Wilson Profile Golf Clubs Set Review

Wilson has been in the golf business since the days of major championship winners Gene Sarazen and Slammin’ Sam Snead. The Chicago-based sporting goods company is also known for the Golf Channel series, Driver vs. Driver. If you’re looking for a beginner set that won’t break the bank, the Wilson Profile Golf Clubs set is perfect for you.

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Wilson Men's Profile XD Golf Complete Set Long Men's Right Hand


Key Features

  • The Wilson Profile Golf Club Set includes a carry bag, leather headcovers, and clubs, and is available for both right- and left-handed golfers.

  • The clubs in the Wilson Profile Golf Club Set feature extra distance game improvement technology that lengthens how far the ball will go.

  • Wilson Profile Golf Club Set also includes a driver, 5-wood, 5-hybrid, irons 6 through 9, pitching wedge, sand wedge, and putter. Graphite shafts for driver, fairway wood, and hybrid. Steel shafts for irons, wedges, and putter.


  • Custom fit in a box System
  • Super game improvement technology to enhance new golfer experience
  • Deep cavity back irons for improved accuracy


Wilson Profile Golf Clubs Set Detailed Review

Design and Technology

As a beginner golfer, having a large sweet spot in all the clubs advances ball contact and shot quality. Oversize club heads give exceptional distance and forgiveness when striking the golf ball. To match with adolescent swing characteristics, the shafts have a teen flex that is shorter and recommended for golfers aged 11-14, and between 5’3” to 5’8”.

The driver, 5-wood, and 5-hybrid are woods that provide extraordinary distance with graphite shafts. With an oversized clubhead consisting of power weighted technology, golfers will see increased distance on their tee shots.

A strong lofted 5-wood features low-placed weighting that provides excellent playability from the tee, fairway, and rough. With its enhanced head design and high launch technology, the 5-hybrid is an easy-to-hit utility club that gives a straighter ball flight than long irons.

The irons are cavity-back irons that provide accuracy and control for your mid-range shots on the fairway. The irons are made of a mighty stainless-steel material that features extreme perimeter weighting around the clubhead.

Both the pitching and sand wedges of this set can create pinpoint approach shots closer to the hole. The pitching wedge has an enhanced spin technology that strengthens short game performance. The sand wedge features a wide sole and super low weighting to improve bunker play.

The putter is an Anser-like blade style featuring heel-toe weighting with alignment features that allow golfers to make more putts and record lower scores.

Wilson Profile Golf Clubs Set

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  • Reasonable pricing for the budget minded player
  • Extreme forgiveness for beginners who may experience mishits and slices when learning how to swing a club
  • Can be fitted to meet height and swing traits


  • Low price tag may lead some to doubt s quality
  • The 2017 version may become outdated in the new year when new products are introduced to the marketplace
  • The fairway wood is a strong lofted 5-wood
Build Quality
Control and Performance
Design and Appearance

Wilson Profile Golf Clubs Review


All clubs have Wilson stock grips; however, these can always be changed for grips that best match a preferred grip style and hand size.

The golf bag is a carry bag that is both sturdy and easy to carry while navigating the course. The bag features a seven-way padded club organizer to protect the clubs from damage. It also has folding legs to support the bag on the ground as you take your shot.


The Wilson Profile Golf Club Set is perfect for a beginner golfer or a teen to help learn the loft and distance gaps between golf clubs, how each club works, and how to carry a loaded golf bag while walking the course. The 2017 version of Wilson’s Profile XD Complete Teen Golf Bag Set has all the tools needed to attend a first golf lesson or receive the first taste of victory after walking 18 holes.

Wilson Profile Golf Clubs Set Video Review


How Does the Wilson Profile Golf Clubs Set Compare?

Callaway Strata Tour Golf Clubs Set

The Callaway Strata Tour Golf Clubs Set is one of the most complete golf club sets on the market. The Callaway Strata Tour Golf Club Set includes everything that golfers will need for their game. In order to reduce the stress of club buying, Callaway offers golfer the option to purchase their clubs as a complete set instead of one at a time. The result is a golf bag that is perfectly blended to ensure that every distance is covered, and you can play your best golf without having to think too much. The Strata Tour is perfect for the occasional golfer that needs a professional set of clubs for their weekend business rounds, or for having fun with their children.

  • A lightweight 460cc forged driver that has a large sweet spot and a titanium head, it's designed for distance and forgiveness that will help you hit it farther off the tee
  • The fairway woods are very forgiving and have a more aerodynamic head shape for long, high flying shots
  • A great alternative to difficult long irons that gives you more confidence on a variety of shots


Callaway Strata Golf Clubs Set

The Callaway Strata Golf Clubs Set is perfect for golfers looking to get premium products with having to deal with the stress of learning launch angles, spin rates, and smash factors. Complete golf club sets like the Callaway Strata are designed for golfers just looking to pick up the game or recreational players that want a set of their own but don’t plan to play frequently. Callaway has created a set that gives golfers all the necessary tools to play golf without the hassle of buying fourteen clubs individually. This approach saves money and saves time. The Callaway Strata Golf Club Set is perfect for beginning golfer looking to take there game to the next level.

  • Full titanium driver gives you a large sweet spot and more forgiveness to bomb it off the tee
  • Very forgiving 3-wood and 5-wood built for long, high flying shots in a more aerodynamic head shape
  • Great alternatives to long irons, so you can play with more confidence on a variety of shots


Callaway Solaire Golf Clubs Set

The Callaway Solaire Golf Clubs Set is perfect for beginning female golfers and players looking to join their friends or partners on the course. Players looking for an all-in-one set of golf clubs is simpler and less stressful than trying to select 14 clubs individually. Conveniently, Callaway delivers well thought-out bags that offer female golfers everything they need without any hassle. By joining fashionable patterns and premium color pallets with forgiving golf clubs, the Solaire Golf Club Set provides an outstanding package and may be perfect for you.

  • Premium Design
  • Complete Course Coverage
  • Premium Putter


Should You Buy the Wilson Profile Golf Clubs Set?

The Wilson 2017 Profile XD Complete Teen Golf Set with Golf Bag is the go-to set for an adolescent learning how to play golf or beginning to compete in junior tournaments.

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