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Snell Get Sum Golf Balls

The reality for many players is that paying more for golf balls only means more disappointment when they are not playing their best. Performance differences from multilayer golf balls with urethane covers only offer more performance benefits for golfers that can afford to play these offerings. Get Sum matches lower prices with improved performance in the 2-piece category for players building towards their best scores. Always, getting properly fit for your golf ball and playing the same model swing after swing is recommended and the Get Sum may allow you to do that thanks to its generous cost.

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Possibly unannounced to many golfers, Snell Golf offers an even more affordable golf ball in their Get Sum offering. The Get Sum golf ball is a 2-piece golf ball that takes some of the MTB DNA and delivers excellent affordability with performance. No PGA sponsorships means cost savings to amateur golfers and Get Sum helps round out Snell’s already impressive lineup.

Key Features

  • Get Sum is a 2-piece golf ball with a low compression rating.  
  • Get Sum comes highly awarded and conforms to all USGA standards of play.  
  • Each Get Sum golf ball features a Surlyn cover that allows for a more optimal flight and spin.  
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Snell Get Sum Golf Balls Detailed Review

Design and Technology

The crux of the Get Sum golf ball is performance and affordability. By combining the expansive golf experience of the Snell team, they have created a golf ball that give more spin to help players get a more balanced golf ball flight and hopefully reduce slices and hooks. Get Sum uses a Surlyn cover that reduces costs and promotes a soft feel.

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Our Experience

Evaluating 2-piece golf balls can be difficult. In general, it can be expected that fewer layers means less diverse performance, especially around the greens. I was surprised that the Get Sum featured high spin rates and exceptional control coming from a variety of lies and different ground conditions. I will not go as far to say that this 2-piece golf ball performed at the level of tour-inspired offerings, but I will say that without a doubt it is one of the most impressive Surlyn covered golf balls I have ever hit. Good distance with the driver and consistency with the short clubs make the Get Sum an outstanding option for golfers who need to save money to enjoy their rounds.

Get Sum


The Get Sum golf balls are available on the Snell website for $20.99 per dozen. Bulk pricing models make them even less expensive as players by more within a single order. At their lowest point, Get Sum golf balls can be purchased for $14.99 per dozen. Get Sum is offered in both white and optic yellow finishes.


2-piece golf balls offer the opportunity for player to develop their game without stressing about how much they spend if their golf ball comes up missing after an errant tee shot. Get Sum is unmistakably one of the best all-around performing 2-piece golf balls I have ever tested. Budget-conscious players that know they need to keep costs low to continue to enjoy their rounds should be considering the Snell Get Some golf ball, especially at the bulk prices.

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