay information during your practice sessions.

  • MEASURE: Mevo provides ACCURATE real-time performance data to help you train and improve with every club in the bag, whether on the range, on the course, or in your home.
  • EVALUATE: Practice INDOOR or OUTDOOR with data parameters that include carry distance, club head speed, ball speed, smash factor, vertical launch angle, spin, apex height and flight time.
  • VISUALIZE: Automatically capture data and video on your mobile device. Practice without interruption using the Mevo app on your phone or tablet to automatically record, clip, and save each video with data overlay.


Swing Caddie SC300

The SC300 is the most advanced personal launch monitor in the Swing Caddie family. The SC300 provides golfers with valuable club and ball information that includes carry and total distance, launch angle, club speed and ball speed, smash factor, and the flight apex. SC300 can be used with or without its paired app as the data is displayed on the device itself. SC300 is perfect for golfers that want to practice and play with information that can help them drop scores quickly.

  • Measures Carry/Total Distance, Smash Factor, Launch Angle, Swing Speed, Apex (Max Height) & Ball Speed. Doppler Radar Technology
  • Voice Output of Distance. Instant Feedback via LCD Display. Adjustable Loft Angles
  • Apps (iOS, Android-TBC) for real-time, integrated Shot Data and Statistics for Each Club


Swing Caddie SC200 Plus

The SC200 Plus is the little brother to the SC300. The SC200 Plus provides golfers with carrying distance, swing speed, ball speed, and smash factor figures to help improve their game. Although not as insightful as more advanced personal launch monitors, the SC200 provides enough information for your to know when to select each club from your bag as you play and helps dial in your distances.

  • [SWING CADDIE SC200 PLUS+ POWER BUNDLE INCLUDES] - Swing Caddie SC200 Plus+ Portable Launch Monitor, PlayBetter Protective Hard Case and PlayBetter Portable Charger
  • [ACCURATE GOLF SWING DATA] - Simultaneous Display includes Swing Speed, Ball Speed, Carry Distance and Smash Factor
  • [DOPPLER RADAR TECHNOLOGY + 4 MODES] - Uses Doppler Radar technology to provide accurate ball carry data plus 4 Modes: Practice, Target, Approach, Practice Swing


Should You Buy the Rapsodo MLM?

The Rapsodo MLM is best suited for golfers that want to know exactly how far each of their clubs go or want to test new equipment for themselves at the range or on the course. The MLM is also excellent for players that want to use shot tracer technology to improve or share their golf performance in real-time. Currently, the MLM does not provide enough data to make it a viable club fitting tool in replacement of a TrackMan or GCQuad launch monitor, but it is absolutely better than no monitor at all. The wireless connectivity of the MLM and its unique ability to leverage the power of smart device operating systems makes it well-positioned to be the dominant personal launch monitor as the technology moves forward. Golfers that have the money to spend or are in the market for a personal launch monitor will not be disappointed with the information gained by the MLM and its extreme ease-of-use.

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