Best Golf Ball Finder Glasses, the Ultimate in Gadget Design

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Golf can be a great game a game that offers plenty of enjoyment, a fair amount of exercise, and even a few triumphs along the way. However, golf can also be a somewhat frustrating and anxiety-ridden game at times, especially when you can’t see or find your ball and the foursome behind you is coming up fast. Fortunately, advancements in technology have led to a new invention that now makes it much easier for golfers to see and find their ball, an invention in the form of specially designed finder glasses known as golf ball finders.

In the following article, we will discuss the golf ball finder in a bit more detail, explaining what it is and why you need it to help you find. We have also reviewed several of the most popular and hottest-selling golf ball finders on the market today; reviews that will ultimately help you make the most informed purchasing decision and help you find your ball.

Top 5 Best Golf Ball Finder Glasses

Feisuo Feisou Golf Ball Finder Professional Lenses Glasses
  • UV tint filters out foliage and grass so white golf balls stand out against trees, rough and fairway
  • Minimizes losing golf balls
  • Flexible and comforting fit
Ball Goggles - The Golf Ball Finding Glasses
  • Special blue lens brighten white objects, making golf balls stand out
  • Distinct "glow" of golf ball stands out in daytime
  • Darkens foliage and shallow water for easy searching
  • Blue wrap around lens turns white objects bright
  • No batteries or UV torches needed
  • Helps in sand, grass and shallow water
Sharper Image Golf Ball Finding Glasses
  • Lightweight and portable glasses — keep a pair in every bag
  • Quick visual pickup of white objects
  • Spot balls wherever they land
  • Works great at sunset or in dim lighting
A99 Golf Ball Finder Glasses
  • UV protection that flexible and comfortable
  • Significantly reduces the time spent looking for golf balls
  • Sleek and sport black and white frame works for both men and women

Why Do You Use a Golf Ball Finder?

If you play with a white-colored golf ball—as most golfers do, a golf ball finder can be a quality asset on the course, giving you tremendous value by helping you find your golf ball, thus saving you lots and lots of money in potentially lost golf balls. As you will see from the five products we have reviewed below, high-quality design golf ball finder eyeglasses employ cutting-edge photo imaging technology, which helps to eliminate the light from your surroundings, thus allowing light to reflect off the lost golf ball—wherever it may be. Or simply they are designed to hep you see and find your ball.

Top Golf Ball Finder Glasses Quality See
Golf Ball Finder Glasses. Source

What’s more, the state-of-the-art technology and design behind the golf ball finder eye glasses also works to filter out the color of trees, foliage, fairways, and even the deepest sections of rough, which then makes it easier to see a golf ball against these green backdrops. Even if only a individual portion of the ball remains unhidden, the golf ball finder glasses can generally can help you find and see it from a fair distance. With these golf ball finder glasses in your bag, you will definitely spend less time finding for your golf ball and more time enjoying the sport we all love. 

How Golf Ball Finder Glasses Work

Reviews of the Best Golf Ball Finders

In this section, we will take a closer look at five of the best-selling and most well-loved golf ball finders on the market today. 

1. Feisuo Feisou Golf Ball Finder Glasses

Made with high quality specially tinted UV coated lenses, the Feisuo Feisou Golf Ball Finder Glasses are superb at filtering out deep foliage and grass, allowing the white color from the golf ball to stand out brilliantly against trees, rough, and the fairway.

Colored black with a cool blue tint, the stylish frame glasses not only look great on an individual, but they can also prevent you from losing golf balls during your round, saving you plenty of money and ultimately leading to measurably lower scores.

With their flexible comfort-fit design, the Feisuo Feisou Golf Ball Finder Glasses will block out nearly 99 percent of unwanted light, thanks largely to their high UV rating (400). Along with the glasses, your purchase includes a quality carrying case that is perfect for the golf course, and a cleaning cloth to keep the glasses working at optimal strength.

An extremely tough and durable product, these quality glasses boast a strong polycarbonate construction; and their budget-friendly price makes them the perfect gift for the golfer in the family.

  • Golf ball finder glasses - specially tinted UV coated lenses - Filtering out foliage and grass so white golf balls stand out against trees, rough and fairway.
  • Never lose a golf ball again.
  • Flexible comfort-fit.
  • Blocks out the majority of unwanted light
  • A must have have for all golfing enthusiasts.

2. Ball Goggles – The Golf Ball Finding Glasses

If you are looking for a unique tool that will help you see your golf ball in all situations, you should really check out the amazing Ball Goggles—the premier golf ball finding glasses.

The classic blue tint sported by the Ball Goggles makes them the perfect eyewear for locating mishit and partially hidden balls. This can also be credited to their ability to brighten white objects (like golf balls) on the course, while simultaneously blocking out the often-blinding rays of the sun.

Designed with an emerging technology, the Ball Goggles have the ability to make white and fluorescent golf balls literally glow against any number of backgrounds, filtering out the darker colors of grass, shrubs, plants, trees and every other form of natural greenery.

All Ball Goggles come complete with a soft neoprene zippered case to keep your golf ball finding glasses secure and scratch-free. The included caribiner keeps these goggles at arms’ reach and ready to use whenever they are needed most.

  • Specialty blue lens eyewear brightens white objects like your golf balls in order to make them easier to find
  • Golf balls appear to GLOW in the daytime
  • Darkens most grass, plants, shrubs, rough, bushes, sand, marsh, flower beds, trees, roots, dirt, clay, and even shallow water so that your bright golf ball "pops out"
  • Works with all white or fluorescent-colored golf balls
  • Great Fathers Day, Christmas, birthday, or holiday gift for your favorite golf dad or golf grandpa

3. Ballhawks – Golf Ball Finding Glasses

Lost golf balls stand no chance against the Ballhawks Glasses, one of the best pair of golf ball finding glasses on the market today.

The creatively-designed UV tint on the Ballhawks works great to filter out the bright and sometimes bleaching effects of the sunlight, thus making objects in the surrounding area truly stand out—including golf balls.

Like other products in this category, the Ballhawks Golf Ball Finding Glasses work with all types of golf balls: white, pink, and even the fluorescent orange and yellow golf balls that have recently gained popularity.

The included case that comes standard with every purchase of the Ballhawks Golf Ball Finding Glasses is both convenient and scratch-resistant, making it the perfect companion for your new glasses and the ideal carry-on item for any golf excursion.

4. Sharper Image – Golf Ball Finding Glasses

One of the most high quality and lightweight options when it comes to golf ball finding glasses is this state-of-the-art offering from Sharper Image—glasses that promise a quick visual pickup of any standard golf ball, regardless of where it lands.

A great gift for the golf fanatic, these specially-designed glasses work fantastic in any and all lighting conditions, from the direct sunlight of the afternoon to the emerging light of dawn, to the fading light and shadows of dusk.

Manufacturers of the Sharper Image Golf Ball Finding Glasses guarantee search times that are vastly minimized as well as a drastic reduction in the number of penalty strokes and lost balls over the course of many rounds.

The unisex, one-size-fits-most design of the Sharper Image glasses makes them the perfect accessory for both male and female golfers; and the included case and microfiber storage pouch will forever protect the glasses from scratches and other damage. But simply, it will help you find your ball

  • Lightweight and portable glasses — keep a pair in every bag
  • Quick visual pickup of white objects
  • Spot balls wherever they land
  • Works great at sunset or in dim lighting

5. A99 – Golf Ball Finder Glasses

The A99 Golf Ball Finder Glasses, also known as “Eagle Eye Glasses,” are not only designed with flexibility and comfort in mind, but they are also designed with some of the best technology available for picking up the shape and light of the golf ball against a number of hard to see backdrops.

The A99 glasses sport an attractive blue tint that helps filter out the blinding UV glare—a feature that makes it the perfect type of eyewear for sunny days out on the golf course.

Colored black and white on the frame, the chic and stylish A99 glasses are designed to make the game of golf much more comfortable, fast-paced, and enjoyable by reducing the time spent hunting for lost or hidden golf balls.

Whether you hit your ball on the fairway, in the rough, the trees, or far out of bounds, as long as even a fraction of the golf ball remains uncovered, the A99 Golf Ball Finder Glasses will quickly allow you to find your ball anywhere.

  • Designed for finding lost golf balls. UV protection, Flexiable and comfortable.
  • Model: E-BW, Color: Black White Frame; Note: It is only used for finding ball in golf course; not used for sun glasses or other purpose.
  • A99 Golf Eagle Eye golf ball finder glasses are ideal for retriving the lost golf ball in long grass. By Filtering out unwanted sunlight, bright objects such as white or yellow golf balls stand out in your vision, thus make locating them much easier. The Eagle Eye golf ball finder glasses make your game more enjoyable by reducing the time spent on searching lost balls.
  • This glassfinder works very well if there is green grass, while if there is yellow or light color leavels fall down every where, it won't change the enviroment a lot then make it a big difference comparing with white golf ball.
  • The golf ball finder glasses only works when part of the ball can be seen through the gap of grass leaves, if the ball was blocked throughly by the rough grasses, please be noted the finder won't work like an ultrasonic machine - it won't help you see through the grass leaves.


Losing your golf ball on the course can be both maddening and wearisome, turning a pleasant day on the course into an exasperating Easter Egg Hunt by trying to find your ball. To eliminate these excursions into the unknown—what often feels like the “Lost Ball Bermuda Triangle”—why not turn to a pair of cool, stylish and high quality design pair of golf ball finder glasses? With just a small investment, not only will these golf ball finder glasses make the game much more enjoyable, but they will also save you simply find your ball thus saving you loads of money over the long-term and may even shave some points off of your handicap. 


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