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Very few products excite me as much as the HackMotion golf sensor. The HackMotion sensor gives golfers real-time feedback about one of the most important aspects of their body and a new level of clubface control. The largest variation in a golf swing shot-to-shot is most often the clubface. Controlling the clubface effectively can be the difference in watching your golf ball sail out of bounds or finding the middle of the fairway. If you are a golfer that struggles with hitting shots left, right, or both ways, or you are a golf teacher or coach looking to take your student lessons to the next level, this review is one you are not going to want to miss.

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Key Features

  • The HackMotion sensor provides immediate feedback for golfer’s lead wrist as they swing the golf club.
  • HackMotion gives players a better idea of what their optimal lead wrist conditions are and can provide improvements on clubface control and up to 80% of the starting direction of your golf shots.  
  • Teachers and coaches can help their students and players get better faster and be able to track their progress year round and across any geographic distance.  
  • The HackMotion sensor is poised to bring a new level of service to online lessons and remote golf coaching programs through a data-based design.  

HackMotion Detailed Review

Design and Technology

The HackMotion sensor is easily attached to your lead wrist and golf glove. For players that do not wear a glove, a hand attachment is available as well. Each time a golfer swings, the proximity sensors between the two pieces of the device locate each other and can tell exactly how much cupping (extension) or bowing (flexion) your wrist is undergoing. This motion is tracked in three dimensions and can give players and coaches measurements about how their performance is improving. HackMotion also allowed your golf swing to be compared with PGA Tour Player results to see how your swing stacks up against some of the world’s best players.

Our Experience


Getting to test pieces of equipment that are truly different than anything else on the market is one of the best parts of my role at GolfersAuthority. HackMotion has created one of the most advanced and useful training aids within the golf industry for players and coaches. Knowing exactly how your lead wrist is working can allow you to dramatically change your swing and take problematic golf shots and make them a thing of the past. For players that can understand the data and relate that back to the types of golf shots they are hitting, this device is second to none.

Where I believe this device is most innovative is within the coaching space. Teachers and PGA professionals that can equip each of their players with this during their lessons can achieve better results from this fact-based training aid. No more guessing if your students are in the proper position and no more hovering over hours of video to try and locate the fault. The HackMotion create graphs, 3D figures, and noise confirmed optimal positions every time a club is swung. I were trying to decide on which golf coach I was going to trust my game with, I would choose a HackMotion coach.

HackMotion Sensor

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  • The HackMotion provides real-time feedback for one of the most important body parts in the golf swing – the lead wrist.
  • Coaches and players can use measured data to eliminate their miss and control the clubface more effectively.
  • The HackMotion sensor is easy to install and is well tailored to golfers of all swing types, abilities, and handicaps.


  • The amount of data the HackMotion sensor provides will take some understanding before the benefits can be realized.
  • The cost of the HackMotion sensor will be more accessible for teachers and coaches with many students at this time.
  • An inability to test the sensor before purchasing is limiting but can be overcome due to the 30-day money back guarantee.


The HackMotion is available online in two different packages. The HackMotion LITE package is well-suited for individual players. The HackMotion FULL SYSTEM is best in the hands of coaches and teaching professionals and allows for more in-depth data analysis features. Both models come with a 30-day money back guarantee.


Ultimately, HackMotion is the only product that I have seen that offers the breadth of info for real-time analysis of golfer’s lead wrists. The lead wrist may be the single most important aspect of a player’s body as they control the golf club face into and through impact. Getting these angles right can turn horrid slices into longer, straighter fairway finding drives. This training aid can be used by any skill level of golfer and can make an immediate improvement in your game or the game of your student. For golf industry professionals and coaches, HackMotion is proving the next great innovation for golf training.

HackMotion Video Review

Should You Buy the HackMotion Sensor?

HackMotion is well suited for almost any golfers. All skill levels from high-handicap players down to PGA professionals can learn more about their game quickly just by using this low-profile wrist sensor. Coaches and teachers that can use this sensor across students can get more bang for their buck and provide better lessons to more golfers. Online instructors and remote golf coaching can link their student’s swings and track their progress over time allowing for more in-depth analysis and better instruction. Data driven devices like the HackMotion sensor take the guess work out of the golf swing and get players and coaches to the answer faster.


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