Best Blade Irons

One of the purest images in golf is the blade iron. Blade-style golf irons are often reserved for the best ball strikers in the game of golf. Players with little or no handicap and professionals often choose to play blades for their control and shot shaping abilities. This guide takes you through the best of the blade irons made by the best companies in golf.

Along with outlining the game’s best blade irons, this guide helps you understand how each component of golf iron sets can help your game. The advantages and disadvantages of each category are highlighted to help you begin your search for your next iron set.

Top 7 Blade Irons of 2020

Mizuno MP-18 Iron Set

The MP-18 was designed as a throwback to the muscle-backs of Mizuno’s past. A shorter blade length, cambered top ...

TaylorMade P730 Iron Set

Designed specifically for the best Tour players in the world, P730 represents the most finely crafted irons ...

Callaway Apex MB Iron Set

A true muscleback is only suited for the best of the best players, which is why they are so prevalent on the ...

Titleist 718 MB Iron Set

For the purist, there is no substitute for a one-piece, muscle-back iron. Titleist 718 MB Irons are the modern ...

Cobra Forged MB Iron Set

The KING Forged irons feature a tour-inspired design configured to match Rickie Fowler's custom gamers played on ...

Wilson Staff Model Blades Iron Set

The Staff Model Blades from Wilson Staff pay homage to our long history of forged irons, with stunning design and ...

Srixon Z 965 Iron Set

The new Srixon Z 965 Irons have made Srixon's best iron performance even better. The Z 965 is a ...

When Do You Use an Iron?

golf iron

Irons are used from every lie on the golf course. Tee boxes, fairways, rough, hazards, bunkers, and the fringes of greens much all be considered when choosing which iron set you want to play. Blade irons provide a unique opportunity to better players that want enhanced versatility in each of these playing positions. 

Finding the Best Irons for Your Golf Game

Getting your golf clubs custom fit by a PGA professional is recommended to getting the best clubs for your swing. Players that are looking for blade style irons often know their specification and simply want to compare the distinguished shapes and classic lines among various profiles. Muscleback designs are built to suit the eyes of better golfers and present them with improved turf interaction. 


Blade iron advance more slowly in technological features than almost any other club category. This slow-moving increase provides an opportunity for golfers to get an iron set they will love to play at a fraction of premium prices without compromising performance. Getting older generation blade irons can be great options for elite golfers looking to save money and replace their sticks. 

Top Iron Features

blade irons

Each iron set will be constructed using some common principals that help it fill the needs of each golfer. Many irons are either forged, cast, or build using a combination of these two techniques. Blade irons often feature a one-piece forged makeup, while cavity back irons may feature pieces that are forged and cast. Each club will come with a shaft and grip that help make it truly yours. 

Forged Irons

forged vs. cast irons

Forged irons offer golfers the premium construction in terms of feel and consistency. By carving an iron from a single piece of metal, club manufacturers can guarantee tighter tolerance and better performance throughout the set. By introducing material working processes such as milling and hand grinding, forged iron sets can become even more unique.

Cast Irons

Cast irons are made differently than forged irons. Cast irons are created by pouring metals into molds that dry into the shapes of each club head. Casting provides engineers more ability to place multi-material weights around the club heads for greater forgiveness and distance characteristics. Larger game-improvement style club heads are often cast iron sets. 

Designs of Irons

Blade Irons

cavity back vs. forged

Blade irons feature thin toplines, minimal offsets, and pre-worn leading edges for the best turf interaction possible. Blade irons are ideal for golfers seeking the ultimate shot shaping control and more consistency through their golf bags. Distance and spin are more tightly controled by the golfer thanks to the smaller degree of influence of these compact irons.

Cavity Back Irons

Cavity back irons make an excellent choice for long irons or entire sets for golfers of all abilities. Cavity back irons can be reduced in size to almost mimic the profiles of true blades. Cavity back irons can also be much larger, oversized club heads that offer super-game-improvement forgiveness and distance benefits

Sets of Irons

A set of iron will consist of brand and loft matched golf iron clubs that flow into one another. These sets are often 6, 7, or 8 golf clubs in number and are sold as one unit. The number of irons you will use varies depending on your wedge, hybrid, and fairway wood compositions. 

Hybrid Sets of Irons

Hybrid iron sets use hybrids in place of long irons to offer golfer more forgiveness and distance at the top of their bag. By selling these clubs as one unit, companies can offer a cheaper and more simple approach to golf club buying. Hybrid sets may take the need away from the golfer to balance their distance among several club types and brand differences. 

Golf Iron Shafts

blade irons
Types of Golf Shafts. Source callawaygolf

Steel Shafts

Steel shafts are paired with the majority of iron sets on the market today. Steel offers many playing and buying advantages to graphite and multi-material options. Steel shafts offer exceptional control and precise feedback during impact. This feel and response is often preferred by golfers who have grown up with steel shafts in their irons and wedges. 

Graphite Shafts

Graphite shafts, although more expensive than steel, can offer playing and physical benefits to some golfers. Graphite can be made lighter than steel without reducing strength. This greater strength-to-weight ratio helps golfers gain club head speeds without sacrificing performance. Graphite shafts have also been shown to reduce the impact absorbed by the golfer during practice and play and can alleviate pain for players that struggle with minor arm or hand injuries. 

Mutli-Material Shafts

Multi-material shafts are made by combining steel and graphite materials into a single blend. Multi-material shafts are much less common but act to give players the benefits of both other offerings. Be sure to explore all your options the next time you go in for your iron fitting. 

Shaft Flex

All golf shafts will be made with a flex rating that will help golfers select their best match. The faster you swing the golf club, the stiffer and heavier golf shaft you will be recommended. This recommendation should be tested however as player shaft flexes are highly individualized. Amateur flexes through extra-stiff options can make selecting a shaft confusing and seeing a professional can help you make the right choice. 

How to Hit Golf Irons Video

Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided some frequently asked questions and answers to help go with your iron buying experience.

Q: How long do golf irons last?

A: Most manufacturers come out with several new models of irons each year, however, iron sets often last beyond 5 season when properly cared for. Irons should be replaced if their club faces begin to brown or if the grooves become visably worn. 

Q: Where is the sweet spot on irons?

A: Each golf club has a sweet spot that produces the maximum performace for your swing. This sweet spot is located on the center of gravtiy for each club. For irons, this center of graivty is most commonly directly behind the center of the club face. Bladed model irons frequently push the center of gravity slightly heel side to hlep golfers reduce hooks and hit straighter golf shots. Hitting the golf club in the middle is recommended regardless of your choice of club. 

Q: What are game improvement irons?

A: Game-improvement irons feature larger club face and more perimeter wighting than more compact iron sets. This profile helps game-improvement irons to be more forgiving and produce higher ball speeds as strikes move away from the center of the club face. Beginners and players with low swing speeds can often benefit from switching to game-improvement sets. 

Q: How do you clean golf irons?

A: After each round, clean your irons by wiping them with a club brush using soapy water. AFter each shot you play, wipe the grooves of your irons with your club brush or tee to remove dirt and grass from the grooves. Keeping your irons clean will help extend their life and maximize distance and spin control. 

Top Blade Irons

Mizuno MP-18 Iron Set

Mizuno has created an elegant modern muscleback iron for golfers looking to get smooth feels and tour-inspired shapes. The MP-18 irons are forged from molds made by hand by some of Mizuno legendary craftsmen. The Grain Flow forging process ensures that each iron is made to the highest tolerances and built to perfection. MP-18 give players clean lines, precision-placed centers of gravity, and more control over their golf ball’s flight. If you are in the market for a true bladed iron, the MP-18 is at the top of our list.

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TaylorMade P730 Iron Set

One of the most popular bladed irons on tour, the TaylorMade P730 irons are the truest blade offering from TaylorMade Golf. The P730 irons began as prototype molds made to fit the eyes of Rory McIlroy. The classic thin toplines and minimal offset help the P730 look sleek behind the golf ball and gives the player ultimate control. Forged from 1025 carbon steel, the P730 irons are ultra-soft and amazing to hit.

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Callaway Apex MB Iron Set

Callaway continues their Apex line with a true muscleback blade in the Apex MB irons. These irons are crafted to fit the visual preferences of the game’s best players. The Apex MB give golfers more options to hit shots from all over the golf course. Elite golfers and high-level ball strikers will love the precision launch, spin, and distance control offered by this bladed iron from Callaway. Made more consistent from the 20V grooves, the Apex MB irons are a staple of consistency and control.

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Titleist MB Iron Set

Titleist’s newest iteration of their classic muscleback design is the 718 MB irons. The 718 MB irons feature precision placed centers of gravity for more control throughout the set. The compact blade lengths and thin toplines help make the MB sleek and beautiful behind the golf ball. A true player’s blade, the 718 MB are timeless and give a nod to the traditions of golf. 100% pure forging ensures that each club delivers the very best in sounds, feel, and consistency.

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Cobra Forged MB Iron Set

One of the most visually stunning golf clubs on the market is the Cobra MB iron. The Cobra MB iron is CNC milled for consistency and sharper grooves. The Diamonized Black Metal enhances durability and helps reduce sunlight glare especially in the shorter irons. Forged in a five-step process, each MB iron is ultra-smooth and ultra-soft. Played by Rickie Fowler, these MB irons have been validated on some of the World’s hardest golf course and presents golfers with more control and more confidence standing over their approach shots.

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Wilson Staff Model Blades Iron Set

The pioneers of blade irons, Wilson has released their newest single-piece design. The Wilson Staff Model Blade iron set is an 8-piece set that pays respect to tradition and the company’s history. Wilson soft forged each Model Blade iron in 8620 carbon steel metal for more feel and more feedback through the impact zone. The Staff Model Blades offer clean lines and distinct scoring lines. Reinforced with minimal weight in the toe, the Model Staff Blades may help golfers more than other bladed irons on strikes away from the center. If you are looking for elegant looking irons with true tradition, the Wilson Staff Models blades make an excellent choice.

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Srixon Z 965 Iron Set

The classic muscleback blade from Srixon, the Z 965 has been developed for the elite golfer. The beautifully thin lines and reinforced muscle cavity help the Z 965 deliver beautiful clean shapes and robust performance. Srixon has carved away pieces of their V.T. sole of the Z 965 iron to produce better turf interaction through impact regardless of where the golf ball is lying. The Z 965 iron set is forged from soft 1020 carbon steel for an ultra-soft feel and more feedback. Crafted for the highly skilled golfer looking to gain control and shot shaping ability, the Z 965 irons from Srixon are considered one of the premier blade iron set options.

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What Blade Iron Set Should You Buy?

Golfers that want to use muscleback or blade iron want clean, classic lines and precision performance. The most important things to consider when selecting your blade iron set is how the club looks and feels in your hands. Attempting to compare performance between models is difficult beyond how the club performs in your hands. Testing each offering and deciding from there is the best approach.

Blade irons are timeless and offer golfers more options to take on pins and shoot lower scores. These clubs demand the very highest level of ball striking and enough swing speed to launch the golf ball into the air. Elite golfers can play their best golf by varying trajectory, curvature, and distance with the help of modern blade iron sets.

Be sure to check out your local pro shops or retail stores to see which models you prefer the look of. Hit each one with a variety of shafts to match your swing to the proper flex, weight, and bend profile. Enjoy your testing process and only put something into your golf bag if it makes you a better golfer. Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our other guides and reviews to help fill your bag!


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