Best Muscle Back Irons

Golfers looking for muscle back irons are often intrigued by stunning lines and the ultra-soft feel that can only be obtained by crafting a single piece golf iron from the softest of steel. Muscle back irons are made for elite golfers and players that want to control every aspect of their golf ball flight. Blades may look amazing but they can provide challenges to players that are uncomfortable with their swing. This is one reason why muscle back irons are more used. Usually this sets of muscle back clubs goes like in set with 3 pw.

This guide illustrates the best muscle back irons in the market today and takes you through some advantages and disadvantages of playing these style of irons. Muscle back, cavity back, forged iron or bladed irons have different difficult to hit. Bladed iron and forged iron are often written off by many players as too difficult to hit rather then muscle back irons and cavity back irons, but that may not be the case if you bring enough head speed and the blade size is not intimidating behind the golf ball.

Best Muscle Back Irons

Mizuno MP-18 Iron Set

The MP-18 was designed as a throwback to the muscle-backs of Mizuno’s past. A shorter blade length, cambered top line ...
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TaylorMade P730 Iron Set

Designed specifically for the best Tour players in the world, P730 represents the most finely crafted irons TaylorMade ...
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Callaway Apex MB Iron Set

A true muscleback is only suited for the best of the best players, which is why they are so prevalent on the ...
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Titleist 718 MB Iron Set

For the purist, there is no substitute for a one-piece, muscle-back iron. Titleist 718 MB Irons are the modern choice ...
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Cobra Forged MB Iron Set

The KING Forged irons feature a tour-inspired design configured to match Rickie Fowler's custom gamers played on tour. ...
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Wilson Staff Model Blades Iron Set

The Staff Model Blades from Wilson Staff pay homage to our long history of forged irons, with stunning design and ...
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Srixon Z 965 Iron Set

The new Srixon Z 965 Irons have made Srixon's best iron performance even better. The Z 965 is a compact muscle back ...
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When Do You Use an Iron?

golf iron

Iron sets offer clubs that are used from every area of the golf course. Whether golfer use muscle back irons, cavity back irons or blade irons it depends on their skill set. Tee boxes, fairways, the rough, bunkers, fringes, and hazard areas all see play from irons (muscle back irons or blade irons). This versatility in use is what demands so much from each iron fit and why building an iron set that matches your swing is so important. 

Finding the Best Irons for Your Golf Game

The best irons for your game combine your preferences along with performance fits that blend your wants and your needs. Irons should look great behind the golf ball, have a sole that helps provide you forgiveness through a variety of ground conditions and achieve the proper launch, spin, and distance parameters based on your club head speed and delivery conditions. Depend on your skills and needs you will choose eventually between muscle back irons, cavity back irons or blade irons. Even though you will not be satisfied with one piece set it will take a long way to feel at impact your clubs. Your budget must also be considered due to the growing cost of iron sets. 

muscle back irons

How to Hit Muscle Back Irons Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right irons muscle back irons or cavity back irons and caring for them properly can save you money and time. We have included some questions and answers below to do just that.

Q: How long do golf irons last?

A: General guidelines recommend changing your irons whether they are best muscle back irons, cavity back irons or blades on every 5-6 years. This time ranges greatly depending on how many rounds you play per year and how often you are cleaning your irons. Also it depend on the forging process. Where you store your muscle back irons can also impact how long they last. Each year, check your irons to see if the grooves are wearing and the metal seems discolored. Spin control can be affected if grooves become dulled or the face integrity is destroyed. 

Q: Where is the sweet spot on muscle back irons?

A: The sweet spot of a golf club is the center of gravity in the club head. This spot produces the highest amount of ball speed and often the best performance. In an muscle back iron, the center of gravity is often in the middle of the club face. Blade style irons and muscle back iron designs can feature a center of gravity that is closer to the heel of the golf club and help provide a more fade bias ball flight. 

Q: What are game improvement irons?

A: Game improvement irons leverage multiple materials and larger bodies to give players more launch, higher ball speeds, and more forgiveness than smaller profiles. They are more used by high handicappers than low handicappers. Low handicappers use more muscle back irons or cavity back irons. Most game improvement irons are created by carving large cavities into hollow body constructions with more weight on the perimeter of the golf club. These irons offer high handicappers to have more exceptional feel.

Q: How do you clean golf irons?

A: Irons should be cleaned between each round, before being stored during the off-season, and lightly between each shot. Whether they are muscle back iron, cavity back iron or blades you need to take care of them. Removing dirt and debris from the iron club face is the best way to preserve grooves and extend the life of your iron set. Between rounds, wipe each iron face with a club brush using dish soap and warm water. Make sure that each groove is cleaned and store them in a temperature controlled environment completely dry. 

Best Muscle Back Golf Irons

Mizuno MP-18 Muscle back Iron Set

Often referred to as the best-looking muscle back irons in golf, the MP-18 irons and MP 20 from Mizuno set the standard for what a modern blade should be. The MP-18 irons are a muscle back iron with thin toplines, a satin nickel finish, and stunning shapes similar to Mizuno MP 20. Produced from models created by hand, the MP-18 muscle back irons and Mizuno MP 20 are breathtaking in terms of craftsmanship and feel. Forged from the softest 1025E steel in Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forged system, the MP-18 irons give golfers everything they want in a bladed golf club. They produce better ball speed, swing speed, and all around performance. Mizuno mp 18 and Mizuno MP 20 are great golf clubs for different level golfers. These golf clubs will allow you you to play your best golf.

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TaylorMade P730 Iron Set

Created to fit the eyes of Rory McIlroy, the TaylorMade P730 cavity back irons are a true players irons. Ultra-thin toplines, premium forged feel, and almost no offset make these a better player’s dream. The P730 is the personal favorite of many of the PGA Tour players on TaylorMade’s staff. Their long irons can be usedn on many places on the course. No matter if you want more muscle back irons, cavity back or blades this clubs will satisfy every golfer need. They often called these clubs players iron. They also served as inspiration for the irons designed for Tiger Woods appropriately called the P7TW. Both the P730 and P7TW give all the control to the golfer and make hitting every shot around the golf course easy when swung with high levels of precision. They increase players ball speed and swing speed. So it make better players for regular golfers. So if you are looking irons club set to improve your game this is the right one. One of the best irons on the market.

Callaway Apex MB Iron Set

The traditional muscle back offering from Callaway, the Apex MB muscle back irons are beautiful and ultra-soft. The forging process is pure craftmanship for these muscle backs. The Apex Muscle Back irons uses tour-inspired razor-thin toplines and pre-worn leading edges to deliver a package that better players love. Crafted from 1025 carbon steel, the Apex Muscle Back irons are built for players wanting to control their ball flight top-to-bottom. These forged mb have great long irons and short irons in their set. The apex mb irons are great cavity back irons that can improve your game. Their short irons feature great sweet spot perfect for any handicap golfer. Precision-placed centers of gravity ensure maximum spin and distance control. If you are in the market for a classic muscle back iron, the Apex Muscle Back from Callaway has to be on your list.

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Titleist 718 Muscle Back Iron Set

The newest iteration of the modern blade from Titleist, the 718 Muscle Back irons are perfect craftsmanship and proven performance. They have some similarities with Titleist 620 MB. Built with a sole that offers improved interaction for the game’s best players, the 718 Muscle Back are a classic shape with pure performance more like Titleist 620 MB. The cavity back helps golfers for better ball speed. Players looking for the traditional shapes and luxurious soft feels of muscle back irons will get everything they want in term of control and performance from this iron. These players irons have great long irons in their sets. The 718 MB iron has been optimized throughout the set to deliver the ultimate control to the elite golfer.

Cobra King Forged MB Iron Set

The perfect complement to the Cobra Cavity Back irons, the Cobra MB irons are ideal for players looking to dial in their short irons. These cavity back set also have great long irons. The Cobra MB are crafted in both Diamonized Black Metal and traditional chrome. Both options offer golfers a stunning club with tour-validated performance. Gamed by Rickie Fowler, the Cobra MB set have been tested at the highest level. These great cavity back irons provide golfers with perfect feel. Golfers looking for ultimate control over their golf balls flight now have an option in Cobra’s cavity back lineup with these irons.

Wilson Staff Model Blades Iron Set

Wilson is revered for their ability to create beautiful, modern irons that pay respect to tradition without sacrificing performance. Designed directly from Wilson Staff PGA Tour player input, the Wilson Staff Model Blades are a culmination of years of innovation in a classic shape. Forged in 8620 carbon steel, these blades provide enhanced feedback with an ultra-soft feel. The rounded chamber ensures great turf interaction in a variety of lies around the golf course. Individually milled to ensure more control and shot-shaping potential, the Wilson Staff Blade can be fit perfectly to your swing.

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Srixon Z 965 Iron Set

A classic blade, the Srixon Z 965 has been developed for serious golfers. The clean lines and reinforced muscle cavity help the Z 965 deliver on beautiful aesthetics and enhanced performance. Srixon has carved away pieces of the sole of the Z 965 iron to create better turf interaction throughout impact regardless of where the golf ball is resting. This V.T. sole gives players more forgiveness in the rough and fairway bunkers. Forged from soft 1020 carbon steel, the Z 965 irons are ideal for players wanting to play a true blade iron that offers unlimited control.

What Golf Iron Should You Buy?

When choosing an iron set, whether is muscle back iron, cavity back irons or blades especially a muscle back iron set, your personal preference can be the largest deciding factor. Because most of the technology if stripped away from blade-style irons, the largest differences come in the looks, feel, and brand loyalty provided by each model. Choosing the topline you enjoy the most with the most luxurious feel is often the primary concern. The performance will likely not be that different among muscle back cavity back or blade models when fit properly for lofts, lies, shafts, and grips.

Lastly, if budget is your primary factor remember to consider older models or used iron sets. Skill set is also a key factor whether you will choose blade irons, muscle back irons or cavity back irons. Most often this muscle back sets or cavity back goes in sets like 3 pw or 3 sw. Best muscle back irons and cavity back irons are used more than blade irons. Performance differences can be altered to fit your swing, your swing speed for much less than purchasing the newest offerings. It is always recommended to try a golf club out for yourself before making your final decision. Find a club fitter that can help put the best combination in your hand and you will see your confidence rise and your scores fall. You will play with the best muscle back irons. Thanks for reading and good luck in choosing your best muscle back irons!


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