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The golf balls retrievers are a vital tool that every golfer should have in their golf bag—a tool that can help you seek out and retrieve lost golf balls in hard to reach areas. Golf ball retriever will help you spend less time collecting the balls and prevent you from harming your back. In this […]

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The golf balls retrievers are a vital tool that every golfer should have in their golf bag—a tool that can help you seek out and retrieve lost golf balls in hard to reach areas. Golf ball retriever will help you spend less time collecting the balls and prevent you from harming your back. In this article we will cover the quality golf ball retrievers in great detail, including sections on why you need this tool, how to use it, and the various features with which golf ball retriever is equipped. The length of the golf ball retriever can vary from 8 ft, 15 feet, 18 feet and more. Some of them have the same length as the driver when is fully retracted. They look small size because of their telescoping design. Best golf ball retrievers also have automatic locking device to help you search n rescue the balls effectively. The material from which golf ball retrievers are made can differ. But the best ones are made off combinations to provide lightweight equipment to be carry with ease and solid to be able to collect more balls without problem.

Often you have aluminum combinations with stainless steel retriever. The end of the best golf ball retriever should be sturdy and prone to bending. Sometimes they have fluorescent head so you can use them for night game of golf or just to have fun on the course with it. Often ball retrievers have rubber handle to prevent the hands from falling while using them. Also golf ball retriever must have comfortable handle for much easier use and comfortable grip while playing golf.

We will try to help you to choose the best golf ball retriever for you and help to explain the benefits of using one. We have also compiled some comprehensive reviews on five of the most popular and hottest-selling golf retrievers currently available for purchase (make sure that you check them and find the best offer), highlighting the unique features and characteristics that each of these useful golf tools boasts. Reading more golf ball retrievers reviews and related posts to help you choose the right one and the best golf ball retriever for you.

Reviews of the Best Ball Retrievers

As you can see, golf ball retrievers come in a variety of sizes, boast a wealth of “catch and retrieve” options and are made from several different material types like stainless steel or aluminium. To help you select the perfect for your bag, here we have reviewed five of the most popular models. 

Callaway Golf Ball Retriever

One of the most effective and oft-purchased golf balls retrieving tools, the Callaway Golf Retriever, can extend to 15 feet when necessary and retracts to just 45 inches for easy storage and portability. The 45 inches of retracted length is great for wearing in your bag pocket. The ultra compact retracted length offer nice options. Callaway company is know for their high quality golf equipment always available to golfers.

The device boasts a cushioned ergonomic grip for easy handling, and the stainless steel capture mechanism allows it to pick-up and retrieve balls easily from a variety of hazards. He is made of a top-grade and highly durable stainless steel shaft and have head cover. Great tool if you play a course with a lot of hazards.

Made from a high-quality aluminum alloy, the extremely lightweight Callaway ball retriever is guaranteed to stay rigid when extended and safely retrieve your ball. If you choose a retriever from Callaway you will not make a mistake.

Best of all, Callaway golf ball retriever comes with an attractive dual-zip head cover that enables the retriever to look like any other club in your bag and is easy to use. It is a quality telescopic design golf retriever.

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You will get: Constructed from high-quality aluminum alloy to reduce bending. The Callaway ball retriever measures 45 inches in length when retracted and easily extends up to 15 feet (4.57 meters) without bending. This golf ball grabber comes with a dual-zip headcover – when covered it looks just like another club in your bag.

IGotcha Golf Retriever

The IGotcha Golf ball Retriever is a handy and extremely useful device that boasts 14 feet of maximum reach for quality golf-ball-retrieving. Great telescoping design with great ability to safely retrieve your ball. Also it have head with high visibility.

Weighing only 10 ounces and collapsing to a size of just 17.5 inches, is one of the most compact and lightweight devices of its kind on the market today—and also one of the hottest selling. It also have great cup design.

The IGotcha Golf Ball Retriever utilizes a patented spring-release ready head to capture and retrieve any golf ball from any hazard, and its stainless steel shaft is both tough and durable. It have great design so you can fit it in your bag side pocket.

With its ultra compact size, the IGotcha ball Retriever can fit easily into the side pockets of your golf bag, giving you convenient access to the tool when you need it most. 

Most Affordable Golf Ball Retriever
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You will get: 10-foot length, maximum reach of 14 feet, collapses to 17.5 inches, and only 10 ounces in weight. Patented stainless steel shaft and spring-release ready head. The telescoping shaft folds up into the side pocket of the golf bag for easy travel.

JP Lann Golf Ball Retriever

These JP Lann golf ball retrievers are a versatile quality golf tool with two available capture options: a metal hinge capture mechanism and an orange suction cup end that is ideal for water retrievals.

He is available in a variety of convenient sizes to fit different circumstances on the course, including their retractable models measuring 9, 12, 15 feet and 18 feet full length maximum reach; and a stationary 6’ 7” suction cup device. More often is the 15 feet design with stainless steel shaft and retracted length. It is often considered compact size. The 18 feet design still offer great ball retrieving and they are not less durable than others. Their design is similar to proactive sports models. Even though are similar to proactive sports models they have more improvements. Their variety of lengths help golfers to chose quality golf ball retrievers suitable for them and their places like preference. It has stainless steel shaft option. Great telescopic design with high visibility.

A durable stainless steel, all-weather tool, this golf ball retriever works wonders in various golf course places like hazard scenarios, including those involving water, bushes, mud and even rocks. With proactive sports models great choice on the market.

Most of JP Lann golf ball retrievers and their look like devices are fully retractable, allowing them to fit conveniently into any size golf bag, and their easy-to-use lever enables them to trap and retrieve any ball from the most difficult to reach places.

Best Senior Golf Ball Retriever
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You will get: Cup at 80 degrees to hold the ball in place. Aluminum shaft that is both lightweight and strong and comes in a variety of extendable length options. Rubber grip that is non-slip and two cup styles are available.

Search n Rescue 24 Foot Orange Golf Ball Retriever

The Search n Rescue 24 Foot Orange Golf Ball Retriever is an easily identifiable tool that extends to a whopping 24 feet in length, thus allowing it to capture and bring in errant golf balls from the water and other hard-to-reach hazards.

Made from genuine recycled materials by an honest, environmentally-friendly company, the sturdy and durable, is guaranteed to last a lifetime, so he is very quality golf retriever. It have comfortable handle and great for courses with lot of water hazards. Even though its long it is not less durable than shorter ones.

This retriever is one of the most high-quality golf retrieving tools available; a device made of tough tubular stainless steel that is rust and corrosion resistant. This retractable golf ball retriever rescue balls into the water and help you to find your lost golf balls. It has orange head for high visibility.
With its bright orange head, this retractable golf ball retriever offers the very best in visibility for your lost quality golf ball, and its retractable design makes it look great in any golf bag. 

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You will get: Water-resistant anodized aluminum shaft with a sturdy shaft and head. The patented Magic Gripper head has characteristics of a magnet. High-quality ball retriever that works well in the water.

Search and Rescue 24 Foot Orange 2 Golf Ball Retriever

This 24 Foot Orange 2 Golf ball Retriever is the perfect tool for anyone that needs to fish golf balls from the water. This retriever best known for its design and the end help you collect the balls from the most unreachable places on the course by that it will save money for you especially if you play with expensive quality balls.

This 24-foot tool allows golfers, course owners, and collectors to reach far into lakes, ponds, and other hazards to capture and retrieve as many as two golf balls with each attempt. The locking mechanism is great so it will protect the balls from falling while you collect them.

The large diameter aluminum tubing on the golf ball retriever is both lightweight and durable, and its orange-colored head allows it to remain visible while under water. Also is great while you carry it in your golf bag.

A great gift for the golfer in the family, this retriever is the first and last retriever you will ever need and he will certainly help you get a better view in the ball retrieval process.

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You will get: Two-Ball Retriever rescues more than one golf ball at a time in any course conditions. Sturdy steel wire cage retriever head is orange epoxy coated for durability and increased visibility. Steel wire cage holds golf ball in place.

Why Do You Need a Golf Ball Retriever?

A golf ball retriever, as the name suggests, is a uniquely designed tool whose main purpose is to “retrieve” golf balls from hard to reach places or tricky areas—balls that would otherwise be lost to the water, hazards, or thick overgrowth that tend to make many golf courses even more challenging to conquer. Golf ball retriever is also used on the practice range and on areas where you can easily pick up your balls. You use this golf equipment to spend less time collecting the balls and focus on your game or practice. A golf ball retriever can help you save a small fortune in golf ball costs by enabling you to reach and gather up a golf ball that could not be retrieved by hand alone. Although a golf ball retriever cannot save the stroke you lost for landing in that shallow water pond hazard, it may be able to help save your ball, thus preventing you from being doubly frustrated with your miscue. This tool is great especially if you play with expensive and high quality balls.

 Along with offering a form of water rescue for your expensive balls, a golf ball retriever can also come in handy when seeking to retrieve your balls from thick or prickly brush, on hillsides, over fences and under gates, all by serving as a type of artificial arm extension equipped with various capture mechanisms that act as fingers.

How to Use a Golf Ball Retriever?

There is no right or wrong way to use the golf ball retriever. The exact manner in which to use a golf ball retriever will vary from one tool to the next, but the basic process is fairly common to all ball retrievers. Golf ball retriever consist of a fairly rigid pole—a pole that can be extended to the required length they all have telescoping shaft; the length needed to reach the ball from where you intend to stand. At the business end of these poles is a type of cup or catch mechanism that is used to scoop or capture the ball from where it lies, because of their excellent mechanism you can easily pick golf balls from different hazards. Once captured, you can then bring the ball back safely, usually by retracting or re-shortening the pole length until you are able to grab the ball with your hands.

When not extended, golf retrievers are typically about the size of a standard golf club (or shorter). They can be carried easily in any golf bag, and some models even come with a custom head cover to disguise the retriever or the hinged cup making it appear as if it is just another club in your bag.

Best Golf Ball Retriever

Golf Retrievers Features

Golf ball retrievers have many features that allow them to be effective as retrieving tools. Among these features are:


When shopping for a golf retriever, one of the first things you may notice is the poles on these tools tend to be of varying sizes. Golf retrievers can be purchased in lengths of 10 feet to 20 feet fully extended and even longer. Often most golfers use from 15 to 18 feet long. Some of them have retracted length. Often the size or the retracted length of these retrievers may affect the overall price of the tool, but when you think about the functionality of a longer retriever, it just may be worth the extra cost. Longer retrievers will allow you to reach and easily pick balls that are further away from your personal reach, and because almost all golf retrievers are retractable and usually have aluminum alloy, you won’t have to worry about the potential awkwardness of a longer pole. That why it is better to have a longer like 18 feet easy to use retriever in your bag at the golf course. It will be better for ball security.


The grip is perhaps the most crucial feature on any retrievers for golf balls. Because you often will have to reach for balls at quite a distance, it’s important to choose a best ball retriever whose grip is comfortable; one which allows you to hold the pole steady and confidently. Like golf clubs, retrievers are also often outfitted with tacky, cushioned grips that enable golfers to achieve the all-important leverage that these tools demand. You should you use small amount of energy to collect the balls to fell fresh for your swing and your game.

Build Material

When it comes to the material of your new retriever, there are actually two factors to consider: weight and durability. When fully extended, you want a tool, that is fairly light and easy to handle—perhaps one with an aluminum alloy pole that won’t cause unnecessary strain. Retriever head can be build from net aluminum alloy or something else. Or with retracted length and great ball security. You also want a solid body and head to your golf retriever, a body and head that can withstand the elements, such as those made from rust-resistant stainless quality steel. The claw or the hinged cup that are on the top are usually made from plastic, aluminum alloy or stainless rust resistant steel. When it comes to the telescoping shaft the material is stainless quality steel or aluminum alloy. In combination, these materials will usually provide a quality, lightweight retriever that will last for many years to come, and will provide the players with excellent retrieval services. Quality materials are essential for quality and durable retriever.

Best Golf Ball Retriever

Lock Mechanism

The locking mechanism on a ball retriever, refers to the type of capture device that is found on the end of the pole opposite the handle. Here you have many different choices, such as those that utilize a suction cup, or retrievers with a trap-and-grab mechanism that is triggered via a lever towards the grip end of the device. Suction cup golf retrievers can be very user-friendly in most “water ball” situations; however, if you opt to go with a grabbing device it is imperative that you inspect the operational lever, the spring release and the capture mechanism to ensure the tool is working perfectly from end to end. Some ball retriever comes with automatic locking. You must have quality lock mechanism so the ball will not fall when you collect them with the ball retriever. Sometimes the choice of the golfers is factor what type of locking mechanism retriever they will use.


Finally, when purchasing a new (or used) golf ball retriever you may want to make sure that the capture device on the “business end” of the tool is fully lockable. A lockable retriever will ensure your hard to reach quality golf ball remains locked in place within the catch mechanism once retrieved, allowing you to pull the ball back to you—in one attempt—without constantly engaging the lever or trigger of the retriever. Some of them will have ultra compact automatic locking system with different shaft length.


If you’re tired of “donating” your quality golf balls to the water hazards at your favorite courses, a quality golf ball retriever is a great place to start. Its main purpose is to retrieve the ball. These sturdy, yet lightweight tools, which are very compact and portable, easy to use, can fit easily into your golf bag or your side pocket and save you hundreds of dollars in balls costs over the lifetime of the tool. Some are with telescopic design with 18 feet reach but still safely retrieve the ball. We have retriever that is small so you can fit it in your pants side pocket. They should be long enough so you can be able to reach balls which are on some difficult places on the course.

Their telescopic design help golfers to have maximum reach. They will help you collect your golf balls with ease and help you not to get injured while doing that. Some of the retrievers fluorescent head so you can use it at night while playing a night golf game on the golf course. The retriever with light head can be use as search and rescue retriever. Some retrievers have stainless steel shaft option. Some have retriever head cover. Also the best ones have ergonomic handle so you will pick your lost balls with ease and not hurt or stress your arms. Some of them have spring release. Often their head is from solid material or net so when you collect the ball they will prevent the ball from dropping. Often retrievers have hinged cup design for better locking the collected balls. Proactive Sports often have this kind of design. Proactive sports design are great models for more experienced golfers. Some of the retrievers have rubber handle so your hand wont slip while you use it.

Who knows, maybe with the extra money you save on the lost balls, you could buy that new putter you’ve been wanting and you will never lose quality ball ever and your golf balls will be save! Read more related posts to choose the right tool for you. If you like our guide, our table of contents and have some comment feel free to leave a reply.


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