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Are you a golfer who really enjoys the game but also doesn’t want to break the bank paying for equipment on top of green fees? We all want to buy products that are reasonably-priced, especailly since its a whole dozen, and also perform well, but oftentimes golf balls tend to lose performance and quality as they drop in price. This leaves golfers in the position of having to choose price or quality, rather than being able to have both. Being in a spot where you must choose between performance, control, spin, compression all while on limited funds is not fun. Luckily, if you ’re a golfer looking for both of these important aspects in your golf ball, Maxfli may be the company for you.

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Top 6 Best Maxfli Golf Balls


Best Distance
Maxfli SoftFli Matte Golf Balls
  • Ultra-low compression rating
  • Greater control and visibility
  • Softer feel and greater energy transfer
Most Accurate
Maxfli Straightfli Golf Balls
  • Promotes more accurate ball flight
  • StraightFli travels 20% straighter
  • Excellent greenside spin for greater control
Best Ball Speed
Maxfli UFli Speed Golf Balls
  • Maxfli's fastest golf ball
  • Explosive ball speed
  • Reduces spin off lower lofted clubs
Softest Feel
Maxfli Revolution Distance Golf Balls
  • Incredible distance and superior feel
  • Launches fast, high, and long
  • 85 compression rating provides a softer feel
Lowest Spin
Maxfli U/6 Tour X Golf Balls
  • Faster ball speeds and low spin
  • Achieve higher MOI for straighter ball flight
  • Preferred by Tour professionals
Best Control
Maxfli Speedfli Golf Balls
  • Improved aerodynamics to elevate distance
  • More energy transfer and higher overall ball speeds
  • Added greenside spin and control


About Maxfli Golf Ball Company

Maxfli Golf began as a part of the sports division of Dunlop Tire and Rubber Corporation. Maxfli made premium golf balls while they were part of Dunlop, but they underwent a large shift when they were purchased from Dunlop by TaylorMade Golf. TaylorMade was looking to compete more with Titleist in the golf ball market, and using their own name on Tour balls was not allowing them to create enough competition with the Titleist Pro V1. In response to this, TaylorMade wanted to use a name that was already established in the golf ball market, which is why they made the move to purchase Maxfli. TaylorMade marketed premium golf balls, like the Maxfli BlackMax, to compete with the Titleist Pro V1X, but their efforts just didn’t generate enough buzz to really compete with the Pro V1’s market dominance. This is when TaylorMade decided to have a shift in strategy for Maxfli, from focusing on premium golf balls to more distance-oriented balls.

TaylorMade would refocus on using their own brand name for premium balls to compete with the Pro V1. Maxfli would have distance balls like the Fire and the successful Noodle, which were both successful during testing for performance. They even had the perfect professional sponsor, John Daly. “Long John” was famous for his amazing distance from the tee, and his use of the Maxfli Fire Tour golf ball helped to garner attention for their new brand shift. Maxfli was sold to Dick’s Sporting Goods in 2008, and they have been a subsidiary of Dick’s ever since.

Best Maxfli Golf Balls

Why Use a Maxfli Golf Ball

Maxfli began as a premium golf ball company, and then they switched to focusing on making excellent distance balls. This meant lots of testing of performance, that spanned over months with some of the top golf influencers. After all, this was the same golf ball that John Daly put in play when he was leading the PGA Tour in driving distance. Maxfli wanted to appeal to “Long Ball Rebels”, who are golfers who value distance over every other aspect of the game. Maxfli also offers great value for their golf balls, which is very appealing to many players. There are so many expenses attached to playing this great game, and buying new golf balls tends to be one of the most important expenses to keep under control. Having a golf ball that works for you on the course and works for your wallet is exceptionally important, and Maxfli’s range of golf balls may just have the perfect golf ball for you.


Reviews of the Best Maxfli Golf Balls

Below we have described and reviewed five of the best Maxfli Golf Balls on the market today.

1. Maxfli SoftFli Golf Balls

The Maxfli Softfli Golf Ball is a ball made for players searching great feel on all shots. This ball is made with an amazingly-low compression rating of 35 to produce the feel it promises to deliver. A new core design helps to deliver the softness while also creating high ball speeds for great distance. This ball features a soft ionomer cover which helps to produce high greenside spin for soft feel and increased control. The Softfli also has a 332-dimple design to create consistent ball flight for all clubhead speeds. This ball features a two-layer design for a great blend of both accuracy and distance. The Softfli was also featured on the Golf Digest Hot List in 2018 for its great performance.

  • Ultra-low compression rating provides exceptionally soft feel and feedback on shots
  • Soft cover with vivid matte coloration unlocks greater control and visibility
  • Ultimate distance with softer feel and greater energy transfer from the reformulated core


2. Maxfli Straightfli Golf Balls

The Maxfli Straightfli Golf Ball does exactly what its name implies: flies straight. This is Maxfli’s straightest-flying golf ball, and the technology it features all helps to produce this great benefit. Robot and laboratory testing results show that this ball flies 20% straighter than other Maxfli models. The “Find the Fairway” Dimple Design is built with a 374-dimple design, using variable dimple size in various patterns for reduced lift. The cover is made with soft ionomer, which helps to produce great greenside spin and control. The two-piece construction helps to produce both great accuracy and excellent distance.

  • Maxfli’s straightest golf ball promotes more accurate ball flight for improved overall performance
  • Laboratory and Robot testing proves StraightFli travels 20% straighter than previous Maxfli golf balls
  • Find the Fairway Dimple Pattern utilizes 374 large and small dimples in stacked and packed patterns for reduced lift


3. Maxfli UFli Speed Golf Balls

The Maxfli UFli Speed Golf Ball is a ball built to produce high ball speeds and great distance. The UFli Speed is a four-layer distance ball which is packed with technology to give you the most distance. The mantle layer is made to reduce spin off the tee and increase ball speeds for more distance. The Tour Urethane cover reduces spin from the tee without sacrificing control around the greens. The metal-infused core produces even more ball speed to increase distance. This ball is designed in every way to increase your distance on all shots while still providing great control around the greens.

  • Maxfli’s fastest golf ball optimizes energy transfer for incredible distance with control
  • Metal-infused, dual-layer Speed Core creates substantial energy at impact for explosive ball speeds
  • Interior mantle layer reduces spin off lower lofted clubs without sacrificing speed for more distance


4. Maxfli Revolution Distance Golf Balls

The Maxfli Distance Golf Ball is made for maximum distance on all shots. This ball has a two-layer construction featuring a large core for high ball speeds for a long and high ball flight. The core also has an 85 compression rating for great feel. The very durable ionomer cover gives great feel and excellent greenside performance. The dual-radius dimple design produces high launch and low spin for optimized distance. This ball stays true to Maxfli’s goal of providing an excellent-performing golf ball.

  • Performance golf ball designed to promote incredible distance and superior feel
  • High Coefficient of Restitution core maximizes initial ball speed to launch it fast, high, and long
  • 85 compression rating provides a softer feel and more feedback than other comparable golf balls


5. Maxfli U/6 Tour X Golf Balls

The Maxfli U/6 Tour X Golf Ball is built for incredible distance and premium control. Golfers with an average swing speed with get great distance with the low-compression core. This ball has an incredible six-layer design, with four mantle pieces which more effectively distribute weight for lower spin and straighter ball flight. The new cast Urethane cover creates a more Tour-caliber feel and is very durable. Lastly, the 336-dimple design is built to provide a more penetrating ball flight, which is preferred by better players.

  • New mid compression and high energy core provides faster ball speeds and low spin for performance
  • 4 mantle layers move weight from the core to achieve higher MOI for lower spin and straighter flight
  • New cast urethane cover construction adds durability and is preferred by Tour professionals


6. Maxfli Speedfli Golf Balls

The Maxfli Speedfli Golf Ball is built for maximum ball speed and distance. The core is designed with metal built in, which makes energy transfer more efficient for greatpeed and distance. Maxfli has infused Tungsten and Titanium into this core to achieve the better performance. The soft ionomer cover performs very well around the greens. The 332-dimple design also creates a higher initial ball speed and lower spin for more distance.

  • Titanium and Tungsten core additives combine with improved aerodynamics to elevate distance
  • Metal-infused Speed Core has higher C.O.R. for more energy transfer and higher overall ball speeds
  • Soft ionomer blend cover formula allows for added greenside spin and control in the scoring zone



Maxfli may have changed their goal within the golf industry, switching from premium performance to a more distance-oriented look, but they do this very well as you can tell by golfer’s comments. Looking across their range of golf balls, they have amazing technology in each line to create more distance and improved performance so you can play your best golf. If you’re a player looking for affordable distance and great performance, Maxfli has a ball in your range and you should definitely go and try them out.

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