Vessel Golf Bag Buyers Guide

Vessel Golf bags can be seen across Worldwide golf tours including the PGA Tour with marquee names like Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth. What some people may not know is that Vessel creates an entire suite of golf bags to fit the needs of every golfer, no matter how you play. If you walk, there is the lightweight Vessel Lite Stand bag or the versatile Player 2.0. Riders can use the exclusive Lux Cart 2.0 golf bag.

The most serious golfer can outfit themselves with the Vessel Prime Staff bag, just like the Ryder Cup Teams and the very best players in the world. For golfers that do not know what type of Vessel Golf bag is right for them this guide details the benefits of each so you can match your playing style with an option from Vessels’ highest quality bags in golf. 

Top 5 Best Vessel Golf Bags

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Vessel Lite Golf Stand Bag Review

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Vessel Prime Staff Bag Review

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The Different Types of Vessel Golf Bags

Stand Bags

Vessel Lite Golf Stand Bag

Players that walk will need a golf bag that is lightweight yet roomy enough for all of their stuff. Their bags will also need legs so they can deploy them between shots. Stand bags like the Player 2.0 and Lite Stand are perfect for players that walk sometimes or every time. These bags are also versatile enough to fit onto a cart or pushcart in case golfers want to use them this way. Vessel stand bags have enough room in the pockets for all the necessities of golfers but will not provide as much space as the larger cart and staff bag options.

Cart Bags

vessel golf bags1
Vessel Lux Cart 2.0 Golf Bags

Cart bags like the Vessel Lux Cart 2.0 bag are used by players that ride exclusively on golf carts or use a pushcart each time they walk a golf course. Cart bags use a single strap system that allow the bag to be carried when necessary, but not as comfortably as stand bags. These bags are typically only carried until they can be strapped into a pushcart or riding golf cart. Cart bags are superior to stand bags in their size and ability to hold more items like rain gear, extra gloves, towels, and golf balls. Golfers looking for the ultimate in luxury experience on the golf course should look to the cart-style Vessel Lux Cart 2.0 golf bag.

Staff Bags

prime staff 2
Vessel Prime Staff Golf Bag

Staff or “Tour” Bags like the Vessel Prime Staff bag are the golf bags you will see on television and the PGA Tour. These golf bags are carried by caddies and feature the most room of any style of golf bag. These bags are often made to hold more than 14 clubs as professional players may need to experiment between rounds as conditions change. They also have room for everything as it is illegal to swap items in and out of your golf bag during competitions. Whatever you leave for the first tee with is what you have. In these scenarios having a well-equipped Staff bag is essential. While it is not uncommon to see amateur players and teaching professionals with Staff golf bags, they are less common than stand and cart golf bags.

Who Should Buy Each Type of Golf Bag?

Selecting which golf bag is best for you can be simple. Begin with how you play golf most often. If you almost always walk or you play competitively then a stand bag will be the best option. Competitive players will likely be best suited with the Player 2.0 Stand bag as it provides enough room for essential items that cannot be added once the round begins. Golfers that play recreationally but want to enjoy the health benefits of golf will be best suited with the Lite Stand bag as they can simply add and remove items as needed. 

If you either use a pushcart every time out or only play golf only when carts are available, then the Lux Cart 2.0 is the obvious choice. The Lux Cart, as the name implies, is a luxurious golf bag with more than enough room for everything you will ever need. It fits nicely onto carts of all kinds and has convenient pockets, so everything is well within reach.

Professional golfers at every level will demand the highest level of performance only available in the Vessel Prime Staff Bag. The Prime Staff Bag is second-to-none in terms of space and functionality. It will be a convenient carry for your caddies and ensure that you can play golf at the highest level possible. Not to mention, the Prime Staff bag will place you in the ranks of Major Champions, Ryder Cup Team Members, and World Golf Champions.

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Reviews of the Best Vessel Golf Bags

Below we have described and reviewed the best Vessel golf bags on the market today.

Vessel Player 2.0 Stand Bag

  • Pockets including a large garment, velour lined valuables with lock, magnetic tee pocket, and large ball pocket.
  • Rotator stand technology stability base with carbon fiber legs.
  • Towel ring and umbrella holder.
  • Premium YKK weather resistant zippers and all-weather rain hood included.
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Vessel Lite Stand Bag

  • Ultra-lightweight, durable nylon exterior.
  • 4-point adjustable carrying strap.
  • Rotator stand stability technology with carbon fiber legs.
  • Water-resistant zippers and an included nylon rain hood.
9.5/10 Read review
95 %
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Vessel Lux Cart 2.0 Bag

  • Large accessory pockets for golf apparel, extra golf balls, and a lockable valuables pouch.
  • 2 insulated water bottle holders and an insulated cooler pocket.
  • Towel ring and umbrella holder.
  • Premium YKK zippers and an all-weather rain hood.
9.3/10 Read review
93 %
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Vessel Prime Staff Bag

vessel prime staff bag
  • 6 way top with structural steel ring for support and durability.
  • Spacious zip pockets with pulls and a customizable belly panel for partnered logos and your name.
  • 2 magnetic velour lined pockets for your cell phone and valuables.
  • Padded single caddy-style strap, umbrella sleeve, and towel ring.
  • Water-resistant body, waterproof zippers, and included matching rainhood
  • Best-in-class premium leather exterior and Tour Inspired aesthetic.
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Special Add-On: Vessel Cool Caddy


Vessel Golf also offers a one-of-a-kind Cool Caddy that can help golfers get the most from their in-home setup or at the practice facility. The Cool Caddy is a den caddy style golf bag that features a cooler compartment made to keep your drinks cold. Perfect for the practice grounds, backyard, basement or garage simulators, and the beach, the Cool Caddy can store your drinks and golf essentials beyond your clubs. The Cool Caddy makes a perfect addition to any of the Vessel club bags you own!

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Meet the Founder of Vessel Golf Bags


No matter what style of golf bag you prefer, Vessel provides the highest levels of performance and quality. Hand-crafted to ensure the best possible bags in golf, Vessel is first a golf bag company; not a club company that also makes golf bags. Vessel delivers the perfect option for walkers in the Player 2.0 Stand and Lite Stand bags, riders with the Lux Cart 2.0 bag, and elite players with the Prime Staff golf bag. Each bag can be perfectly customized and tailored to YOUR exact needs and your money could not be spent better anywhere else. Vessel is simply a company that does not compromise, and neither should you.

Damon Burrow
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