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PXG Golf Clubs Review

If you don’t recognize the name Bob Parsons let me give you a little refresher. Born to working class parents with bad gambling habits in Baltimore in 1950, Parsons came from humbling beginnings to say the least. He has been working since he can remember and has had very little handed to him. ...

How to Have the Perfect Golf Ball Position for Every Club

I don’t know if you tuned into any of the PGA Championship at Bethpage Black but I watched the majority of the first three rounds. I watched Tiger spray it all over the country and in the same group, I watched Brooks Koepka put on a clinic in every aspect of the game. I love the controlled cut ...

The Ultimate Guide to the Ryder Cup

I don’t know about you, but the Olympics of Golf is something I am glued to for three days in September every two years. Yep, I’m talking about the Ryder Cup. And yes, I’m an American. And yes, us Americans have had our asses handed to us for too many Ryder Cups in a row. But there’s no other ...

Best Golf Movies

Golfers are a different breed, there’s no denying that. Non-golfers simply can’t understand why we choose to spend so much time infuriatingly chasing a little white ball into a hole. Why some of us choose to be tortured by the unrelenting frustrations of the hardest game in the world that have ...

The Masters: 14 Little Known Fun Facts About Augusta National

If you’re like me, the beginning of Masters Week is filled with more anticipation than the coming of Christmas morning. I start thinking about the iconic CBS golf announcer Jim Nantz and his famous “Hello Friends” opening line to begin weekend coverage and it sends chills down my spine.It’s the ...

Learn How to Hit a Draw in 3 Easy Steps

There’s a reason golf course homes on the right side of holes are cheaper than the ones on the left. It’s because 90% of golfers are right-handed and hit slices that break windows and land in swimming pools on the right side. If you’re like me, you’ve hit plenty of sliced, weak shots to right that ...

A Practical Guide to Leading Your Next Golf Buddies Golf Trip

Aside from waking up to watch the final round of the Masters or every round of the British Open, I relish my annual golf trip with my buddies more than anything else. The trip gives us a chance to get away from our better halves and enjoy some much-needed camaraderie amongst ourselves for a few ...

The Secret to Hitting a Golf Driver Straight and Far

If you’re reading this article, then you’ve probably been left speechless while watching golfers with names like Rory, Dustin, Jason, Justin, and Brooks bomb drives down the center of the fairway on Sunday afternoons. Top Tracer Technology, employed by NBC, CBS, the Golf Channel, and others, shows ...

24 of the Most Popular Golf Betting Games to Play at the Golf Course

While golf is a game you play for leisure, chances are you relish a little competition with your buddies as well. Not only does having a friendly match against friends give you a chance for bragging rights, it makes you better. You’re not likely to be playing for millions of dollars on Sunday ...

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